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Maluma Haircut: 11 Sexiest Hairstyles of the Colombian Star to Try in 2022

If you are talking about the Maluma haircut, you won’t run out of hairstyles too fast. This Colombian sensation has changed his hairstyle tons of times throughout his career.

To be honest, almost all of them have received a lot of love and appraisal. Somehow he just manages to come up with the most attractive and captivating looks.

You might be thinking of getting one of his iconic hairstyles. But, there are so many styles that you might feel a bit lost or confused.

How to know which hairstyle will suit you the most? Which one will go with your vibe and personality? Do not worry because we have crafted this article to help you out.

We will offer you the best hairstyles of Maluma. We would also discuss in detail who should go for which style and how to actually get the specific styles. So, just keep reading to know everything you need to know.

11 Striking Maluma Haircuts You Can Consider in 2022

As we promised at the beginning, we will only bring you the styles that definitely deserve your attention. Go through these 11 styles and see which one wins you over.

High and Tight

High And Tight

Let’s begin with one of Maluma’s go-to hairstyles. He has quite a few amazing styles for short hair and this is one that he keeps coming back to. The ‘high and tight’ is actually a haircut that is inspired by military personnel.

To get this style, you need to have really short hair on the front and top. The length will be like a buzz cut, so around ¼ inches. Also, this is the only area where you will have hair.

You need to completely shave off the hair on the sides and the back. All the focus needs to be on your buzzed hair on top. This is a really attractive haircut, especially if you have some facial hair.

Slick Side Part

Slick Side Part

Most of the Maluma haircuts tend to be very bold and striking. But, here we have one that is suave and sophisticated. We recommend this style to those men who want to have a mature and elegant appearance.

It is an easy haircut to get. You would need average-length hair and you just have to create a side partition. Then, sweep your front and top hair to the opposite side.

You can use some hair wax or gel to get that really slick look. If you want to style your hair precisely like Maluma, then give your hair a bit of height at the front.

Spiky Top

Spiky Top

This Maluma haircut will actually fall somewhere between a spiky style and a brush up style. You might even say that it has a quiff look to it.

Your hair on the front and top will be spiked up for this style. You will obviously need a hair product to do that. The hair on the sides and the back will be combed down. Maluma also adds a low taper to this style.

However, your hair will not be sharp like spikes. It would rather be just facing upwards like a brush up style. That is why we’re considering this as a sort of fusion style.

Dyed Hair

Dyed Hair

Maluma loves dying his hair with different colors. Dyed hairstyles are really trendy right now. Contemporary men are now coloring their hair more than any other generation. It has become a great way for men to express themselves and their aesthetic sense.

Maluma has tried out a wide range of colors. He has had blonde, pink, purple, silver, blue, and other colors for his hair. However, you should not limit yourself to only the colors that Maluma has tried.

You can choose any color that you want and that works for you. Be as subtle or as funky as you want. Let your heart be your guide and you’ll know what color is right for you.

Tousled Crew Cut

Tousled Crew Cut

This is a really popular and recognizable Maluma haircut. He has gone for this hairstyle plenty of times and looks absolutely stunning with it.

The crew cut is another military inspired haircut and you can consider it as a longer version of the ‘high and tight’ cut. You will have similar shorter hair on the sides and back and longer hair on the front and top.

But, you do not have to necessarily shave the sides and the back for this one. You can just use a trimmer and trim the hair really short. Also, you will have more length on the front and top. Finally, use a hair product or just your fingers to bring that laid back messy look.

Modern Mohawk

Modern Mohawk

As you might have already guessed from the title, this Maluma haircut is a modern interpretation of the classic Mohawk style. This is a really exquisite hairstyle and would suit contemporary men more than the original style.

You have to shave off the sides entirely to attain this style. You can also opt for trimming it really short but that might not have the same effect.

The length is the same from the front to the nape in a usual Mohawk. Here, you can have slightly less length and volume at the back. Also, your hair won’t be spiked and only your front hair will have a bit of flight.

Patterned Sides

Patterned Sides

There are a couple of variations of this hairstyle. Maluma has tried a few different patterns on the sides. In fact, he once had a broken heart symbol on the back of his head.

However, that might not be for everyone and we would recommend that you stick to the sides. As far as patterns are concerned, Maluma usually goes for stripes.

You can try any other pattern if you like. You can go for a complex geometrical pattern or maybe something more artistic. Think of the sides as an empty canvas and create whatever you want.

Two-toned Long Hair

Two Toned Long Hair

It is now time for a Maluma haircut for long hair. Malulma has some really cool hairstyles that would encourage men to grow out their hair. But, this style is for those men who already have long hair.

You can go for a bi-colored style and create a contrast between your natural hair color and another color of your choice. For example, Malulma has gone for a blonde and black combination.

The trick is to color about 75% of your hair strands. That means from the tip to almost the roots will be colored. Leave a good portion of hair around the roots uncolored to show your natural hair color.

Man Bun

Man Bun

We have another cool and practical Maluma haircut for long hair. Just go for a man bun. Man buns are becoming more popular every day and more and more men are trying them out. So, why not give it a try yourself?

There are basically two options. You can go for a proper tidy man bun where you tie all your hair and turn it into a perfect ball-like shape.

Another option is to just loosely tie your hair and leave some of it out. That will look a bit more like a ponytail.

Buzz Cut

Buzz Cut

We think we have figured out why Maluma goes for shorter hairstyles so much. The reason is that he pulls them off better than anybody else.

Just look at him with a simple buzz cut. He’s absolutely owning it and looking sharp and smooth. You can also try out this hairstyle if you want less maintenance and almost zero hassle.

Pick up a trimmer and trim all your hair really short. Do not go longer than ¼ inches and keep the length the same all-around.

Side Swept Long Fringe

Side Swept Long Fringe

We are concluding the list with a bang. For this style, your hair on the front needs to be a bit long. The process is pretty simple.

You have to create a side partition and really shorten the hair on that side. You can shave it completely if you want to make it edgier and bolder.

Then, sweep all your hair to the opposite side. You would have a long fringe that needs to come down to your eyes.

Frequently Asked Questions

People have plenty of interest in Maluma’s hair and some questions are frequently asked. We’ll answer a few of them in this section.

What kind of haircut does Maluma have?

As you have seen from our list, Maluma has had different types of haircuts over the years. But, it seems like recently he has been a big fan of shorter hairstyles. He has kept trying out variants of crew cuts and buzz cuts in the last few years.

Who is Maluma’s barber?

Maluma probably has multiple hairstylists for his hair. However, one of them is Luis Andres Rivera. His salon is located in Miami. You can check out this website to learn more about him and his shop.

Did Maluma donate his hair?

No, he didn’t exactly donate his hair. But, he visited a hospital and let some kids cut his hair on World Cancer Day. So, it was done for a good cause and he posted a video of it on Instagram.


After going through the Maluma hairstyles, you would probably agree that this superstar literally has a style to offer to everyone and for every occasion.

Your hair might be short, medium-length, or long, you would find a Maluma haircut for that. Whether you want a sophisticated style for a formal event or a laid back style for a casual hangout, there would be a style for you.

Some styles are subtle like a side part or a crew cut. Some are really flashy like a modern Mohawk or patterned sides.

Whatever your vibe is or however you want to present yourself, you just need to go through a few Maluma haircuts to find the most suitable one.

All the styles on our list are absolute bangers and you can choose any one of them without any hesitation. So, make an appointment with your barber and rock a Maluma inspired hairstyle.

Image Source: Pinterest,  Instagram

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