20 Male Actors with Curly Hair You Should Follow

In an industry like Hollywood, where everyone needs to makeover their look to play a certain role, it is hard to identify someone with their true hair type or color. Due to this reason, you will find many actors sporting different hair types on different occasions and get confused!

Curly hair always has been a prime choice for a stylish appearance, and many male actors have worn this hair type over the years. Some artificially changed their hair, while some were born with spectacular curls. 

If you are interested in knowing who among the Hollywood actors has naturally curly hair, this article will help you immensely. I will give you a list of actors who were born with their natural curls and have made it into their signature look. Their fabulous appearance can be a source of inspiration for you to style your hair in their image.

20 Male Actors Who Have Curly Hair 

There have been numerous actors who have worn curly hair. Many of them might have gone to a saloon to get their curls, but some have natural curls. The 20 male actors I am discussing here were born with curly hair types and have made it one of their trademarks. Following their curly hairstyles can give you a striking look that will undoubtedly enhance your appearance!

Will Smith’s Buzz Cut

Will Smith's Buzz Cut

Will Smith is one of the most decorated actors in Hollywood history. His accolades and longevity are unparalleled, and few musicians have transitioned into an acting career and gotten this much success.

Even though Will Smith does not keep his hair long, it is evident that he has type 4 kinky hair, which is the curliest hair type. He often wears his hair in a buzz cut which has become his signature look. 

In his earlier career, he wore a flat top hairstyle closer to a box fade hair design. He is going through a rough patch after the Oscar incident, so you can show him some love by trying one of his hairdos.

Jamie Foxx’s Buzz Cut Fade

Jamie Foxx's Buzz Cut Fade

Jamie Foxx is another multi-talented superstar who has accolades in various genres. He is a renowned actor, RNB singer, and comedian who used to perform stand-ups with full houses.

Unlike Will Smith, Jamie Foxx has experimented more with his hair and has worn different hairstyles to change his appearance. He has worn a lot of buzz cuts with fade, short dreads, and box fade hairstyles for different movie roles.

Currently, his signature look consists short buzz cut with a shape up that gives him an elegant, polished look. It is a good hair design to have to get a simple look. 

Denzel Washington’s 360 Waves

Denzel Washington's 360 Waves

If you ask an African-American actor about which actor inspired him most to pursue a career in Hollywood, there is a chance that 90% of them will say the name Denzel Washinton. He has a legendary career and still provides us with remarkable movies where everyone is mesmerized by his acting prowess.

Denzel Washington also has kinky hair, similar to Will Smith and Jamie Foxx. He has worn his hair in many different designs, some of them short, like a crew cut, 360 waves, or a buzz cut, while some were a bit longer with an afro texture.

Alfred Enoch’s Short Curly Hair

Alfred Enoch's Short Curly Hair

Alfred Enoch is a relative up-and-comer actor compared to the previous three who is best known for portraying the role of Dean Thomas in the Harry Potter movie series. He is a British actor of Brazilian origin and has curly hair, which he styles in interesting hairdos.

He usually wears his natural curls in a short length alongside facial hair, which gives him an appealing look. During his portrayal of Dean Thomas, he used to wear an Afro blowout. He has also worn box fade or curly top with low taper fade to look different from his signature appearance.

Danny McBride’s Curly Slick Back

Danny McBride's Slick Back

Daniel Richard McBride, better known as Danny McBride, is an actor, comedian, screenwriter, and producer who has starred in various movies and tv series like Tropic Thunder, This is the End, and The Righteous Gemstones. He is another actor with Natural curls who portrays simple short or medium-length hair designs.

He has worn some interesting hairdos as well, like mullet. Besides that, he wears his curly hair in a short squared cut. A casual slick back is another hairstyle he often wears with his curly hair, which looks remarkable. 

Jesse Eisenberg’s Tousled Curls

Jesse Eisenberg's Tousled Curls

Jesse Eisenberg is undoubtedly one of the most talented actors of his generation and has received multiple nominations for various roles. The Social Network, Now You See Me, and Zombieland are some movies that have made him a fan favorite. 

He also has naturally curly hair that he styles with different hair designs. Most of them are messy or tousled and short in length. He also wears a messy curly shag cut with his hair, giving him a youthful look. 

Jason Momoa’s Long Curly Hair

Jason Momoa's Long Curly Hair

Jason Momoa is one of the hottest actors at this moment who is admired by every man and desired by every woman. He has portrayed some of the most iconic characters, like Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones or Aquaman, and has become a fan favorite for his striking look.

He used to wear medium-length hair in his youth, but currently, he wears long curls, which are often mid-parted or slicked back. Along with his long beard, this long hair design gives him a gypsy biker look. Try out this look if it suits your personality. 

Justin Timberlake’s Blonde Curls

Justin Timberlake's Blonde Curls

Justin Timberlake is known for his music career more than his acting career, but he has starred in popular movies like The Social Network, In Time, and Friends with Benefits. In recent years, Justin Timberlake portrayed a wavy hair type, but originally, he had curly textured hair.

He has worn his curly hair in different types of hair designs, and each of them gave him a different look. Buzz cut, curly top, messy curls, and duo-toned curls are some of the hairstyles he has tried, and he looked dashing with them.

Kit Harington’s Casual Slick Back

Kit Harington's Casual Slick Back

At this moment, Kit Harington is a household name in the entertainment industry and has a bright future. He got recognition for his role in the Game of Thrones as Jon Snow and gained a loyal fanbase who cheered for him ever since.

 He has naturally curly hair as well, which he usually keeps medium or long. He usually goes for a slick back look with his hair that makes him look polished and elegant. His appealing persona with his signature beard makes him the heartthrob everyone desires. 

Mark Ruffalo’s Curly Side Part

Mark Raffalo's Curly Side Part

Mark Ruffalo has worked in many amazing movies over his illustrious career but is most known for his role as the Hulk in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He is not known for his looks but for his acting skills and endearing manners. 

He also has curly hair, which he wears short to mid-length. He does not experiment a lot with his hair. He currently has a receding hairline and chooses haircuts that are compatible with this condition. 

James Franco’s Short Shag

James Franco's Short Shag

James Franco has become a household name in Hollywood. He has acted in numerous blockbuster movies that have made him popular among the audience. The original Spiderman Trilogy, The Interview, and This is the End are some of the movies that made him the superstar he is currently.

He also has curly hair and styles in many different hair designs. He has worn long, medium, and short hairstyles throughout his various roles. Any hair design looks good when someone is as charming as James Franco. 

Alex Wolff’s Curly Shag

Alex Wolf's Curly Shag

Alex Wolff is one of the up-and-coming American actors making a name for themselves in Hollywood. He first came into prominence for starring in the Nickelodeon show The Naked Brothers Band. 

He has naturally curly hair that he usually wears messily. He does not go for any fancy hairstyles; rather, all of the hairstyles are simple but exciting. He does not keep his hair long. In most cases, he will go for a casual slick back style where the hair is cut in a squared cut. 

Adrian Grenier’s Tousled Hair

Adrian Grenier's Tousled Hair

Adrian Grenier is not a household name like many other actors in this article, but he is undoubtedly one of the good-looking ones. He has acted in multiple hit movies and tv series that are fan favorites, like Devil Wears Prada, Entourage, and Clickbait.

He usually wears his curly hair short with stubble. He also wore his hair in a bro flow or a messy shag hairstyle. His simple hairstyles have a charm to them that is loved by many. It is a good way to present yourself and improve your look. 

Adam Brody’s Side Swept Flow

Adam Brody's Side Swept Flow

Adam Brody is known more for his tv shows than his movie career. He has acted in various TV series and garnered audiences’ attention with his looks and acting skills. He first came into the limelight from the Fox television series The O.C. He has acted in some amazing movies like Mr. and Mrs. Smith or Shazam but not in the lead role. 

Adam Brody wears his curly hair messily. He usually gets a layered cut and keeps his hair length short to medium. Sometimes he will wear his curls with a middle or side part as well if he has long hair.

Mark Needle’s Curly Bro Flow

Mark Needle's Curly Bro Flow

Mark Needle is an Indie actor who does short films and mini tv series. He is not a household name like many others on the list. He is also a producer and writer who does many small projects he finds interesting.

He does not do much experiments with his hair. He usually gets a medium-length side-parted hairstyle for his curly hair. Sometimes he will get other hairdos as well, but that will be very similar to his signature look. 

Finn Jones’ Loose Curls

Finn Jones's Loose Curls

Finn Jones may not be an A-list actor, but he is a known commodity. He has worked on various hit tv shows like the Game of Thrones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, etc., and garnered attention for his blonde curls.

He experimented with his hair length and has worn short, medium, and long hairstyles. He wears his curly hair messily and does not use much hair product. He looks awe-inspiring with the blonde curls and goatee that he often sports. You can also try this look.

Bradley Cooper’s Curly Square Cut

Bradly Cooper's Curly Square Cut

Bradley Copper is another household name in Hollywood who is renowned for his remarkable appearance and acting prowess. He has acted in numerous movies and earned praise for his outstanding portrayal of the roles in The American Sniper and Silver Linings Playbook.

Many believe that Bradley Copper has straight hair, but in reality, he has curly hair that is apparent every time he grows out his hair. He usually wears his hair short. But he will grow out his hair for various movie roles. 

Brody Jenner’s Messy Surfer Curls

Broody Jener's Messy Surfer Curls

Brody Jenner might not be famous for his acting career, but he is from a celebrity family and is a well-known model. He has acted in various tv series like the Bromance, The Hills, and The Princes of Malibu.

He is known for his great appearance and has experimented with his curly hair. He wears different hairstyles on different occasions and dyes his hair in multiple colors for different looks. Long tousled hair, surfer hair, and curly slick back are some of the hairdos he regularly wears.

Danny Masterson’s Fringe Curls

Danny Masterson's Fringe Curls

Danny Masterson is a controversial character who is known for his curly hair. He has acted in numerous tv series throughout his career and has garnered a lot of attention because of it. He first became a known commodity for his role in That 90’s Show.

He usually wears his curly hair short and precise. That does not mean he does not get long hairstyles. He sometimes tries longer, messy curls alongside a full beard that changes his look drastically.

Timothee Chalamet’s Curtain Shaped Curls

Timothee Chalamet's Curtain Shaped Curls

Timothee Chalamet is one of Hollywood’s most talented up-and-coming actors with a bright future. He has already become a fan favorite for his amazing look and acting skills. At only 27 years of age, he has already gotten many accolades like nominations for golden globes and academy awards.

He usually wears his curly hair long or medium length. His long curls have become his signature look alongside his refined jawline. You can mimic his hairdos if you want a long hairstyle for curly strands. They are trendy and can improve your appearance if they suit your face shape and personality. 


Many of you might have questions about curly hair in general, while some of you might have questions about your favorite actor with curly hair. In this section of the article, I will answer some frequently asked questions which should help you get the information you need.

Question: Which male curly hairstyle is trending in 2023?

Answer: There are a lot of curly hairstyles that are trending at this moment. Choosing one of them would be subjective and highly controversial. Still, I believe messy curls on top with a taper fade on the sides is a good hairstyle to have at this moment.

Question: Does Bradley Cooper have curly hair or wavy hair?

Answer: Bradley Cooper’s hair type is debatable as he regularly changes his hair texture for different movie roles. Many believe he has curly hair, while many believe he has wavy hair. Despite that, Bradley Cooper has curls on his hair that can be seen when he grows out his hair.

Question: Is Jason Momoa’s curly hair real in Aquaman?

Answer: Many fans thought that Jason Momoa wore a wig for his role in the blockbuster Aquaman, but that is not the case. Jason Momoa wore his natural hair for this role, dyed to suit the look from the comic. 

Final Statement

This article has come to its conclusion. I hope it has helped you get all the information about male actors with curly hair. If you have curly hair and thinking of revamping your look, you can easily mimic one of their hairstyles to improve your overall appearance. 

Before trying them out for yourself, you need to consider the hair density and face shape required for them. Once you are sure the hairstyle will compliment your face shape and personality, get the hairstyle at that point. 

Be considerate before setting any expectations, as you might not look as spectacular as them, but you will surely get a close enough appearance.

If you have any other inquiries, ask us in the comment section below! 

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