Man Bun Undercut

Top 16 Man Bun Undercut Styles to Rock in 2024

Are you in two minds about what to do with your beautiful long hair? You are in the right place. Let us introduce you to the best hairstyle for your lovely locks, the Man Bun Undercut!

This is one of the hottest and most coveted hairstyles around right now. It is an excellent fusion of two fantastic hairstyles: man bun and undercuts. One of these two styles alone carries a good amount of weight. Mixing the two only multiplied the excellence and made it THE hairstyle to get.

Making the right selection for your perfect haircut is essential. Based on our experience with this style, we have picked 16 effortlessly handsome variations that will instantly turn you into a dreamboat. We will share with you exclusive tips and tricks alongside covering these styles in this article.

Allow us to take you through this wonderful world of man bun undercuts.

About Man Bun Undercut

About Man Bun Undercut

The majestic Man Bun Undercut hairstyle is the direct love child of man buns and the undercuts. A man bun refers to the style where all the long hair of a man’s head is tied into a bun. It is usually placed near or on the backside of a man’s head. Depending on variations, a bun’s placements can be modified.

On the other hand, an undercut is a century-old style where the hair in the back and both sides of the head is finely trimmed. Sometimes the sides are shaved instead of being trimmed. This is the classical way to do this style. There are many ways to interfuse these two styles. Usually, it comes down to three things: your personality, the length of your hair, and how you want to style it up.

Let’s go through the styles presented below. We are certain that you will find your new favorite look by the time you get to the end of this guide.

Best 16 Exquisite Styles to Try Out

There are hundreds of variations of this hairstyle out there. We cannot suggest just anything to you. The styles we have hand-picked for you and presented here are the outright favorites among our clients. They are well-tested and received good feedback.

For these styles, your hair needs to be at least 9 to 12 inches long. Shorter than 9 inches will be tough to work with. The reason is that your hair has to be long enough to make the bun. If there are any exceptions then they will be mentioned in their respective styles.

Let’s get cracking!

Simple Man Bun Undercut

Simple Man Bun Undercut

We begin by presenting before you the simplest yet one of the niftiest variations of the man bun undercut. As you may guess from the name, it is the straightforwardly traditional man bun undercut. It is slick and super easy to do. But make no mistake, the elegance of this haircut is hardly matched.

To get a flawless look, your hair needs to be at least 10 inches long. The bun has to be at the back. For the undercut, you can choose either shaving or trimming. We recommend shaving because it illustrates the style perfectly.

Having a beard only adds to the overall beauty of this cool hairdo.

Cheeky Messy

Cheeky Messy

The messy variation of man bun undercut may not appear as slick as the previous one. However, the look is very popular among our clients. Despite being called “messy”, there is no messiness in looking fashionable with it. The undercut can be of any height and size; it’s completely your choice.

Our experience says that this haircut gets its popularity from its workability. It is an easy style to adopt. If it’s too hot in the summer, you can simply untie the bun and relax. It takes only a few seconds to redo the bun.

The best part is that if a need arises to look tidy, you just have to comb your hair into a slicked-back style. Afterward, tie the bun, and you are done!

Chilly Low Bun

Chilly Low Bun

This variation is popular among those who want to avoid cutting too much hair. It is also sought after by clients uninterested in getting a big undercut. The man bun is at the back chilling while a low undercut creates a graceful look. The bun is at the center of focus for this excellent choice of haircut.

For this, your hair must be longer than 11 inches. Else the bun placement has to be moved forward. Hence, having a long-term plan for your haircut helps. If your hair is shorter, tie the bun like a top knot and then move it towards the back as your hair grows longer with time.

Nonetheless, it is a great low-profile haircut to have!

Bun with Number 1 High

Bun With Number 1 High

People who love having their hair only trimmed appreciate this man bun undercut variation very much. The same number 1 length around the back and on the sides gives it a smooth look. The high undercut makes the overall appearance very spirited.

This haircut looks best on people with blonde hair. The glimpse of an even high undercut with number 1 size matches well with the scalp’s color. It appears quite seamless. When done correctly, the bun does not get attention here. Rather, the undercut gets more praise for being a work of art.

It is a bold and brassy look that offers a lot to the wearer of this style.

Low Skin Fade

Low Skin Fade

This man bun with low skin fade undercut is a big favorite among clients who are always on the lookout for fearless haircuts. A skin fade is renowned as a style for the most energetic people. The bold and gritty vibe it gives off attracts them like a strong magnet!

Another reason is that this variation itself is highly versatile. If your hair is on the shorter side (around 8-9 inches), your bun placement can be changed and moved towards the top of your head. And on undercuts, you can even get a high skin fade and make them look livelier. The room is there for you to make the style your own.

Choose wisely, and let yourself emerge as a humdinger!

Curly Excellence

Curly Excellence

According to our experience, people with fascinating curly hair at least once thought that the man bun undercut may not be suitable for them. If you are one of them, let us present you with the stunning look of curly bun undercut that will change your mind!

The beauty of curly hair sometimes makes the man bun struggle getting enough attention. Your undercuts have to be high which will create a clear contrast and enhance the look of your curls. The fuller look on top only adds more glamor to it.

If you do not have natural curls and are interested in looking this gorgeous, just have your hair permed and then get this cut from your stylist.

Top Bun Undercut with V Taper Fade

Top Bun Undercut With V Taper Fade

Here comes a battering ram! This V taper fade with a design totally changes the game. The look seems audacious at a first sight because it goes right through the center of the realm of boldness.

The V-shaped taper fade alone is a dazzler. A further V design on the lower V at the back is an assured touch that makes it even more impressive. The bun almost at the top gives it a Samurai bun look. All in all, this haircut is only for the highly passionate and dauntless ones.

Being one of the most exceptional variations, this haircut requires courage. If you have it, get it and remember that the prize is bigger than it seems.

Bleached with Design

Bleached With Design

In this outstanding variation of man bun undercut, the play is with both the undercut and the bun. Typically, customization happens on the sides affecting only the undercut. Here, the bun too joins the party. It gets bleached in this beautiful style.

Creating a seamless look requires the bleaching to be furthered into some of the top hair. Meanwhile, the undercut is preferably done through a number 2 high fade and then the design is created in the undercuts. You may get the shown continuous heart design or even anything you want.

For final customization, you can perm your straight hair to create a wavy and fuller look. This haircut has been all the rage among our young clients.

Golden Soft Dreads

Golden Soft Dreads

This style is a bit different from the ones we have discussed so far. Previous variations had either straight or curly hair to work with. This time, the ante is upped. The hair is styled into soft dreads first. Then the bun is dyed golden. Meanwhile, the undercut is done through a number 2 fade.

The soft dreads look superb with the undercut. They create an effect of thicker curly hair. And the bun complements the whole thing even better with Midas’ golden touch.

If you are into dreads and highlights, this is undoubtedly one of the best haircuts to get.

Wavy Soft Dreads

Wavy Soft Dreads

This wavy soft dread style is different from the previous one in more than one way. The undercut here is done through a high number 1 fade. This makes it less subtle than the last one. The hair also does not have any highlights. It is simply clean and smooth.

Having a natural look is preferable to some clients. The waves created by the thickly done soft dreads here are one of the best parts of this haircut. According to your taste, you can have it done less thick. However, we have seen that people love the look as it is.

We also recommend it as it is presented here. It has received excellent reviews.

Dreaded Bun

Dreaded Bun

Dread hairstyles alone are monumental. There are many styles within just one mega category of the great dreads. Dreaded man bun undercut is an explosion that has been created through the blending of dreads, undercut, and man bun. And this explosion is nothing less than astronomical.

We have seen stylists and clients come up with ideas for mixing different styles. Trust us when we say that it is always harder than it looks to pull off an integrated hairstyle. Nevertheless, this dreaded bun undercut style is worth the effort. It is gigantic both in size and in being a stunner.

This bombshell of a style just does not disappoint!

Stylish Cornrows

Stylish Cornrows

Braids and buns, it is already a famous combination. Add an undercut to that and you have got a cracker in your hand! In this style, the groovy cornrows are ended with a man bun. Meanwhile, the undercut gets its shape by the blessings of a neatly done skin fade.

Although it is a style that demands time and the stylist to be a master of cornrows, it is worth it in the end. The outcome is simply marvelous to look at.

Blonde and Brown Box Braid

Blonde And Brown Box Braid

A fine style for those who are looking to get their box braids bun undercut highlighted. It looks fresh and attractive. The highlight is subtle yet noticeable to some extent. It is not aggressive and looks perfect as it is.

We understand that this may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Yet, many clients love this style and keep coming back for it. Their happy faces are the reasons why we can recommend this style to you unhesitatingly.

Lite Highlighted Man Bun Undercut

Light Highlighted Man Bun Undercut

Let’s say you are in love with the traditional man bun undercut but want to spice things up a bit, add just a touch of color and see the magic! It emerges as a completely new style when done correctly. For color selection, we highly recommend you get golden highlights.

For other colors, we suggest that you pick something bright enough to add dimension to your man bun undercut, but just not too bright. Keep it effortless to make it look aesthetic and sublime.

Bun with Silver Highlights

Bun With Silver Highlights

This exclusive variation is something not many clients have an idea about. Usually, silver highlights are avoided because they may make you look older. The grayish tone makes it obvious to them. But is it that obvious? Our experience begs to differ.

When done with a clean undercut as shown in the picture, there is no way to make a mistake. The undercut looks so polished that it seems disconnected. The striking contrast introduces you as a high-spirited one. And the touch of silver on some strands of your hair turns it into a unique style.

If you want to try out something new, get this one. You will be surprised by how great it looks.

Crafty Samurai

Crafty Samurai

In Samurai culture, a Samurai bun has a high significance. It is considered a symbol of status. This mighty style is now very popular among those who love a man bun undercut look. For non-Japanese people, this haircut is no less important because of this Samurai symbolism. They adopted the style and wear it with pride.

An undercut with this style is a modification no one could have thought of until it had been done. It then became one of the most desired styles. As always, the undercut could be customized to your taste. However, the bun placement defines this style. It is almost a top knot, but this is how a Samurai bun works.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have presented you with the best 16 styles of man bun undercut. We understand that there might still be some information that you are looking for. We gathered questions that were asked the most regarding this sensational hairstyle. We answered them for you in advance so that you have all the information in one place.

Are man bun undercuts bad for your hair?

An undercut is one of those styles that has no impact on your hair. On the other hand, if a man bun is tied too tight and kept in that situation for a long time, the root of your hair may be left under too much stress. It will cause your hair to break and become vulnerable. Do not tie the bun too tightly to avoid this situation.

Are man bun undercuts unprofessional?

Depending on your style, they may be deemed unprofessional. A low fade undercut with a slicked-back man bun is still acceptable in most offices. If your office is on the tolerant side regarding dress codes, you can easily rock some of the styles we have discussed above.

Is there a difference between a man bun and a top knot?

Yes, there is a slight difference. In a man bun, all your hair (top and sides) is tied into a bun. Contrarily, in a top knot, only the top hair is tied into a bun and the side hair is trimmed shorter than the top. However, when side hairs are styled into undercuts and then top hair is tied into a bun, this style is called man bun undercut.

How long does it take to grow a bun for the man bun undercut style?

It is a style that requires time. You need at least 6-8 months depending on your hair growth for a good length of hair. The longer your hair gets, the better your bun starts to look. Give it time for the magic to happen.

Final Words

Man bun undercuts are a highly coveted haircut. Through many variations, this offers something for everyone. The styles we have presented here are all well-received. You can simply pick one from here that you feel good about and let it amplify your vibrant personality.

If you are looking for a not-over-the-top look, you may try one from the Simple Man Bun Undercut, Cheeky Messy, and the Man Bun Low Undercut. These echo the traditional appearance and are in demand among our cool clients. For something shiny and crazy, we suggest Top Bun Undercut with V Taper Fade the most. You can also get the Dreaded Bun or Stylish Cornrows. We observed these variations to be highly preferred among our dashing and energetic clients.

You can even pick up elements from all the presented styles and create a new look according to your taste. This freedom is hardly found in other styles. It makes man bun undercuts one of the most desirable haircuts.

Pick a style right now, wear it like a crown, and make your life more colorful!

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