14 Exclusive Knotless Braids with Heart Hairstyles for a Trendy Look!

Let’s get real, braids are cute all time, all day, and every hour of the year! There’s not a single braided hairstyle that we can keep out of our list when we are talking about hair in general, so the kingdom of braids is only meant for slaying!

Regular braided hairstyles are fun, but the super exclusive braids we see our black divas rocking from time to time are even better! Black girls have seriously taken protective hairstyles to the next level, whether it’s your regular box braids or the perfectly intricate tribal braids.

As a braid enthusiast, we believe you know all of the significant facts about braiding hair, and you may have tried out some of the trendiest hairstyles as well. So it’s easy to assume you are familiar with the heart braids.

Heart braids are basically one of those styles that let you define your braided hair in a more prominent way. They are perfect for giving your regular braids a touch of glam and can be worn for daily activities as well.

So if you are planning for a birthday party or simply looking for hairstyling inspiration for the upcoming Valentine’s Day, heart braids can be the perfect pick to complete your look. And if you are getting your heart braids done very soon, then we suggest picking the knotless style this time!

What Are Knotless Braids?

So, what’s the big deal about knotless braids you ask? Well, they basically resemble the box braids but they do not have the small knot at the roots like the traditional box braids.

In a knotless braiding style, the braiding hair is attached in a feed-in style while braiding instead of using a knot to do the same. This main difference is what separates traditional box braids from knotless ones.

How to Do Knotless Braids with Heart on Your Own?

Now that the basic difference is known, you might want to try out the knotless braids for a change. So if you have made up your mind already, we suggest adding the heart style with your braids this time.

Hearts can be made in different ways while you are braiding. You can create your parting in the shape of a heart on one side, make two braids, and then join them together for the perfect heart-shaped look.

Some ladies prefer all of their partings to be in the shape of hearts, so that is also on the table. Apart from that, making a regular braid out of your heart-parted hair is also a great option!

Now, without wasting any more time, let’s know how you can do knotless braids with a heart quite easily on your own!

Step 1: Do Your Knotless Box Braids

To start things, first of all, divide your hair into four parts, and then create small sections out of those four parts. As we will be talking about a side heart braid that will be done alongside regular box braids, we suggest you make the heart-shaped parting at this point.

Once all of your small sections are created, start doing your box braids. For the knotless style, feed in your braiding hair as soon as you start doing the braids. This will help you achieve a stronger base and your braids will also look perfect.

So as you can see, there’s no need to do a knot at the root thus these are known as the knotless braids. All you need to do right now is follow the same process and do the box braids on your entire hair. When all of those are done, time to move on to your heart!

Step 2: Make Your Heart Style

As the heart braid will be on one side, separate the baby hairs at first. After that, apply hair gel and swoop the hair for the heart braid inwards to make everything neat and proper.

Use your comb to make a part right in the middle of the heart. Create a diagonal section on one side, and start making a braid from the upper side in a cornrow style maintaining the shape of the parting. Make sure the braid is all laid down properly, and add your braiding hair in the process.

Braid down the length joining both sections, and you will be left with a beautiful braid resembling one side of the heart. Follow the same process on the other side as well, and both your sides for the heart braid will be completed!

As for the rest of the unbraided length, join them together and make a regular three-strand braid out of them. Just take one piece of hair at a time and feed it into the rest of the braids. And there you go, your perfect heart braid is ready to rock!

Step 3: Finishing Touch

Now that your knotless box braids and heart style is done, it’s time to define your entire look. Style your edges properly, and seal your ends using hot water. Make sure to apply mousse to your hair to take care of the flyaways.

For a proper ending touch, apply hair oil to your partings. And that’s it, your perfect braids are now all set to be flaunted!

14 Hairstyling Ideas for Knotless Braids with Heart

We know that the name sounds quite fancy, but it is already clear that doing these knotless braids with the perfect heart style is actually quite easy. You just need to have the perfect skill to slay the partings and the braids, and you will be all set to go.

After knowing about this amazing hairstyle, you might be willing to try it out at your earliest convenience! We want that too, so let’s not keep you waiting any longer. For your upcoming braiding session, we have picked the best hairstyles for knotless braids with hearts so that your task becomes easier!

If you have already tried the basic hair look previously, then you will also find additional options here to upgrade the style. Let’s find out together which one’s going to be the best pick for you!

Medium Knotless

Medium Knotless

For beginners who would love to try out a classic look, we suggest the simple heart braid with knotless box braids. You can choose the medium-sized box braids for a perfect style, and go for the lengthy look to make a gorgeous appearance.

The lady in this picture has it all! From the perfect box braids to that adorable heart braid on the side, everything is top-notch. We also appreciate the curly ends and the perfectly slayed edges. Moreover, the heart has two braids overlapping each other instead of one, which we think is also quite cool!

Allover Hearts

All Over Hearts

As we mentioned before, you can choose to create a braided look entirely consisting of hearts. This means that your entire style will have hearts instead of just a single heart style on one side. Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

Here is a picture of what we are talking about. As you can see, this style entirely consists of heart-shaped braids and it looks totally stylish. If you want to try something out of the box, we definitely recommend this style!

Single-Braided Heart

Single Braided Heart

Although the most common pictures you will find with heart braids are the ones done in a cornrow style, we also recommend trying out one with a simple single braid. That way, your knotless braids will definitely look sophisticated.

For those who love to keep things simple, this one is a great style. Instead of doing the cornrows, just take all the hair separated through that heart-shaped parting, and make a regular braid out of them.

Create perfect slayed edges like the ones shown in this picture, and you will be ready to take over the world with your hair!

Red Heart

Red Heart

Imagine what will be the perfect hairstyle for Valentine’s Day or a date night? Well, for starters, we totally approve of something that has the word red in it! And if it’s the heart braid you are considering, then what’s with the delay?

This style is something quite simple yet with a touch of that extra bit that everyone needs in their life. While the knotless braids have been done perfectly, red braiding hair has been used for the heart-shaped style. The red braids along with the vibrant curly ends look super eye-pleasing, so you must give it a try asap!

Squares and Triangles

Squares And Triangles

We know that any classic box braided hairstyle consists of square partings. But other types of partings also look cool when you decide to go for knotless braids. So this time, combine your triangles with your squares, and make sure to keep the heart in place!

Take this hairstyle for example. The lady has a square and triangle parting situation going on, and we love how neat her braids look. But most of all, that heart braid looks amazing. You can make a similar one by the method we have mentioned above. Trust us, you are going to fall in love with this style.

Pink Braids

Pink Braids

What’s the cutest color to portray an adorable style? Pink is the answer! From regular hairstyles to the protective ones, pink is always one of our favorites. So for your next braiding session, grab some pink braiding here alongside the black ones.

You can show this picture to your hairstylist to achieve a similar braided hair look. While the use of pink hair is random, we love that one vibrant pink braid for sure! And on top of that, one side of the heart braided style has been done incorporating pink hair. Tell us one thing you don’t like about this picture-we will be waiting.

Criss-Cross Knotless

Criss Cross Knotless

If you ever wanted to try something classic with a touch of cuteness, then now is your time to go for it! Wondering how? Well, we have a hairstyle to get you started. Just make sure to grab your pack of rubber bands before sitting for the session!

This criss-cross style with the knotless braids and the heart braid looks super cute for regular wear, and we are in love with this hair look! As you can see, blonde braiding hair has been used down the length for the braids, and the entire style looks phenomenal!

To make things even more gorgeous, you can add transparent beads at the end of your braids as shown in this picture. Also, don’t forget to create slayed edges to give your style a perfect finish!

Brown Braids

Brown Braids

Have you ever given the brown braiding hair a try? If you haven’t, then now is the time to give it a proper shot. Brown hair looks amazing when braided and it creates a great contrast with the black hair, so this one should surely be on your list.

You can totally consider trying out this cool hairstyle with your brown braiding hair. From the heart braid to the medium-sized knotless braids, everything looks super chic in this style. We love how neat the partings are, and the braids also look perfect for regular wear.

Beaded Beauty

Beaded Beauty

When was the last time you used beads to compliment your braids? If it has been too long, then now is obviously the time to grab your preferred beads from the store and add them to your braids. Just make sure you opt for knotless braids along with a heart style, and you will be all set to go!

For instance, this half-up braided style with the casually done updo look is quite flattering, and we totally love the vibe that the beads have added. She also went for hair rings to make things look prettier, and that neatly done heart braid is giving us major hair goals!

All in all, this one is a hairstyle that looks perfect for a concert or girls’ night out. Once you give it a try, there’s no coming back!

Braided Ponytail

Braided Ponytail

Many women love to try ponytails and top buns out of their box braided hair, so this should always be on your radar for an instant hairstyle upgrade. Also, there’s no limit to getting creative, so we recommend choosing colorful braiding hair to give your ponytail a splash of style.

The lady in this picture looks super stylish because of the way her braids are done. The combination of red and black braiding hair has created a highlight effect which we totally approve of. And the ponytail, well, it’s just stunning!

Apart from all that, we were surprised to find out those red beads at the ends of the knotless box braids and the heart braid. Those can easily be mistaken for hair, and that trick is surely working for us!

Hearts and Star

Hearts And Star

Hairstyles shouldn’t be restricted when it comes to creativity, because that’s what makes each one of them unique. We have seen amazing braided styles with creative partings, so here is another one that you should definitely try at least once in your life.

These knotless braids consist of heart partings as well as star-shaped partings. They surely look like something that can take you back to your childhood days, so the creativity in this hairstyle has left us stunned. To level things up, this one is a must-try.

Top Bun

Top Bun

We cannot imagine leaving out our beloved top buns from the list while talking about braided hairstyles. No matter if it’s the knotless braids or the traditional ones, you can make a top bun out of them in minutes, and the style will be perfect for casual as well as formal events.

If you are starting your journey with knotless braids, you should definitely try doing a top bun out of all your braids while keeping one side exclusive with the heart braid. This picture is an example of how gorgeous the style is going to look.

You can give your style a side-part appearance like the one shown in this picture. Seal the deal by creating those slayed edges, and you will be good to go!

Boho Knotless

Boho Knotless

Did you ever give the boho braids a try? This style basically includes pieces of curly hair that are placed along the braids to give them a unique appearance. Boho box braids are quite popular among braid lovers out there. So this time, try them out with your cute heart braid.

The boho knotless braids in this picture are large in size, but you can do them in your preferred size. Just look how cool those pieces of curly hair look! We love that she went for a half-up top bun with this style because it’s all cool and chic at the same time. Plus, that heart style is a total winner. For any glamorous event, this hairstyle is going to be a showstopper!

Vibrant Blue

Vibrant Blue

As fans of colors, we totally love the vibrant and neon ones when it comes to braiding hair. Colors like pink, red, and brown are quite common choices. But for those willing to try out something bolder, blue can be a perfect pick.

This time when you opt for parting your hair, try something different. Instead of creating your heart-shaped braid on one side, keep it in the middle as shown in this picture. Do your braid following the same method as above, and you will have something different to rock.

Most importantly, pick different shades of blue braiding hair and do your braids as per the picture. You can choose a different shade of blue for your heart braid, and that will make it stand out from the rest of your knotless braids. To make a bold statement, this hairstyle is surely the one!


The main stuff is done, so let’s check out the common questions regarding knotless braids with heart, and find out the answers to them as well!

How long do Knotless braids last?

Depending on the texture, care, and size of your braids, knotless braids are going to last for up to 3 months.

How can I make a heart-shaped parting?

You just need a comb to make the parting. Be patient and keep on making the parting until it looks like the perfect heart. You can add gel to your parting to make it more precise and pretty. Practice is the key, so keep that in mind.

Final Thoughts

So that’s how easily you can do knotless braids with heart and give yourself an amazing style in a matter of hours! Braided styles are quite frequently tried out by us, so we believe you will love this one as well.

Go through the styles we have mentioned above to determine which look is going to be the best for you. Make ponytails and buns out of your hair after getting your braids done. Your heart is going to look cute, and so are you, girl!

Image Source: Pinterest,  Instagram

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