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42 Trendiest Korean Hairstyles For Men & Women in 2022

The search for your next hairstyle is over! Now it’s time to get the hairstyles of your favorite K-Pop artist to K-Drama star for yourself!

Whether you have a round face or flat, you should stop researching right now because Korean hairstyles will flatter your face shape the best with your eyes closed!

They will also enhance your look whether you want a soft look or glam, or whether you are grooming for an interview or photoshoot.

Here are some secrets to getting that K-pop look along with some of the most popular Korean hairstyles for you to choose from, and a few styling tricks to modify a haircut to resonate with your own vibes.

23 Unique Korean Haircuts For Men

The world of popular culture is suffering from Korean styling fever which includes Korean haircuts & hairstyles. We bring you some of the unique Korean hairstyles for you to choose from, so that you can swag out with your friends and win all the hearts!

Two-block Korean Undercut

Two Block Undercut

One of the most popular Korean hairstyles is known as the Two-block cut. This is the most demanding Korean haircut & hairstyle request that Korean hair stylists receive from their male customers due to its universal appeal.

The hair is short at the lower back and sides, and the top is kept slightly longer with thinned-out layers. If you get this hairstyle, this will give you a soft, textured, and voluminous look with a clean and groomed edge.

You can show this video to your stylist to get this look or if you are confident enough you might even try a DIY with a trimmer and a pair of scissors!

5 Easy DIY Steps for the Two-block Undercut:

Follow these 5 easy steps to achieve this variant of Korean haircut at home!

  1. Section the hair at your lower back and sides
  2. Trim them slightly longer than you would for an undercut
  3. Clean the edges and around the ears
  4. Trim the top hairs to the length you want
  5. Give some layers and thin the ends

And now it is time to style them up!

Two-block cut is not the most versatile Korean haircut for nothing. It is one of the easiest Korean hairstyles to maintain and you can style it any way you like.

The Casual Korean

Casual Korean

If you’re thinking of entering the world of Korean haircuts, then you should start with the most casual one. Also when you are too tired or busy to style your hair, this two-block haircut will be there to save your image.

No need to prepare your hair with products, or even blow-dry. Literally, just leave it as it is after shower, and with the soft layers falling over, you will get a casual, college-student look – a popular Korean haircut that you can wear at any place!

The Peeking Forehead

Peeking Forehead

The peeking forehead is THE Korean haircut to die for! A classic Korean hairstyle that will give you an effortless yet groomed look.

Straighten your locks and let them cool in any direction you want. Note that you might want to part the front just a little to the sideways to reveal a tad bit of the forehead.

Now that you’re finished, you have a look to wear with both hoodies and suits, and a look that girls will die for.

The Dashing Guy

The Dashing Guy

This half-fluffy, half-sleek look is perfect for any occasion be it a date or an interview or just another college day when you feel like turning some heads.

For this hairstyle, you would need hair wax that would add medium to high shine to the hair. Suavecito Pomade could be a great choice for this style.

Apply a dab of wax to your hair and brush them back from where you part your hair. The wax would add a shine and sleekness while keeping the hair fluffy. Absolutely dashing!

The Retro Soft Boy Look

Retro Soft Boy Look

The retro looks are coming back since a number of K-pop stars are seen to rock this genre of fashion. You can style your hair easily for an everyday look!

Blow-dry your hair from the front to get volume on your bangs. If you want more volume at the front, fluff them up with some rollers to your bangs and you are good to go. How easy was that!

The Casual Backbrush

Casual Backbrush

Want to spice up your look for a casual day out? Then this might be the perfect hairstyle for you!

For a classy yet comfortable look, at first blow-dry your hair. Then brush them backward and set them with a small amount of styling gel just enough to keep them in place.

The perfect fall-winter Korean haircut will go perfectly if you wear turtlenecks and long coats.

The CEO Backbrush

The CEO Backbrush

If you want to radiate the aura of a young & successful businessman, then this hairstyle will raise your image in the blink of an eye!

Just spread a generous amount of a medium shine hair pomade with a clean-parted back brush, and let people treat you like the busiest and most stylish CEO from the popular K-Dramas!

The Half Setback

The Half Setback

Minimalists are always considered to be modish in terms of fashion sense, and this half setback will give you a minimalist look in the most convenient manner.

Part your hair the usual way but brush back only the smaller side of the part with a high-hold styling gel. This hair pomade from American Crew has a high hold with a matte finish. Just perfect for this hairstyle that demands a somewhat fluffy result.

Wear this Korean haircut on any event for a subtle red-carpet vibe!

The Vincenzo Slick back

Vincenzo Slick Back

Want to get a famous salon-style look of an Italian mafia consultant? This Vincenzo Cassano hairstyle would instantly raise your face value!

For this hairstyle, you need to have somewhat shortly trimmed hair. Trimmed lower back and sides with bangs that reach the brows would be the perfect length.

After showering, blow-dry your hair but stop before they are completely dry. Cleanly part the hair in a 7:3 ratio and put on styling gel before combing them backward.

A hair pomade with a heavy hold and high shine would do wonders. Now you are ready to go to consult the mafia in the slickest of Korean hairstyles!

The Korean Wet Hair

The Wet Hair

Displaying your inner snazzy & swagger self through this wet Korean hairstyle would be the most perfect styling idea for you.

Wet your hair before styling them with a generous amount of high shine hair wax. Comb them with fingers instead of a brush to bring a slightly messy and natural style.

If you want them to stay in place all day, you might consider adding a pump of hair spray on top of everything for an additional crisp result.

Now you are all set for a retro Korean boy band performance!

The Messy Perm

Messy Perm

Permed hair is making a comeback for its easy-going charm! Although it might take a little of your time, creating the look is so easy that you will end up clinging to your new look!

Grab random pieces of hair and curl them with a small straightener or curling iron any way you like, and it’s that easy!

For a final touch, comb through the hair with your fingers to mess them around, and you are ready to pair the look with wool sweaters, hoodies, or even leather jackets.

The Short Fluffed-out Look

Short Fluffed Out Look

This fluffed-out hairstyle would look with any short haircut but it is the most complimentary if you have a defined undercut.

Feather out your hair with light hold styling gel to get this clean yet casual look. For best results, use both a brush and your fingers to fuzz out the hair just enough.

And that is all for a go-to Korean hairstyle that goes nicely with any outfit you pick out!

The Korean Military Hairstyle

Korean Military Hairstyle

Want to spend less time styling & caring for your hair but still look trendy? Then this Korean Military haircut is THE style for you. And whether you join the military or not, this haircut would definitely give you a unique, voguish look!

A mix of two-block and buzz cut can give you a casual sporty look that doesn’t even need any further styling. If you still want to groom this look, maybe a drop of high shine hair cream before combing them in one direction will instantly make you look polished.

It is a low-maintenance Korean haircut most suitable for you if you have very little time to spare on your hair, but still want to look stylish!

BTS Jimin Inspired Look

BTS Jimin Inspired Look

Are you suffering from BTS fever as well? Then maybe surprise your ARMY friends one day by styling your hair like BTS Jimin!

Slightly curl and set your hair backward while leaving only one lock of hair at the front. Curl that lock and leave it over your forehead for the iconic Jimin-inspired Korean hairstyle.

Go for this hairstyle whenever you feel like being a heartthrob like BTS’s apple of the eye!

The Eren Yaeger Look

Eren Yaeger Look

If you have slightly longer hair and feel like fusing between a Japanese Samurai & Korean Anime hairstyle, try this look for an easy way out on a bad hair day!

Simply pull them into a bun with some of your excess hair hanging out at the front, and you are done dealing with your hair for the day. This quick Korean hairstyle will prepare you for an Eren Yaeger cosplay!

The Grown Out Look

Grown Out Look

If you want to try growing out your hair, you should definitely consider going for this look! This Korean haircut can give you a glimpse of how prince-like you would look in long hair!

Give a subtle touch of a curling iron to make some wavy textures. Then brush out the hair with your fingers for a natural look.

This variant of Korean hairstyle with cheek-long bangs adds a soft and feminine touch that can make you look unique & attractive!

The Eye-Covering Mess

Eye Covering Mess

If you think throwing a calm and cold vibe suits your personality, then this hairstyle can be your casual go-to!

A slightly long bowl cut with thinned-out ends can give you this laid-back, carefree Korean look. The key is to grow out your hair until it reaches the upper cheeks, it’ll complement the messy vibe that this hairstyle resonates with.

You can blow-dry your hair or air dry your hair as this relaxed hairstyle does not demand much of your time and effort.

The Ackerman Undercut

Ackeman Undercut

Korean men have successfully popularized yet another hairstyle they have seen in anime. With their styling technique, you can flaunt this tricky haircut too!

Trim the hair of the lower back and sides of your head while keeping the top hair until it reaches the ears. To finalize this Korean haircut, you can add just a touch of layers to slightly soften the contrast.

The key to rocking this hairstyle is to create some volume at the root of the bangs. Try a light hold hair gel before straightening the hair.

The fluffier the hair, the better this hairstyle would suit you! Now part your hair in the middle and go slash some titans!

The AgustD Undercut

Agust D Undercut

If you have been jamming to Daechwita since forever, you might just go for AgustD’s haircut as well!

Cut your hair like Levi Ackerman, but style them with a twist. Wet your hair before applying a medium hold styling gel. Then part the hair in the middle and add some volume at the root of the bangs.

Don’t forget to shuffle and mess up your hair a little to achieve the crispness of the famous Daechwita look!

The Just-showered Look

Just Showered Look

This Korean haircut with a just-showered look is so easy to achieve that you will definitely want to try it at least once!

First, take some styling gel on your palms. Now all you have to do is to keep combing your wet hair with your fingers. Maybe blow dry a little to add some texture and extra featheriness. Scrunching the hair would add some light waves and volume.

And voila! You will look as fresh as the summer all day long!

The Manhwa Boy Look

Manhwa Boy Look

If you want to try longer Korean hairstyles, this wolf cut can give a mixed vibe of trendy and retro!

Simply style the hair by blow-drying. The waves and layers will do their job. With defined wavy bangs framing the face, and slightly longer layers at the back highlighting the neck would give you a charming look. People might think you have come straight out of a Manhwa!

Undercut man-bun

Undercut Man Bun

Bring out your hidden punk-rock soul with this undercut man-bun style! Keep the top of your undercut long enough for a bun.

Shampoo and condition your hair regularly to keep them healthy. After all, damaged hair ends would disrupt your will to keep long hair! We recommend this Moroccan Argan Oil Conditioner for extra manageable and healthy hair.

Instead of combing the hair with a brush, try combing with fingers while making a bun. It will instantly give your look a bold and daring aura!

The Introverted Guy

The Introverted Guy

If you think all these groomed and flashy hairstyles just don’t resonate with your introverted personality enough, now is the time to be satisfied!

With the two-block cut, keep your bangs longer than usual to give a carelessly grown-out look. You can style them naturally, or blow-dry on some days while straightening on the others – anything would go with this Korean haircut.

This hairstyle would give you a mysterious charm while perfectly serving your purpose, especially if you find yourself comfortable hiding behind your hair!

19 Korean Hairstyles For Women

The Korean fashion frenzy has not only captivated the men but has also transfixed the women as well. If you’re thinking of changing your looks so that it reflects your inner self better, then make a pick from these fabulous Korean hairstyles & haircuts!

The Airy Bangs

Airy Bangs

Airy or see-through bangs are the most basic and defining haircut for Korean women. It became popular worldwide as it is more subtle than heavy fringes, and also it gives more styling potentials and varieties.

The reason why airy bangs suit anyone is because of their lightness and how they frame the face. Unlike heavy bangs, airy bangs do not hide the forehead completely, so it gives the face a more effective illusion of being oval.

Not to mention the blended sidelocks frame the face delicately and enhance the best features of your face.

Your stylist probably already knows about airy bangs, but in case they don’t, this video might help you explain. With the help of the video, you can go for DIY airy bangs yourself at home!

7 Easy DIY Steps for the Airy Bangs:

Here’s how to get this not-too-loud yet fashionable haircut in under 5 minutes! Just follow these easy steps for a foolproof Korean hairstyle!

  1. Section your hair at the front and make a triangle at the roots. The more hair you include in the section, the heavier the bangs will be.
  2. Divide the section into three equal parts.
  3. Brush out the middle section as smoothly as you can and cut them a little longer than you want. The safest scale is to cut them where they reach your eyes.
  4. Then take another section and cut them diagonally from the point the middle section ends. The more slanted you can cut the sidelocks, the better they will frame the face.
  5. Repeat on the other side section and try to make them as symmetrical as possible. Cut your hair little by little to avoid any mishap!
  6. Now thin out the ends slightly to smoothen out any bluntness.
  7. Just place a hair roller before you go out to give your bangs a volume and curve, and just like that, you have a Korean hairstyle as your daily routine!

So, women with any face shape – feel safe to try out these foolproof bangs!

The Curtain Bangs

Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are a hype among young women nowadays! Slightly longer bangs framing the face with a delicate wave will give a soft feminine touch to your look.

All you have to do is to cut your airy bangs a bit longer than usual and style them just as you normally would!

Curtain bangs could be your go-to style when your airy bangs have grown for another trim! This is yet another Korean haircut that is so versatile that anyone can rock it without worries.

So, stop sweating over being too busy to trim the ends because no one would notice when you flaunt curtain bangs like that!

The Effortless Bob

Effortless Bob

Almost every woman goes through a phase of giving themselves a classic bob! But are you scared of being unable to rock a short and blunt haircut? This foolproof bob can convince you to visit your stylist right now!

The solution is to keep your blunt bobs shoulder-length and it will give you the freedom of flaunting a low-maintenance Korean hairstyle. You can literally keep them as they are or add curtain bangs for an elegant framing of the face.

A shoulder-length bob can never go wrong with any face shape! So, go, live your short-hair dream!

The Big Chop

Big Chop

Yes, we know about your feminine urge to chop your hair short in a snip! This Korean haircut is here to gaslight your mood swing for everything that is better!

Just chop your hair short in a bob and straighten it for a classic short bob look. It is best to keep the length of the hair longer than your face, but life is too short to not try a shorter bob!

Part your hair in the middle or at the side, or tuck behind the ears for different vibes with the same haircut. Your chic look will surely inspire others to give in to the big chop!

Two-Step Layered Cut

Two Step Layered Cut

If you want to spice up your short bob then this is the ultimate style for you! An incredible mix between layered bob and wolf cut can give you an ultra-modern look that is not too basic and neither too edgy. Style the bangs to add some volume to this Korean haircut and you will look effortlessly attractive!

The Wavy Ends

Wavy Ends

Long hair can sometimes get boring to style every day. But with these wavy ends, you can jazz up your long hair with almost zero effort!

While styling your hair with heat, curve only the ends of your locks for this elegant, wispy look. You can also try twisting your hair tightly from top to bottom in several sections, and then blow-dry them while they are twisted.

Now loosen them up with a comb and your hair will have a satisfying amount of curvy ends. An easy and elegant hairstyle for casual and daily wear!

Reply: 1988 Deok Sun Bob

1988 Deok Sun Bob

Everyone’s favorite, Deok Sun from Reply: 1988, has an adorable haircut that is so iconic that no one can possibly hate her!

Straight short bob with medium-weight fringes that merge at the sides. This haircut can be a two in one depending on whether you are wearing fluffy sweaters with jeans or French avant-garde suits!

It can give you a cute and innocent look much like Deok Sun but can also give a fashionista vibe. Go for the duality to surprise everyone around you!

The Itaewon Class Bob

Itaewon Class Bob

Kim Da-Mi has introduced a unique hairstyle in Itaewon Class that screams badass! A short, blunt bob with flat fringes gives an edge to her rounded features.

You can go with straightening your hair, and also curl your bob into subtle beach waves. But it would be best if you lighten the lower third of your hair just like Kim Da-Mi.

Trying this Korean haircut along with the lightened ends would definitely give you daredevil energy!

The Casual Grunge

Casual Grunge

Want to stay casual yet a little edgy? Then this haircut would flawlessly suit your indie-grunge vibes!

A shoulder-length layered cut with slightly long bangs will give you a carefree grunge style even when you do not style it. The layers would create their own volume and curve to save you the trouble of styling them! So, go nurture your inner punk-rockness!

The Alpha Femme Look

Alpha Femme Look

If you want to style your hair like the boss lady that you are, then this hairstyle would give your THE most alpha aura!

Apply a generous amount of any ultra-sleek with a strong hold hair wax to your wet hair. Then brush your hair in a slick-back. Use your fingers to create crispness and a subtle messy texture to get this bold Korean model-like appearance. No one would dare to outshine you!

Squid Game Sae-Byeok Look

Squid Game Sae Byeok Look

Sae-Byeok from Squid Game has this unique short bob that will give you a cool tomboy vibe! Short layered bobs with airy bangs hanging over the forehead will give you the Sae-Byeok look.

Style it into some waves and curl the bangs before ruffling the hair to go more careless with this Korean hairstyle. And that is how you survive in the Squid Game!

The Tomboy

The Tomboy

Similar to Sae-Byeok’s look, this tomboy hairstyle will give you a slightly cuter appearance. A Voluminous layer with not-too-airy fringes would give you the classic tomboy girl look. The key is to thin out the ends of layers and keep the bangs long for a soft transition.

While Sae-Byeok keeps her hair wavy and messy, this look requires straightened hair to bring out the chocolate-box vibe.

Go for this look and watch how the entire city starts adoring you!

The Longer Two-block

Longer Two Block

Of course, not only the men but also the ladies rock the two-block Korean haircut too! Cut your two-block slightly longer than usual and style them to your heart’s content.

Whether you leave them as they are, or blow-dry them for volume, or ruffle them for a casual look is totally up to you! Enjoy your freedom, girlie!

The Cool Noona

Cool Noona

Be the new boss in town by styling your layered bob with some high shine setting gel for an almost slick look.

Tuck the hair behind your ears and keep the bangs hanging out at the front. This Korean hairstyle will radiate an intimidating aura wherever you go!

The Messy Curls

Messy Curls

This form of Korean hairstyle would take some time unless you have natural curls but it is definitely worth the effort once in a while!

Curl your hair with a curling rod and ruffle them afterwards to get this fairy-like look. It might be a little time-consuming, but randomly curling hair can work as therapy! So, go for this surreal look, and people might start worshiping you thinking you are a goddess!

The Model Student

Model Student

This certain hairstyle will definitely get you that job with its pleasantly formal impression! Straighten your hair and tuck them behind your ears neatly. This Korean hairstyle needs well-maintained medium-weight fringes.

For a neat result, try a frizz-control styling mousse for straight hair and you will impress everyone with your just-combed-my-hair magic all day long!

If you want a classic Asian-woman haircut, go out with this neat look every once in a while!

The Fall Perm

The Fall Perm

This bonny hairstyle is yet another Korean look that will make you everyone’s the apple of the eye!

Short blunt bob curled randomly with see-through bangs will give you the ultimate fall vibes. A soft, warm ambiance will radiate around you whenever you wear this Korean style!

The Girl Crush

Girl Crush

Ever wondered why exactly some women can be so casually attractive? Well, now you can be such a woman yourself with this hairstyle!

This layered long hair with slightly extended bangs can give you a mature yet young and casual look. Being similar to wolf cut adds a subtle edgy vibe to the overall appearance.

His hairstyle is so low maintenance yet high in charisma that you would never feel like changing it! Good luck with committing the sin of being attractive!

The Dead-straight

The Dead Straight

Actress Seo Ye-Ji had taken hairstyling to a condescending level in It’s Okay Not to Be Okay, but so can you in your community!

Both her short hair and long hair were straightened into the most elegant and neat hairstyles. If you are not a fan of bangs and their maintenance, then try this sleek hairstyle that would give you a majestic elegance just from straightening the hair!

Use an anti-frizz hair cream for a spick and span sophistication. Now you are ready for every gem of grace this universe has to offer!

Unique Tricks To Achieve Any Korean Haircut

Once you’ve scrolled through the Korean hairstyling ideas, you must now wonder what could be some easy techniques for trying them on yourself. Having considered your thought, we have brought you some unique tips & tricks, with which you can achieve any Korean haircut at home!

  • Thin out the ends of your hair. The more thin your hair is, the softer and rounder your haircut will be.
  • While styling bangs, place your roller close to the roots to increase the height.
  • Take care of your hair to achieve shine and silkiness. That way you will get results that are closer to your expectation.
  • Apply protein masks and hair treatments regularly for more manageable hair.
  • Style your bangs with heat instead of hair products for more natural-looking results.

Final Verdict

Korean hairstyles have become popular worldwide thanks to the globalization of K-pop and K-drama. They have proved to own a universal appeal and a versatile potential when it comes to styling.

As one of the biggest trendsetters, Korean men and women have always been ahead of the time. So, our recommendation for you is that you grab your scissors and create your perfect hairstyle with these ideas straight away!

Image Source: Pinterest,  Instagram

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