Lesbian Haircuts

60 Aesthetic and Edgy Lesbian Haircuts for 2022

It is truly a privilege to see all the positive changes that people are bringing to the modern day and age, especially with the horrible occurrences that have taken place in the past 2 years since the discovery of COVID-19.

From glorifying the importance of mental health to increasing the acceptance of diversity and individuality, the world is really changing for the better through the assistance of our open-minded approach. With each day, we are demolishing the stereotype of opposite-gender marriage and creating more doors for people with different gender orientations. We have also become more aware and accepting of gender identity, which is single handedly increasing the freedom we attain and decreasing a portion of the discrimination we face on a daily basis.

Although life after the 2000s has had its fair share of ups and downs, perhaps one of the most positive things it has brought upon us is an environment where love has no boundary.

This approach has drastically changed people’s perspectives and has paved the way for people of the LGBTQ community to share their perspective on life with the world.

Furthermore, today, to pay homage to people who inspire us everyday with their courage and encourage us to be more comfortable in our own skin, we’ll be covering all the haircuts that lesbians have created and effortlessly pulled off over the decades.


60 Grounbreaking Lesbian Hairstyle Variations for 2022

The hair we wear has always been a significant part of our identity. When worn the right way, it boosts our self esteem. It makes us feel confident in our own skin and empowers us as well. It allows us to express our perspective on life to the world and encourages us to establish a sense of comfort in a room full of people.

Although there was a predetermined stereotype decades ago for people to express their sexual orientation, it wasn’t surprising when it quickly started to fade away. Nowadays, we live in a generation where comfort is prioritized over keeping up with gender norms, which is an immensely progressive sight to see. No one should ever feel as if the freedom that they’ve been born with is restricted. We were all born to be Mavericks.

One of the communities that’s making a huge contribution to this specific progress is the LGBTQ community. Decades ago, lesbians in general had to look a certain way to make their orientation known in a crowd. However, the requirements got progressively lenient over the years, and soon became a misconception. They never had to dress a certain way or chop their hair off in order to express their preferences, and we hope it stays that way forever.

In hopes of showing them our utmost respect, mentioned below are 60 trendy lesbian haircut variations that will definitely make it worth your while!

Duotone E-Girl Hair

Duotone E Girl Hair

Although this hairstyle was very popular in the 2000s due to the flashy highlight, it became a global sensation after 2016 when gamers on twitch started following the aesthetics of the scene subculture which was founded in the mid 2000s.

Appearance wise, this hairstyle looks very similar to a regular m-shaped curtain hair, which made a name for itself during the 90s boy band era. The only difference that makes this hairstyle stand out are the vibrant streaks that are present in the frontal region of this hairdo. The highlights give this option a livelier presence and give a dash of edginess.

Fembun with Skin Fade

Fembun with Skin Fade

Also known as a half top knot, this variation is very simple to recreate and is perfect when you’re seeking a hairstyle with the perfect amount of style and volume.

The shaved sides usually increase the contrast of the shaft, which is immensely favorable for those with flattering hair.

The fembun will definitely help you cope with a bad hair day with it’s neat and charming appearance. It also has the ability to blend in with any outfit, which makes it an excellent partner when experimenting with different outfits.

The Beachy Pompadour

Beachy Pompadour

Who doesn’t like a voluminous haircut? We know we’re a sucker for it. The beachy pompadour will give your hair an ample amount of lift and combine it with a greaseless, natural texture.

For the sides, although a bald fade will really heighten the contrast, you might even switch it up with a low fade with a sizable guard and trim it less.

Moreover, styling this hair is also just as easy as the previous one, but it might require the use of hair mousse to ensure the hold of it. Using a hair dryer will also be an effortless method to achieve the fluffiness of this hairdo.

Crew Cut

Crew Cut

A crew cut is an exceptional look to go for. It fits well with any environment and is suitable for every hair type.
A crew cut looks best when the strands are uneven and frizz free. You may also collaborate the hairdo with a mid fade to make it more favorable for your face shape.

Due to the uneven layers, this hardo saves a lot of time and can definitely be your go-to choice if your schedule is always packed.

Long Topknot Shaggy Bun with Shaved SIdes

Long Topknot Shaggy Bun With Shaved Side

This variation is an excellent choice for you to showcase the edgy side of your personality. The trio of a shaggy topknot with shaved sides will definitely make you look more intimidating to other people.

This hairdo is also pretty much out there, so don’t feel too amazed if you garner an enormous amount of attention when you wear it to a party.

Side Part Fade with Solo Decal

Side Part Fade with Solo Decal

A side part fade is one of the more volume oriented options in this list. It usually involves a comb over that is parted on the favorable side of your scalp. A fade really increases the density of this look. You may also incorporate the lineup near your hairline to give your hair a subtle boost when creating this hair.

The solo decal could be a great addition for people that love expressing their personality through their haircut. It will also increase the visual appeal of the haircut, which is a pro for any extroverted person.

Blonde Medium Bob with Indigo Highlights

Blonde Medium Bob with Indigo Highlights

Blue Is the Warmest Color was one of the very first independent coming of age drama films that really highlighted the importance of individuality and self acceptance. It was one of the very first films that perfectly portrayed the drawbacks people face when they’re in an identity crisis.

Besides the encouraging plot, the movie is also known for kick-starting the trend of this haircut. The main character in this move wears a messy blonde bob with chunky indigo streaks. It’s a look that anyone can introduce to their arsenal due to the uneven shaft this hair contains.

Short Pixie

Short Pixie

A short pixie is a great look to go for if you want to give your face a flattering appearance. The short length of this hair is known for adding more definition to the jawline and making cheekbones pop out.

In addition to the previous pro, a short pixie comes with a very basic hair care and styling routine. Since the strands are short, they can often be washed on a regular basis without the use of shampoo. The use of styling products is also unnecessary as the texture of this hair is usually free of any chemicals and pomades.

Faux Hawk with Taper

Faux Hawk with Taper

A fauxhawk is catered to a very diverse audience because of its appearance. It looks like a denser version of a mohawk minus the shaved sides, and is a great choice for those that prefer their hair to stay in place at all times.

A taper allows the temple to disconnect from the sides and gives the hair color a darker presence. The faux hawk requires the support of each section on the temple to achieve the voluminous trait that it comprises.

This stays in place for days when the right hair putty and hair spray is used. You may also use a pre-styler to minimize the consequence of this hairdo.

Emo Swoop/ Pixie Bangs

Emo Swoop Pixie Bangs

If you were a very active member when the scene subculture started gaining recognition, then this hairdo will definitely bring back some fond memories.

An emo swoop, also known as pixie bangs, was the go-to hairdo in 2007. All the underground and mainstream bands that produced heavy metal music used to opt for this haircut before the look became a staple amongst the subculture.

When it comes to appearance, the emo swoop looks like side swept pixie bangs with highlights near the tip of each shaft. People would often pick vibrant colors like indigo and hot pink as their highlights in hopes of bringing out the positive portion of their personalities.

Two-Tone Curly Top with Grown out Sides

Two Tone Curly Top with Grown Out Sides

People with curly hair can flawlessly pull off messy hairstyles. The messier the curls are, the voluminous they look. Frosted tips further enhance the appeal of this look, as they add definition to the curls and give the face a slimming effect.

Grown out sides usually look more natural than fades and tapers. However, in this haircut, they are used to disconnect the curly top from the short sides and give them a more messy appearance.

For best results, try to incorporate caramel highlights to the curls to really bring out the density and contrast.

Polished Side part with Undercut

Polished Side Part with Undercut

Even though life is all about feeling free and goofy most of the time, there comes a time in life when you have to switch it up and establish a personality with adultlike traits. That’s when this hair variation comes into play.

A polished side part is a hairdo that is immovable and perfect until the end of time and can be the best option to incorporate at major events. The sides are shaved to the skin and are usually left untouched. To attain the combover, however, you might need to use a dime sized portion of hair putty to achieve the bulk build. You may also use hair mousse to seal the look.

Two-Color Pixie Bob with Messy Layers

Two Color Pixie Bob with Messy Layers

This haircut comes with a complex procedure, but it never backfires!
The two-color pixie bob is a great choice for people that want to give their layers a minor but noticeable lift and definition. This hairstyle is also a convenient option for those with coarse, dark hair as the lighter shade installed in the frontal region will really stand out through the high contrast of the darker shade on the sides.

Moreover, this hairdo is very simple and can be achieved through the use of a bristle comb. To add more volume to it, however, you may use a diffuser or even choose to airdry the shafts.

Teal Mid Length E-Girl Hair

Teal Mid Length E Girl Hair

Teal is a great hair color that often fails to mix with different types of hairstyles. However, because of the general incentives of e-Girl hair, the color fits like a glove.

Although e-girl hair initially involves a curtain shape hairstyle with two framing streaks near the front, they are often replaced with this hairdo. This color makes the shafts look healthy and can be a great variation for people with greasy hair to switch to.

Moreover, the color teal symbolizes happiness, compassion and prosperity, which makes it an excellent color to shift to.

Hazel Outgrown Slick Back

Hazel Outgrown Slick Back

An outgrown slick back is a very popular hairdo at the moment. The matte appearance maximizes the definition each layer contains and the density of it is remarkably simple but noticeable. The favorable hair color for this option is hazel, mainly because this haircut looks great in hazel, especially under orange streetlights.

Apart from being a sophisticated hair option, this slick back comes in handy during awkward phases due to its lengthy requirements. The hair can easily be styled with a bristle brush and locked in with a matte hair clay for flexibility.

Undercut Pixie

Undercut Pixie

An undercut pixie has everything: shine, volume, and a sleek finish. It is one of the more versatile haircut options on this list, and can smoothly fit in with any attire. The combover is usually styled through the use of fingertips and a quarter sized amount of hair wax to attain a firm but fragile hold. The greasy appearance of this look is optional and can easily be forgone if a matte clay is used instead of a water based gel.

Platinum Outgrown Buzz cut

Platinum Outgrown Buzz Cut

Cara Delevigne might be one of the most sought after supermodels in the world right now, but she’s an even bigger sensation because of the contributions she’s made to the LGBTQ community. She also tends to wear her heart on her sleeve, and is known for being one of the most transparent queer person in Hollywood.

Cara shaved her head when filming D.C Superhero Movie, Suicide Squad. When asked about how she felt when growing it out, she said that it helped her with increasing self acceptance, which boosted her confidence and made her feel empowered.

On the other hand, this haircut tends to narrow down the face shape of the wearer, and is known for bringing out the best in the color of the wearer’s eyes.

Uniform Buzzcut

Uniform Buzzcut

A uniform buzz cut is a traditional buzz cut that is slightly grown out. It really goes well with neutral colors due to the grease free appearance it adds. It’s a great choice for people who often experiment with their hair and can definitely be a partner you can count on to beat the heat this summer.

Long Hair Covered with a Snapback

Long Hair Covered with Snapback

The only item that is mandatory for this hair is a snapback hat. This is a variation that caters to the active people just as much as it does to lazy people. This is the perfect option to resort to when your life is loaded with activities that are time consuming. Just pull your hair back and cover it with a hat to seal the look.

Wearing this variation will also be useful for people who take part in physical activities, as the hat usually absorbs most of the sweat, which prevents your body from becoming clammy.

Triple Zero Buzzcut

Triple Zero Buzzcut


If you’ve always had a rebellious attitude and your wardrobe is similar to the one that was present during the greaser subculture, give this look a try. It will not only make you look more intimidating, but it will definitely fit with your gimmick perfectly.

Additionally, a triple zero buzz is a great choice for those with extremely thick hair and will definitely take some weight off your head. Switching to this haircut will also make it easier for you to fight back against the harsh weather conditions.

Lavender Shaggy Middle Part with Layers

Lavender Shaggy Middle Part with Layers


Embrace the pride you contain and give this look a try!

The most fascinating aspect of this hairstyle is the lavender dye that comes with the shaggy hairdo. Not only does it look flawless, but it also decreases the flat-like appearance of shaggy middle part hairstyles in general.

The color lavender was just as popular back then as it is today. It was a color scheme people would often select when expressing their culture and individuality. It is mostly known for its vibrant appearance nowadays, and is one of the more effective hair dyes to go for.

Short Middle Part with Pigtails

Short Middle Part with Pigtails


Short middle part contains a subtle silky middle part with baby soft hair. It is a great hairdo to pick up when growing out crew cuts. It can also be used to achieve a specific face shape and is a tremendously reasonable option for those that want to bring out the definition of their jawline.

Side Swept Pixie

Side Swept Pixie


Cara Delevigne always graces us with new hairdos that require zero to minimum effort to recreate. The pixie of this look contains a high contrast with a flat texture. It can easily be achieved through the assistance of a styling iron. The sides are trimmed in order to give the side part a subtle voluminous look and decrease the grease.

When recreating this look, make sure to use a heat protectant product to prevent your hair from becoming frizzy.

Short Pixie with a Modern Quiff

Short Pixie with Modern Quiff


This is very similar to a grown out buzz cut because of the length it has. The hair is evened out in all sections to make the face shape leaner than usual.

Also, the hairdo doesn’t require the use of a comb, and can be achieved through the use of finger tips. For a more voluminous result, however, you may use a blow dryer or diffuser.

Long Dutch Braid

Long Dutch Braids


Long Dutch braids look creative and bold, which can favor those that are outgoing. They are also very low maintenance as the hairdo usually lasts for multiple weeks and even a few months before it starts wearing off.

To achieve Dutch braids, hair needs to be grown out for weeks, especially when detailed braids are in the mix. However, subtle braids can also be achieved through medium length hair.

Messy A-Line Bob

Messy A Line Bob


An A-Line Bob tends to adjust the shape of one’s face. However, as opposed to a traditional A-line bob, a messy bob gives the overall hairdo a natural feel. The uneven layers around the face can be implemented to give the face a narrower appearance and the shafts a voluminous texture.

Moreover, when going for this option, incorporate chunks of highlight to the tip of the shafts. This will increase the appeal of the hairdo and give it a tidy presence.

Matte Curly Top with Frosted Tips

Matte Curly Top with Frosted Tips


Curly hair is at its best when it’s messy. Frosted tips work well with curly hair due to their noticeable presence. The lighter the shade, the better the wave.

Moreover, when achieving this hairdo, go for a shorter length at the back and on the sides. The dark sides will increase the contrast of the frosted tips, which will most definitely work in your favor as well.  

Relaxed Pixie with Blends

Relaxed Pixie with Blends

Uneven hair looks great with blends. The natural volume it brings to the table is truly unparalleled and can never be recreated. The hair contains shorter sides to create a perfectly shaped messy quiff at the top.

Moreover, this hair was created for experimenting, so make sure to complement the hair with a new dye. When picking the color, think of options that are vibrant, like rose gold.

Platinum Blonde Side Part

Platinum Blonde Side Part

Platinum blonde is a color that reeks of composure. It also goes well with any skin tone, and definitely adds some excitement to the lives of the people who wear it.

For this side part, the use of a hair dryer and a volumizing hair brush is necessary to achieve the bulky volume. You may also use texturizing powder to lighten the shade of the shaft.

Chin Length Distressed Pixie with Low Fade

Chin Length Distressed Pixie with Low Fade

 A chin length pixie is achieved for serving various advantageous factors.

Firstly, a distressed pixie helps you with achieving a look that is natural and voluminous. The highlights are solely attained for adding a pinch of edginess to the look and tends to blend in with the hairdo almost immediately.

The low fade also plays a crucial part when this haircut is achieved. It creates a disconnection between the temple, the sides, and the top, which boosts the contrast of the hair color as well as the highlights.

The length ends at the chin to give your face a leaner appearance, making this whole hairdo a win-win situation for everyone.

Loose Curls with Taper Fade

Loose Curls with Taper Fade

People with loose curls are extremely fortunate solely because of this look. This is a two in one situation for them, mainly since it makes the shape of the face more narrow and is very low maintenance.

Also, to mimic this hairdo, all they need to do is get a taper fade and keep it 4 inches long on top. This variation is also at its best when no product is used for enhancement, so make sure to keep your products away.

Gloopy Side Part with Blonde Highlights

Gloopy Side Part with Blonde Highlights

 This haircut is a great option to switch to if you want your hair to look polished. It goes well with any outfit and can easily be recreated by using water based hair gel.

For best results, make sure to wet the hair before styling it. Use a paddle brush to gently part it on one side.

Messy Voluminous Quiff with Tail

Messy Voluminous Quiff with Tail

This is one of the more masculine hairstyle variations on this list and is a perfect match for the ones whose wardrobes are full of flannels and cropped jeans. The tail is probably the best part about this hairstyle and really helps with adding a retro touch to each attire.

Moreover, achieving this hair requires a lot of patience and might even come with multiple awkward stages. Having composure is necessary. You may also invest in a hat to deal with the bad hair days.

 Crinkle Cut Pixie with Blends

Crinkle Cut Pixie with Blends

The pixie cut is very popular due to its versatility. It goes well regardless of how lengthy it might be, and adapts to every shade of color in the book.

A crinkle cut pixie is very similar to a quiff, but the length of the strands may vary. Although hair is short on top, the shafts are uneven at the back. The suave appearance of it is achieved through the help of hair mousse and a high fade.

For best results, let your hair take a dive in the color pallete. Try to avoid using neutral colors like black, gray, and silver when mimicking this variation.

Caramel Curly Flat Top with High Fade

Caramel Curly Flat Top with High Fade

A flat curly top really goes well with a high fade. The high fade, which is usually shaved to the skin, tends to give the flat top more volume and length. It also adds more contrast to the hair color, which can be beneficial for those with dark hair.

Furthermore, caramel highlights have been in the fashion scene for quite some time now because of how good the shade looks on the eyes. Similarly, caramel highlights not only increase the appeal that this hairdo contains, but it also adds a touch of elegance to it.

Elephants Trunk

Elephants Trunk

An elephant’s trunk can be an excellent choice for all the pompadour fanatics out there. This is because an elephant’s trunk is an enhanced version of a pompadour. The shaft is far more voluminous and the texture contains a substantial amount of shine.

Although recreating this haircut is difficult due to the amount of pomade required, it’s an excellent way to embrace your individuality and pay homage to the 50s.

Small Defined Curls with Lineup

Small Defined Curls with Lineup

Growing curls isn’t easy. It often requires a lot of hair care and a lengthy routine to keep them consistently healthy.

This is where this hairdo comes in and makes it easier. The nature of this hair not only makes it a desirable option for standing out, but also makes it a good option for maintenance cuts.

Moreover, this hairdo is more catered to those that really want to bring out the butch within them, and has multiple variations. You may even pull it off by wrapping the strands up in a bun.

Choppy Middle Part Bob with Layers

Choppy Middle part Bob with Layers

A choppy middle part bob is great for those that really want to decrease the weight of their hair. The requirement for recreating this hair is very lenient and can adjust to any hair type.

The middle part really covers the face, and helps it with achieving an oblong shape. The layers also add some length to the sides, which narrows the face down even further and gives the best facial features a slight boost.

The Skrillex Swoop with Pulled Back Sides

Skrillex Swoop with Pulled back Sides

Skrillex created a side part undercut and revolutionized it when his career took off for the first time in 2011. Although the original look isn’t as trendy anymore, the new variations seem to be getting better with each day! This hairstyle is the most favorable one. It is also a prominent choice for any queer person that wants the best of both worlds.

To achieve this look, pull your hair to the back and seal the strands with multiple hair pins. Pick accessories that will either add to the playfulness of the hairstyle or give it a grunge-esque effect.
Furthermore, to achieve the curly layers present on the other side of the hair, you may either use a curling iron for an organized set of curls, or use a set of flexible rods to achieve twisty, relaxed curls.

Mullet with Short Bangs

Mullet with Short Bangs

Mullets have been renowned amongst women for ages now. Ever since the 90s, mullets have been welcomed with open arms due to its funky and sophisticated presence.

Similarly, mullets with short bangs have garnered a massive following because of how beneficial it is. It is a very unisex haircut to opt for and brings to the table multiple positive factors.

One of the factors is the way it frames your face. Short bangs tend to bring out the best facial features of a person. People with vibrant colored eyes, a lean face shape, and visible cheekbones will really be able to make the most out of this look.

Butch Crew Cut with Frosted Tips

Butch Crew Cut with Frosted Tips

This variation was very common when it was first discovered. It made a huge impact in the community, mainly due to its jaw dropping yet masculine appearance.

If you’re a sucker for buzz cuts and frosted tips, this hairdo was made for you.

A butch crew cut is not only pleasant to look at, but also has a very minimalistic approach for maintenance. The frosted tips look very natural on this hairdo and make the overall look very vibrant and lively.

To maintain this look, try to get a clean up cut every 4 weeks. Make sure to go to a reliable stylist.

Outgrown Greasy Slick Back with Framing Sides

Outgrown Greasy Slick Back with Framing

This hairstyle is probably the most charming variation in this article. Slick backs are known for being intimidating. They’re also an excellent way for a wearer to show the progress of their hair, and contain an ample amount of density. The streaks that fall in the face can easily be used to frame the face shape.

Subtle Choppy Line Bob

Stuble Choppy Line Bob

A choppy bob is a very bold hair variation with multiple pros. It narrows down the face shape and adds loads of detail to one’s cheekbones and jawline.

This attractive hairdo also benefits the hair in various ways as it gets rid of split ends on a daily basis. Achieving this factor results in healthy looking, weightless hair with effortless shafts. 

Digital Blue A Line Bob

Digital Blue A Line Bob

Coloring hair is a great way of expressing your characteristics and embracing your individuality. It can also be a subtle activity to follow if you want to spice up your life.

Digital blue was never this popular in the hair industry, but it was always sought after because of its contrast. It’s also a complementary color and has the ability to blend in with anything.

Incorporating this hair color to this variation can really change your life in a positive way. It also has a masculine yet feminine vibe to it, making the overall look very reasonable to take up.

Beach Blonde Shaggy Fringe

Beach Blonde Shaggy Fringe

Beach blonde has a very rebellious vibe to it, and has always been a great sidekick to the shaggy fringe hairstyle. It has a great outlook, mainly due to the multiple messy yet definitive layers it contains.

This haircut can also be a reliable solution if you want a hairdo that will frame your face in a desirable manner. It also has a lenient routine, as the messier it is, the better it will look.

It has been a staple amongst the lgbtq community because of how timeless its appearance is.

Laid Back E-Girl

Laid Back E Girl

A hair variation that is suitable for every occasion, the laid back e-Girl carries the right amount of funk and brings in an enormous amount of comfort. It is also very time-friendly and only takes around 2-3 minutes to recreate.

Perhaps the best part about this hairdo is its endless adaptability. Whether you’re more on the butch side or feminine side, the laid back e-girl will always look effortless when worn with any kind of outfit. 

Long Chestnut Brown Slick Back

Long Chestnut Brown Slick Back

Slicked back hair was discovered in the 90s and has maintained its consistency in fashion ever since. It offers a chunky amount of volume, and also brings out the best in one’s facial features. The hair also looks very neat and healthy due to the polish it contains.

Chestnut brown is a color that adds a lot of shine to the hair. Installing it on slicked back hair will definitely increase the appeal of the overall look and make it much more daring to pull off.

Baby Soft Shag with Highlights

Baby Soft Shag with Highlights

Nothing grabs more attention than this haircut. It contains an ample amount of density and is very tone-friendly. The baby soft shags can be worn with an outfit that maximizes comfort as well as an outfit that reeks of fashion. The lighter blonde highlights give the look a more playful effect and amps up the presentability of this look. 

Retro Shaggy Mullet with Uneven Fringe

Retro Shaggy Mullet with Uneven Fringe

A shag mullet has been around since the 70s, and although the variations of it increased with each year, the original look didn’t require a styling process at all. The long layers and thick fringes were enough to kick start the legacy of this timeless look. The pomp and fluff were subtle, which further made it a favorable choice for rebels back then. This can definitely be a part of your arsenal if you’re seeking a hairdo with an intimidating factor.

Grease Free Blowout with High Blends

Grease Free Blowout with High Blends

Miley Cyrus has always been known for her knack towards fashion and has already come up with a series of hairdos that are gender neutral. This specific look was debuted sometime around 2013, and it immediately took the town by storm.

The most eye-grabbing aspect of this look is perhaps the outstanding amount of volume it contains. The pompadour also looks extra lengthy because of the blowout. The blends also play a huge role, as they bring back the alignment of a crooked face.

Voluminous Short Faux Hawk

Voluminous Short Faux Hawk

Short hairstyles are very favorable for the hair, mainly because they’re easy to maintain and contain zero to minimum amounts of split ends. They also tend to complement the wearer’s face by adding a leaning effect to the appearance.

This faux hawk can be a great technique to implement if the wearer wants to showcase their uniqueness to the world. The layout often looks adventurous and pairs well with the edgy biker chick look.

More Unique Hairstyle Ideas for Lesbian

Here are some more hairstyles that are admired by lesbians and are definitely worth mentioning!

Mohawk with Bald Fade

Mohawk with Bald Fade

Nothing speaks volumes more than this hairdo. It’s easily achievable, and tends to stay in place. While it may come off as a bit unprofessional and might result in a few cynical stares, it has the perfect amount of edginess to boost your confidence.

Rainbow Colored Choppy Bob

Rainbow Colored Choppy Bob

Replace your regular and boring choppy bob haircut by adding the vibrant colors of a rainbow. Not only will your hair look healthy and glossy, but it will also look exciting from afar. The lively appearance will also get you more compliments.

Auburn Faux Hawk with Blended Undercut

Auburn Faux Hawk with Blended Undercut

Auburn is a great hair color choice. It really brings back the intimidation of the punk pop subculture and goes really well with a faux hawk. You may also add patterns to the shaved sides if you want to make it

Laid Back/Framing Pompadour with Bald Fade

Laid Back Framing Poumpadour

A pompadour looks fabulous on anyone and everyone. It also gives the hair a healthier appearance. Teaming it up with a bald fade will really shape up the face. The jawline will look more precise and the cheekbones will surely pop out when this variation is incorporated.

Messy Voluminous Updo

Messy Voluminous Updo

Partner up with this hairdo to eliminate the chance of having a bad hair day. Support the look with your comfiest t-shirt, a pair of cropped jeans, and a pair of canvas shoes.

Curly Top Knot Updo

Curly Top Knot Updo

A curly top knot updo is equivalent to the positive traits of the man bun. It is nicely groomed and really shapes the face out nicely. The hairdo is also supported by a high fade, to give the curls more definition and the bun more volume.

Short Side Part Quiff

Short Side Part Quiff

A short side part is a great option to consider in any scenario. It will definitely make you feel overdressed for any occasion, even when you put a low amount of effort on your outfit.

Soft Blunt Bob

Soft Blunt Bob

A bob haircut is really helpful for those with fine hair due to the amount of volume it offers. It can make any hair type look thick and is advantageous for those with dark hair. This hair is also very easy to look after, as it doesn’t require the use of chemicals and styling products to be created.

Frequently Asked Questions

We hope to provide  you with useful information in this article and help you find a look that matches your personality.
To add to that incentive, we have also addressed a few questions that will surely make things even easier.

Question: What is the lesbian haircut called?

Answer: While there are endless options to this answer, the haircut that lesbians resort to the most is the pixie cut. It offers an ample amount of versatility and makes any outfit stand out. The strands often look healthier and the texture is often product free and flexible.

Question: What is a butch haircut?

Answer: A butch cut consists of a hairdo that is similar to that of a crop cut, but is shorter and more even upfront. It is a very favorable choice for those that are seeking to give themselves a more masculine appearance. It also tends to add more definition to the facial features of one’s face and comprises a very simple routine for consistency and maintenance.

Question: Is short hair less feminine?

Answer: According to social standards, short hair seems more masculine, while long hair seems feminine. However, although we agree that hair is a huge part of our identity, we also believe it doesn’t come with a handbook. Hair should be approached in a similar way to that of embracing individuality: with an open mind.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of what the agenda is of this write-up, we always hope to inspire and encourage people through our words. Similarly, we hope this feature helps you with accepting who you are and provides support to what you believe in.
We’d also like to thank the LGBTQ community as well as the Lesbian Community because of their fearlessness and progressive approach to life. Love should be subjective, not objective.

Image Source: Pinterest,  Instagram

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