15 Spicy Mexican Mullet Hairstyles For A Retro Reminiscence

Going retro is the biggest trend of the new decade! From outfits to hairstyles, retro is the new present in the fashion industry. With the string of reviving old fashion, Mexican Mullet haircuts have made a major comeback in the scene of stylish and spicy hairstyles!

Although getting a Mexican Mullet might be a bit difficult to decide upon for its bold appearance, fear not! We have brought variants of Mexican Mullet hairstyles to suit your taste!

Not only that, we have included a detailed DIY guide for getting your Mexican Mullet done at home! Additionally, you’ll find the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions regarding these hairstyles.

So whether you want a stylish mullet, or a unique one, a mullet that’s loud, or a mullet that’s subtle – keep reading to find out how Mexican Mullets can carry you everywhere with style!

DIY Mexican Mullet

Mexican Mullet is a difficult haircut to perfect, so we recommend you to go to your stylist if you can. Spending some bucks is definitely worth it when it comes to haircuts that give you clean, groomed looks.

But if you are more inclined to some messier-looking hairstyles, or are brave enough to try it out for yourself, you can follow these steps when you want to save a trip to the salon!

Plan Your Mexican Mullet

To execute your DIY operation, the most essential part of this process is to plan this ahead. For doing that, you have to consider a number of aspects in your head before diving into the styling process.

The factors you must consider before styling are as follows:

  1. The first step is to plan your mullet.
  2. Then ask yourself: what is your natural hair type? Curly, wavy, or straight?
  3. What kind of mullet do you want?
  4. Do you have a specific model photo of that style?
  5. Do you want to customize a little?
  6. Are they long at the front?
  7. How long will the hair be at the back?
  8. How cleanly shaved would the sides be?
  9. Would the sides be faded or plain shaved?
  10. Do you want your fades to have sharp angles?

Once you note down the answers to all these questions, it’ll make your life way easier and you’ll be able to achieve your desired look precisely.

Prepare Your Tools

Prepare your electric trimmer and clippers of different sizes that are required for the lengths that you want. You would also need a pair of hair cutting scissors, a hair shaving razor, a comb, and water to dampen your hair if needed.

Line Out The Fade

Start with lining and shaving up your fades from the temple all the way back to the ears with your trimmer. You don’t have to be perfect at this point. The goal is to create a guiding line but try to be as precise as you can!

Trim Out The Lengths

Continue with cutting off some volume from your grown-out hair at the top and then at the sides. Pick the right size of clippers and start trimming off the hair until it suits your satisfaction. Keep combing your hair in the process to make sure all parts of the head get a trim.

Define Your Fades At The Side

Blend your fades using clippers of different sizes so that they make a smooth gradient. Be careful and patient in this step and keep on shaving until you get the perfect result.

Trim The Front And Back

After cleaning up the fades, now it’s time to trim extra hair at the front and the back. Use the appropriate clipper for the length you desire. Keep working on small sections until your trimmer touches all the areas properly. Be careful not to trim too much hair off!

Clean The Neckline

Dampen your hair at the back and comb them toward the other side to move them out of the way. Now carefully clean up the hairline at your neck with a razor. Take time while doing this to get a more perfect line. Seek help from friends or family members if necessary!

Your desired Mexican Mullet haircut is done! If you want a better vision of the DIY tutorial, you may watch this video to get more encouragement!

Remember, if you are not happy about any part, you can always snip a bit more. Feel free to take your time and experiment with your Mexican Mullet!

Unique Hairstyles For Mexican Mullet Cut

When it comes to styling your Mexican Mullet, it is an absolute necessity that you choose a style that represents your inner styling self the best. So pick any of the following hairstyles that we have hand-picked for you and spice up your new look even more than it already is!

Pompadour Sleek Mohawk Mullet

Pompadour Sleek Mohawk Mullet

Mullet and Mohawks are the best of companions. But an added pompadour will become totally invincible!

Cut your hair into a Mexican Mohawk Mullet, trim the sides in the faded shave, and groom the hairline to suit your taste.

Now it’s time to dab a generous amount of intense hold and extra shine hair pomade on your wet hair.

Comb your hair backward while gently pressing them forward to create a puff at the front. Keep combing until you get a smooth and sleek enough pomp. You may watch this video for a better understanding of the delicate technique.

Perfect Pomp is a matter of practice. So don’t give up on this superior look just because your pomp is not perfect on the first try! Your extra groomed look will definitely take you places!

The Takuache Mullet

Takuache Mullet

An Edgar or Takuache Haircut with a Mexican Mullet at the back will give you a unique indigenous-inspired look!

You can add some wispy layers at the crown and back of the head for extra texture. To style this haircut, you can leave it as it is to save time.

But if you do have a few extra minutes at hand, you can blow dry your hair downward after incorporating a drop of light holds natural shine pomade. Now brush out your hair from the crown to forward for an angular, sharp look!

Even if you don’t hype over baseball or Edgar Martinez, this hairstyle will definitely make others hype for you!

Feathered Front Mullet

Feathered Front Mullet

Give yourself a hot country-boy look with Mexican Mullet! With shaved sides and slightly longer hair at the front and the back, you can instantly become the popstar you’ve always wanted to be!

Dampen your hair before combing some light hold hair pomade into them. You can also try a sea salt hair spray for extra volume and texture.

Now feather out your hair at the front and the back with your fingers until they satisfy your taste, and go for this wet, wispy Mexican Mullet look to the model you up instantly!

The Right Angle Mullet

Right Angle Mullet

Give your face a sharpness with this angular Mexican Mullet look! For this style, you need to cut your mullet as straight as you can. Give yourself a Takuache cut at the front and sides, keep your hair long at the back for the mullet.

The key is to shave your hair at the sides right until the back of your ears in a vertical straight line. That will give you a ninety-degree angle with your Takuache and the mullet!

You can style them up or keep them natural, and the sharp angles would still cut some fingers!

The Sporty-boy Mullet

Sporty Boy Mullet

This style is the transition point between tradition and modernity in terms of hairstyles. A perfect fusion between the two that comes with subtly yet emanating the fashionable aura at the same time.

To style your hair like this, you need to have a short Mexican Mullet that has pretty much the same hair length all over. With cleanly shaved sides, your mullet is ready for styling!

For a sporty look, a little messy and wispy waves would do the trick! Add some hair mousse for curly hair styling and blow-dry your hair while scrunching them sometimes to add natural curls.

Note that blow your hair upward at the back, and backward at the front to get a spiky, volumizing effect. Now go off creating your own iconic sporty hairstyle!

The Two-faced Mullet

Two Faced Mullet

Do you want a hint of 90’s elegance with your mullet with a touch of eccentric Mexican  Then this could be your perfect go-to style!

The key is to let your hair down at the back and make it curled up. On both sides you can get angled undercuts, fades, taper fades to go with this look. And Voila! You are ready to attend any event you desire.

The curling process might take a little time. However, it is certainly worth it! So, if you want to impress someone at the party you are invited to or stand out then go for this Mexican Mullet style.

Sponge-curl Mullet

Sponge Curl Mullet

For a subtle yet edgy appearance, you can definitely try out Sponge-curl mullet for your hair. If you already have curly hair then this hairstyle would be super easy and efficient to get! But if not, then don’t worry you can get it done in the blink of an eye.

This hairstyle is usually done with a buzzcut or a fade. You only need to curl up all your hair to go with this look and make two simple stripes at the end part of your mullet to get that edgy look.

This can be worn in both casual and professional settings. But you can always pair it up with your black leather jacket to bring out your inner rebel!

Sponge-curl Mohawk Mullet

Sponge Curl Mohawk Mullet

This is a flashy twist to the previous hairstyle. Mullet is already an edgy hairstyle and if you combine it with a Mohawk then you will be ready to rock any edgy outfit you want! So if you want to connect with your punk rebellious self then this hairstyle would make you look exquisite!

The key to getting this hairstyle is making the longer part of the hair in the center curled like sponges, and you are ready to party all night long!

You can add some setting spray on your curls to keep them set. But other than that you don’t have to add anything to style up. The hairstyle itself will be unique enough.

What are you waiting for? Get your edgiest outfit now and wear this hairstyle to feel spontaneous about yourself!

Triangle-necked Mullet

Triangle Neck Mullet

The eye-catching triangle-necked mullet might look a bit outlandish but it will surely turn heads wherever you may go!

It is a great style for men with short hair. The key is to cut the hair at the nape of your neck shaped like a triangle. It is teamed up with a burst fade and gradient Mohawk to finish the whole look.

You can add side razors to go with your hairstyle and do not hesitate and get this amazing hairstyle today!

Curly Mexican Mullet

Curly Mexican Mullet

Do you like to have the trendiest outfits and hairstyles every year? Because the combination of modern curly and mullet might be the ideal hairstyle for you!

If you have curly hair, then half the work is done. And if you don’t then you can simply get your hair tightly permed to get a fashionably effortless look.

This cool upgrade to your mullet would make your appearance prominent no matter where you go. So embrace the eccentricities of this hairstyle and create a lasting impression!

The Heavy Front Mullet

Heavy Front Mullet

The final look of the heavy front mullet is dynamic and gives you a feisty vibe. With this hairstyle, you will look like an 80’s rock star in no time.

This hairstyle is suitable for the ones who have heavy hair on the front. No need to worry if you don’t possess too much hair at the front.

Get a layer cut in the front with your mullet and it is sure to create some volumes. Finally, you’ll achieve this intense hairstyle and look phenomenal in any outfit!

Retro Mexican Mullet

Retro Mexican Mullet

In this hairstyle, you will get the dynamic duo of drop fade and Mexican Mullet. It will bring out your inner-retro and make a fashion statement!

The juxtaposition of these hairstyles can create effortless uniqueness. The boldness of the hairstyle will spread and boost your self-confidence. If you want to create a long-lasting first impression on anyone then this hairdo is the one to go for. You can keep your hair a bit messy too. Hence, it’s quite a low-maintenance hairdo!

Grab your grunge outfit and wear it with your retro Mexican Mullet to give this look the finishing touch!

Dreadlock Mexican Mullet

Dreadlock Mexican Mullet

The combination of dreadlock and mullet is fire! The contrast of protective dreadlocks and grungy mullet is a bold choice for your hairstyle.

You can add baby bangs with your mullet to get a touch of awe-inspiring distinctiveness. Regardless of the name “baby bangs,” this addition will make you look impressive and powerful.

Turn your biker gang mode on and ride out with this outrageously stylish rendition of Mexican Mullets!

Long Fur Tail Mullet

Long Fur Tail Mullet

Long mullets are a great way to showcase your originality in your hairstyle. It is best suitable for men with mid-length or long hair. You can smoothly mix and match different kinds of hairstyles to customize them.

Long mullets are another name for sophistication. It is a bold and chic hairstyle. You can add buzzcut, fade or undercut to go with it. You can add a razor cut to add an extra bit of spice as well.

Step out your front door with your edged-up Mexican Mullet hairstyle with a long tail you can flaunt in front of your friends or neighbors!

The Sleek Mullet

The Sleek Mullet

Straight hair for men might be a bit tricky to style. But with mullet hair, it becomes suitable for any hair regardless of the length.

Combine any kind of hairstyle from pompadour to adding layers to your mullets. You can never go wrong with styling up your straight mullets!

Make your straight hair funky with this hairstyle and turn it into your everyday hairstyle, so that your friends get a chance to appreciate your fashion sense!


Even though the internet is filled with information about hairstyles, we still find a ton of unanswered questions that people ask about Mexican Mullet hairstyles. In this section, we attempt to answer some of the most commonly asked questions that might help you along your styling process!

Q: How much do Mexican Mullets cost?

Ans: It depends on the particular style that you want to get, and the localization of your stylist. But it can cost as low as $40 to the highest price around $200.

Q: How much hair do you need for a Mexican Mullet?

Ans: Mullets are usually done with longer hair, so you’ll be needing at least medium-length hair, if not, even longer to the point of your mid-back as optimum mullet length.

Q: Is a Mexican Mullet unprofessional?

Ans: Some may consider the mullets, in general, to be unprofessional, as these styles generated as radical fashion protest to styling standards set by certain classes of the society.

But be sure to check with your organization before getting a Mexican Mullet just to be sure if it would be considered unprofessional, because different workplaces may have different takes regarding this.

Final Verdict

This draws the end of our journey with some fabulous and funky Mexican Mullet hairstyles. Mexican Mullet has become the ultimate trend ever since pop stars have started to bring it back in their style.

Also, the edgy vibe of this haircut instantly grabs attention like none other. It is often low-maintenance and a stylistic statement that speaks of your radical nature through your hairstyle.

So if you want to try out something bold, unique, and exclusive for yourself, we recommend that you should try out any of the edgy Mexican haircuts to make you look as spicy as ever!

Image Source: Pinterest,  Instagram

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