20 Men’s Short Sides and Long Top Hairstyles For Every Occasion [Updated]

One popular hairstyle that is easy to maintain and needs almost minimal to no care is the short sides long top hairstyle. It looks like its name; the hair on the top of the head is long, whereas the hair on the side is shorter. These haircuts for men are trendy and are suitable for every occasion. Generally, side hairs grow faster than top hair, according to sciencenotes. Hence, this hairstyle will need less maintenance as the side hair is short. Seeing its a recent buzz among young adults, we decided to compile a list of 20 men’s short sides long top hairstyles to help you choose.

Pompadour with Side Mid Fade

Pompadour’s hairstyle spread like wildfire in the 1950s and 1960s. A lesser-known fact: They were originally women’s hairstyles, back to this stylish pompadour with side fade haircuts. As you can see, the sides have a drop fade, and the top hair is kept long to give enough length to style them into a pompadour. This hairstyle has a clean and sleek look which makes it suitable for business meetings and formal parties.

Medium Top Knot with Hard Part

Bringing back yet another old short sides long top hairstyle is this medium-top knot. Back in time, when men still kept shoulder-length hair, this hairstyle was seen on everyone’s head. The modern-day version has a slight twist. It cuts the hair on the temple short, highlighting the long hair on the top. The top hair is hard parted, or razor parted. This hairstyle gives a compelling look. This style does not fade on the sides, and a stubble beard goes well with it. Maintaining long tresses might take you some time and hair care products, but it is totally worth it!

Classic Ponytail with ZigZag Side

Ponytail started gaining popularity among men thanks to the rock musicians from the 1970s era. And the style is still going strong today. Men could wear a variety of ponytails, one of which had zigzag tapered sides. It is easy to style with hair gel and then comb the top hair back into a ponytail. The slicked-back long hair on top gel also helps in creating an illusion of volume. You can also get some areas of tapered slides shaved to make patterns.

Hard Parted Messy Top Knot

This hairstyle is perfect if you want long hair, but you live in a humid and hot place. Since it is a top knot, it will keep the hair away from your neck and face you won’t get hot. It is pretty easy to style using just hair gel, a comb, and a hair tie. Apply the hair gel even through the whole length of your hair, comb it back. Then swiftly roll and wrap the long hair on top to make a bun. As simple as that. You can also make a pony and pull it halfway through to make a messy knot. The side hair is trimmed like taper fade. This hairstyle is almost identical to the “Medium Top Knot with Hard Part” style shown above. The only difference is that the top hair is messy in this hairstyle, unlike the sleek knot.

Wavy Top with Taper Fade

If you have wavy hair, this hairstyle is perfect for you. As the name implies, this hairstyle fashion a wavy style on the top hair. The sides of the head are trimmed to have a gradual fade look. This look is perfect for college students, casual outfits since it is very fashionable and smart. If you don’t have wavy hair, you can always style them straighter (curly hair) or curler(Straight here).

French Crop Undercut

The French crop looks as elegant as it sounds. Here the fringes at the front of your hair are kept long, and the sides are undercut, either shaved or trimmed in a drop fade manner. The messiness of the french crop is its unique look point and gives a carefree and casual. This messy look is easier to achieve if you have wavy or semi-curly hair. To sport a wet look, you can use hair wax to keep it in place. The only maintenance is cut would need is the regular trimming of the sides. You can try this side cut with faux hawk hair on top.

Voluminous Pompadour with Shaved Sides

A trendy variation of pompadour is the side shave. This hairstyle helps highlight the pompadour as the side hairs are high skin fade or shaved off. This pompadour looks good with a few hair highlights, making few strands of hair pop out. Copper highlights look good on brown hair; golden highlights suit black hair. The pompadour is a very free look, it isn’t tightly set by hair gel, so it looks good on casual clothing. The top hair in this hairstyle is not that long, and shaved side is a must.

Top Long Braid with Shaved Side

Braids are perfect for taming long, like shoulder-length long hair. Long hair is also easy to tangle up. Getting rid of those knots in a whole task in itself and can be painful. This is where braids are helpful. They keep the hair from tangling while also giving a very cool look. Shaving off the hair on the side makes the braid more prominent. This hairstyle also keeps the hair away from the face, making it easy to work. It is a very street style look and will look good with baggy clothes and suits as well.

Flat Bangs

Bangs are a good hair hack to hide your big fivehead and make your face look more symmetrical, like Thomas Shelby. Bangs also look good on elongated face shapes and make a face look more oval. But, if you like bangs and wear them with confidence, they will suits you regardless. Keeping your side hair-trimmed shorts help shape your face and highlight your cheekbones. Pairing the flat bangs with short side hair can take a little styling time and products.

Side Part Long Hair on Top

A side part is always a classic go-to with a crisp ironed shirt and pants, the perfect look when you are a 9 to 5 office worker or a businessman. As the image suggests, this is one of the common haircuts for men. You get the keep the funky side fade and style the longer hair on the top very elegantly. Keeping a light stubble complements the hairstyle. You can also dye your hair in two shades to further accentuate the look. It is easy to manage, with the only requirement being regular trim of the sides to maintain the fade on the sides.

Blown Back

Blown back hairstyle is very sleek, thick-textured, and looks very clean. You can easily achieve this thick textured hair by blow-drying your air in the backcomb direction and setting the hair with a little hair wax—high skin fade side hair or trimming in high fade compliments the brown back long top. You can wear this hairstyle with a casual suit, beachwear. This slicked-back hairstyle suits straight and wavy hair. If you have curly hair, you should ignore this hairstyle. Remember, the high skin fade side needs regular trimming.

Side Swept Dyed Fringe

Dyed hair, if done right, have a charm of their own. And do does the side-swept look, which has a beachy, free-spirited look to it. Pairing the side-swept with an undercut looks very stylish and is a go-to hairstyle for many teens. It is a perfect street style. While dying, make sure to choose the color according to your undertone and skin color. This short sides long top hairstyle is easy to style but will take some effort to maintain because of the long hair on top. The side is not faded here.

Undercut with Spiked Front

The undercut is a haircut that goes really well any styling you to your long hairs on the top. The undercut is also easy to maintain, and a two-week trim is all it requires. You can also grow out an undercut and then get it trimmed into a drop fade or high fade; the options are endless. Additionally, you can style the long top into a pompadour, swing, side sweep, faux hawk, spiked front, and so on. This hairstyle gives a military look and is perfect for both casual and formal events and outfits.
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