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7 Exuberant Lamelo Ball Haircut Ideas To Advance Your Hair Game

20 year old Point Guard Lamelo Ball was always meant to get an NBA contract. Fans of the NBA as well as spectators of highschool basketball always believed in the 6’7 wonder kid’s shooting abilities behind the arc, facilitating abilities with or without the ball, and his flashy no-look passing skills.

Even to this day, the sky seems to be the limit for Lamelo Ball. Even though Charlotte Hornets haven’t yet become contenders and have a long road ahead before they meet that criteria, there’s no doubt that the franchise will flourish as long as it’s able to provide Lamelo Ball the proper amount of care and guidance required to become an NBA legend.

Off the court, Lamelo Ball isn’t just known for his antics or his flamboyant pre-game fits, but he’s widely recognized for his hair genes, and all the hairstyles that he’s showcased over the course of his career as a professional.

Additionally, while the sensation’s hair game is on point almost always, it might be difficult for fanatics of the NBA superstar to find the right article to mimic his haircut. Therefore, to break that deadlock, we have taken matters into our own hands. Through the help of this write-up, we are going to reveal everything, from the basics to the intricate details, about Lamelo Ball’s haircut, also dubbed as “The Lamelo Ball Haircut.”

On top of breaking down all the crucial facts that one needs to acquire knowledge on before giving it a go, this piece will also include all the hairstyles that Lamelo Ball has experimented with so far. Make sure to move on to the next segment to hit the jackpot!

7 Lamelo Ball Haircut Designs To Upgrade Your Sense Of Style!

Lamelo Ball has had quite the career so far, and while his basketball skills deserve all the credit, a minority of the credit should be given to his 4a curls. Over the past decade or so, Lamelo has worn multiple hairstyles, all of which are iconic to this day and can be incorporated effortlessly into one’s styling routine.

Without further ado, here are all the hairstyles of Lamelo Ball that everyone with afro hair and naturally curly hair should give a go at this instant! 

Curly Top With Patterned Fade

Curly Top With Patterned Fade

When you’ve got curls like Melo, you don’t need much to create an appealing look with a simple styling routine. Look at this entry, for example!

Showcased by Lamelo during his years as a sophomore, this curly top has three features that mainly separates it from a regular hairstyle.

The first impressive feature is the color scheme. The dark base when combined with a color as vibrant as yellow highlights can bring to the table a dramatic look. The contrast between the colors can also amp up the texture of the curls and allow the complete look to have the It factor.

Another impressive trait of this hairdo is the fade. The fade not only adds tons of density to the curly top, but also creates the disconnection needed to make this option somewhat neat in terms of appearance.

The simple pattern along the sides, which is probably the most basic part of this option, could solely be present due to Lamelo’s explosive character. However, the design can also be removed and presented in a plain manner.

Medium Length Curls with Burst Fade

Medium Length Curls With Burst Fade

Taking a chunk off lengthy curls can be a tough feeling to bear with, however, it can be advantageous to many, including Lamelo Ball.

While we do believe the 6’8 guard of the Hornets incorporated this haircut into his life to amp up his playing skills, the favorable appearance of it could also have played a crucial role.

The burst fade is the perfect addition to any curly hairstyle, let alone this variant. It brings in an exceptional amount of contrast, volume, and fullness to coarse hair.

Furthermore, due to the disconnection, the curls on top look in place at all times, and may also be enhanced through the assistance of highlights.

360 Wave Shape Up

360 Wave Shape Up

Taking care of your hair always results in long term success; a statement that was proven by Lamelo ball when he started rocking waves.

In addition to experimenting with a new hairdo, Ball also installed the bright color of copper, which enhanced the appearance of the patterns, and made the overall visuals more enriched with density.

The nature of this look makes it great for making fashion statements, but probably should be avoided completely if you work a 9-5 and don’t have enough time to look after the cuticles of your hair.

Dreadlocks with Skin Fade

Dreadooks With Skin Fade

Melo began experimenting with dreadlocks during the beginning of this year, and the progress his hair has made so far is, well, extremely impressive.

The locs look vibrant due to the caramel brown highlights, and the whole hairdo looks extremely healthy and energetic.

Even though the method he used haven’t yet been revealed, we believe that one can mirror this look to the fullest if they use coils to create the bouncy and playful nature of this look.

Furthermore, although a skin fade does add to the fullness and brings tons of presentability to the table, one can also exchange that feature with blends on the side.

Waves with Temple Fade

Waves With Temple Fade

Dubbed as the best haircut of Lamelo Ball, this entry on the list, which involves waves with a temple fade, could be the perfect look for you if you have a knack for fashion and are expanding your wardrobe at the moment.

Even though the waves might require the use of a durag on a regular basis and need frequent conditioning to build a commendable appearance, a pro of this option is its versatility. You can combine it with formal attire for big shot events, but can also get access to its services during casual gatherings.

Since this look tends to shine under neutral colors, a temple fade meshes together the best as opposed to the other fade haircuts.

Short Afro With High and Tight Taper

Short Afro With High Tight Taper

All the hard work Lamelo Ball put in prior to entering the NBA draft paid off in 2020. He got drafted by the franchise of Charlotte Hornets, which operates under chairman Michael Jordan, who also happens to be the greatest NBA player of all time. However, not everything was full of sunshines and rainbows, as Lamelo had to cut his hair extremely short to beat the unbearable heat in Charlotte, North Carolina.

This short afro features a high and tight taper, which can serve multiple benefits to those with fine curls as well as those with coarse curls. It is extremely easy to deal with due to its low maintenance routine, and can stay in place for a long period of time when sealed with hair custard.

Short Mohawk with Temp Fade

Short Mohawk With Temp Fade

Another impressive hairdo that Lamelo rocked during his dread journey is this look, which features short dreadlocks with frosted tips.

The frosted tips contain tons of energy and give the coarseness of each strand a subtle push.

A temp fade also plays a crucial role, as it increases the saturation of the highlights, and allows the short mohawk from looking all messy and uneven.

A selling point of this look is the adaptability of it, as it is suitable to wear under any circumstance. One can increase the definition of the mohawk by using texturizing, but can also opt for a healthier looking hairstyle by using leave-in conditioners.

Frequently Asked Questions

The multiple haircut variations that Lamelo Ball has worn so far could be low in numbers, but is extremely complex to create. To make the process easier, however, here are some queries regarding the Lamelo Ball haircut on the web that we have tackled and solved effectively!

Question: Can I recreate Lamelo Ball’s hairstyle if I have straight hair? 

Answer: Fortunately, any hairstyle that Lamelo Ball has worn up until now can be mimicked perfectly, even if you have straight hair! All you have to do is invest in a good set of spiral rods and find a hairdresser who specializes in managing afro hair.

Furthermore, if you’re seeking a technique that is more lenient, fast, and friendly, consider getting a perm. Doing so might require you to take better care of your hair and visit the salon on a regular basis, but the results of a perm will surely make up for the hectic routine.

Question: How do I make my curls look like Lamelo’s curly top? 

Answer: Since curly hair can often be manipulated with the help of a nourishing conditioner, one can see a noticeable improvement in the appearance of their curls if they condition their strands every day.

On the other hand, if you feel that you don’t have the time to condition and wash your hair everyday, invest in a leave-in conditioner. Apart from providing your hair with tons of moisture, a leave-in conditioner tends to improve the saturation of the color, and the quality of the curls when used on the regular.

Final Verdict

We hope this article assists you with recreating the haircut of your favorite superstar, Lamelo Ball. While going to a salon will surely give you memorable results, make sure to improve your hair care routine by purchasing a conditioner that is silicone free. You should also visit your stylist once every 3 weeks, so that the appearance of your hair stays healthy and consistently pleasant.

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