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Lil Baby Dreads Hairstyles: Everything You Need To Know

There is no way to deny that Lil Baby dreads are all the rage right now. Everyone wants to learn about his hairstyle, and adopt his style.

Dominique Armani Jones, more commonly known by his professional name Lil Baby, is a successful rapper with a platinum record, Billboard no. 1 song, a Grammy, and a BET award.

So, he is a popular and successful artist in every way. But, now it seems like his hairstyle might be as popular as the rapper himself.

People have been a fan of Lil Baby dreads from the beginning. It is commonly acknowledged by everyone that he has one of the best and healthiest dreads in the industry.

If you are also a fan, or curious about Lil Baby hairstyle, we have everything you need to know in this article. We’ll discuss the evolution of his dreads, some of his best dreadlock hairstyles, and how you can have the same hairstyle.

The Evolution of Lil Baby Hairstyle

The Evolution of Lil Baby Hairstyle

Lil Baby was rocking a cool afro when he first came to the scene. Then, in 2019 he was first seen attempting to grow dreadlocks.

He went for freeform dreads at the beginning. He was interlocking for a few days. But, he did not continue that for long.

He then tried two strand twist dreads. When his dreads grew a bit longer, he started properly maintaining his dreads.

Lil Baby then carried double braid dreads for a couple of months. After that he came up with his most popular hairstyle till now.

He rocked his dreads in three barrel rolls. It created a huge stir, and everyone was dying to try out this style for themselves.

Nowadays he is staying away from braids and barrel rolls. He is carrying chill yet extremely dope curly dreads.

6 Lil Baby Dreads Styles

Now that we’ve gone through the evolution, and how Lil Baby’s hairstyle changed throughout the year, let’s get specific. We have picked 6 different hairstyles from different stages of the journey of Lil Baby dreads. You can try out one of these amazing styles if you are in a similar stage yourself.

1. Freeform Dreads

Freeform Dreads

In the beginning of his journey, Lil Baby was carrying freeform dreads. It makes sense in many ways.

First of all, there is no point in maintaining your dreads right at the beginning. In fact, it seems like your hair locks up faster if you do not maintain it.

Also, Lil Baby’s hairstyle will fall somewhere between type 4B and 4C. This type of hair naturally wants to lock up.

So, he did not interrupt the natural progression. He was probably using either towel rub or sponge rub method back then.

This is the way most people start their dreadlocks journey, and it is actually a smart way. You can also follow the same path if you are starting your journey.

2. Two Strand Twist Dreads

Two Stand Twist Dreads

Lil Baby then moved on to two strand twist dreads. This is the perfect choice when you do not have long enough hair to try something extravagant.

There are so many benefits in choosing this hairstyle. First of all, it is a protective hairstyle. It will also help in making the hair growth faster, which is great when you are trying to grow your dreadlocks.

It is super easy to do and very low-maintenance. There will also be less manipulation and no hampering in the natural growth of the dreads.

This is also a really cool looking style. So, do not hesitate to go for this style if your dreads have a similar length.

3. Double Braid Dreads

Double Braid Dreads

Once Lil Baby’s dreads got longer, he started maintaining. He first chose to go for the braids, which is a great decision.

If you are thinking about starting to maintain your dreads, you should also consider braids. Braids really help in holding the locking gel or twisting. This will give you a much better result than just using hair clips.

Also, at this stage Lil Baby was wearing do-rags a lot. It helps in preventing the frizz and maintaining your dreads. You can do the same thing if you are in this stage.

Now, let’s get to this style. It is basically two braids on the back. The braids were thick and positioned like horns. He also added a temp fade to this style.

4. Barrel Roll Dreads

Barrel Roll Dreads

This is the Lil Baby hairstyle. Whenever people think or talk about Lil Baby dreads, this is what they mean.

This hairstyle became a phenomenon when he first showed up with it. Lots and lots of people have and will adopt this charismatic style.

He basically divides his hair into three sections, turns each one into a barrel roll, keeps the end of each roll loose. Then he braids the loose ends.

There are usually two rolls on the sides and one on the middle. He also adds a temp fade, which was a constant choice at that point.

Do not worry if you are a bit confused. We have a detailed tutorial on how to achieve this style at home. Just keep reading to find out.

5. Top Knot Dreads

Top Knot Dreads

After moving on from the braids, Lil Baby tried a simple and effective style with his dreads. He just took his dreads and put them in a top knot.

This style gave him a chill and laid back vibe, without losing any charm or charisma. If you are looking for a more relaxed and casual look, you should definitely try this one.

He sometimes uses all his hair and ties a tight knot. Other times, he has a more messy knot.  He then keeps the knot loose, and lets some dreads fall out of the knot.

You can choose either variation for yourself. This is an easy-to-do style with a lot of impact.

6. Curly Dreads

Curly Dreads

Finally, we have reached the current time. Nowadays Lil Baby is not trying something flashy with his dreads.

He now possesses significantly long dreads. So, he is keeping it simple and letting the dreadlocks speak for themselves.

His dreads now come down to his shoulders. He also lets his dreads go beyond his eyebrows at the front.

The long dreads now also cover his ears. That is why his long companion, the temp fade, is not visible anymore.

At most, he curls up his dreads, but that’s it. He creates a middle partition sometimes, and lets it freely fall otherwise.

However, do not think fans are not loving his new style. Fans appreciated his dreads a lot when the music video for How It Feels came out.

How to Get Lil Baby Dreads?

You have already looked at different famous hairstyles of Lil Baby. Each of them will obviously have a different method to create. We will look at his iconic hairstyle, the barrel roll dreads.

This style has become synonymous with his name. Fans of this style are always wanting to learn how to attain this style. So we have a step-by-step process just for you.

Step 1: Gather the Tools

First, you need to collect everything you will need for this hairstyle. There aren’t many things that you need.

You need a spray bottle, and fill it up with water. You will also need oil to moisturize your hair. You can choose coconut oil, argan oil, or moringa oil for your hair. Collect locking gel for retwisting your dreads.

You also need a comb. You can use a rattail comb if you want. But, a regular one will also do. Finally, you need some hair clips and rubber bands.

Step 2: Prepare Your Hair

This is the preparation stage. It starts with cleaning and washing your hair. You can just take a shower. Then dry up your hair.

Your hair needs to be moisturized now. Apply the oil of your choice and make sure all your hair is moisturized. Moisturizing not only is healthy, it also makes the rest of the steps much easier.

Remember to keep the spray bottle close to you, and use it whenever your hair needs to be dampened.

Step 3: Retwist Your Dreads

Now, you need to retwist your dreadlocks. It can take some time if you haven’t done it in a while.

Use the comb, and get as much hair as possible separated from the root of your dreadlock. Then comb out the root.

Then, apply the locking gel on the root. Do not use too much gel on the root. If you have picked up too much, just rub it one the rest of the dreadlock.

Start twisting the root now. You can use a clip to keep the dreadlock at its place once you are done twisting. Follow the same process and retwist all your dreadlocks.

Step 4: Divide Hair into Sections

Next, you need to divide your dreads into different sections. There needs to be three sections to be precise.

Two sections will be on the sides, and one in the middle. Do remember that Lil Baby’s middle barrel roll starts from a little behind. So make sure the middle section starts a bit behind the other two.

Just take all the hair from a section, and tie them with a rubber band like a ponytail. Do the same for all the sections.

Step 5: Barrel Twist

It is time for you to start barrel twisting your hair. Take hold of two dreadlocks and twist them together at the roots. It’s kind of like what we do at the beginning of a two strand twist.

Keep holding on the two dreadlocks, take another dreadlock, and wrap it over the other two. So, three dreadlocks are together now.

Pinch these three together, and do the same thing with another dreadlock. Keep repeating this action as you go forward. Each time one more dreadlock will be added.

Eventually all your dreadlocks in a section will be twisted together. But, do not twist all the way. Once you have all the dreadlocks together, twist about two-thirds of the length.

The rest needs to be kept loose for braiding later. Move on to the next section when you are done with one.

Step 6: Braid the Loose Ends

Now, you need to braid the un-twisted loose ends of each section. Let’s look at the easiest way to do it.

Divide the un-twisted hair of one section into three mini sections. Then you can just do a simple box braid with these sections.

What that means is, you need to take the left mini section, and cross it under the middle mini section. Then, take the right mini section, and cross it under the middle mini section as well. This will create a braid.

Keep doing the same thing until you reach the end. In this way all the un-twisted hair will be braided. Repeat the same action for all the sections.

Step 7: The Fade

This is actually an optional step. That is why we are mentioning it at the end. But, you can do it before as well.

Lil Baby famously adds a temp fade to his barrel roll dreads. So, if you want to follow his style precisely, you can go for a temp fade as well.

You can also choose another type of fade if you like. Even a taper is a great option. If you think you don’t need any of these, just ignore this step.

Now congratulating you is all that is left. You have successfully attended the Lil Baby dreads style. Check out this video if you are still a bit confused.

Final Thoughts

There are many reasons for why Lil Baby hairstyle is as popular as it is. Some are fans of how healthy his styles are, some love their uniqueness, some love the fact that he is one of the few celebrities that don’t dye their dreads.

Whatever the reason might be, there is no confusion about their popularity. And, it is not about to change soon.

Lil Baby’s barrel roll dreads will be trending for a long time to come. The hairstyle is so compelling that it is hard to resist at least trying it once.

So, we would suggest you to not become one of those who are missing out on this amazing style. Now, you have the knowledge to do it by yourself.

We have also shown you some of his other popular hairstyles. You can choose one of them as well.

You also have some great ideas about how to start and continue your dreadlock journey. If you have decided to begin, we wish you all the best in embracing the dreads lifestyle.

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