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Trendiest Kris Jenner Haircuts to Try in 2023

If we ask you to name three celebrities who have the most iconic pixie haircuts of all time, Kris Jenner will surely make it to the list. She has worn her signature pixie haircut for as long as we can remember, so you are surely familiar with that particular hair look.

However, did you know that Kris recently changed her haircut and went for something quite different? Being avid fans of the latest hairstyles, we like to keep you informed of the trendiest cuts and styles all the time. This is why we just had to dedicate an entire article to Kris’ latest as well as previous haircuts!

On 5th April 2022, Kris put on an Instagram story that showed her newly done haircut. And since then, the internet has gone crazy over her stylish new appearance.

Want to know more? Keep reading ahead to find out the details. And yes, just like always, we have also included some of Kris Jenner’s iconic hairstyles to quench your thirst for getting to know her hair better!

What’s the Buzz About Kris Jenner’s New Haircut?

Kris Jenner New Haircut

Well, Kris has been a famous celebrity mom for decades, so it’s easy to assume that even the slightest change in her style will become the talk of the town.

This is why when Kris literally left her years of wearing that same pixie haircut behind, everyone went crazy! Her new haircut consisted of a shoulder-length bob along with side-swept bangs at the front. She even took this bob hair look along with her to the Met Gala, and added a bit of curly vibe to it for that extra glam!

However, we wanted to see if she has kept up with that hairstyle or if it was just a temporary addition, and figured out that Kris went back to her favorite pixie haircut again! It seems like she has become too fond of her pixie, and we can’t blame her because this signature hair look was definitely made for her!

Old or new, Kris Jenner’s hairstyle is always going to make it to the news. So if you haven’t given her haircuts a try, now is a good time to rethink your choices!

Modish Kris Jenner Haircuts to Achieve a Glamorous Look!

It may seem like Kris always wears that one particular type of haircut, but she definitely likes to spice things up by adding a subtle touch of glam to her hair every now and then. From blonde to black, Kris has rocked her hair looks on all occasions.

If you ever wanted to try out Kris Jenner hairstyles, then we have the perfect list for you. Let’s check those options out together to figure out which one will be the best pick for your hair!

Pixie Haircut

Pixie Haircut

We are obviously going to start the list with Kris Jenners’ pixie haircut. This is the look that we think about whenever we hear her name, so you already know how much popular it has become. If you are a fan of pixie haircuts, then her iconic one must be given a try!

Here we have our diva in all her elegance! This short pixie haircut has all the beauty and volume it needs, and there’s not a single thing we do not love about her look! For all the moms over 50, Kris can be an amazing inspiration when it comes to classy haircuts.

Split-Dyed Bob

Split Dyed Bob

If you didn’t know this before, Kris has even managed to rock a split-dyed situation with utmost confidence. So if you ever wondered if opting for a split-dyed look will be a wise option in your 60s, Kris just made your life easier!

We found a picture from Kris’ Instagram account that she posted on the occasion of Halloween, and she was wearing a black and white split-dyed wig in that picture. It looked like she came out of a sci-fi movie with that perfect bob-length hair and bangs, and her smoky eyes totally added to the spookiness of the style!

Fancy Bob

Fancy Bob

This is the haircut we were talking about before, and you can already understand what the hype was all about. This hairstyle literally transformed Kris Jenner’s entire look and made her appearance quite chic.

At the launch party of the new Kylie Cosmetics collab, Kris was wearing this straight bob haircut with the classiest of bangs at the front. Who would say she’s in her 60s? Just look how glamorous this hairstyle made her appear-we just can’t get enough of it!

So all the medium haircut lovers, gather your money because you’re going to love this haircut for sure!

Textured Bob

Textured Bob

April of 2022 wasn’t the first time Kris stunned everyone with a completely new look. In 2019, she opted for a textured bob haircut and it was just as mesmerizing as the recent one. Plus, it might be the longest haircut you’ll ever see her wearing

As we are talking about Kris Jenner hairstyles, we surely cannot skip mentioning this super stylish hair look. The shaggy vibe of the hair definitely makes her look different, and we also love how the hairstyle works to make her appear younger! All in all, this one is a great option for all the ladies out there!

Blonde Pixie

Blonde Pixie

Remember the time when Kim and Kris rocked a blonde hair look together? While Kim’s hair was definitely on the longer side, Kris stuck to her regular pixie haircut. She just went for the blonde hair color and it surely made her look amazing!

This mommy-daughter moment caught in the selfie is giving us major hair goals! Kris’ transformation from her regular dark hair color to the super blonde one surely took her fans by surprise, and she grabbed everyone’s attention quite well by opting for this ‘extra’ hair look!

Side Part

Side Part

As we mentioned before, Kris just loves to add subtle touches of style to her regular pixie haircut. Sometimes she increases the length a little bit, and sometimes you will find her taking away the side-swept style for a fresh change.

This side part hairstyle in this picture is also an example of that. It looks like a short-bob with the perfect side bangs, but the overall styling is quite simple. Her rich hair color is giving off a nice shine, and we totally love the look on her!

Why Should You Try a Kris Jenner Haircut?

Many women lose confidence in their hair once they reach their 50s. It’s normal to see your hair getting thinner as you age, but this creates a lack of confidence in most women out there. This is why there are examples where women literally stopped caring about pampering their hair as they started aging.

But the reality should be different. Your thinning hair does not mean that you have lost your prime time. And this is why it’s always recommended from our side to choose haircuts that complement your age and vibe.

Kris is now in her 60s, but you can barely tell her age because she loves to maintain a style that makes her look younger. Her pixie haircut is quite bold and it definitely makes her look younger than her age. Plus, she’s always maintaining the color and health of her hair to make sure it’s in its A game.

If your naturally gray hair is showing, embrace the beauty of it without hesitating a bit! Use the gray hair as highlights, or you can always color your hair like Kris. Don’t forget to pick a hairstyle that suits you the most.

As we have seen until now, pixie haircuts look great on women over 50. So picking Kris’ haircut will definitely serve you well in the long run. Make sure to add hints of style here and there to upgrade the look of your pixie occasionally. You can also switch to short bobs like Kris because they are always in trend no matter what your age is!


After knowing all the deets about Kris Jenner’s latest and iconic hairstyles, it’s time to pay a visit to your favorite salon! But before that, let’s know some basic facts regarding Kris’ hair to make your life even easier.

What is Kris Jenners’ hair color?

Kris Jenner usually wears her hair in dark shades. She mostly picks black and brown colors for her hair, so you can also do that. Kris has also rocked blonde hair with dark roots, and it’s a great choice for women of the modern age as well as women over 50.

Who is Kris Jenners’ hairstylist?

Alex Roldan used to be Kris’ hairdresser while she was married to Robert. However, at present, Kris tags Léa Journo in many of her Instagram posts as her hairstylist.

Final Thoughts

Being a businesswoman, celebrity, and mom to 6 amazing children, Kris Jenner can be called one of the most successful women in the industry. She has set an example for all the women over 50 out there that age is just a number when it comes to success, beauty, and wit.

Kris Jenner’s style has been the center of attention for many years, and she still keeps surprising her fans with newer styles every single day. Her hairstyle has become an iconic one, and we love how confidently she carries it everywhere.

We hope this article has provided you with all the information you needed to know about Kris Jenner’s haircut. So make sure to try out the hairstyles we have mentioned above and live your own Kris Jenner moment with confidence like never before!

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