Messy Bun

Messy Bun Tutorial: How To Do A Messy Bun For Different Hair Types?

Is it embarrassing to admit one is lazy? Not if you are smart about it. According to science, lazy people are brainy. They find the most efficient and creative way to do something that people are working hard for.

Messy Bun is the prime example of being smart with your laziness in hairstyle. Have you ever been in a situation where you missed the alarm or just been lazy but you have to get ready for something in a short time?

If you find your hair in a mess, a natural question arises in the mind: how are you going to turn it back to a presentable look? Messy Bun turns this weakness into a strength with a low effort and surprisingly short time, and it looks super cute!

You’ll find all your questions answered if you read through this entire article, as we have covered in-depth Messy Bun hairstyles for different hair lengths and types. We have incorporated a list of things you might need during the DIY process and answered some common FAQs.

So keep scrolling to pick out your unique Messy Bun to make it your early morning casual hairstyle!

Why Is It Messy?

“Do it simple & make it cute” – this should be the quote for Messy Bun. A Messy Bun hairstyle is a paradoxical hairstyle because it’s a mess but at the same time looks cute. This is where the smartness of lazy people shines and turns a paradox into the most wonderfully striking of hairstyles!

How To Do A Messy Bun Hairstyle By Yourself

This DIY guide covers the general idea of how you can do Messy at home so that you can adapt to other variations easily. Knowing the basics of Messy Bun will help you to try out conveniently or introduce your own Messy Bun hairstyle.

Things You Need

Given below is a list of things that you will be needing to your Messy Bun:

  1. Texturizing Spray
  2. A Comb
  3. Crunchy Hair Ties or Hair Tie
  4. Bobby Pins


Preparing hair before actually going into the styling process gives a better outcome.  But don’t worry, because if your hair is messy then you are already almost prepared.

To finalize the preparation, spray your hair with a texturizing spray to give the hair more texture.

Installing A ponytail

You might be thinking why we are talking about ponytails in a Messy Bun Hairstyle. Well, that is because every bun first starts with a ponytail so it’s an essential part of doing Messy Bun.

After doing your ponytail, you need to mess the texture up and make the hair look fluffy. So instead of making the hair tightly pulled towards the ponytail, loosen it up a little.

Now leave some of the short hair strands around the edge of the head hanging as this will create an authentic messy look.

Forming A Bun

This part will allow you to significantly customize your Messy Bun hairstyle. The way you form your bun is also dictated by the length and volume of your hair.

Messy Bun Tutorial: Different Styles With A DIY Guide

You may know the basic way of doing a Messy Bun. But everyone has their significant hair volume and length.

This creates confusion about how to do Messy Bun for your specific hair. But you don’t need to worry about that, as this article covers all the DIY tricks for different varieties of hair!

With Long Hair

Messy Bun with Long Hair

Long hair is often challenging to handle when you work out regularly. Usually, the time we choose for workouts doesn’t leave us much time to fix our hair.

Since a messy hairstyle doesn’t take much time to do, it is ideal for someone with long hair. Now let’s get into the process of doing a Messy Bun with long hair!

  • First, start with the ponytail. Since you have longer hair you will have a long ponytail, which is very helpful in this case.
  • Twist the ponytail like a rope but not too much. Then fold it and use a rubber band to hold the fold.
  • Use the extension of the tail to wrap around the fold, and use a bobby pin to hold the end of the tail to the bun.
  • Now spread the top side of the bun sideways so that it covers the rubber band you used. It will also make the bun look fuller.
  • Since this Messy Bun is designed for workout enthusiasts, you don’t need to leave some hair strands falling out.

With Thin Hair

Messy Bun with Thin Hair

For hairstyling, thin hair is similar to short hair. With short hair, you have less hair to work with. Similarly for thin hair, the volume or the density of the hair is less, so you have to work with overall less hair.

But you have an advantage over short hair. That is, even though the density of the hair is low for thin hair, the length beats the lack of shorter hair.

A downside to having thin hair is that the bun will look unhealthy. To rectify this, we have to use some accessories to make the bun look fuller or fluffy.

So, if you also have thin hair, then follow this tutorial to give yourself a cute look with a Messy Bun hairstyle.

  • Since we are working with thin hair, we should definitely apply products that will give your hair a texture, like texturizing shampoo or texturizing shampoo. Texturizing shampoo or spray introduces slight curves to the hair which is really helpful. The curve will elevate the hair and make it look fluffy.
  • Now that the preparation stage is done, make a ponytail on top of your head. Use a rubber band to hold the ponytail in position then fold the rest of the ponytail into half, and insert the ends of the tail under the rubber band.
  • Use Crunchy Hair Ties to tie the whole bun. Since the bun is skinny, this Crunchy Hair Tie will make it look larger than it actually is.
  • In the case of thin hair, loosening your hair up is not a mandatory step, but it has the potential to make you look better. So if you find that you can loosen up your hair without exposing your scalp, then do loosen them up as it will give the hair an authentic messy look.

With Curly Hair

Curly Hair Messy Bun

If you have curly hair, you probably feel left alone as all the Messy Bun hairstyles you see are done with straight hair. But you will be surprised to know that curly hair is actually the best type for a messy hairstyle!

So, if you are one of the people who would love to explore casual hairstyles for your curly hair, follow this guide and give yourself a Messy Bun right away!

  • As always make a ponytail first by pooling the hair in the top middle section and tying it with a hair tie.
  • Wrap it around the erected ponytail and secure it with a bobby pin.
  • Leave the rest of the hair as it is. Since you are installing this Messy Bun with curly hair, you don’t need to loosen your hair. Having curly hair makes installing Messy Bun easier.

With A Bang

Messy Bun With Bang


Bangs are great for people who have a large forehead. It creates a balance between facial proportions and gives you a cute look. Even if you don’t have a large forehead, this bang will never cease to make you look cute. And bangs with a Messy Bun add twice the cuteness to your face.

Follow the steps below to find out how to achieve this particular style of hair:

  • If you have straight hair, then first apply hair texturizing shampoo or spray to add texture to your hair. This will give your hair a rough look which is essential for the messy look.
  • Take your hair (leaving some hair in the front for the bang) and pull them to the back of your head and tie a ponytail.
  • Now fold the ponytail twice, leaving the end of the ponytail hanging from the top to downwards and secure it with a bobby pin.
  • Take some hair over your ears and pull them to the sides of your head. Spread the hair in front of your face to create the bangs.

Partition With A Curtain Bang

Curtain Bang Messy Bun


Let’s explore another hairstyle with a bang that utilizes parting of the hair. With this particular variant of Messy Bun, you will get a voluminous but cute look.

So, if you like bangs in general this will be yet another great style that you can try out. To apply this hairstyle,

  • First part your hair into three sections – two sides sections and one front section for the bangs.
  • Curl up the left and right end of the section with your preferred method.
  • Pull the right section and slightly brush it in the reverse direction (towards the root of the hair). This will make the hair puffed up. Do the same with the left section.
  • Now pull the right and left sections towards the back of your head, leave some hair strands on the backside and create a ponytail around the crown.
  • Hold the dangling ponytail against the rubber band you used to tie the ponytail and use bobby pins to secure it with your desired look.
  • Pull some hair out from the front of your hair and leave it. Do this for both ears.
  • Insert all your fingers inside the hair and ruffle them. This will create gaps among the hair and make it look both fluffy, airy, and messy.
  • Lastly for the bangs (the third part in front of the hair), comb them down so they become straight. Split them in the middle so that two strands fall on two sides of your face creating a curtain bang.

With Short Hair

Short Hair Messy Bun

Buns usually require a bit of hair length, so it’s naturally difficult to do Messy Buns with short hair. Nevertheless, we present you with this simple variation that you can do with your short hair:

  • First, make a tight ponytail so it becomes sleek. We will rectify this in the later stage. But for now, you need to make your ponytail as long as possible.
  • You need to tie the ponytail into a bun. Here use a rubber band to hold the ponytail into a bun shape. Use a bobby pin to secure the end of the ponytail inside of the bun so it stays tucked away.
  • Now pull the hair from the bun to give it a fluffy look.
  • Loosen the shorter hair strands and leave them hanging around your head (especially around the face)

With Accessories

Messy Bun with Accesories

Messy Bun is a simple hairstyle but you can take it a step further by accessorizing it. Different accessories will make this hairstyle look more lovely. If you have hair accessories already laying around then there is no harm in doing little experiments.

You can try using two metallic leaves, which itself is minimalist and renders this style even more gorgeous.

You can add such small hair accessories to make the hairstyle look more fancy. Start by adding the accessories you already have in your possession.

Low Bun

Low Bun

Let’s explore another Messy Bun hairstyle where the bun is in a lower position than it usually is. Also, another difference in this particular variation of Messy Bun is the top hair. The top hair is so fluffy in this style that it seems like there is air trapped inside that part.

This hairstyle is special as it’s following the same recipe but with some new approaches. This is the best one for you if you are looking for newer approaches for your messy hair.

Trying out this hairstyle is also very easy as the basic recipe is the same as any other Messy Bun style. So, let’s get into the styling process.

  • Create a ponytail on the lower side of the head and make it as loose as possible.
  • Make a regular bun out of the ponytail [If you need help in creating the bun you can read the other guides in this article].
  • Tie the ponytail with a rubber band and wrap it around the rubber band, then tuck the tail ends under the band.
  • Additionally, use a bobby pin to make the bun more secure so it may not come loose.
  • To create the dome-like top hair, capture all the hair from the bun and spread them evenly so that they create a dome-like shape.
  • To get a better result, insert a finger under the hair and shake it to spread them evenly.

With Dutch braids

Dutch Braids Messy Bun

Here is another one of the unique Messy Bun hairstyles which is all about uniqueness. This compelling choice produces a look that is super attractive. So, if you want to give this one a try, then follow the guide below.

  • Unlike other Messy Bun, this style will not begin with a ponytail.
  • First, you have to install the Dutch Locks from the back of your head. To do so, start by taking the strands of the hair from the back of your head and gradually install locks and go up.
  • When you reach the top position, create a ponytail by tying the lock of hair with a rubber band.
  • To create the bun, you can fold the rest of the ponytail and run it through the rubber band or wrap it around the ponytail, whichever you prefer.
  • Now that you have installed Dutch Locks and bun successfully, it may look closer to a sleek hairstyle rather than a Messy hairstyle. To remedy this, we have to loosen up the rest of the hair so it looks fuller.
  • To do that, simply pull your hair from the locks and bun.
  • Then insert your finger under the hair and scatter them. This will loosen the hair tension furthermore and give it a messy look.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are messy buns good for your hair?

Doing something excessively is always harmful. Too much twisting and pulling may damage your hair permanently. Similar consequences may occur if you keep these styles on while you sleep. If you avoid this, your hair should be safe.

How do you do a messy bun without bobby pins?

Alternative to bobby pins, you can use an elastic band, wrap it around the bun to secure it. The benefit of a bobby pin is it’s not visible while it’s in the hair.

Do loose buns cause hair loss?

A Bun that is tightened for a long period may cause damage to your hair but a loose bun will not.

How do you make a messy bun look fuller?

After installing the bun, loosen it by pulling the hair from the bun. Then insert all your fingers from both hands into your hair and disorient them. This will loosen the tension of the hair and create a gap, which gives a fuller look.

Final Thoughts

This marks the concluding part of the article. We hope you have found the perfect Messy Bun hairstyle specific to your hair. The most beautiful thing about Messy Bun is how simple and easy it is to do.

This one is the go-to hairstyle for people who prefer not to spend much time in hairstyling but still want to look cute. You will radiate a gorgeous aura within just 5 minutes of effort.

This article includes different Messy Bun hairstyles & installing guides for unique hair types and lengths, so you should not feel left alone.

All the guides are in-detail including the products you need. So all that’s left for you to wake up, style up and dazzle the world with your fancy rendition of Messy Buns!

Image Source: Pinterest,  Instagram

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