Low Taper Fade With Curly Hair

Low Taper Fade With Curly Hair: 25 Glamorous Styles To Look Exquisite!

Styling your curly hair can sometimes be challenging because people believe there isn’t any hairstyle that’s easy to do, low-maintenance but looks good at the same time. We are here to prove you wrong with the Low Taper Fade With Curly Hair styles that have the potential to be at the peak of the fashion industry with a few tweaks here and there!

These hairstyles can uplift your looks and make you feel magnificent by displaying the superior aesthetic sense you’ve been hiding within yourself. And the best part is, most of the looks we suggest can be done in a matter of minutes effortlessly!

Also, our list of styles are all inclusive, which means not only men or women get to pick such hairstyles for themselves, but even the kids too! A fusion of fades & curls that produce strikingly positive results should be tried out at least once in your lifetime, and the level of convenience you’ll experience will make you fall in love instantly!

How Does Low Taper Fade Compliment Curly Hair?

To have a proper understanding of how such a mode of styling can compliment your curly hair, you must first learn what a low taper fade is. A taper fade is a form of fade that functions similarly as a regular fade.

The only difference is that unlike regular fades, a taper fade gradually reduces the hair all the way down to the natural hair line, and doesn’t fade off anywhere in the middle.

As curly hair is often prone to breakage due to the nature of the hair and the dryness of the scalp, trying out shorter hairstyles can be a quick & easy solution to such problems. And on top of that, curly hair with low taper fades are actually some of the most ecstatic hairstyles in the world of trends to be followed right now!

Thus, fusing low taper fades significantly boost the fashion potential of curly hair by producing authentic & eye-catching results!

Stunning Curly Hair Fade Haircuts Ideas For Everyone

In this section we are going to put some of the most engaging low taper fade hairstyles with curly hair on display for you to choose from. We’ve divided it into three sections containing unique styles for men, children and ladies respectively. So keep scrolling until you’ve reached your section and choose any one you like for your next haircut!

Prominent Low Fade With Curly Hair Styles For Men

Here you’ll explore the men’s curly hairstyles with low taper fade and be on your way to become the fashion icon of this year!

Almost Afro

Almost Afro Low Taper Fade

Some often feel that their afro hair is restricting in terms of styling potential due to the rigid nature of the hair strands. While it’s partially true in the sense that afro hair can’t apply to all straight hairstyles, it doesn’t mean there’s a lack of variety in afro hairstyles.

This Almost Afro look applies a taper fade on the sides and specifically on the back. The nape hair is abruptly faded right over the neck to give a soothing yet striking look! The faded portion on the back is lined neatly on the sides to produce a distinct effect.

Low & Kinky

Low And Kinky

This hairstyle is another option for afro hair which lets you grow your hair even longer before entering the styling process. It creates a symmetrical look that comforts the eyes of anyone who looks at you, and gives you the confidence that you’ve always wanted with the way you look.

To get the effect, you’ll have to keep all the hair on top equally shaped. Create a gentle low taper fade on the sides and a similar & subtle fade at the back. Imagine holding a 45 degree scale from your temple to your napes and keep the fades beneath that line.

Short Clean sides

Short Clean Sides

The Short Clean Sides style creates three layers of hair on the sides with your curly hair. You’ll need to create neat lines in the front and on the edges afterwards and it can radiate a distinct look. If you choose not to line the edges it can still work by making you look casually messy which has an attraction of itself.

Initially, the sideburns are trimmed down to the skin where the first step of the fade begins. Then it moves on to the temple section, there you’ll create a taper fade that connects to the sideburns. And on top of the fades, your short curly hair section will almost abruptly start without any warning to make this look exquisite!

Highlighted Tops

Highlighted Tops

Take your curly hair fade haircuts to the next level by adding some color to the top section of your hair. Instead of coloring all of it, you need to pick only the top portion and leave out all the rest since the low taper fade will show your skin anyway. Adding color to side sections would draw the attention away from the beauty of this hairstyle.

You don’t need to be highly careful while coloring the top curls since a mixture of colors on top will produce a better-looking result! If you don’t want to add any color, you can leave it with just the highlight and it’ll still do your hair some poetic justice!

Burned Curlers

Burned Curlers

This is one of the most agonizingly tasteful styles of low taper fade with curly hair. It’s much like the Highlighted Tops hairstyle in terms of proportion and conception, but is significantly different in execution. Instead of highlighting all the hair on the top portion of your head, this style only picks out your curls.

What you’ll have to do is, isolate the curls from the rest of your hair and apply bleach on them separately. The bleach should be kept to a lighter level to make them look burned and not completely washed. Low taper fade the sides, and when you look at them altogether, you’ll find yourself to be the most dashing dude in the area!

Neat Low Taper Curler

Neat Low Taper Fade

This hairstyle for curly hairs takes your styling potential to the next level by merging a few styling trends into one. Initially it implements a low taper fade on the sides with distinctly drawn lines on the back, and the top area remains medium & curly with a hint of highlights.

How it comes together is that the wave of low taper fade on the sides is restricted to the temple area only, but the wave is formed into a distinct line as it moves towards the back. It creates an aesthetically soothing effect and the highlights only add on to it.

As a bonus, you can draw a shaved line on each side at the edge of your temple towards the top to create a neat effect.

Messy Top Taper Fades

Messy Top Taper Fade

If a messy look creates arousal to your sense of taste and you feel it’ll add a new dimension to your preferred looks, this is then the must-have hairstyle in our list. It is a perfectly suited hairstyle for ones with wavy to curly mixed up with the low taper fade on each side.

Initially, you’ll need to bleach the top part of your hair to produce an extravagant foundation for this style. Then, you’ll have to fade the sides to a minimum level, right around the ear region. Once all are done, you should mess up the top hair randomly to generate the tarnished effect. It’s a very low maintenance hairstyle for your curly hair which you can try out on a daily basis.

Short & Low

Short And Low

Who says your short & curly hair can’t be styled in the most diverse ways? Show everyone that you’ve got what it takes to reach the peak of the fashion trends by mashing your short curly hair with a subtle & low taper fade! It’ll not only place you on the fashionable side of gradient, but also boost your morale by a landslide!

You can achieve it in this instance, all you’ll need is some short hair that is curly. Grab the trimmer and create a short taper fade on the sides and that’s about it! Grow a small goatee to go hand in hand with your hairstyle, and before you know it, you’ll become the most popular guy in your circle!

The Neymar Cut

The Neymar Cut

Trying out a celebrity hairstyle with your curly hair can take you a long way in terms of updated fashion sense. The same can happen with the Neymar Cut. With your curly hair reduced down to a short length, you can try this style on yourself to make the ladies go ‘wow!’ with your fabulous looks!

Add a hint of low taper fade on the side to align perfectly with the way Neymar has done it in the past. This style is validated by this hairstyling icon on the football pitch and has received adoration from millions of his fans worldwide, and the same reaction awaits you, putting this hairstyle on yourself is the only remaining thing!

Snazzy Low Fades

Snazzy Low Fades

We promise you the most premium of looks with this low taper fade curly hair style that can extend an edge to your already existing style. With your curly or kinky hair, the Snazzy Low Fades is something that’s begging to be tried on in the marvelous formal occasions.

Your curly hair on top needs to be sized down to match in size, and the sides need to be taper fade with a gradual reduction from top to bottom. You can grow a beard and draw the edge lines sharply to add to the effect. Lastly, use hair balm or cream to make your hair look shiny under the fancy lights of the dance floor!

Low Taper With Bleached Portion

Low Taper With Bleached Portion

If you’re a fan of unique & authentic styles and want to upgrade your look to an unmatched level, then this fashionable style should become your next pick. We guarantee that you’ve never seen anything like it before, and once you try it on yourself, your friends are certain to say the same thing to you!

You’ll need to grow your coils a bit longer for this look to work. Once you’ve reached the length that doesn’t stand tall rather falls on the sides, then you’ll know that you’re ready for the next step. Pick a small portion of your hair and bleach them down to your desired level. Lastly, lift your curly hair coils up and create low taper fade on the sides and the back.

When you’ll let your hair lie down in the end, you’ll look into the mirror doubtlessly at the most handsome guy in town!

Two Layered Colors

Low Tapered Colors

Want a hairstyle that reflects your distinct taste and style through the way you look and fashion your hair? This two layered hairstyle with colors can radiate this aura with your curly hair any day! Be it a party or a ceremony, this hairstyle is well-suited for every occasion you can ever think of!

What you need to do first is, assess the point from which you’ll symmetrically color your hair on the top side. Bleach & color your hair evenly from that point and it’ll create two layers of separate colors sitting adjacently on your head. With low taper fade on the sides, it’ll finalize the look and seal the deal in the minds of the ladies!

The Silver Baroque

The Silver Baroque

Want to look classy & elegant with a hairstyle that includes low taper fade with your curly hair? Then this is your answer that you’ve been looking for all this while. Wear your silver hair like a baroque on top and generate the most sophisticated result that everyone will fall in love with!

Much like the Two Layered Colors hairstyle, this one follows a similar approach. You’ll need to color your top hair in silver after the initial bleaching part. Grow a thin beard and create sharp edges with your trimmer to add to the elegance this look in general has to offer!

Hanging Bleached Curls Over Tapers

Hanging Bleached Curls Over Tapers

Look like a badass and become the beefcake for the ladies at any place you go! Your curly hair needs to be pushed over in terms of styling potential to land this particular style of hair. You’ll shake up the fashion industry with the hot & happening nature hairstyle!

You’ll need a larger than short hairstyle that doesn’t stand upright at all times. Bleach all the hair on top leaving an inch from the root untouched. Your curls will be completely bleached on a hair foundation of original colored hair. Apply low taper fades on the sides and let your top hair fall down to complete this phenomenal look.

Mr. Cool With A Beard

Mr Cool With A Beard

Become even more dashing with this Mr. Cool hairstyle that mixes low taper fade curly hair and bleached coils with a sophisticated beard. Much like the previous style, this one too is alluring to all the ladies out there, and it’s appropriate for formal environments like the office or classroom as well.

You’ll need to bleach your curls on top leaving a couple inches of hair intact at the roots. The taper fades will apply at the lower portion of side hair at a half-moon shape. Draw a shaved line at the back of your hair to add to this look. Lastly, a carefully grown & groomed beard with neatly drawn edges will ensure a handsome passage for you into the world of good looking men!

The Kids Low Taper Fade With Curly Hair Section

Don’t let the kids fall back into the world of fashion as well! Allow your kid to pick one of the curly hairstyles projected below and see him rise in popularity among his friends!

Cool Kid In Town

Cool Kid In Town

Help your kid become the coolest kid in town by styling his curly hair with a low taper fade! This wet hairstyle will take your kid’s look to an unimaginable level and mark him as the most fashionably sophisticated kid in the neighborhood. And as his parent, you’ll receive some of the admiration too!

To achieve this look, let your kid’s hair grow into a medium length. Then trim off the hair on the sides and create a very low taper fade there. Draw a straight, shaved line right beneath the temple that reaches the back. Apply some hair cream or balm to shine up the hair!

Zig Zagged On Low Taper

Zig Zagged On Low Taper


Your kid will be revered by not only the rest of the kids, but also even by the grown-ups with this astoundingly dashing look. Longer hair on top and shorter on the sides, it has the potential to produce jaw dropping reactions on whomever may come across this particular hairstyle.

For this to work, the top portion of curly hair needs to be grown up to be a little messy. The sides should be reduced with a low taper fade. On the faded portion comes the highlight of this style – the zig zagged shaved lines. A low-maintenance hairstyle with the most dynamic energy to make your kid look like a glamor boy!

Two Short Lines

Two Short Lines

If you feel that your kid is one with a taste in minimal styles and designs, this one should cater to his taste precisely and reflect his inner self more clearly. With short curly hair, you’ll be able to give him this look by adding a low taper fade on the sides and a mixture of sharp to blunt edges.

The top curls should be kept to a minimum level so that the hair doesn’t jump around all over the place. The sides should be treated as usual with a taper fade. As an additional styling form, you can draw a couple of shaved lines one each side of the head, right at the top of the temple area. The final result will be a minimal hairstyle fused with a touch of radical tone.

Low Taper Fade Curly Hair Choices For Ladies

Ladies with lavish taste can find a befitting low taper fade with curly hair style from the exclusive picks our experts have presented just for you!

Fancy Low Taper Fade Lines

Fancy Low Taper Fade Lines

Ladies with short & curly hair can crank up the heat with this fancy hairstyle that plays with shaved lines and low taper fades. This style is one of the most authentic forms in the fashion trend that plays towards the strength of your hair texture to make you look ravishingly good!

The main focus of this hairstyle is the shaved design that covers from one side of your head to another, with a thunderous portion at the back of your head. All these lines are drawn on the low taper fades that surround you, with short curled hair sitting prettily at the top of your head.

Curls With One Sided Lines

Curls With One Sided Lines

Make your curls delightfully bewitching by styling them up with the fanciest patterns of hairstyles. It’s a perfect head turner at parties and public gatherings and you’ll be surprised to see the alluring effect it generates on the people that lay their eyes on you!

Shorter curls on top need to be colored to start with, preferably from the scarlet gradient of tones. Then, instead of applying a low taper fade on each side, you’ll apply it to only one. Drag the sidelines of the hair all the way to the back where they’ll meet in a V shape.

Draw two parallel shaved lines on the faded side and overall it’ll create the most artistically superior style you may ever have thought of!

Coils Over Low Taper Fades

Coils Over Low Taper Fades

Use your hair coils to make an irresistible low taper fade curly hair style that is very easy to maintain while making you look sharp at all times. You’ll need to play with your coils a little, with a mixture of low taper fades on the sides, restricted only to the temple area while leaving the rest of the head untouched by blades.

The top coils should be hand picked to be bleached and colored according to your preference. Once the dyeing part is done, you’ll let them be springy at the top. On the faded sides, you’ll draw three parallelly shaved lines from the edge of taper down to the sideburns, descending in line length from top down.

One With White Curls

One With White Curls

White is one of the most underrated colors that has the probability & potential to give your curly hair some of the most knockout looks! Short & curly hair can be your way to reach the prime of your looks and receive admiration from your classmates, neighbors or even random strangers on the streets!

Based on the foundation of low taper fade on each side all the way to the back, the top portion of your hair needs to be bleached completely. After that, color it to a soothing white that’ll radiate a calming & gentle aura at any time of the day!

Short And Sapphire Glaze

Short And Sapphire Glaze

Want a style for your curly hair that requires almost no attention for the styling process everyday, yet is able to boost your looks to a drop dead gorgeous level? Even if it might sound too good to be true, with your curly & short hair, you can achieve this feat as soon as you want!

Highlight the top curls of your hair with a dark sapphire tone that’ll set the mood for this hairstyle. Apply low taper fade on the sides confined to the temple region only. With this simple yet ecstatic style, whenever you go out your hair will feel lighter & beautiful and you can focus on other stuff more because your hair will remain just perfect!

Heart On Low Taper Fade Curly Hair

Heart On Low Taper Fade Curly Hair

If you want to spread joy with your vibrant looks and a buoyant hairstyle, then this particular type of low taper fade with curly hair design can unlock doors for you. It goes perfectly well with short to medium curly hair, and works even better if your hair has highlights of any tone or color.

With such a set of hair on top, draw low taper fade on the sides to create room for the shaved design. This one in particular draws a heart shape on the sideburns, the top portion of which resides on the temple area and the sharp bottom is the sideburn’s edge.

Scarlet Short Curls Over Taper

Scarlet Short Curls over Taper

Go bold and dashing with the last hairstyle in this list for all the daring ladies out there. Colored in striking scarlet, this curly hairstyle works best with short hair on top of your head. Due to the size of this hairstyle, it becomes a significantly low-maintenance style to fit perfectly with your everyday attire.

You’ll look irresistible & valiant with such a hairstyle and the low taper fade on the sides only add to the quality of this look. Draw a couple of shaved lines on both sides to take the radical meter up a notch. Radiate an edgy aura and look spunky all day, every day.


In this section, we’ve answered some of the most commonly asked questions on the internet regarding fade hairstyles and curly hair types. It has been added to ensure that you have a complete & detailed idea about these before committing to such a hairstyle from our list.

Q: How do you ask for a fade?

A: Most of the barbers are aware of what fades are. However, if you’re opting for a taper fade, it’s better to thoroughly explain what you’re looking for and where the fade should begin so that your barber precisely understands your needs and caters accordingly.

Q: Are tapers better than fades?

A: Taper IS a type of fade that keeps hair longer than usual fade styles. Fades are very low maintenance and tapers are good during winters, so in the end it all comes down to a matter of preference.

Q: How long does fade last?

A: A fade generally lasts between one to three weeks depending on the growth of your hair and the extent of your fade.

Q: What is a low taper fade?

A: A low taper fade is the kind of taper fade that begins the fade line lower than usual fades. Basically, the fade begins right around the ear region and gradually lowers in hair length as it descends.

Q: How do I get my curly hair to fade?

A: Getting curly hair to fade is quite straightforward. You can use your trimmer or ask your barber to do it for you. Based on your hair’s thickness & density, it won’t be difficult to figure out the perfect settings to give you a cool looking fade hairstyle.


Low taper fade with curly hair is one of those appealing hairstyles that boost your styling potential to a new level. These hairstyles can make you look ecstatic regardless of gender, and make you feel confident about the way you look & wear your hair.

With certain styles from our list, you may want to apply hair oil, cream or balm to protect your hair from breakage or frizziness. Generally these are very low maintenance styles since low taper fades are usually applied to curly hair from the shorter end.

However, a proper care routine can help you sustain your look in the long run and help you preserve your hair so that you’re able to try out new & fancy looks in the future.

We hope that following our styling ideas has helped you find out the next hairstyle, maybe for yourself, for your partner or even for your kid with curly hair. We assure you that choosing any of the styles from our list will rank you as the most fashionable personality within the radius area!

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