Mark Davis Haircut

Mark Davis Haircut: Is It a Great Hairstyle or So Weird?

The Las Vegas Raiders’ controversial owner, Mark Davis, is a notorious figure for having a hideous haircut. And you will be amazed to know that he actually loves this weirdo hairdo and upon being asked he always replied with great enthusiasm that he travels a lot of distance to get this haircut.

He is aware of people’s fascination with his hair. He’s so damned truthful. In response to news stories about the team, Davis has been known to email back, “The comments on this one are all about my hair,”.

In the following sections below, we will be discussing Mark Davis’ Haircut and the reasons why a sports club owner would be exposed rocking such appalling chili bowl haircuts. Furthermore, we will instruct you how to get this hairdo on your hair too.

Who is Mark Davis

Many people including celebrities and public figures often make fun out of a Billionaire’s hairstyle. And do you know who that Billionaire is? You guessed it right! He is none other than Mark Davis, an American professional who is a Businessman and the owner of the Oakland Raiders in the NFL. 

He inherited the ownership of this club from his father Al Davis back in 2011. This is now known as Las Vegas Raiders and he is the Primary owner as well as the Managing Partner of this team. Not only the Raiders but he also owns the WNBA team, the Las Vegas Aces. Despite owning 47% of the Las Vegas Raiders, a contract provision allows Mark and his mother Carol to have complete controlling interest and they won’t have to possess more than 50% in such a scenario. 

Though he owns a lot of money, his haircut has been triggering many of the fans and followers to critique it and if you want to know more about this funny or ugly Bowl cut, follow the whole article and I bet you are not getting bored. 

Mark Davis is the Owner of Las Vegas Raiders

All You Need to Know about Mark Davis Haircut 

Can you imagine how Las Vegas Raider owner Mark Davis had been scrutinized over the past few years? And no other owners in the NFL had gone through such criticisms ever than Davis and the most funny thing is that all these started to begin with his weirdo hairstyle.

A running joke on social media and in NFL circles is Davis’ hair, which is best described as a loosely stitched-together hybrid of a bowl cut and the masculine version of bangs.

Was it a Mere Accident?

You’ll be astonished to know that such a unique style was never an accident. When asked to Jon Gruden, Las Vegas Raiders’ Head Coach, he expressed his frustration towards any of the 

But Davis’ unique style is no accident, and Raiders head coach Jon Gruden expressed his resentment with frustration for any remarks made about his owner’s hairstyle while he appeared on an interview called “Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel” on HBO.

Gruden responded when questioned about other owners making jokes about Davis’ hair, “I think that’s a bunch of bulls-t.” “Mark Davis is someone you like if you know him. You are free to form your own judgment about Mark Davis if you don’t know him.

Mark Davis’ Statement

Not only Gruden but Davis also made it clear to all his followers and critics that he purposefully asked his Barber to give it a go! 

He shared the technique, or lack thereof, he even deflected responsibility from his barber while getting his hair in shape for the HBO episode. During the HBO episode, Davis discussed his hair-care routine, or lack thereof, and even deflected responsibility to his barber.

“I simply blow-dry it, and the result is this. I hardly ever need to comb it, Davis remarked. “The hair is not his barber’s fault. I compelled her to comply.”

And Gruden claimed that they both use the same hair-care method. We have something going for us because we have similar hairstyles, added Gruden. We simply let it fly after drying it.

Mark Davis Talks About Haircut


Why Would a Billionaire Get this Haircut? 

I know that the same question has been triggering your mind. For someone being a multi-millionaire, why would Mark Davis have a terrible bowl cut? In actuality, the bowl cut is not a combination of bad grooming choices.

It is his method of standing out in the professional world, where people usually try to be well-groomed and look tidy.

Davis may have given himself this bowl cut, but the truth is, he would travel to a barbershop long away from California in Palm Desert to have his favorite barber or hairstylist touch up his hair.

How to Cut Your Hair Like Mark Davis

If you had been thinking of getting a weird looking haircut and that is none but like the one that Mark Davis always had then we are here for you with the recipe. Before jumping into it, make sure that no one is going to make fun out of you and you either don’t care who is laughing at you.

Make Your Hair Grow to the Optimum Length

If you are really gonna put this Hairstyle on your hair then you have to grow your hair from 2 to 3 inches long like Davis’ do. But there are some parts which are visibly thinned. You should grow your hair a bit longer than this measurement so that your hairdresser doesn’t get into any struggle. 

Emulating this iconic bowl on your head requires your hair to be a bit limp for getting the same iconic look alike Mark davis.

Visit or Take Help from your Hairdresser

If you’re finally going to visit your barber and if your barber doesn’t actually know who Mark Davis is then you can ask him for a conventional bowl cut. You have to keep in mind that your Fringes will be short , ending just an inch just from your Hairline.

Alternatively, if you want a more fashionable and trendy version of Mark Davis haircut, then you can ask for an Edgar Haircut. Your Hairstylist might discourage you from getting any of the haircuts, but to have to be so firm standing to your ground. 

How You Can Maintain

As you now know, Mark Davis does not want to waste a lot of time styling his hair, which gives the impression that he might have made a few basic grooming errors.

Davis claims that after blowing his hair till it gets completely dry, it simply looks the way it does, so there is no reason why you should not do the same but you should maintain the other basic hair grooming processes as usual.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you had ever wondered about having a Mark Davis haircut which is essentially a Bowl Cut, there have been many questions that have gone across your mind, right? Here are some of the most popular questionnaires with explanations that have been a topic of discussion for a long time.

Q: Why does Mark Davis’ hair look like that?

A: During an interview, Davis discussed the approach, or lack thereof, he uses to keep his hair in shape, and even blamed his barber. “I kind of blow dry it and it looks like this. “I don’t really need to comb it,” Davis explained. “It’s not my hairdresser’s fault that my hair is a mess.

Q: Does Mark Davis’ bowl cut serve as a metaphor for his personality?

A: When it comes to NFL team owners, Davis is somewhat of a maverick. His distinctive bowl cut is a metaphorical middle finger to how professional people ought to look.

Q: How Far Does Davis Travel for this Haircut?

A: According to Keown, Davis drives more than Four hundred miles from his residence in California to Palm Springs simply to have the bowl cut done by the same barber. “In typical Davis family flair, it’s a middle finger to conventions,” Keown writes.

Final Words

What about the hair? Yes, it’s a bowl cut, but it’s so much more. The reddish-blonde bangs, each strand the exact same length, and the geometrically precise feathering over the ears are more of a feat of engineering than a haircut.

So, what do you feel personally about his haircut? Are you going to get it someday? Is it so funny, weird or do you think it’s okay to be like that as everyone has their own choice? Comment down below and let everyone know how you feel.

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