Lightning Bolt Haircut

28 Flashy Lightning Bolt Haircut Designs That Are Trending Right Now

With each day comes a new design that takes over the hairdressing industry. While most of them only garnered attention from the public for a temporary period of time, there are very few that are on the spectrum of achieving neverending success. Amongst the latter lies the lightning bolt haircut, which will be the main agenda of this write-up.

What is a lightning bolt haircut, you ask? A lightning bolt haircut involves a design that resembles the visuals that are no different than that of an average lightning strike. Popular for its easy going procedure, a lightning bolt haircut can transform even the plainest hairstyle to a look that will be sought after by any spectator. Whether it’s placed on a haircut as clean as the fade, or a haircut as complicated as dreads, adding the lightning bolt haircut to a pre-existing hairstyle can change the lives of many for the better.

These 28 Charismatic Lightning Bolt Haircuts Will Rejuvenate Your Hair Game!

If you too want to hop on the bandwagon, then you’ve come to the right place! Apart from how easy the hairstyle is to create, the lightning bolt haircut has an endless amount of variations that are not just trendy, but can also work wonders for amping up one’s physical appearance.

Moving on, here are some of the best lightning bolt haircuts that you can look into if you’re planning to give your hair a fresh start. Keep in mind that the hairstyle applies for all hair types, and is applicable for all ages.

Paul Pogba’s Lightning Bolt Haircut

Paul Pogba's Lightning Bolt Haircut

When the Frenchman isn’t bedazzling us with his skills on the pitch, Paul Pogba wows us with his hair. This variation is not only good on the eyes because of the vibrant color, but it’s known for the amount of volume it has. In addition to the volume, because of the low maintenance styling process, the hair looks more natural than it would have if styling products were to be applied.

Lightning Bolt with Low Fade

Lightning Bolt With Low Fade

This design is one of our favorites as it really makes the lightning bolt the center of attention. Achieved by using a razor blade, this option is great if you need a fresh cut that reeks of style. While it can be worn with any outfit, you may see noticeable results if you pair this hairdo with a flamboyant attire.

High Fade Fro with Lightning Bolt

High Fade fro With Lightning Bolt

A high fade always brings out the most appealing texture of afro hair. Designing it not only gives the overall look a distinct feature, but also brings in more contrast to the hair on top. For styling the hair, you may use coconut oil or even a pea sized amount of hair custard to give it some shine and definition.

Short Afro Top with Patterned Lightning Bolt

Short Afro Top With Patterned Lightning Bolt

A low fade also looks great when incorporated by those with afro hair. Adding a lightning bolt icon will not only separate the look from the rest, but will also allow you to experiment with your wardrobe. As this hair is very versatile, make sure to wear an outfit that pairs well with its energy.

Curly Top With Subtle Lightning Bolt

Curly Top With Subtle Lightning Bolt

If you’re seeking a look that will enhance your curls as well as give it a little bit of spice, you may want to look at this hairstyle. Even though it is subtle, the lightning bolt will not only complement the curls on top, but also make the disconnection of the fade and curly strands on top more prominent and impactful.

Two Tone Lightning Bolt

Two Tone Lightning Bolt

Since colors pair well with looks as bold as the lightning bolt haircut, you should definitely experiment with this option. The color chrome on top can definitely be a good choice if you’re a maverick, and would like to make the most of this hair. While the lightning bolt can be achieved by using a clipper, a razor blade can also be used for adding significant details.

Lightning Bolt with Hot Pink Highlights

Lightning Bolt With Hot Pink Highlights

Sometimes, an edgy haircut like this is all that you need to amp up your personality. Not only will pink highlights make your hair look more lively, but it will significantly increase the puffiness that the shafts contain. Furthermore, while hairstyles like the comb over or classic slick back are suitable for this variation, you may also replace it with a caesar look for achieving the best results.

Temple Lightning Bolt

Temple Lightning Bolt

If you want the lightning bolt to have a more unique appearance, start the design around the temple. While the process will require the help of a professional, the final results will consist of effortless hair with a minimal hair care routine.

Afro Buzz Cut with Designed Lightning Bolt

Afro Buzz Cut With Designed Lightning Bolt

Another entry that caters to those with afro hair, this specific haircut is a great option for keeping up with global warming. The hair on top which consists of an outgrown buzz cut is a great hairdo for any individual, but the star of the show is definitely the wavy, three legged lightning bolt.

90s Flat Top with Mid Lightning Bolt

90s Flat Top With Mid Lightning Bolt

Those that are well aware of fashion trends aren’t new to the 90s flat top, which was a popular hairdo amongst musicians in the 90s era. This look, however, consists of half the visuals that the initial look had. The additional adjustment, which is the design of the lightning bolt, not only makes the haircut flashy and unique, but also presents the flat top with tons of shine and sheer volume.

Lightning Bolt with Tight Taper Blends

Lightning Bolt With Tight Taper Blends

To mimic this look, the fade needs to be as tight as possible around the nape line. To ensure that, one may use a zero guard clipper, or even an electric shaver for more precision.

Moreover, to create the lightning bolt, you can use shapes and place them onto the desired area for a similar outcome. You may then use a razor blade if you want a detailed look, or a trimmer if you have sensitive skin.

Faux Hawk with Lightning Bolt

Faux Hawk With Lightning Bolt

A faux hawk is known for its messy yet admirable texture. It contains a ton of volume in general, but with the help of a design as notorious as a lightning bolt, the visuals definitely improve drastically. When achieving this haircut, one may either choose to prioritize the visuals, or the disconnection that it contains as both of them can’t be pulled off at the same time.

Lightning Bolt Haircut for Kids

Lightning Bolt Haircut For Kids

If your kid is going back to school, give them a haircut they’ll look back to years from now and allow them to get this haircut. Not only is it unique, but it’s also very presentable, which can keep them away from trouble. It is also a manageable hairstyle and doesn’t require too much care, making it a time-friendly option.

Multi Pattern Lightning Bolt Low Taper

Multi Pattern Lightning Bolt Low Taper

If a regular lightning bolt isn’t enough to satisfy you, you can definitely take inspiration from this design. Alongside the figure of a normal lightning bolt, the design also includes two razor lines on the left side of the figure. The lightning bolt itself is a bit more wavy than that of a normal lighting bolt icon, making it an excellent choice for those that want an unforgettable haircut.

Metro Mullet with Lightning Bolt

Metro Mullet With Lightning Bolt

Another timeless entry on this list is when a metro mullet teams up with the visuals of a lightning bolt. Not only will one face the benefits of a look that screams “business in the front, party at the back” but they might also be able to restart the trend of growing a mullet. Unlike the classic metro mullet, this haircut offers a modern aesthetic, making it ideal for this day and age.

Lightning bolt for Waves

Lightning Bolt For Waves

The elegance of waves is on another level. Not only does it allow one to embrace their culture, but it also rewards them with a look that is versatile and very much in fashion. However, while the look itself is trendy, pairing it with another haircut might be challenging. That’s when this design comes in

Through achieving this look, one will not only face the benefits of the waves, but also have a complementary look on the side. Even though one lightning bolt icon will be more than enough, you can definitely evolve the look by adding one motif on each side.

Straight Edge Lightning Bolt with Line Up

Straight Edge Lightning Bolt With Line Up

A buzz cut is great for those that need a more masculine look, but in some instances, it might seem too common. Designs as elegant as a lightning bolt will not only make an average buzz cut look less boring, but will also allow certain features to be more noticeable. The bald fade surrounding the lightning bolt can definitely be helpful if you wear accessories or have a scruffy beard.

Duo Tone Pastel Green Lightning Bolt

Duo Tone Pastel Green Lightning Bolt

Pastel highlights have been running the show for a while now. While platinum blonde always steals the spotlight, a color as vibrant as pastel green also deserves a portion of the fame. Not only will a lightning bolt haircut stand out when paired with pastel green highlights, but the wearer will have a look that will be immaculate enough to make them the center of attention.

Lightning Bolt with Man Bun

Lightning Bolt With Man Bun

Growing hair out is tough. It not only requires loads of care, but also comes with a fair share of drawbacks that can leave a dent on our confidence. To prevent your hair from entering the awkward stage, give this look a go. Not only will you achieve a new kind of look, but your sides won’t look too plain when you tie your hair up in a bun.

Lightning Bolt with a Shadow Fade

Lightning Bolt With A Shadow Fade

Taking into the account the features that a shadow fade contains, it doesn’t come as a surprise that this variation exists. In fact, we believe that the design of a lightning bolt will not only look in place and extravagant when paired with a shadow fade, but will also make a huge impact if the person has a haircut that is as short as a buzzcut.

Moreover, if you’re intrigued by this look, you can also check out the article we’ve written on the Shadow Fade Haircut. It has the best designs one can recreate as well as a tutorial that one can learn from!

Lightning Bolt with Undercut

Lightning Bolt With Undercut

Consisting of an undercut with a twist, this look symbolizes class and elegance. Although a skin fade will surely make the pattern of the lightning bolt more visible, one may also replace the skin fade for a medium or even a blended fade for making it a bit more sophisticated.

Moreover, apart from the visuals, this look is extremely versatile as it will allow one to frequently change the hair that they’re wearing. Whether it’s a side part comb over, or a modern slick back, a person will have the freedom to pick their hairdo if they choose to incorporate this look.

Lightning Bolt Haircut For Redheads

Lightning Bolt Haircut For Red Heads

Since high-spirited colors bring out the best in haircuts as expressive as the lightning bolt haircut, redheads can definitely choose to experiment with the look. While the look above contains a bald fade at the bottom, one can definitely go for a subtle skin fade or use an even larger guard to create blends. Since the hair color will remain bright regardless of the fade it pairs with, the icon of the lightning bolt will surely stand out without any concern.

Blowout Afro with Lightning Bolt Haircut

Blowout Afro With Lightning Bolt Haircut

A blowout is perhaps the easiest haircut to have when one’s growing out their afro textured hair, but the drawback of getting a maintenance cut can be rather tiresome, especially if the same haircut is achieved on a regular basis.

For a trendy and lively haircut, one can definitely recreate this option. Not only will their afro hair have a ton of natural shine and density, but the fade underneath will look extremely commendable to those that have a knack towards fashion.

Pixie Cut with Lightning Bolt

Pixie Cut With Lightning Bolt

A pixie cut has always been one of the more revolutionary hairstyles in the fashion industry. Apart from the staggering visuals it attains, a pixie cut tends to pair well with any design and adapts well with vibrant colors, especially when they’re as energetic as the color, hot pink.

Mid Taper Lightning Bolt with Liberty Spikes

Mid Taper Lightning Bolt With Liberty Spike

Liberty spikes haven’t been around for quite some time now, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be brought back. Welcome the return of the hairstyle with open arms by collaborating it with a lightning bolt. That way, not only will you have a hairdo that will make you look like a rebellion, but also make your hair look perfectly in place.

The Lightning Bolt Pompadour

Lightning Bolt Pompadour

If you’re a big fan of the pompadour, but not the biggest fan of how simple the fade around it is, you can definitely recreate this look. The lightning bolt is rather subtle, but can drastically amp up the polishness of the pompadour. Apart from adding to the visuals at the top, the bolt will also create a disconnection between the haircut, allowing one’s facial features to be more noticeable.

Textured Caesar with Skin Fade Lightning Bolt

Textured Caesar With Skin Fade Lightning Bolt

The messines in the texture of a caesar cut fits like a glove with the design of a lightning bolt. When paired together, one will have a hairstyle with an exceptional amount of shine with just the right amount of thickness. Although hair gel has been used to create this variation, one may also use hair wax for a matte finish.

Edgy Duo Tone Mohawk with Lightning Bolt

Edgy Duo Tone Mohawk With Lightning Bolt

Mohawks were made for experimenting with patterns. As the fade around the sides do look a bit out of place at times, do the look some justice by installing a lightning bolt icon. Not only will the sides look more intimidating, but the final results will surely sweep people off their feet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Even though we have provided visuals and instructions on how one can create the lightning bolt haircut, we still feel as if it’d be better if more information were to be provided. So, in order to achieve that, mentioned below are some commonly asked queries regarding the lightning bolt haircut that you too should check out for a subtle boost!

Question: Can I get the lightning bolt haircut at home? 

Answer: While the answer to this question varies, one can definitely create the lightning bolt haircut at home, but only if the right set of tools are used. You may need a mirror for monitoring the hair, a hair clipper for creating the lightning bolt, and a razor blade to create a detailed logo of the lightning bolt.

If you’re not used to cutting your own hair, you can even ask a friend of yours or a reliable partner to carry out the activities mentioned above.

Question: Is the lightning bolt haircut unprofessional? 

Answer: The lightning bolt haircut is a look that reeks of boldness, but it can also be met with quite a few frowns. Although it depends on the industry you work in, the lightning bolt haircut is not the greatest choice for those that work a 9-5 and want to be taken seriously at their job.

Question: How do I ask my stylist for a lightning bolt haircut? 

Answer: If you’re not the best at explaining the kind of haircut you want, use the help of photos and pass it to your stylist. Have a discussion with him on the final outcome, design, and length of the haircut. Make sure to even take videos so that they can give you the best possible results.


All in all, the lightning bolt is a great look to experiment with, so don’t hesitate to give it a go if you’re a fan of bold haircuts with effortless visuals. Although it won’t be the best look to wear at meetings, the lightning bolt haircut will definitely make you the center of attention at parties. If you do go forward with this hairdo, make sure to pair it up with vibrant colors to make the most of the lightning bolt haircut.

Image Source: Pinterest,  Instagram

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