Medium Box Braids

14 Most Popular Medium Box Braids Styles You Can Try in 2024

If you have natural hair and it easily breaks, then you should immediately take measures to prevent it from happening further. You can use Medium Knotless Box Braids or Medium Box Braids as a two in one solution.

This braiding style will prevent your hair from damage & breakage and also will give you tons of customizability. The braiding pattern that you’ll have to use is Medium Sized Box Braids and these are much easier to install than Small Box Braids.

This braiding system is knotless, so it’s much easier and takes less time to install compared to braids with knots.

If you believe that the above description fits your problem, or you are simply looking to get into braiding styles then you are in luck!

Because this article will answer all your questions regarding braids and guide you on how you can install Medium Box Braids all by yourself at home.

This article also covers how to take care of your Medium Box Braids, so you don’t have to search further on the internet for Medium Box Braids maintenance guides.

This article includes 14 of the popular Medium Box Braids styles that you can easily install at home. So if you are on the same page then come on board and explore all the styling aspects of Medium Box Braids!

What are Medium Box Braids?

To understand what Medium Box Braids are, first you need to understand what Box Braids are in general. Box Braids are a particular braiding pattern where the braids are divided into small square shapes.

Medium Box Braids, as the name suggests, is the medium-sized variant of the Box Braids. You can think about Medium Box Braids as the sweet spot between the Large and the Small versions of Box Braids.

It’s not that small so it doesn’t require a huge time to install as normal Small Box Braids do. Also it’s not as bulky as Large Box Braids. Being in the middle of Small and Large Box Braids makes this hairstyle more optimum and attractive than the others.

Are Medium Box Braids Protective?

Protective Medium Box Braids

Natural hair is more prone to breakage than others. In most cases the ends of the hair split, or the texture of the hair becomes so brittle that they become tangled and the ultimate result is hair breakage.

Dryness of the hair is the culprit of hair breakage most of the time. And natural hair suffers from this problem more often than other types of hair.

To mitigate this hair breakage issue, there are a few different approaches available for you. For example, you may use different hair products that promise to remedy this situation.

No matter what product you use, your hair is always exposed to the environment and that leads to dryness of the hair. And dry hair as we know it, is prone to damage.

Doing Medium Box Braids is a natural way of mitigating this issue and offers a couple of benefits.

  1. It protects your hair by strengthening them as you make them into groups.
  2. Faux Locs over Medium Box Braids keep your original hair intact and reduce sudden dryness.
  3. And it adds more options for hair customization without harming your natural hair.

Medium Box Braids alleviate and even prevent hair breakage by keeping the hair hydrated and protecting from exposure to the environment.

If you find your natural hair breaking a lot with splitting ends, you should definitely consider Medium Box Braids to prevent further damage to your hair in the most fashionable way.

DIY: Medium Box Braids At Home

So now that you know, Medium box Braids or any box braids are meant to prevent natural hair damage. This begs to ask, should you try these braids even if you don’t have any hair damage?

The answer is – yes! And we have a green signal for you if you are interested in braiding your hair.

Even though the main purpose of Box Braids is to strengthen your natural hair, you can always use this as an additional means to style your hair, since it is a fancy & stylish hairstyle after all.

Now if you have decided to install braids on your hair, you should start with Medium Box Braids – because it is easier to install than Small Box braids and offer much more customizability than Large Box braids.

So follow along with this guide and learn to install Medium Box Braids by yourself!

Things You Need For The DIY Process

For installing Medium Box Braids from a hair specialist, it might cost you between 150-300$ depending on your area and the specialist you choose.

We are here to reduce this cost down to a minimum by offering this DIY method. Follow along this article as it will guide you in a way like you are installing Medium Box Braids for the first time!

To proceed make sure you have the following:

  1. Rat Tail Comb
  2. Setting lotion
  3. Pre-Stretched Braiding Hair
  4. Conditioning Gel
  5. Jamaican Mango & Lime Spray
  6. Styling Scissors
  7. Secondary Mirror
  8. 8-9 hours of free time

With these at arm’s reach, you are ready to start making your own Medium Box Braids!

DIY Medium Box Braids Process

This is a step-by-step guide, so follow along the guide sequentially. It will cover everything from hair preparation to post braiding.

It also includes some pro tips at the end of the DIY process that will make the process easier for you to get a better result!


Natural hair is generally difficult to manage, so it’s best to prepare them before going into the actual process.

  • Wash your hair thoroughly as your hair will be tucked away into braids for a long time for the healing process.
  • Comb your hair so that they become straight and don’t get mangled during the parting process.

Doing this will also help you in maintaining your hair better and will result in an uninformed braid.


In this stage, you will create small square areas with your hair strands. We have divided the parting into 5 easy steps-

  1. To start the parting process (from the back of your head) first divide the hair horizontally into 3 rows.
  2. Use the tail end of the Rat Tail Comb to create these partitions.
  3. Apply the Conditioning Gel on the division to keep the partition away from each other and hold their position.
  4. The actual size of the square boxes depends on your head size, but you can roughly divide it by 1.5 inches to 2 inches vertically and the same horizontally.
  5. Again, use the Conditioning Gel on the division to keep them apart.

Since you are parting from the back of your head you won’t be able to see properly, this is why you need to install the secondary mirror to see the reflection of the back of your head on the primary mirror.


If you did the previous part correctly, you should see small square boxes all around the back of your head. In this part, we will form braids on these boxes in 6 steps.

  1. To form a braid, you will need to make three groups of hair from each box. You will also need to divide the pre-stretched braid hair extension into three equal strands.
    Braids Guide at Home
  2. Take the number three (the rightmost strand of hair) over the number two (the middle strand of hair), cross the number 1 hair group (the leftmost strand of hair) over the middle groups of hair.
  3. Repeat this pattern and insert the pre-stretched braiding hair in the loop as you did with your actual hair.
  4. Keep forming braids using this process. If the braiding hair comes close to ends and you want it to be longer, simply add more groups with the hair extension in the braiding loop.
  5. If you think you have reached the desired length, then tie a knot at the end of the braid so that they don’t get debraided naturally.
  6. Use scissors to trim the end of the knot to make it look seamless. At this point, you should also trim any stray hair out of the braids to give it a good finishing touch.

Now that you have learned how to do Box braids, keep braiding all the other boxes following the same method till you are done with all three rows.

Second Parting

This second parting step entirely depends on your personal preference and the kind of personalization you want to do on your braids. You can part the rest of the hair horizontally or vertically depending on your taste.

Whichever you choose will show little difference from the outside. But if you have any particular style in mind that needs vertical parting or horizontal, you have to do it now.

So you should plan ahead on how you want to do your partings and install the braids using the guidelines mentioned above.

Post Braiding

You are almost at the end of the braiding process now. In this post braiding process, you will apply some products that ensure your Medium Box Braids look great and keep your natural hair safe.

  • Dip the end of the braid into hot water, this will make the knot at the end of the braid tighter and it will not come loose easily.
  • Since the long braid is not your natural hair, rather they are actually separated hair strands, you need to use setting lotion to synchronize the braids with your natural hair. This will form a good bond with your natural hair and the braids won’t detangle.

Now that you are done with the essential braiding process, you have to make it more presentable and attractive. Use some Jamaican Mango & Lime Spray to make the braid shinier and hydrate the hair.

Pro Tips

You can apply these pro tips to ease your life while doing your Medium Box Braids:

  • Use hair clips to hold the hair that you are not parting, so that it doesn’t dangle over the parting hair
  • Use your thumbs to guide the three hair groups while installing the braids
  • Make sure to pull your hair groups a little to make sure they remain tight but don’t pull too hard either

This marks the end of your Medium Box Braids DIY process. Follow along this article to learn how to properly care for them after styling.

How To Take Care Of Medium Box Braids

You may have installed Medium Box Braids to protect your natural hair, but it doesn’t end here. Even if the extension braids are artificial, you still need to take proper care of your braids intensively. Otherwise it will show signs of negligence that can’t be recovered if it’s too late.

  • Do not comb your hair. If you have Medium Box Braids, you can’t comb or brush your hair. Use your fingers to fix the dangled or stray hair. You may also cut your stray hair if they become unmanageable.
  • Wash your hair. Braids have lots of gaps between the crossover and these collect dust over time. If they are not washed properly, they may make the braids look less glamorous.
  • Also after installing braids a relatively large area of the scalp becomes exposed. So if you don’t wash your hair regularly, the roots of your hair may become damaged which can lead to hair fall.
  • Moisturize your scalp regularly so that it doesn’t become dry. Dryness decreases the health of your scalp. It also prevents any oil from forming as oil leads to dandruff.
  • Wear a silk/satin cap while going to sleep. It will reduce friction. Friction makes your braids frizzy and you don’t want that on the braids that you worked so hard on.

Medium Box Braids don’t very last long. You need to redo your braid after every 4-6 weeks, be that as it may, it is still a proven protective hair pattern. This Extra hassle will save your hair from breaking so it is always better to prevent something than to cure it.

14 Most Popular Medium Box Braids Hairstyles

If you haven’t installed any braids yet and are looking for styling inspiration, then scroll through these popular Medium Box Braids hairstyles which will surely become your muse!

Medium Box Braids (Long)

Long Medium Box Braids

To do this long Medium Box Braids style, you don’t actually need to have long hair. All you need is some time and a lot of pre-stretched braiding hair.

Just install the braids according to the DIY guide and keep feeding in extensions till you reach your desired length.

This is one of the easiest ways to personalize your Medium Box Braids. It doesn’t require any special skills or tools to get longer braids done.

So, if you want to get a gorgeous look with longer braids, then you should definitely try the long Medium Box Braids style.

Knotless Medium Box Braids

Knotless Medium Box Braids

So far all the Medium-sized Box Braids you have seen use some form of knots. Now I present you with the Medium Knotless Box Braids.

As the name suggests, it’s a Medium Box Braids style that doesn’t use any knots, yet it has the power to make you look dashing! It’s also super simple to install as it follows the same instructions like the classic Medium Box Braids.

Medium Box Braids (Short)

Short Medium Box Braids

If you like to keep your hair short, but still want to install braids, then this hairstyle ends your search here. To do this small Medium Box Braids style, you only need enough pre-stretched braiding hair to cover your neck.

Once you’re done with the braiding process, you’ll walk out your front door with a lightweight and fabulous-looking braids style that’ll just rock the world!

Additionally, you can use dyed braiding hair to personalize your braids according to your taste.

Top Bun Over Medium Box Braids

Top Bun Box Braids

With this hairstyle, you get to make a bun on top of your head. All you need for this style is to have tall Medium Box Braids.

The extra length of the braids will help you get a large, top bun like a beautiful taira. So girl, party-suit up and dazzle your friends with this chic Medium Box Braids style!

Triangle Medium Box Braids

Triangle Medium Box Braids

Who said a box needed to be a square when it can also be a triangle? You can achieve this by parting your hair in a triangle shape. This will distinguish your Medium Box Braids from others and provide a unique look.

You can tie a ribbon or wrap string on one or multiple of your braids to make them pop out! These are simple to do yet they provide a look that will make everyone look twice.

Bohemian Medium Box Braid

Bohemian Medium Box Braid

We all admire curls at the end of a hair, especially on braids; it adds an adorable edge to the existing hairstyle. Well, you can also add this Boho feature to your Medium Box Braids.

To get the curls, install the braids as the usual method. When you come close to the end of the braiding process, tie a knot and use a curling iron on the hair ends to complete the Bohemian touch.

Gradient Medium Box Braid

Gradient Medium Box Braid

If you are still looking to customize your braids, you can use different shades of colors to achieve a gradient look. This Medium Box Braids style doesn’t need much work to get done, all you need is different colored braiding hair.

First decide what kind of gradient you want, whether you want to go from a deeper shade to a lighter one, or the other way.

Start braiding using your preferred color and in the middle point add one shade above or below colored braiding hair. Finally apply the opposite color to the one you started braiding with.

And voila! You’ll end up with an exceptional hairstyle that’ll stand you out from any crowd!

Medium Boxed Jumbo Braids

Medium Boxed Jumbo Braids

Medium Box Braids is a dynamic hairstyle. It is open to fusion, and you can merge any other prominent styling pattern with these braids.

As such, you can install Jumbo Braids over your current Medium Box Braids if your braids are long and thick enough.

To install Jumbo Braids, you’ll need to ensure you have long Medium Box Braids. Then use these long braids to braid again, that’ll result in the final Jumbo-sized braids.

Wear these Jumbo Medium Box Braids in parties or other programs to keep the spotlights fixed only at you!

Twisted Medium Box Braids

Twisted Medium Box Braids

This is quite a different hairstyle than other Medium Box Braids. It uses twist braiding instead of the usual three strands braiding pattern.

This gives the strands a rope-like character which looks different from regular braids while using the same box braiding structure. It’s a jolly and bright hairstyle you can choose for your regular outgoing activities.

Goddess Locs With Medium Box Braids

Goddess Medium Box Braids

Previously we have shown you Medium Box Braids with a Bohemian feel at the hair ends. As opposed to that style, this one comes with a mixture of loose Goddess Locs and regular braids.

If you have a soft spot for Goddess Locs, then you should definitely check out this style.

Chestnut Medium Box Braids

Chestnut Medium Box Braids

If you are planning to dye your hair, then you should look at this Chestnut color for inspiration. Even if you don’t like chestnuts, we assure you that the color is an elegant one that’ll only enhance your looks.

Plus there is no dyeing process you have to follow. All you have to do is use the selected colored braiding hair during the braiding process and you’ll be done & dusted!

Short Bob Medium Box Braids

Short Bob Medium Box Braids

This hairstyle shows just how modular the Medium Box Braids are. You can try out the Bob look with this braiding pattern. Don’t be afraid to do experiments and be creative!

Cut your hair short and use metal rings at the ends of your hair as decorational accessories as well as holders for your braid ends.

Additionally, you can let some of the hair strands loose to add the spiral look.

Twisted Bob Medium Box Braids

Twisted Bob Medium Box Braids

Another Bob look fused with the Medium Box Braids is where you twist your hair for braiding. Instead of using the vintage three-hair loops, you twist the strands to give them a rope-like structure.

You can also use colored braiding hair if you’d like to make it look more eccentric and free-spirited..

Medium Box Braids With A Ponytail

Ponytail Medium Box Braids

Forming a ponytail with your Medium Box Braid is a very simple hairstyle that you can do. Take all your braids and pull them to the back of the head. Use a free braid to tie the rest of the braids together at the back of your head and you get a simple Medium Box Braids style with a Ponytail!

Final Thoughts

As we have come to the concluding point of the article, we hope that you have enjoyed the box-braiding journey. We have dedicatedly composed this article to help out those who are new to braiding.

And even if you already knew about the mentioned braiding techniques, this article should still help you in terms of finding your next hairstyle or choosing a care routine.

Based on all the information regarding the Medium Box Braids, we can assure you that this is a protective hair pattern for your natural hair with maximum styling potential, as it can completely change the way you look.

You can consider it as a dynamic hair foundation, as you can form your braids and still change the existing style into a different one based on your requirement.

Overall, we find Medium Box Braids to be a styling pattern that has the potential to glam up your looks by fusing it up with any bewitching braiding styles out there – a convenient, easy-going approach to make you look ravishing each day.

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