Middle Part Haircut

Middle Part Haircut: 21 Amazing Hairstyles for Men with All Hair Types

When we look at the middle part haircut, nothing comes to our mind which made such a huge comeback in recent times. This popular style is now being adopted by celebrities and people from all spheres.

In fact, it is impossible for us to guess what has attracted you to this haircut. It could be the member of a K-pop band, or 90s nostalgia, or maybe even an anime character. Whatever your inspiration might be, we assure you that you are showing interest in the trendiest hairstyle.

A haircut with a middle partition might not sound that exciting at first. Lots of people even call this haircut ‘curtained hair’ and think of it as the only way of styling it.

But, that is literally just one style. There are so many other fascinating ways of creating amazing middle part hairstyles for men.

In this article, we’ll delve into why this haircut is so popular, how to ask for it, and unique ways of styling it.

Why is the Middle Part Haircut So Popular Now?

Why is the Middle Part Haircut So Popular

Middle part men’s haircuts are not a new thing. It has been carried by men for centuries now. Just look at old pictures of Nicola Tesla or Oscar Wilde, and you will see them rocking mid-part styles even in the 19th century.

This is not the first resurgence of the style either. It was really popular in the 90s as well, where heartthrobs like Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, River Phoenix, and Nick Carter from Backstreet Boys gave the haircut a mainstream success.

It kind of lost its popularity in the 2000s and 2010s. However, it has again turned into one of the trendiest styles in the last year or so. There are multiple reasons behind its resurgence.

Korean celebrities like K-pop singers or K-drama actors are currently influencing men’s fashion and hairstyles across the globe. Beloved actors like Lee Min Ho or Park Seo Joon, or members of bands like BTS or EXO are big reasons behind the popularity of this haircut.

Even in Hollywood, many movie stars are also bringing a lot of attention to this hairstyle. Timothee Chalamet, Keanu Reeves and Robert Pattinson are a few that can be named.

This hairstyle recently also blew up in TikTok, thanks to the eBoys. You can’t miss this style when you are scrolling through the app.

Anime is not just limited to Japan now, and has a huge fan-base worldwide. Characters like Itachi Uchiha from Naruto, Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist, or recently Levi Ackermann from Attack on Titan are also making this a popular haircut.

90s nostalgia is huge right now. You can see it in movie sequels, music, fashion and everywhere else. So, that is another important reason. All these factors are working together and making it one of the most sought after hairstyles of 2022.

Who Can Try a Middle Part Haircut?

Now, let’s look at for whom this haircut would be perfect. If you are worried about your hair type, don’t be.

This haircut will suit literally any hair type. It doesn’t matter whether your hair is straight, wavy, curly or coily. You will find a suitable middle part haircut for type 1A to 4C.

It is better to have some length for this hairstyle. It will be difficult to find a cool way of styling a middle part haircut if your hair is too short. So, if you have a buzz cut or something short like that, we would suggest growing your hair more.

Finally, let’s talk about face shape. Middle part styles suit men with oblong, square or oval shaped faces the most. We would not recommend this style to men with round faces.

How to Ask for a Middle Part Haircut?

How to Ask for a Middle Part Haircut

Remember two important rules whenever you are asking for any haircut from your barber. First is to know exactly what style you want, and second is to communicate properly.

You first need to decide the precise way you want to style your middle part haircut. Go through the next section to find some exciting suggestions.

Then, you need to properly tell your barber what you’re looking for.  For example, what the length should be, if you want to add a fade or taper, or if you want dyed hair.

The best way to avoid any confusion is to carry a picture with you. Just show the photo on your phone and the barber will clearly understand what your desired hairstyle is.

21 Amazing Middle Part Hairstyles Men Must Try

There are plenty of ways of styling a middle part hairstyle. To make things easier for you, we have gathered the most exciting 21 options for you. Carefully read through all the styles and you will find the one that’ll perfectly suit you.

Short & Tidy Middle Part

Short And Tidy Middle Part

Let’s start with a short haircut. Shorter hairstyles are much easier to manage and maintain. If you do not want all the hassle, you can go for this style.

All you need to do for this style is to create a partition straight in the middle. A simple middle partition can create a lot of impact for your short hair.

Make sure that you have the same volume and length on both sides of the partition. This symmetry will give you an overall neat and tidy appearance. This is the perfect middle part haircut for those who are looking for something low-maintenance and not too extravagant.

Shoulder Length Middle Part

Shoulder Length Middle Part

This is the option if you have or want more length. Having shoulder length hair with a middle partition is a really cool look.

Celebrities who have rocked a mid-parted hairstyle, have usually gone for this length. Brad Pitt, Keanu Reeves, Chris Hemsworth and many others have had shoulder length hair, and a middle part has worked great for them.

You can also follow this celebrity-approved path and try out the style yourself. It is one of those rare hairstyles which can give you an easy-going yet sophisticated vibe.

Middle Part with Long Voluminous Hair

Middle Part With Long Voluminous Hair

It is actually surprising when you stop and think about how many rock and metal musicians have had really long hair with a middle partition. But, obviously they are not the only ones who have tried it.

From movie stars to goth enthusiasts, longer hairstyles have been adopted by all kinds of men. So, why not let your hair grow out and go way beyond your shoulder?

If you are already there, a middle partition is always a dependable option for your long hair. Also, remember that having long hair means more maintenance and responsibilities. Do think it through and make sure you are ready before you decide to grow out your hair.

Middle Part with Taper

Middle Part With Taper

If you want to take your middle part haircut and give it more character, you can simply add a taper. A taper is when your hair is gradually shortened on the sides and your neckline.

You will have a middle partition and your longer top hair will fall on both sides of the partition. The hair on your temple and sides, basically around your ear, will be much shorter.

The contrast between the short sides and the longer mid-parted top hair makes this one a classy hairstyle to have. It is also appropriate for every occasion. Your hair won’t feel out of place in a professional meeting or a casual party.

Faded Middle Part

Faded Middle Part

You can opt for a fade with your mid-part hair as well, if you are wanting to try something bolder. A fade will create a much more striking contrast.

A fade shares the same philosophy with the taper. But, in a fade your hair is much shorter, and you expose more skin. Also, the shortening doesn’t happen gradually, rather pretty drastically.

You can choose a high, mid or low fade, or even a drop or skin fade. It depends on where the ‘fading’ is beginning and how much skin you want to show. For example, the fading will begin way above your ear in a high fade. In a skin fade, your hair will be the shortest, and you will reveal most skin.

Side Flight Middle Part

Side Flight Middle Part

This is basically jumping to the opposite direction. In the previous two styles, you would be shortening the sides to bring more focus to your top hair. For this one, you will need longer hair on the sides as well.

Create a middle partition, and let your long front hair freely fall on opposite sides. Use some hair product like a cream or a gel on your hair on the sides. Then, spike up the side hair or make them face upwards with your fingers or a comb.

This style works best if your hair is a bit short, and doesn’t go beyond your ears. With your shorter hair flowing in different directions, you will have an aesthetically cool hairstyle.

Mid-Parted Messy Waves

Mid Parted Messy Waves

Consider yourself lucky if you have wavy hair. There are so many hairstyles which suit wavy hair perfectly. The middle part haircut is one of them.

With your wavy hair, you already have amazing texture. Creating a middle partition and dividing your hair into two parts is enough to create a cool hairstyle.

If you want to add something extra, you can bring a messy appearance to your hair with the help of a hair product or just using your fingers. That will have a huge impact and you will have an overall chill and laid back vibe.

Afro Middle Part

Afro Middle Part

When you are thinking about middle part hairstyles for men, the afro style might not be the one that comes to your mind first. It is understandable as well.

Maintaining a middle part with afro hair is not the easiest job. You will definitely need some products to help you out. But, if you do decide to go for it, you will end up with a pretty dapper hairstyle.

Dividing your coily hair and letting them fall on opposite sides is a really fun style to have. If you have long, fluffy and voluminous hair, definitely give this style a try at least once.

Middle Part Comb Over

Middle Part Comb Over

This is perhaps the classiest and most elegant middle part men’s haircut. Comb over hairstyles are already dependable. A middle part with that will give you a pleasant appearance.

You need to put some effort in this one and tidy up your hair. You can’t just let your hair freely fall however it falls. Create a clear partition, and then comb your hair on both sides to make it smooth and slick.

A taper can be added as well for spicing it up. This one is a decent hairstyle to have, especially if you spend most of your day in a professional setting.

Curtained Long Fringe

Curtained Long Fringe

This is currently the most popular middle part haircut among younger men. The style just has an undeniable charm which is attracting everyone to try it.

It is better if you have shoulder length hair for this style. You will also need long hair at the front. After creating the middle partition, your hair from both sides should fall down on your eyes, or go even beyond, like curtains.

To create an even more appealing style, you can add waves to the strands that are falling on your eyes. This style is strongly recommended if you have a long shaped face. It will give you a mysterious and captivating persona.

Middle Part with Twists

Middle Part With Twists

Another great hairstyle for the ones with curly or coily hair. To create this style, you just need to twist your hair on both sides of the partition.

You can go for a 2 strand twist or a 3 strand twist if you want. We are recommending them because these are two great protective styles for your natural hair.

You can check out this article if you do not know how to do a 2 strand twist. Also, it doesn’t matter if your hair is not that long. A middle partition with shorter twists is still a pretty exciting hairstyle.

Semi Middle Part

Semi Middle Part

For almost all the styles you have seen in this list, you might have observed that the middle partition starts in the front and goes to the top or the upper crown area. That will not be the case for this one.

To attain this style, your partition just needs to be in the front. At most it can go till the beginning portion of the top.

Basically only a few strands of your front hair will be divided into opposite sections. The rest of the hair will be just brushed back together. This faux middle part style creates a cool contrast and works best when your hair is shorter. You won’t get the desired effect with really long hair.

Oppa Middle Part Hair

Oppa Middle Part Hair

This hairstyle is inspired by Korean celebrities. Many K-pop singers and K-drama actors have appeared in this style and it won the hearts of many.

You will need longer hair at the front, while the back remains short. Unlike the other styles, you do not create the partition straight in the middle. You need to move it a bit to one side.

Now, you have a bit more hair on one side. The front hair one the side with less hair needs to straightly fall down. The hair on the other side needs more fluff. It will go up a bit and then fall down. This charming contrast has made this a beloved hairstyle.

Middle Part with Long Curls

Middle Part With Long Curls


What an endearing hairstyle this is! First of all, having long curly hair is a huge asset. Adding a middle partition will just take it to the next level.

This is an amazing middle part hairstyle for men with type 3 hair. You should not miss out on this style if you have the said type of hair.

Show off your curly hair with all its glory through this hairstyle. This style is bound to give you the vibes of a dreamy guy.

Split Pompadour Middle Part

Split Pompadour Middle Part

This one is pretty self-explanatory. It is exactly what the title sounds like. This style looks like you have split a pompadour into two sections.

However, you can’t just create a pompadour and then split it. You will have to start with first creating the middle partition. It needs to be a sharp partition where hairs from both sides are not touching each other.

Then, you can apply a hair product and comb your hair to create the pompadours on both sides. They will obviously not be facing the same side, rather opposite ones.

Middle Part with Dreads

Middle Part With Dreads

If you are into the dreadlock lifestyle, this style is for you. Give your dreads a tidier appearance by dividing them into two sections.

Make sure that you are maintaining a symmetry, and there is a similar volume of dreads on both sides. It doesn’t matter how thick or thin your dreadlocks are.

Dreads falling down on both sides makes it a pleasant sight, and gives you a refined look. Follow the footsteps of Bob Marley, and try out this iconic hairstyle.

Braided Middle Part

Braided Middle Part

Another way of putting a new twist to a middle part haircut is to braid your hair. You can truly create a unique look.

As always, create a middle partition to begin. You can take all your hair from one side and turn it into a giant braid. That way you will have two huge braids falling at the back. Or, you can go for thinner braids, and create three/four/five on each side.

Not too many people are attempting this style. Use that to your advantage and catch everyone’s eyes with this exciting hairstyle.

Dyed Middle Part Hair

Dyed Middle Part Hair

A lot of men who are currently attracted to the middle part haircut, are dying their hair as well. This is happening especially among those who are inspired by Korean celebrities or eBoy hairstyles.

If you are a fan of dying your hair into different colors, you can try that with a middle part style as well. Choose any color you would like to have.

You can choose cool cyan, neon purple, slick silver or anything else your heart wants. A middle part style will make it work for you.

Bi-Colored Middle Part

Bi Colored Middle Part

If you do not want to have the same color for your entire hair, or you want to try something extra funky, then you can go for a two-toned hairstyle.

No matter which style you are choosing, whether you have fades, tapers, dreads or braids, you will have hair divided into two parts.

So, you can dye each part in a different color. Or, you can just color one part. This slight change in decision is giving you a much sharper contrast, and making it an even more captivating style.

Middle Part Mullet

Middle Part Mullet

Mullets were hugely popular in the 80s and early 90s. You might not have seen it as much in recent years. However, it is making a huge comeback now.

We guarantee you that you will be seeing a lot more mullets from now on. As far as middle part men’s haircut is concerned, you will rarely see a mullet with that.

In fact, the only place you might have seen it is in Stranger Things, where Billy Hargrove has a similar style. So, why not try a hardly-seen style to make some heads turn?

Shaved & Focused Middle Part

Shaved And Focused Middle Part

We are ending the list on a high note. Now this is a sharp look. Here the difference with a regular middle part style is that you will completely shave off the sides.

You can shave the hair at the back as well, or make it extremely short. This will bring all the attention to what you are doing at the front.

You can have a combed up tidy middle part style on the front. This hairstyle will give you a more confident and assured appearance than any other middle part hairstyles for men.


Congratulations on learning everything you need to know about middle part hairstyles for men. You now know that the hype is real, and you just can’t miss out on this style.

Luckily for you, we gave you a list which contains something for everyone. Whatever your hair length or type is, whatever vibe or appearance you want, whatever the occasion is, you will find a hairstyle for you from our list.

Choosing this haircut is a no-brainer. However, our final tip to you would be to not avoid regular maintenance of your hair.

No matter what hairstyle you have, if you are not regularly washing, cleaning and moisturizing your hair, the style would be ruined, and your hair will face all sorts of harm. So, do not neglect the basic care and maintenance your hair needs.

Let’s not waste another moment now. Go for any middle part haircut you want, and present to the world your latest dapper look.

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