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10 Hairstyles with Korean Curtain Bangs that are Too Cute to Handle!

Thanks to the super adorable K-dramas, romance has now got a new meaning in our lives. But apart from the fantastic storylines and acting talents, these shows have also given young ladies a chance to try out Korean hairstyles to look like their favorite celebrities.

While talking about Korean hairstyles, we simply cannot skip mentioning our favorite curtain bangs. If you asked us to talk about one hairstyle that makes you look cute and classy without giving much effort, then it would definitely be the curtain bangs.

Although they may look the same, Korean curtain bangs are indeed different than regular curtain bangs, at least from the visual point of view. K-drama stars have taken the appeal of curtain bangs to the next level, and the trend of trying out such bangs is only increasing day by day.

This is why in today’s article, we will be talking about some picture-perfect hairstyles with Korean curtain bangs that you definitely need to try out! But before that, let’s know some basic facts.

Why are Korean Curtain Bangs Different?

If you ever searched on the internet for hairstyling ideas with Korean curtain bangs, then you know what we are talking about.

These bangs are comparatively softer, and they are usually wavy in nature. Once the Korean curtain bangs are cut and styled, they will give your face a framing effect that is so soft and natural that you will fall in love with them instantly.

As hairstyling enthusiasts, we have been fangirling over this hairstyle for many days now. And in our opinion, these bangs look perfect with the Korean perm that girls love to try out at present. And seriously, all credits go to our lovely K-drama stars for making these hairstyles so popular!

How to Cut Korean Curtain Bangs at Home?

First of all, gather your essentials to make the process easier. You need a pair of hair-cutting scissors, hair clips to secure your extra hair, a wide tooth comb, a spray bottle full of water, a hair dryer, and a round hair brush.

Start by spraying the water on the front section of your hair. Now do a middle part. With your comb, go about two inches back and separate a section of hair taking the end of your eyebrow as your guide. Repeat the same process on the other side. The amount will depend on the thickness of your hair.

The separated hair will have a triangle-shaped section on both sides that is precise. Use your hair clips to secure the rest of your hair. Hold your scissors using your ring finger and the thumb, and proceed to cut your bangs.

Go for a straight cut at your nose length, or you can go shorter if you would like to. Take a strand of hair from each end to ensure that the length is the same. Now make the middle part again.

Take your section of hair from one side and bring it across to the other side while keeping your fingers parallel to the parting above. Take your scissors and cut off the longer pieces of hair while holding the hair in a parallel position with your fingers.

Repeat the same thing with the section of hair from the other side. Take the end pieces of hair again to check if the length is the same. Then use your round brush and blow dryer to dry out the wet hair. You can use the brush to twist and turn while you are drying.

At this point, take longer pieces of hair from the sides and cut them in an angular style to match your curtain bangs. That way, you will get a natural and blended look. Do some trimming in places that you think will need that.

Wet and dry your hair again using a round brush. This will give your bangs that soft and volumized look like the Korean bangs. And that’s it, your at-home session of cutting your Korean curtain bangs is complete!

Amazing Hairstyling Ideas with Korean Curtain Bangs!

Well, the hard part is done, so now it’s time to jump into the hairstyling session! With curtain bangs, your options are infinite. You can literally just let your hair flow untied, or simply do a casual ponytail out of it.

No matter which style you go for, the beauty of your curtain bangs is going to mesmerize you for sure! Ahead is a list of the best hairstyles that you can try out with your Korean curtain bangs. So without wasting any time, let’s check them out together!

Wavy Ends

Wavy Ends

The soft, wavy style that has been popularized through Korean perms looks great when combined with Korean curtain bangs. Even if you don’t want to sit for a perming session, just using your blow dryer and round brush will help you achieve those wavy ends with ease.

For instance, this is a classic example of a voluminous Korean curtain bangs haircut with the perfect wavy ends. The soft vibe of that bangs haircut is totally a winner, and we love how the entire length compliments her style.

With Lob

Korean Curtain Bangs With Bob

The long bob haircuts are basically known as the lob, and they have been trending in the hairstyling industry for a while now. So if you ask us, we love this pretty hairstyle and surely recommend you to pair it up with your Korean curtain bangs.

While straight hair is always an option, Korean curtain bangs have that soft wavy feel to them. So you can match that appearance by giving your lob that wavy style as well. For shoulder-length hair lovers, this one is going to be a winner!

Casual Ponytail

Casual Ponytail

What’s the easiest hairstyle you can wear no matter if it’s a casual or formal event? Well, it’s our very own ponytails! Seriously, we think ponytails should be given an award for being super-versatile, and we are definitely not exaggerating.

So once you get your Korean curtain bangs, make sure to take your hair tie and make a good old ponytail out of your hair. Trust us, this style can easily be carried on a date with your beloved one, or simply if you want to chill at home. The choice is yours, and the style is always ready!

Curly Hair

Curly Hair

Many of us think that it’s impossible to rock bangs with your curly hair. But the reality is quite the opposite, and you can easily wear your bangs with curly hair just by following the right techniques while cutting the bangs.

If your hair is naturally curly, then half your job is already done. If not, then you can always opt for a perming session and get the curly style of your desire. You can visit the salon to get your curtain bangs cut, and the style will mesmerize you for sure!

Short Bob

Short Bob

What’s short, classy, and definitely a comfortable option for warm weather? It’s the short bob. For ladies who love to chop off their hair frequently and keep the length short for style and comfort, short bob is always the right way to go.

Remember Sae-byeok from the famous South Korean drama television series ‘Squid Game’? She rocked a short bob haircut throughout the series. Although the plot was thrilling, a short bob haircut is sure to look cute in real life.

The next time you visit the salon, ask your hairstylist to give you a short bob along with the perfect Korean curtain bangs at the front. Trust us, the cuteness of this style will make you come back for it again and again!

Aesthetic Updo

Aesthetic Updo

Instagram has surely made the aesthetic vibes quite popular among ladies of this generation, and those hairstyles with the perfect scrunchies and loosely tied buns are our favorites for sure! So when it comes to your Korean curtain bangs, making an aesthetic updo should be a matter of time now.

Suppose you are arranging a cottagecore-inspired picnic with your friends or simply dressing up for a photo shoot. Before doing that, get your Korean curtain bangs and grab a scrunchie that matches the theme.

After that, opt for a simple updo with your hair, and make sure to keep your bangs untied and separated at the front. This simple style will make you look so chic that you won’t be able to believe your own eyes!

Chic Half-Up

Chic Half Up

A great thing about curtain bangs is that if you style them using the round brush and blow dryer method we mentioned above, your hair will look full of volume. For those with thin and flat-looking hair, this styling technique can be a lifesaver!

The next time you are styling your curtain bangs, opt for a chic half-up style as shown in this picture. These two photos give us a clear idea of how different it looks when you style your bangs and entire hair properly, giving them the volume they deserve. Add a bow to your style for an adorable vibe, and you will be good to go for the rest of the day!

With Blonde Highlights

With Blonde Highlights

Dark hair with blonde highlights is totally in trend right now. Although women love to try out this coloring technique on long hair, it looks equally beautiful on short or bob-length hair. So while you are going for the highlights this time, make sure to try out the Korean curtain bangs as well.

This bob hair with the perfect blonde highlights looks super beautiful, especially because of the curtain bangs done at the front. This is a hairstyle that suits contemporary hair ideas quite well. From business casual to regular wear, this hairstyle will be a great pick for you undoubtedly!

Straight Hair

Straight Hair

Although most of the Korean Curtain Bangs are soft and wavy in nature, that doesn’t mean that you cannot go for a straight look with your hair. While that waviness is preferred by many Korean ladies, it’s always great to go for a change and pick a straight style from time to time.

This medium-length haircut consisting of brown balayage has become one of our recent favorites because of the way the hair has been styled. The straight look is something out of the box, and the curtain bangs are surely complementing the rest of her hair. All in all, this can be a great choice if trying out something different is your goal.

Blonde Beauty

Blonde Beauty

Planning to go blonde? Well, here’s something to get you started. We know that most Korean hairstyles consist of dark hair or hair that has a beautiful brown color. But for blonde hair lovers, the options are not limited as well.

The lady in this picture has the perfect blonde hair with amazing length, and we love that she paired up her blonde hair with perfect curtain bangs at the front. You can make your bangs and ends wavy as shown in this picture, or keep them straight if you want. Going for a half-up style will also be great with this blonde hair look, so what are you waiting for?

Final Thoughts

Korean girls are stepping up their hairstyling game every single day, and they make us want to try out each of these hairstyles without thinking twice. Although it’s not possible to change your hairstyle every day, you can definitely go for something that’s going to make you look properly beautiful for a while. And to achieve that, Korean curtain bangs are the right way to go.

That being said, we hope this article has motivated you enough to try out Korean curtain bangs at your earliest convenience. Make sure to select a perfect hairstyle from the ones we have mentioned above to accompany your curtain bangs. Trust us, you are going to be the showstopper of any event with these styles at hand!

Image Source: Pinterest,  Instagram

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