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18 Elegant Lisa Rinna Hairstyles for Classy Women

The television and film industry has introduced many talents year after year, and the list will just go on if we keep talking about each of them individually. Besides their talent, these famous personalities have set their own trademark for fashion and beauty through their style and inspired thousands of women out there to believe in themselves.

One such famous personality is Lisa Rinna, aka Billie Reed from ‘Days of Our Lives’. Lisa is a woman who doesn’t need any introduction, and she has been fascinating her fans for so long that we stopped keeping track of time.

Apart from her amazing acting skills, Lisa is a best-selling author and a television personality. If multitasking had a face, Lisa will surely be one of the top contenders because of her successful career. And apart from that, she has always been known as an icon of beauty and style.

Lisa’s amazing appearances and different types of hairstyles have made her the talk of the town many times. She loves to try out different hair looks which are evident from her pictures on social media.

As haircare and styling enthusiasts, we couldn’t stop ourselves from dedicating an entire article to Lisa’s hairstyles. From her famous haircut to the hairstyles she has rocked, you will find everything in one place here. So let’s jump into the good stuff already!

What Type of Haircut does Lisa Rinna Have?

Lisa Rinna Haircut Type

Although Lisa loves to switch from one hairstyle to another based on the occasion, she has a particular haircut that is kind of iconic. And the fact about this hairstyle is you will either love it or ignore it, there’s no in-between.

The classic haircut that Lisa has been wearing for a while now is a shag. It combines bob-length hair with bangs at the front, and kudos to her for carrying out a bold and short shag with such grace!

However, there’s a small piece of controversy regarding Lisa’s haircut. While it looks super gorgeous on her, this particular haircut is associated with a Karen hairstyle. And we all know that avoiding everything about Karens is the best thing to do in life, so some women may not prefer cutting their hair in this style.

However, hairstyles and cuts depend on the wearer. Lisa undoubtedly looks stunning with her short shag, and we love it on her. But if you don’t want to go for it, opt for different haircutting techniques.

You can keep the hair color like Lisa’s because that one’s super trendy. And if you want to enjoy your own Lisa Rinna moment, then trying out this haircut should always be on the plate!

What is Lisa’s Hair Color?

At present, the particular hair coloring technique where your base hair is kept dark and adorned with amazing blonde highlights has become quite popular. Many women have been trying out the dark hair with blonde highlights style, and Lisa also jumped on the bandwagon.

Lisa’s short shag consists of chocolate brown hair color with the perfect blonde highlights which make her look iconic all the time. During the quarantine, she even took help from her husband, Harry Hamlin, to color her hair. This shows that the actress loves to have a fun and loving moment with her hair, and we simply love the gesture!

As this hair coloring technique is becoming more and more popular day by day, you should definitely give it a try. And if you are a fan of Lisa, then there’s no doubt about the fact that you will be doing it soon!

Stunning Lisa Rinna Hairstyles that will Amaze the Crowd!

Trying out hairstyles from your favorite celebrities is always a great way to show how much of a dedicated fan you are. Many women also love to recreate their favorite hair looks from celebrities they love, and it’s a great way to upgrade your regular hair look as well.

So, if you are a fan of Lisa and would love to try out her hairstyles, then you are at the right place. Ahead is a list of Lisa Rinna’s famous hairstyles that you should take a look at before stepping outside. Let’s check them out together now!

Voluminous Waves

Voluminous Waves

What is the first thing that you look for when you are wearing your hair long? If you ask us, we’ll say that it’s definitely the volume. If your hair looks flat and lifeless, it isn’t just going to work out no matter what style you go for. Lisa knows it well, so she serves us well too!

In this picture, she’s wearing a gorgeous side part hairstyle that has an amazing volume from the roots to the ends. If your natural hair is short, you can opt for a similar hair wig to recreate this look. Just make sure to give your ends that wavy appearance and your hair will be good to go!

Long with Bangs

Long With Bangs

As Lisa’s original hair is quite short, she opts for rocking a hair wig every now and then. And honestly, we are in love with all the classy wigs she chooses based on the events. To pull off a classic Lisa Rinna look, you can pick a wig with long hair and bangs this time, or simply opt for a similar haircut if your hair is already long.

Lisa is wearing a blonde hair wig in this picture, which comes with the perfect bangs at the front. We love that the wig has dark roots to complement the blonde hair color, and this style is quite popular in contemporary times. So giving this hairstyle a try is a must right now!

Blonde Lob

Blonde Lob

Being a fan of short haircuts, Lisa often loves to try out wigs that are of medium size. This definitely adds an extra dash of style and elevates her look instantly.

Three years ago, Lisa wore this perfect blonde wig to a girls’ dinner in West Hollywood. Her gorgeous black attire was totally flattered by the blonde wig, and we love that she chose a shoulder-length bob because it definitely made her look younger and attractive.

Bob-length hairstyles are preferred by many women out there, so this one can be a perfect pick for them. Also, the wavy appearance of the hairstyle is totally trendy so you must give this one a try asap!

Short Shag

Short Shag

This is the hairstyle that Lisa actually wears, and we already mentioned it above. Although this hairstyle is controversial because of its similarity with a Karen haircut, Lisa seems to pull it off quite well.

At the age of 59, Lisa is wearing this haircut with grace and attitude. The short shag is carefully colored to give her that perfect brown hair with blonde highlights. She wears this hairstyle on a regular basis, and you will often find her pairing it up with a hat or a bandana.

From casual to glamorous events, Lisa has carried this hairstyle everywhere and it shows that even though it looks like a Karen haircut, she knows how to keep the style in its A game!

Classy Half-Up

Classy Half Up

Remember those vintage half-up hairstyles with the classic back brushed hair at the front? Those were the OGs a few years ago, and we’ve seen many women pulling off those hairstyles with grace. Lisa also had a personal moment with one such hairstyle, so we cannot help mentioning it.

In this totally classy picture, Lisa is wearing her hair long with that gorgeous half-up style that we are talking about. We love that she has combined dark and blonde hair in such an interesting way. That one piece of blonde hair left right out at the front is super chic, and we totally approve of this hairstyle for attending any glamorous event.

Blonde Balayage

Blonde Balayage

Imagine being so cool in your 50s that the classiest of hairstyles seem like they were made exclusively for you. Well, you don’t have to imagine anymore because Lisa has proved that point, and we are totally thankful to her for being such an inspiration!

The amazing blonde balayage wig that Lisa is rocking in this picture makes her look so young that we can’t stop staring! Apart from the hair color, we love the wavy vibe of that wig because it’s super classy!

Those dark roots and blonde lengths have created an eye-soothing contrast, and we feel like trying out this hair look right now!

Fancy Middle Part

Fancy Middle Part

Instagram girls have made the middle part hairstyles quite popular, and our evergreen celebrities have also taken part in that journey.

You might already know about the trendy middle-part hairstyle that Demi Moore loves to wear all the time. And if you didn’t know this already, Lisa also had her best moment with a hair wig consisting of a stylish middle part quite recently.

Lisa is wearing a super-voluminous hair wig in this picture that comes with an amazing middle part style. The dark hair with touches of brown looks absolutely stunning on her. She kept those gorgeous waves intact in this style as well, and we’re loving everything about it!

Half-Up Ponytail

Half Up Ponytail

Black girls have given half-up ponytails the extra dose of style in recent years, and this is why we always love a perfect half-up ponytail moment going on. From Zendaya to Kim Kardashian, everyone had their best moments with half-up ponytails. And yes, we saw Lisa looking like a stunner wearing this hairstyle as well!

It looks like this royal blue outfit and that gorgeous brown half-up hairstyle were made for Lisa! The combination of her attire and hairstyle is so attractive that we simply cannot take our eyes off of her beauty. That half-up ponytail is totally gorgeous, and we love how the curls have added that ‘extra’ element to the entire style!

Brown Curls

Brown Curls

It seems like Lisa just has the classiest of hairstyles up her sleeves, and she takes them out time and again to stun us every single time. And yes, we are never complaining because looking like a diva is our goal too!

While her regular hairstyle consists of classy blonde and balayage hair looks, Lisa knows how to make her statement by trying out something different. She is wearing a gorgeous curly wig in this picture, and there’s not a single thing that we don’t love about it! From the perfect hair color to the classy middle part, everything about this hair look is screaming style!

Sleek Bob

Sleek Bob

We literally took the name from her Instagram caption, and we think Lisa just set a new standard for wearing bob hairstyles. Although sleek bobs are quite popular among many women out there, she definitely looks like a stunner with the overall outfit and accessories.

Bob haircuts are something considered to be for regular wear, but with Lisa’s look at the hand, you can rock any glamorous event with a sleek bob. Just opt for a middle part and straighten out your hair properly. This effortless hairstyle will make you the center of attention without any doubt!

Elegant Updo

Elegant Updo

In a throwback picture that Lisa posted on her Instagram, she shared a sweet memory with her mom and dad and the caption made us a bit emotional. So we just couldn’t stop ourselves from mentioning the adorable updo Lisa was wearing in that picture, because it surely deserves a place on our list.

According to Lisa’s caption, this was the time when she did the Circus for the stars. Lisa was wearing a glamorous dress, and she had the prettiest updo to accompany her look. We love the vintage bangs that accompanied her updo quite elegantly. Everyone loves a flashback of their vintage moments, so it’s time to relive yours if you have one!

Black Bob

Black Bob

If you think that Lisa is all about that brown and blonde look with her hair, then think twice because she is here to prove you wrong! We all love a beautiful bob hair moment with black hair, so Lisa took the opportunity and rocked one at a particular event.

This classic black with the perfect bangs complements her attire so beautifully that we are at loss for words to describe its beauty. For short hair lovers, this can be a perfect pick for the summer to keep yourself comfortable. Fancy or casual, all events can be graced with this hairstyle so try it out right now!

Black Curls

Black Curls

On the occasion of launching the Rinna Beauty Lip Kit, Lisa posted pictures of herself on Instagram wearing an attractive shade of her product on the lips while rocking a beautiful black wig.

This wig was neither too long nor too short, but it matched her makeup and attire quite well. The hair with the perfect curls defined her look in a gorgeous way. We are fans of black hair with curls from the very beginning, so this hairstyle is a winner for sure in our opinion.

Pink Beauty

Pink Beauty

How often do you find a celebrity rocking pink hair? We know it’s quite hard to find pictures of celebrities with pink hair because the color is a little bit out of the box for many of them, but Lisa never lets go of a perfect hair moment. And missing the opportunity of flaunting a pink hair look? Not on Lisa’s book, guys!

The amazing side part wig that Lisa is wearing in this picture has the perfect shade of pink to complement her attire. From head to toe, she’s looking like a boss lady! We love that the roots of her wig have been kept dark to add depth to the style, and that curled vibe is also super trendy for anyone willing to give this style a try!

Vintage Bob

Vintage Bob

Talk about rocking a vintage bob hairstyle, and Lisa will give you all the inspiration you need to carry on with your goal. From her Instagram feed, we picked up this amazing picture where she’s wearing a dark hairstyle with that perfect bob.

Consisting of a side part and nicely put curly vibes, this hairstyle is totally reminding us of the days when these bobs were in trend. With hints of highlights, this hairstyle is surely ready to take over any fancy event. If Lisa has rocked it, you can too so go for this one right now!

Half-Up Pigtails

Half Up Pigtails

It’s easy to assume that Lisa will go all big and bold with her hair on the occasion of Halloween as she loves to try out different hairstyles on a regular basis. And yes, Lisa surely didn’t disappoint us on that point. Guess what she chose? The regular half-up pigtails with a touch of glam!

This super gorgeous hairstyle that Lisa is wearing with the perfect costume has totally won our hearts. The blonde half-up pigtails literally consist of one of the prettiest curls we have ever seen! Using scrunchies to secure the pigtails was a great choice, and we surely do appreciate it!

Top Bun

Top Bun

A sleek top bun is always a good option for the red carpet. Jennifer Lopez, Hailee Steinfeld, and many other celebrities have proved that point, and so has Lisa Rinna. So for your next hairstyling appointment before attending a fancy event, you can always take inspiration from this picture of Lisa to go for a sleek top bun.

This picture is outstanding in many ways. Lisa is posing with her beloved daughters in the picture, and they are rocking the perfect gowns. We love how Lisa went for an effortless top bun for this event as her dress already has a chic black color. The overall balance is praiseworthy, and we’re loving the look on Lisa!

Red Curls

Red Curls

Going big and bold with her hair is Lisa’s signature move. If you ever go through the comment section of her pictures on Instagram, you will see fans going crazy over her amazing wigs. This is why when she wore this fearless red wig for a photo shoot, we went all crazy ourselves as well!

This fancy wig with the perfect curls looks so picture-perfect that we can’t take our eyes away from it. The side part style is totally gorgeous, and we love the amount of volume her hair has. All in all, this is a style that surely screams Lisa’s cool vibes!

Final Thoughts

Lisa Rinna is the queen of versatile hairstyles, and she has made it quite clear that wearing a wig and making it look natural just requires the confidence to pull it off. So for all the women over 50 and young ladies out there, Lisa’s hairstyles are surely true inspirations to look like a diva!

It’s just all about being confident in your style which Lisa does perfectly, so we want you to do the same! Try out the hairstyles we have mentioned above to look like Lisa and recreate her amazing hair looks, and you will be the center of attention anywhere you go!

Image Source: Pinterest,  Instagram

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