25 Stylish Ways to Wear A Middle Part Ponytail

If there’s one casual hairstyle that has earned its fame for being suitable on both red carpets and regular activities at home, then undoubtedly it’s the ponytail. This hairstyle doesn’t require much, and it can be done within minutes. The advantage is that you get to choose whether you want to look chic or messy with your ponytail.

Ponytails are versatile in nature and they can be styled in many ways. Although the classic ponytail doesn’t require any parting-just gather all your hair together, tie them up, and you will be left with a beautiful style. However, in recent times, the middle part ponytail has become quite popular.

There are many ways to wear a middle part ponytail, and you can easily choose one that suits your vibe. So here we have rounded up some of the best ways to style your middle part ponytail. Before jumping into the list, let’s first know how you can do a middle part ponytail on your own.

How to Do A Middle Part Ponytail

Doing a middle part ponytail is quite easy. You just need to use an appropriate comb to create a precise middle part and then grab all your hair together. You can tuck in the front hair behind your ears. Make sure to brush the back part after gathering all your hair together to your desired height, and then secure your hair using a hair tie.

In some cases, if you want a neat and sleek look, we recommend using hair wax and hairspray to set the style. If you have a lot of hair that is a hassle to manage, then keeping them down and tidy with a hair wax will save you a lot of work. Make sure to set your hair properly with the help of a brush. Finish the style by using a good quality hairspray to keep all the hair in place.

If you want your style to be volumized, then you can try backcombing your hair. Or simply pushing the back part of hair with your fingers to give it a volumized look will also do the trick.

You can do low or high ponytails in this way, just the method of setting your hair properly will change. As you can see, doing a middle part ponytail is literally so easy and doesn’t require much. Plus, this style is perfect for any elegant events or date nights, or you can just wear a middle part ponytail and go grab your groceries-no one’s going to complain!

25 Chicest Hairstyling Ideas for a Middle Part Ponytail

So it’s decided that trying out a middle part is a must right now, but what style will fit your expectations? Do you want to keep things casual, or do you want to take your style to the next level? Well, no need to worry because we have gathered all the styling options for you right in one place. Let’s check them out!

Sleek Ponytail

Sleek Ponytail

Sleek ponytails are highly in trend right now. With these ponytails, you can rock any formal and glamorous events without having a second thought. Sleek ponytails are all about those neat and clean looks where the front part of your hair is generally set nicely, and the ponytail will be slick and smooth to steal the show.

For a sleek ponytail, you just need to part your hair in the middle and set the hair on both sides properly using the best products. Make sure to take care of your baby hair in the process, and then do a ponytail on the back. You can wrap your hair around your ponytail to give it a more natural look like in this picture.

Defined Back Part

Defined Back Part

If sleek and neat is your goal, you can create a middle part ponytail with a defined back part. It’s not hard to perfect-all you need to do is create a middle part, and then create a defined back part to gather all your hair together neatly. Then turn your hair into a ponytail and your work will be done.

For those with thinner hair, you can backcomb your back part for giving it a volumized look. And if sleekness is your desire, then you can keep it just as it is. Look at this sleek and shiny hairstyle for example. The hair has a nice and defined back part along with a middle part, and the length of the ponytail is quite flattering.

Braided Pony

Braided Ponytail

If you do not want your ponytail to flow freely and just want to go for a rather tidy style, then braiding your ponytail is a great option. This is what we call the braided ponytail. It’s the same thing as a regular middle part ponytail, just with a braid.

For this style, first of all, make a middle part and set your hair properly. Then take all of your hair and turn it into a high or low ponytail according to your desire. When it’s done, grab your ponytail and make a regular three-strand braid.

Doing such a ponytail is as easy as the explanation. You can use hair extensions to achieve your desired length and outcomes. For professional results like the one in the picture, you can pay a visit to the salon as well!

With Edges

Ponytail With Edges

If you have a lot of baby hairs, styling your hair already becomes a lot more difficult. It is a hassle to organize those baby hairs and keep them in place, this is why the slayed edges style has earned popularity in recent times.

Slayed edges are a popular style when it comes to protective hairstyles. For doing this, you need an edge control gel and a brush. You can style the edges according to your desire and create beautiful and intricate designs. Our all-time favorite is the classic ponytail with edges that are beautifully styled.

For instance, this is a low ponytail that has been styled with curly edges at the front. As it can be seen, the edges are not completely laid down; rather they have been styled in a way to define the curl, which gives the hair a more natural look.

Curly Hair

Curly Hair Middle Part Ponytail

Sleek ponytails are loved by many out there, but some of us just love the beautiful curls. It’s not a problem if you don’t have curly hair, you can just go for a hair extension with the curl pattern you love, and it will make having a curly hair middle part ponytail quite easy.

This is an example of how beautiful it looks when you do a curly ponytail. The hair has been beautifully parted in the middle, and the back part goes all the way down to create a low ponytail. As you can see, the low ponytail has been done using curly hair extension, and to make everything extra elegant, the edges at the front have been also organized beautifully.

Frontal Ponytail

Frontal Middle Part Ponytail

Frontal ponytails are done to give your hair at the front a sleek and elegant style, while your ponytail stays beautiful. For a frontal ponytail, firstly, you need to apply gel to your natural hair and set everything in a sleek style. After that, make a ponytail with your natural hair.

When it’s all done, take your frontal and place it at the front. Cut off the excess lace and apple glue a little bit away from your natural hairline. Apply the glue twice and set your frontal properly. Now observe carefully and cut off the excess laces again. When the frontal is all set, you can pull out some hair at the front to give your hair a natural look.

Now apply proper products and turn your hair into a ponytail. The middle part will give your style a classic look, and the ponytail will be perfect for formal and informal occasions according to your preference.

Middle Part Bangs

Middle Part Bangs

You can add bangs to your style and part them right in the middle for achieving a middle part hairstyle with a ponytail. This style is elegant with a touch of messiness, so it is perfect for a formal date night. The bangs add the perfect volume at the front whereas the ponytail can be kept straight or curly according to your desire.

Take this hairstyle for example. This dashing style with bangs at the front and a high ponytail at the back is an absolute goal. The bangs have been parted in the middle and the curls at the end are totally fascinating. The high ponytail is also curly in nature, and the overall style is quite slick and neat which makes us want to try this style out right now!

Extended Ponytail

Extended Ponytail

Those with natural short hair can opt for hair extensions to get a long hair look. In the case of ponytails, it’s actually quite easy to get an extended hairstyle, and it looks quite beautiful if you choose the correct curl pattern.

Start off by setting your natural hair properly and doing a small ponytail. Then with your ponytail, do a regular three-strand braid with your hair. Secure the braid with a hair tie at the end. Now take your hair extension and grab an elastic hair tie and put it around the hair.

Now grab the hair and add it to the end of your braid with the help of the elastic hair tie. Wrap the entire hair properly around your natural hair ponytail until it reaches the top of that ponytail. When the wrapping is done, set everything properly and you will be left with a beautiful extended ponytail that takes only a few minutes to be done!

Low Pony

Low Middle Part Pony

High ponytails are always the classic choice for extravagant events, but for casual outings and day-to-day activities, we recommend choosing a style with a low ponytail. And for that, just doing a simple middle part low ponytail will be enough.

Take this hairstyle for example. The hair has been parted in the middle and instead of doing a high ponytail, she has opted for a rather lower ponytail. So you can try this style on your natural hair easily, or choose hair extensions to achieve your desired length. Don’t forget to set your hair at the front properly!

Sleek High

Sleek High Pony

As we mentioned before, high ponytails are all about that glam and glitz. You can easily opt for a high ponytail if you have glamorous events upcoming, and this hairstyle will require less effort but will be the show stopper for sure.

For example, this is a classic example of an elegant high ponytail. The hair at the front has been divided into two parts right in the middle, which has given in that middle parted look. The rest of the hair has been turned into a beautiful high ponytail that looks totally glamorous. We also love the color of her hair as it looks party-ready and chic.

Sleek Low

Sleek Low


If you are a fan of Kim Kardashian’s hairstyles, then you already know that she has the iconic sleek low ponytail look. Kim has flaunted her low ponytails on different occasions, and we just can’t get enough of her amazing looks! So if you have an upcoming event and just don’t know what style will be the best, then give this sleek low ponytail a try.

The fact with a sleek low ponytail is it looks elegant and all set the very first time you lay eyes on it. For a middle part sleek low ponytail, just part your hair right in the middle and set everything properly. Then take all your hair together and turn it into a low ponytail. Wrap hair around the ponytail for a defined natural look.

A sleek low ponytail can be worn to elegant events, and it is perfect for the office as well as formal parties. You can even turn your ponytail into a nice and beautiful braid if you are a fan of braided hairstyles. Apart from that, don’t forget to lay down your baby hair, and take inspiration from this picture for the perfect sleek ponytail.

Bubble Ponytail

Bubble Ponytail

Who doesn’t love a bubble pony? It’s that one hairstyle that is cute, bubbly, and baddie at the same time. When it comes to a bubble ponytail, you just need to make sure that you have a number of hair ties right in your hand, and the rest of the process is just as easy as a regular ponytail.

For a middle part bubble ponytail, you just need to part your hair in the middle. Then grab all your hair together and tie them up into a regular ponytail. After that, create sections of bubbles with the help of your hair ties and place them one after another down the length of your ponytail. Each section will look like a bubble, and this is where it gets its name.

Look at this beautifully done bubble ponytail with an attractive length. The hair is completely black and the hair ties are peeking from each section, giving it an overall charming look.

Zigzag Part

Zigzag Middle Part Low Pony

If you are tired of your regular middle part hair and want to try something new and fun, then doing a zigzag part might be a great option. It’s not as hard as you are picturizing it, rather you just have to create a precise zigzag pattern on your scalp to make this style work.

You can take this picture as your guide. As you can see, the part has been created right in the middle, but it’s not straight and strong, rather has a zigzag pattern. The entire hair has been turned into a nice low ponytail, and the back part looks slick and neat. This is a hairstyle that will make you look cool and bold with minimum effort.

Long and Sleek

Long And Sleek

There is no doubt that the classic long and sleek ponytail is loved by everyone. It’s the easiest ponytail to do and looks so elegant when properly done. So you can try out this style on your natural long hair, or visit the salon if your natural hair is short and curly.

This is a regular long and sleek ponytail that looks great from the very first glance. The hair is nicely parted in the middle with a wavy pattern on one side for a hint of glam. The rest of the hair has been turned into a sleek ponytail, and the color and shine of the hair have totally won our hearts.

Middle Part Braids

Middle Part Ponytail With Braids

If you have recently done braids on your hair as a protective style but you still want to do a ponytail, then it’s very much possible. Box braids or other sorts of protective styles with braids do not mean that you can not style your hair in any other way. Rather, you can create buns and ponytails quite easily with your braids.

Look at this picture for instance. The lady has a middle part hairstyle with intricately done braids all over her head, which look amazing! Medium braids have been done on her entire length of hair, and the hair has been turned into a ponytail at the back. This style can be adopted by any braid lover without any doubt.

Natural Blonde Hair

Natural Blonde Hair

For ponytails, you don’t always have to do extravagant activities or visit the salon every time you want to get your hair done. Natural hair is always there to be flaunted, so if your hair is long, you can simply turn it into a casual ponytail.

Blondes can try out different ponytails and the easiest one is the casual ponytail that can be done at home without any hassle. Look at this picture for example. The ponytail is so simple and easy to do that it will only take you a few minutes to do this at home. She has parted her hair in the middle and turned it into a low ponytail which looks quite elegant.

Zigzag Braided Pony

ZIgzag Braided Pony

If you have an event coming up where you want to look the coolest, then we suggest you follow some simple tricks to take your regular ponytail to the next level. It doesn’t require much but your hair will make you look like the coolest diva in the town.

Still not sure whether you should be going for it? Well, then look at this hairstyle in the picture. As it is visible, the middle part has been done in a fun zigzag way which instantly captures our attention, but the best thing is the ponytail at the back.

Her simple ponytail has been turned into a long braid which looks great. And if that wasn’t enough, pieces of curly hair have been adjusted with her braid in a goddess style, which looks absolutely charming. Not going to lie, this hair is giving us major cool vibes!

Black and Blonde

Black And Blonde

If you have colored your black hair into a blonde shade, then your ponytail is guaranteed to look gorgeous. Black and blonde is that evergreen color combination that rarely goes wrong, so choosing a simple ponytail to do with this hair will be a great option anytime!

If you are not a fan of the sleek ponytail look at the back, then you can choose curly hair extensions in black and blonde colors to give your ponytail a fuller and volumized look. Or, if your hair is naturally long and curly, you can just go for it without thinking twice! Trust us, this style will make you come back for it again and again.

With Curly Bangs

Middle Part Ponytail With Curly Bang

We generally like to keep our bangs straight and tidy, as the hairs already fall over the face and many out there just like the straight look. But you can also try out curly bangs because they look quite elegant and cute when done. Or if you are going for hair extensions, choose your favorite curl pattern for achieving a curly bangs look.

Such as this hairstyle in the picture. The lady has a middle part hairstyle with curly bangs on both sides. The bangs are long and have the perfect curl pattern to complement her facial features. A cute and long ponytail has been done on the back with the same curl pattern, which looks totally gorgeous.

Blonde Highlights

Blonde Highlights

We always love perfectly styled hair with blonde highlights. When it comes to black or brown hair, blonde highlights are the best companion to give the hair a new meaning. You can go big with your highlights or just keep them simple-there are no limits. Or if you are opting for a ponytail with hair extensions, choosing hair with blonde highlights will do the job for you.

In this picture, the lady has a fuller-looking ponytail with hair extensions that have streaks of blonde highlights. The hair on her head is perfectly black and shiny, but the ponytail has blonde highlights which have added dimension to the style. This simple style can be your go-to look if you are a fan of ponytails with highlights.

Blonde Bangs

Blonde Middle Bang High Pony

In our childhood, we always loved to look at our barbie dolls and wanted to style our hair just like our barbies. If you still have that inner child hiding somewhere, you can try out a blonde ponytail with bangs to create a barbie pony look. The style is sleek and elegant, so you don’t have to worry about whether it will suit you or not.

If you are still unsure, take this hairstyle as your inspiration. The perfectly blonde hair is sure to steal the limelight in any event you attend. The long and beautiful bangs are parted in the middle and curled down the length. The entire hair has been turned up into a high ponytail, and the ends have been curled to give it a gorgeous appearance. This style is a must-try at least once in your life.

Braided High Pony

Braided High Pony

As we mentioned before, you can try different protective hairstyles by using braiding hair, and then turn your hair into a ponytail without any hassle. Plus, the braids make your ponytail look fuller and gorgeous, so you should give it a try and find out what the hype is all about!

In this picture, we have a beautifully done high ponytail with braids that are done to perfection. These stitch braids are making us want to try out this style as soon as possible! Blonde and black braiding hair has been used to create this style, and the braids are so neatly done that we just can’t get enough of their beauty.

Sleek Curly

Sleek Curly Middle Part Low Pony

Sleek and shiny doesn’t mean that your hair has to be straight only. Rather you can make a sleek ponytail with curly hair and it will look just as good as the straight one. So for all the curly hair lovers, this is a great opportunity to try out a new style!

For instance, this low ponytail with curls is one of our favorites and we suggest you try out this look the next time you want to update your hairstyle. The hair has a great shine and the sleekness of the style is totally alluring. This style is a great example of how your regular ponytail can be turned into an elegant design effortlessly.

Snake Pattern

Snake Pattern

When it comes to braiding your hair, we suggest you get as creative as you can. Braids shouldn’t be limited to the regular styles only, and you should try out styles that match your vibe and provide you with the ultimate bold look.

One of our favorite braiding styles is the snake pattern. These braids look quite intricate when done properly, and they require patience and skill to be perfected. So you can pay a visit to the salon to get this style done.

Turning your snake pattern braid into a ponytail is easy. Just part your hair in the middle beforehand, and then create your braids as you wish. Then take all your braids together and turn them into a ponytail. Trust us, you will fall in love with this amazing hairstyle.

Dual Tone

Dual Tone Straight Middle Part Ponytail

For making things cooler and funky, you can try out two different colors on each side of your hair and give yourself a prettier ponytail. The classic duo of blonde and black is a must-try in this case. Choose your hairs extension properly to achieve a perfect look with this color combination.

In this picture, the lady has one side of blonde hair and one side of black hair which has been turned into a low ponytail. The dividing of color is quite precise and looks so cool. The end of her ponytail has an ombré style which looks even more elegant. We suggest you give this dual-tone a try and take your ponytail to the next level!


Now that you know what styles will be perfect for a middle part ponytail, there still may remain some questions on your mind which need to be answered before trying out the hairstyles. So let’s take a look at some of the common queries for middle part ponytails to know how to perfect them on your own.

Can I do a middle part ponytail with my natural hair?

Of course, you can. If your hair is naturally long and suitable for doing a ponytail, then why not? Depending on the texture and volume of your hair, you can style your ponytail in different ways. It looks just as pretty.

What is a weave ponytail?

Basically, it is a type of weft hair extension to give you that instant ponytail look. Weave ponytails are needed to be attached to your hair using hair clips. You can try out different looks as these are available in different styles, starting from sleek straight to kinky curly.

What things do I need to make a middle part ponytail at home?

First of all, you need to have hair ties that will secure your ponytail perfectly. Then make sure to grab a comb that will be good for styling your hair. You can use hair wax, hairspray, and hair gel to set your hair properly. Add accessories if you want to give your ponytail a cute look.

Final Words

Whether it is your natural hair or a weave ponytail, going for a classic ponytail look is never the wrong choice! Ponytails are so versatile that you can style them in different ways and carry them gracefully at formal as well as informal events.

The middle part ponytail has been a classic for a while now, and many of our favorite celebrities have rocked this hairstyle on red carpets. So you should give this simple hairstyle a try right now to make yourself gorgeous in an instant!

You can try out colorful hair extensions for an extravagant look, or keep things simple with your regular black or blonde hair. No matter what your hair color is, a middle part ponytail is sure to make you look elegant all the time!

Image Source: Pinterest,  Instagram

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