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11 Korean Perm Styles to Look Like a K-Drama Star!

Whenever we hear the word perm, the immediate picture that comes to our mind is a hairstyle with curls. Well, basically, perming your hair means going for a curled look, and the curls are supposed to be tight, bouncy, and as curly as they can get. However, Korean perm is not the same, and it is pretty different from our traditional permed styles.

If you are a fan of K-dramas and you often get lost in the world of the stunning looks of your favorite stars, then you might know a thing or two about the way they style their hair. Something delicate yet elegant about their hair often keeps us wondering how we can achieve such a style. And this is where Korean perm comes into action.

A Korean perm is basically a hairstyle that gives your hair an enchanting and soft wavy look, which in turn makes your hair appear voluminous. Unlike the traditional perms, the Korean perm gives you a soft touch of waves, and your hair looks so beautiful that you will feel like the star of your own drama! Korean perms are all the rage now, so to keep up with the trend, trying them out is a must!

Why is it Called a Korean Perm?

Well, basically, if you are a fan of our favorite Korean celebrities, then you already know the answer. Korean perms are inspired by the unique hair looks our favorite stars wear in dramas. These styles consist of a delicate look with a wavy appearance, which looks phenomenal on them. Going through the hassle of curling your hair every day to get that soft look seems like a lot, so the Korean perm has been invented to rescue us. With this fancy style, you can flaunt your hair every day without thinking about the extra styling sessions.

Splendid Korean Perms for the Modish Ladies

Korean perms will help you achieve the perfect Korean hairstyle of your dreams, so trying them out is a must. Our hair should go through upgrades depending on the weather and surroundings, so what better way to get a long-lasting style than going for the gorgeous Korean perm? If you agree with us, you might already be wondering which hairstyles will be the best option for you. Whether it’s the C-curl or the S-curl perm, we’ve got you covered. To make your task easy, here is a list of our favorite Korean perms for you. Let’s take a look at them!

Short Bob

Short Bob

Korean short hairstyles always make it to the top of our list because of the cuteness these hairstyles carry. If you want to rock a fabulous bob hairstyle like your favorite K-drama star, then you can start by chopping off your hair. But instead of keeping your hair straight, this time you can opt for the permed look.

This picture is a sweet example of how exclusive a short bob with a Korean perm looks. The middle-part hair with those waves looks so charming. If you have thin hair, then this permed look will surely add volume to your style. For something simple yet sophisticated, this one is a great pick!

Medium with Highlights

Medium With Highlights

For those neither in the short club nor in the long club, a medium-length hairstyle is the perfect pick. Although most of our favorite Korean celebrities have long hair with soft waves, you can achieve a Korean permed look with your medium hair quite easily as well. Here is a picture to get you started.

The lady has beautiful medium-length hair in this picture, and the permed style she has gotten looks totally stunning. The amazing C-curls are giving us glamorous vibes, while her hair color with the brown highlights reminds us of the red carpet for sure. This is a winning pick for medium hair lovers, so don’t forget to try it out the next time you visit the salon.

Long Black

Long Black

There is no better way to start your permed hair journey than to try it out on your natural, virgin hair. Especially if you have long, black hair, the classic Korean permed look will be so easy to achieve. Don’t forget to give your hair a fancy cut at the front as well, as it will make you look totally adorable.

The lady in this picture has healthy black hair with great shine, and her long hair has been permed to perfection. The Korean perm has added the perfect volume to her natural, thin hair. We love the waves and the bangs haircut at the front equally, so you need to choose both in order to recreate this look perfectly!

With Curtain Bangs

With Curtain Bangs

Korean hairstyles always look the best when they are accompanied by curtain bangs. There’s a different charm about curtain bangs that makes them the best option for looking adorable and elegant. So if you are getting your Korean perm done, make sure that your curtain bangs are there to add that extra bit of cuteness.

Just take a look at this picture to cherish the cuteness of this hairstyle. The long hair of the lady has a perfectly done Korean perm, and it looks super elegant. Her curtain bangs also have that wavy style that we totally admire. For any formal as well as informal events, this hairstyle is the perfect pick.

Blonde Hair

Blonde Hair

Most of us have a conception that Korean styles only look great with black or brown hair. But the actual fact is many Korean women have tried out the blonde look, and they look just as stunning. So you don’t have to be disappointed if getting a blonde Korean perm has been your dream for a while.

This picture proves our point. The lady has beautiful blonde hair with the perfect Korean perm. Starting from her hair length to the perfect permed style she has, there is nothing not to love in this picture. Plus, she has money piece at the front which gives her hair that perfect modern vibe. The play of brown at the roots and blonde throughout the lengths are 100% approved!

Vibrant Red

Vibrant Red

Have you asked your hair if it needs a boost of color lately? If you haven’t, then spare some time from your busy schedule and let your hair breathe with beauty for a while. And for that, we suggest you choose the red hair color to flaunt your perfectly permed hair.

We have seen many shades of red when it comes to bold hairstyles, but this one is a little bit different. The color totally speaks elegance and we love everything about it. Her hair looks healthy and beautiful, plus the S-curls totally go with the vibe of her hair. This trendy style can easily win the hearts of everyone, so give this a try!

Lovely Perm

Lovely Perm

For those with long and beautiful hair, one of the best Korean perms is the lovely perm that provides your hair with a step-by-step wavy look. This hairstyle is especially great for long hair, because the longer the length, the more beautiful the curly style looks. Korean women love to try out this permed style, so you can give it a try as well.

Here is a picture of a lady with a gorgeous lovely perm to get you started. This side-part long style looks super attractive, and it can be the perfect pick for your date night. In a lovely perm, the bangs also generally have that wavy vibe, so the length and the bangs complement each other. To achieve a genuine Korean hairstyle, this one is undoubtedly one of our recommendations for you.

Body Wave

Body Wave

Another one of the most popular Korean perm styles is the body wave that many Korean women love to wear. So while talking about Korean perm, we simply cannot skip this fashionable style.

In this picture, the natural look of her body wave perm is everything. The way she has styled her hair looks quite casual. Apart from that, if you are not a fan of any specific curl patterns, then you can easily pick this style.

Korean Perm for Men

Korean men love to try out permed hairstyles quite often, and they are quite famous for their lovely hairstyles in K-dramas and in real life. While talking about Korean perms, we simply cannot leave out the men’s hairstyles. So here are some of the best Korean perms for men that can be your next pick.

Brown and Bold

Korean Perm Mens Brown And Bold

To achieve a bold look that will be praised by everyone, you can try out a Korean perm that is surely going to make a statement. The key is to wear your hair with confidence, and the rest of it will be handled by your hair itself.

This amazing brown hairstyle with the perfect permed look is one of our top recommendations for men willing to try out a Korean look. The gorgeous perm along with the fade haircut looks totally stunning, and it can undoubtedly be a showstopper!

Modish Wavy

Modish Wavy

For those men looking for something classy and elegant, a wavy perm is always the right option. This Korean perm gives you a voluminous look and makes your hair appear fuller, so we recommend giving it a try.

The man in this picture has the perfect wavy perm hair for you to take inspiration from. The black hair has the perfect health and shine, and this Korean perm is definitely recommended from our side.

Middle Part

Middle Part

Quite often men opt for side part hairstyles, but we always love a cute middle part style when it comes to men’s hairstyles. If you can get the perfect Korean perm, flaunting this middle part style will become even easier.

For all the classiest men out there who like to keep up with the classic coffee shop and bookish vibes, this middle part hairstyle with the Korean perm is a great choice. We love the messy yet classy look of this hairstyle, so you should give this one a try asap!

How is a Korean Perm Done?

In between the cold perm and the heat perm, the latter has become quite popular among Korean women in recent times. So we will be talking about this particular type of perm in detail today.

If you visit the salon, your hairdresser will provide you with the perfect heat perms of your dreams. Now here is a short guide to how this perming is actually done.

First of all, your hairdresser will check the condition of your natural hair. It’s best to go to the salon with your virgin hair before getting your perm because perming bleached hair is not suggested. It may end up ruining your hair for over-chemical treatment.

Once everything is checked, your hair then needs to be shampooed and knot tested. After that, a protection treatment is applied to the ends of your hair to minimize damage. When it’s done, the perm softener is applied two inches away from your roots to your entire hair. Then your hair is wrapped up and kept like that for some minutes.

While the hair is processing, your hairdresser will knot test and bend test your hair to determine the progress. If your hair stays in a knot, it indicates that the perm softener is doing its job. A stretch test is also done. Once the tests are done and the results are positive, your hairdresser will move on to the next step.

At this point, your hair is shampooed thoroughly to get rid of all the perm softener. Then it is blow-dried properly. Now, if your natural hair is kind of wavy, your hairdresser will make it straight after drying it properly.

After that, your hair is sectioned off, and starting from the bottom part of your hair, the hairdresser will start placing the rollers. Before that, a heat protectant spray is applied to the ends to take care of the damage. The hair is rolled up until the midway, and the roller is placed properly using the essentials.

This step is then carried out on the rest of your hair. Your hairdresser will do all the necessary things to make sure that the outcome is perfect, so you don’t have to worry about that. Now, the rollers will be heated up, and to make sure that the heat doesn’t create any issue, your hairdresser will add extra paddings underneath your rollers.

After about 15 minutes, the rollers are taken off. You will notice the beautiful curls when it’s being done. Then your hairdresser will move on to straightening the upper parts of your hair, followed by applying the perm neutralizer to the same area. This is done to keep the straightened look of the upper part intact. After that, a foam perm neutralizer is applied to the curled parts. Then your hair is kept like that for a few minutes with the neutralizers on.

Finally, your hair is washed properly again. For the drying process, the upper portion of your hair along the roots are needed to be blow-dried, and then you can twist the middle and lower portions and let them air dry naturally. Twist and blow-dry is also an option for those two portions. Twisting can be done in an away or an inward motion depending on your preference.

Finish the process by applying some hair serum to your hair. And you will be left with gorgeous Korean permed hair ready to be flaunted all the time!


Thank you for your patience if you have read and gone through all of the hairstyles that we have mentioned up until now. It proves that you are a true Korean perm lover, and we are happy to have you among us. Now, if you are thinking of starting your Korean perm journey right away, we totally approve of your plan. But before that, let’s know the answer to some of your frequently asked questions about Korean perms so that you can prepare yourself properly with the right knowledge before getting your perms done.

How is Korean perm different from the traditional perm looks?

A Korean perm is done in order to give your hair a wavy appearance that is not too tight and looks delicate as a feather. Whereas the traditional perm consists of tighter curls, and they are perfect if achieving super curly hair is your goal. To look like your favorite K-drama star, you can obviously go for the Korean perm.

How long does a Korean perm last?

Your Korean perm can last up to 6 to 10 months if you take proper care of your permed hair. This is why getting a Korean perm is a great option because, in that way, you can flaunt your style for months without having to wake up early in the morning and allotting extra time for your hairstyle. However, taking the utmost care of your permed hair is necessary to achieve such outcomes.

Are digital perm and Korean perm the same thing?

No, they are not. Digital perm is simply the name of a method of perming, whereas Korean perm refers to the hairstyle that many Koreans love to wear. One is a method, and another one is a style.

Final Thoughts

We are at the end of our article, and we hope this has been enough for you to understand what a Korean perm is all about. It’s basically the style everyone’s talking about, so yes, no kidding! We believe your hair needs this upgrade, and you will definitely thank us after trying out a Korean perm.

So give these styles we have mentioned here a try, and trust us, you will fall in love with your hairstyle instantly. However, make sure to take proper care of your hair in order to maintain the results of the perm, and we suggest not to opt for the perm if you have previously bleached your hair.

At the end of the day, your hair is going to represent a huge part of your style, so don’t think twice before trying out this super trendy style. We are sure that the beauty of the Korean perms will make you come back for them again and again, so be prepared to flaunt your hair with grace!

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