Low Fade Haircut

43 Low Fade Haircut Concepts For A Massive Upgrade To Your Looks

The Low Fade haircut is a broad umbrella of hairstyles under which you’ll find wide varieties of styles and designs that are diverse in both nature and technique. While you may know you want to try out a low fade hairstyle, the expanse of this category may have you lost and you might struggle to choose a particular style to try out.

This is where we intervene. Our experts have investigated the modern low fade trends and have accumulated some of the most prominent styles that can make you look fanciable from the moment you try them on.

For your ease of understanding, this article has divided these elegant hairstyles into eight sub-categories. If you scroll into the hairstyles sector, you’ll find it very convenient to pick out your desired haircut from this genre.

And if you feel you’re exploring ideas, our article will greatly help you in your quest. With photo references of each style, you’ll get the general notion of how these unique hairstyles may look on you if you were to get them.

So without any delay, dive into our detailed article for Low Fade haircut and we assure you that you’ll in the end come out as a happy fashion enthusiast!

What Is A Low Fade?

The low fade is actually a haircutting technique that trims your hair down to a very low level exposing a certain degree of your skin. Since it’s called low fade, it means that on the sides and the back your hair will start tapering down from the lower half.

With this foundation, you’ll be able to guide your hairstyle in any direction with different fusions and combinations. In hot & humid countries, low fades are often a viable solution to achieve a low-maintenance cut and be fashionable at the same time!

Low Fade Haircut For Men: Some Trendy Concepts

In this section, we’ll take a look at men’s low fade haircut styles to borrow ideas for your next haircut. You can also pick a couple of styles and merge them to create your own unique style, with keeping low fade as the foundation!

Low Fade With Long Hair

This section gives you six classy low fade ideas that you can try with your long hair!

Wide Tail

Wide Tail

Let your long tail lay over the back of your neck with this exquisite hairstyle! An unorthodox style for long hair that can easily be done any day to shake up your look and break the monotony of lengthy styles.

Comb your long hair backward but don’t congest it into a ponytail, rather let it be loose. Create low fades on each side which may resemble somewhat a mullet cut. It’s so simple to style that you’ll be left surprised!

Badass Side Fade

Badass Side Fade

This particular style goes beyond all the boundaries of age and culture. With shoulder length hair flipped backward, a shorter top with neatly low faded sides is guaranteed to make you look like a badass person!

Growing a mustache with this style can take this look through the roofs! If you want, you can selectively bleach your hair strands to mix up the colors that can contribute to the overall style!

Long & Wavy

Long And Wavy

Girls are bound to fall in love with you if you choose to go for this hairstyle as your next cut. It’s really simple yet generates an arousing effect on the ladies that they cannot but ignore. You’ll look like a creative poet with this eccentric haircut!

Keep your top hair a bit shorter than the back hair. You don’t need to neatly brush your hair, rather use your fingers to slightly mess them up. Have the sides fade down to a low level with a seemingly careless beard, and voila! You’re all set!

Hybrid Long Fade

Hybrid Long Fade

This style is actually a hybrid of the few prominent trends that come together into one style. Paying homage to the radical nature, it’ll work perfectly well with your long hair, only you’ll need to know exactly which portions should be trimmed off.

Medium hair on top with long hair on the crown towards the back, it most certainly includes low fades on either side. The top hair is kept intentionally messy, but on the forehead it’s carefully brushed down unevenly. Leave a lock sharply pointed out to stress on the radical nature!

Spiked Top With Laid Back

Spiked Top With Laid Back

This is an elegant style that can be done with your long hair and be worn anywhere between a formal office space to a college graduation party. It’ll make you look more dashing than ever, and if anyone asks whether you’re a film star, don’t be surprised!

Spike up all the hair on top of your head evenly. Since it’s a low fade haircut, you’ll know how to treat your sides. The back hair should be slightly longer and brushed down. You can apply light bleach to push this look even further!

Shoulder Length With Fade

Shoulder Length With Fade

This style is for the ones who have very long hair and are looking for ideas without cutting off your beautiful lock. Well, you can try out our method – taper down the sides from the lower ridge of your head and flip your top hair all the way to the back.

It’ll significantly increase the dynamics of your existing hair and prove that you are fashionable. This will also show that you’re ready to go to the extent of carefully styling your hair with a tasteful look!

Low Fade With Medium Hair

Your medium hair shouldn’t be left behind from the trend! Apply a low fade to enhance your fashion sense!

Thick Medium

Thick Medium

If you have very thick hair and feel that it can’t be styled in different ways, we are here to prove you wrong! Mixing your medium thick hair with a low fade can open multiple doors of styling for you in a matter of hours!

If you don’t believe us, check out all the K-Pop artists to know that your particular type of hair is currently trending in popular culture! Wear it with pride and style it smartly to be regarded as the most fanciable individual in your area!

Pompadour Fade

Pompadour Fade

Try out this voguish hairstyle from the history of men’s fashion with your medium hair! Fusing pompadour with fades can generate the most jaw dropping nature and offer you the opportunity to reinvent fashion trends in 2022 with your insight!

Initially, puff up the front portion of your hair and bend the tips backward. The hair from the crown area should gradually be shortened till reaching the nape. Apply a low fade cut on the sides and the back that exposes your skin to complete this classy look!

Sharply Spiked

Sharply Spiked

This hairstyle belongs to the edgy zone of medium hair trends. While most spiked looks either flip the front hair upwards or spike up all the top hair evenly, this particular style creates sections of sharply standing hair groups that contribute hugely to the edginess.

It works better if you have a sharp face due to the nature of this style. Get a low fade on the sides and use a shaver to sharpen the edges that’ll add to the radical sense. Walk out your front door with this hairstyle having the highest level of confidence that you can muster.

Cool & Straight

Cool And Straight

After checking out all the radical styles, you want to cool down your throat with this refreshing hairstyle that you can easily try with your medium hair. It’s a very low-maintenance look with the maximum degree of styling potential!

Trim off the sides to start off this style. Separate your top hair from the back portion around the nape area, and draw a low fade there as well. Once done, brush all the top hair backwards and apply some hair balm to add a wet texture. Additionally, grow a short beard and put an earring to be claimed as the king of fashion!

Messy Fade

Messy fade

If you don’t find enough time to cater to your hair or style before heading out, this is the solution for you. It won’t ask you to cut off your hair for convenience, rather it’ll let you keep it and yet allow you to look fashionable which is too good to be true!

Use your trimmer to apply a low fade in an oval shape around your ear region all the way to your back. The area between top and sides should be cut down a little for gradual decline. On top, let your hair be and you can even comb them with your fingers if you like – it’s so easygoing!

Long Wave Up Front

Long Wave Up Front

This particular style is quite unique in nature due it’s versatile design up front. It begins like most other medium length hairstyles that apply a fade, but the gradually long hair in the front portion up top changes the game significantly!

Much like the Messy Fade, you’ll have to ovally fade around your head. The front portion of the hair should be longer than the crown, and it should be spiked up at the very end to produce this dynamic effect! Add a neatly maintained beard to it and make yourself look as handsome as always!

Low Fade With Short Hair

A perfect companion to go hand in hand with low fade. It’ll add a new dynamic to your short hair to give you cool combinations!

Short Elegant Style

Short Elegant Style

Give yourself the most elegant look that’s bound to make you look more stylish than ever! A neat & symmetrical look promising to soothe the eyes of every onlooker not only at a party, but also on the streets or restaurants or pubs!

The best part about this hairstyle is that you can wear it almost on any occasion! Your short hair needs to be neatly parted and brushed down. Add some cream to create a glazed look. Low fade the sides and the back to finalize this premium look.

Casual With Low Fade

Casual With Low Fade

Keep it very casual with this hairstyle yet present yourself as someone who cares for every little detail and has a strong sense of aestheticism. This look might feel straightforward at first glance, but the results that it generates are anything but!

Keep your top hair a little longer than the sides and have your barber turn this into a low fade haircut. The transition between the fades and top hair must be gradual. Brush your hair all the way forward and lay them over your forehead to be made even like all the edges.

Distinct Fade

Distinct Fade

This rendition of low fade hairstyle borrows its origin from the radical style trends. With your short hair, this style will add a stunning edge to your look that you won’t be able to achieve with any other technique of haircutting.

With low fades on each side and the back, grow your top hair to be significantly longer than the rest. Use a razor to sharpen every edge you can possibly find – on the sides, the back and even at the front right over your forehead. Put on some gel and lay the top hair backward to finish this look!

Transparent Haircut

Transparent Haircut

If you want to forget about your hair for a good solid month by staying on the side of fashionable looking men, then this transparent haircut is your way out! Get your trimmer and put on a bigger guard to trim off all of your hair at the start.

Then use shorter guards to draw low fades on the sides and the back. Make sure that the top hair is visibly longer than the sides for the fades to appear starkly. Otherwise, it might go amiss and your styling attempts will be sent back a couple of weeks.

Neat-Messy Fusion

Neat Messy Fusion

This is the style where neatness meets a cute mess and ends up giving birth to the most appealing haircut for short hair. There’s so much going on at the same time that we have to break it down for you, otherwise, you’ll be left mesmerized just staring at it!

Your sides are to be low faded as usual, with the top hair left intact but messy. You can use your hands to rile them up to generate a scrubby aura. Grow a beard that’s neatly trimmed on the edges to contrast with the messiness on the top. These altogether will unlock many doors of top-tier fashion for you any day!

With Curly Hair

Your curly hair can open up to new styling possibilities if you add a low fade to your cuts! Pick from our list to flaunt your sexy hair!

Spaghetti Haircut

Spaghetti Haircut

Make your curly hair look like a fancy bowl of spaghetti with this staggering hairstyle! It’ll glow over your head like a prized possession while giving you a solid boost in your looks! Ones with longer or thinner faces will benefit from it more than the rest.

You have to apply low fade on all the sides of your head. The top portion of your hair has to be carefully bleached at the tips ever so slightly. When washed off, it’ll radiate the image of spaghetti, even more so when sunlight hits the streaks!

Layered Curls

Layered Curls

Your curly hair can be layered up as well to be made into this particular rendition of low fade haircut. It requires a very simple styling process but the outcome compared to the initial effort is marvelous and quite charming to look at!

The momentum of your top hair needs to be carried forward at the back of your head, all the way down to the hairline. Only a very small patch on each side needs to be low faded. With sharp edges ensured with a razor, it’ll look like you’re wearing a layered cap of curls!

Medium Length With Beard

Medium Length With Beard

Get yourself a deluxe cut with this variant of our low fades. Have your curly hair grow up medium length and once there, prepare to launch your operation with combs and blades! In only an hour you’ll be able to land this beauty on your head!

First, identify where you want your fade lines to begin. Then, taper down from that portion until you reach your sideburns. There should be a handsome amount of faded region between your beard and top hair. Distinctly trim the edge lines of both the hair and beard, and that’s it!

Sharp Edged Cut

Sharp Edged Cut

This cut is all about having sharp edges and looking neat & clean. It’s a cheat trick that we’re going to teach you today which is going to cut down your preparation time by a gigantic margin!

Usually, curly hairs look messy after waking up due to the texture of this unique type. But if you sharpen every edge of your hair with an initially placed low fade on the sides as well as the back, no matter how unprepared you arrive, you’ll still look significantly sharp!

Colored Top With Shaved Line

Colored Top With Shaved Line

A curly hairstyle that frosts your tips and fuses all of it with certain designs to generate a mind-blowing look! It’s suitable for most public occasions and casual use, some even believe it can be tried out in the formal space in the hopes of breaking the norm.

However, get your hair tips bleached and the sides faded at the lower region. Grab your trimmer and draw a long & straight shaved line between the fade & top hair at one side to complete this style.

Low Fade With Beard

Beard & fade is on the hype in popular culture, and these styles can make you look more manly with an added aesthetic degree!

Casual With An East-European Touch

Casual With An East European Touch

An enigmatic beard drawing concept from the Eastern-European fashion trends paired with a casual top hair. Sides to be received low fade treatment as usual. The beard is the point of highlight in this look and the top hair adds seasoning, without which this look wouldn’t work so well!

Just keep the beard short & minimal within a concentrated area, and the top brushed in the most carefree manner to produce this alluring look!

Short Top With Thick Beard

Short Top With Thick Beard

Instead of growing long hair to be paired up with a short beard, do the exact opposite and see how the outcome surprises you in the best possible way! Despite such dense hair, it’ll still make you look very neat & tidy due to the way you add the finishing touches!

You can pull it off with very short hair on the top. Your thick beard needs to be maintained well in a proper manner, and all the edges are to be lined up perfectly and sharpened neatly.

Thin Beard & Neat Fade

Thin Beard And Neat Fade

This look belongs to the minimal category of hairstyles yet it’s able to create a ripple effect on anyone that may come across you! You’re going to become the next icon in your friend group by endorsing this style that not only demands you to keep short hair, but also to grow a minimal beard.

Short top hair with a finely done low fade on the sides and a beard only confined to the law lines without the presence of a mustache makes this look ecstatic!

The Goatee Effect

The goatee Effect

If you’re searching for a very straightforward styling process with convenient maintenance but at the same time keep on looking fashionable, then you’ve come to the right place! With the most casual of hairstyles endorsing low fade, a goatee will change the game for you in the best possible way!

Sleek & Distinct

Sleek And Distinct

A very sleek design for the new low fade enthusiasts to try out today and stand out from the crowd without having to do anything else! Distinctly kept top hair brushed together at one side seamlessly paired with a classic low fade, this style builds a foundation that can be enhanced in a number of ways!

In this case, draw a shaved line on one side and sharpen the edges of both the hair and the beard!

Unique Designs

Get all the attention from the crowd with these unique hairstyles that feature low fade as the basic setup to be built on!

Waved Streaking Lines

Waved Streaking Lines

I can guarantee you that this is something that you’ve never witnessed before! An extraordinary and the most uncommon hairstyle you may ever lay your eyes on, this one takes every accent miles further to make it work!

A layered dyed top, low faded sides with waved lines carrying all the way to the beard, and neatly drawn edges – stylistically you are going to be unmatched in the room that we can guarantee!

Stylized Hair Cap

Stylized Hair Cap

Why waste time on buying & wearing a cap to suffocate your head when you can turn your hair into looking like one? This look carries this notion forward and generates this unorthodox look with a patient build up.

You’ll need to identify your design first and execute it accordingly by placing bleach materials in sections. Once all done, you’ll be hanging around with an automatic cap that’s styled up to the mark!

Hair Hazard On Fade

Hair Hazard On Fade

Make your head into a caution zone because everyone is going to stampede towards you after unveiling your excruciatingly sensational low fade haircut! Be it the style or the color, the overall effect you’ll see in people is going to make you feel like the king of fashion!

It requires short hair with a low fade that’s designed into something of your liking. Those design areas are to be dyed with different colors to put together such a fancy look!

The Rockstar Effect

The Rockstar Effect


Take a dive into the pool of those 80s and 90s rock stars with this particular style of low fade! With a generic hair of short to medium length sitting idly on the top, you’ll be playing with the side portions where you’ve created the fade areas.

Pick up a design and embed them before you start the fading process. It could be your initials or a shape of your liking, regardless it will create the effect of a real life rock star!

Burst Of Vibrance

Burst Of Vibrance

Highlight yourself as an individual with a colorful personality by applying this vibrant hairstyle in this very instance! It’s going to separate you from the regular fashion enthusiasts to the ones who would go to any extent to upgrade their looks up a few notches.

After low fading the sides, divide your top hair into two or three short sections. Apply some jolly and vibrant colors individually after bleaching, and in the end, the results you’ll see are outstanding and wondrous!

Low Fade With Color

Dying your hair is always a good idea if you are looking for a way to boost your style, and a low fade can greatly complement these concepts!

Sharp & Fully Bleached

Sharp And Fully Bleached

This particular look can be interpreted in a number of ways! You can endorse it as a metal fan, or as someone who finds pleasure in radical yet captivating styles! No matter what it is, it’s such a low fade haircut that might go down in the history book for its styling potential!

With a low fade applied on the sides, the top portion of your hair is to be hung over the front and the sides. All the hanging edges are to be evenly cut and down the middle, a pointy hair section can be laid over the initial layer.

Wavy Greenish Tint

Wavy Greenish Tint

It’s another of those low-maintenance high-performance hairstyles that you can try out without much effort. The only extent you’ll have to go is the highlighting of your hair with a greenish tint which can easily be achieved without bleaching your hair.

If you want to take it further, then you can bleach the roots of your middle hair where you’ll draw the parting line. The colored layers and tint set it up to be a splendid low fade haircut!

Fancy Goku RGB

Fancy Goku RGB

We won’t even dare to describe how this hairstyle is going to make you look, because with everything that’s going on altogether, there’s no way you’ll be left out of popular trends!

Spike up your top hair in portions the way Goku did, and apply low fade on the sides. Picking each spike region, you need to color them in the most vibrant ways. For the sides, paint exquisite designs according to your liking to finish the look!

White Patch Over Fade

White Patch Over Fade

It’s a delicate looking low fade haircut that merges a few popular concepts into one. It generates a semi-formal style that can be worn in almost every social place and it’s certain to draw appeal from the younger portion of the crowd!

Initially, you’ll need to take a portion of your top hair and dye it white to make it into a white patch. Grow a beard to boost this look and the low fade in between should create a contrasting effect!

Scarlet Streaks On Silver

Scarlet Streaks On Silver

If you’re a fan of speedy motor vehicles, then you’ll probably love this radiant look that’s a must try in 2022! With three colored layers and a low fade underneath on each side, it’s certainly on the way to making you look like a speedster racing for all the glory!

The top hair needs to be dyed in two separate parts – the tips to be dyed into a deep scarlet and the middle portion to be colored in a splendid silver. As the bottom foundation contains the original hair color, it’ll look like a three-story streaks design!

Low Fade With Sharp Lines

Go radical with shaved lines on your fades or between the two separate hair portions. Draw designs that help you express more with style than words!

Three Lines With Neat Edges

Three Lines With Neat Edges

Starting off the lined hairstyle list is the one with three small lines on the low fades. This style is part of the modern day fashion trend and you’ll find its presence in prominent pop cultural artifacts and pop bands.

With your short or medium hair, get the generic low fade on the sides that continue on towards the back only leaving the nape area out. There, draw a long & even shaved line on the side and two more slightly towards the back to make you look cool!

Two Touches

Two Touches

It’s a very simple hairstyle that can be done with your short or medium hair with the subtlest of touches using your razor. This minimal haircut requires you to fade the sides and the back from a low level while letting the lower back portion be shaped into V. On one side of that V, you’ll create two touches of shaved lines to generate a smart outlook!

Long Line Over Takuache

Long Line Over Takuache


The Takuache or Edgar haircut never truly goes out of the trend as it keeps getting revived through different genres of hair styling techniques. This edition of Takuache is based on the low fade mode of haircut and can work well with short hair.

As a bonus, you can draw a shaved line on one side to boost the edgy & radical nature of this particular style and create a snazzy fusion look!


Mr Thunder Bolt Low Fade

Call yourself the God of Thunder with this superb hairstyle based on the low fade haircut foundation. Medium hair on the top can be evenly spiked up to set the stage for what comes next at the faded portion around the head.

On each side, you’ll create shaved lines that start off flat but eventually turn into a symbol of thunder!

Combed Back With A Line

Combed Back With A Line

They say the way you look reflects what you are within, and this is truly the case with this remarkable hairstyle that’s going to make you look more handsome than ever! As the top hair remains medium in length, the sides are to be neatly low faded to expose the skin on the lower region.

With the top hair, you’ll brush them over towards the back or you can even use your fingers as combs to smudge up the look rather than making it super sharp.

Explosion Over Heartbreak

Explosion Over Heartbreak

You can call the very last hairstyle in our list a complete piece of artwork due to the distinct features it contains. Looking at your hair will feel like reading into a story of heartbreak, as the low faded sides contain a heart with a shattered line that extends beyond the area to the front.

For the top hair, however, you’ll grab them tightly to be made into a bun sitting on top of your head. With the picturesque heartbreak on the side, the bun will radiate the effect of an explosion directly over that story!

Do It Yourself: A Quick Low Fade Haircut Guide

In this section, we’ll briefly cover how you can perform the most basic Low Fade haircut on yourself very easily!

First, you’ll need to find the precise low fade region on the side of your head, which is usually an inch over your ear. Once there, use a #1 clipper guard to trim off all the hair beneath that line at 3mm length.

Second, swap the #1 guard with a #2 and trim the 1” area immediately over the fade line that you had selected. By doing so, you’ll create a smooth gradient between hair portions.

Third, pick a #3 guard to trim over your last point until you reach the hairline between the side and the top. And that’s about it!

We’ve taught you the most generic low fade cut in this section, but it can be altered according to the haircut you are willing to try out. Take a look at this video to receive a visual understanding of the low fade process.


In this section, our experts have answered some of the most commonly asked questions on the internet about low fade. Going through this section should give you a clearer understanding of this hairstyle.

Q: Can women do low fade haircuts?

A: Of course, women can do low fade haircuts as well! Take a look at our Fade Haircuts For Women article to gather ideas on how women can implement low fade styles with their styles!

Q: Is a low fade a good haircut?

A: A low fade is a very good haircut because it is low-maintenance, easy to style and offers more than enough styling potential for any type of hair!

Q: How do I ask my barber for a low fade?

A: Asking your barber for a low fade haircut might be challenging considering they don’t clearly understand which cut you are opting for, as it’s a broad category of hairstyles. It would be better to show him what you want, and direct him on where to start the fade line for better results.

Q: Is a low fade good for a round face?

A: Yes! Low fade works beautifully with a round face! You can grow a beard to enhance it even further.

Q: What is the difference between a low fade and a taper?

A: A low fade is the region of your head sides where the fading of hair will start. The taper on the other hand is the gradual decrease of hair and is not so abrupt as the fade types.


Low Fade Haircuts have always been trendy among hairstyle enthusiasts and it’s supposed to survive for even a longer amount of time in the fashion industry. Picking any of the styles that we have provided above should set you in the right direction for years to come.

We hope our information has been helpful to you in more ways than one. Scrolling through these styles is bound to open the creative doors in your mind to generate some new haircuts based on the low fade.

With the DIY section included in our article, we encourage you to get on with the hairstyle that you’ve picked from the list straight away and start experimenting to make yourself look magnificent!

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