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30 Mohawk Haircut Designs To Radically Edge-Up Your Look

Although not widely worn on social occasions by the majority of the people, the Mohawk Haircut has still found its way under the spotlight as one of the most radical hairstyles ever to exist. It’s generally popular among the ones who are willing to defy conformity and endorsing this hairstyle is a visual announcement of that practice.

If you feel that you’re someone who’s tired of all the trendy styles that are popularized and made common by a lot of people, this is the place you can gather ideas to challenge that issue. With the most unique & edgy styles that we’ve included in our list, you’ll get the opportunity to break the social norms by trying on any of these hairstyles.

Our article appreciates non-conformity and offers you a way to reflect that thought through the way you look. By scrolling till the end, you’ll be able to generate a comprehensive idea about Mohawk Haircut, and in brief steps, you’ll learn how you can do it by yourself without going to the barber.

So let’s not waste any more time here and jump right into the incredible world of Mohawk!

What’s A Mohawk?

A mohawk is generally a broad style of hair that carries the notion of shaved sides with a thin line of hair standing upright down the middle. The sides are to be neatly shaved and all the variations take place only in the central area.

Mohawk haircut derives its name from the Mohawk people, an indigenous group living in North America. However, their hairstyles weren’t exactly the same as the ones we see in the fashion industry today, and some argue that contemporary Mohawk styles borrow their basic idea from the Pawnee tribe.

Initially, the naked portion of the sides wasn’t actually shaved by the tribal people, rather they were torn off as a part of their custom. Modern day Mohawk however has simplified everything and it currently is worn as a sign of incredulity towards trends.

Wide Variety Of Mohawk Hairstyles For Men

In this section, we are going to highlight some of the most captivating Mohawk styles that men can try out without any hesitation! Ranging from radical to modern voguish designs, you’re going to find one that suits your taste the best from our premium list!

Layered White & Pink Mohawk

Layered White And Pink Mohawk

This style belongs to one of the most unorthodox mohawk trends that you can try out. It not only breaks the hairstyle norms, rather it goes to the extent of transcending mohawk barriers as well. It’s truly remarkable how far you can go with such styles by fusing up different techniques.

Initially, you’ll have to shave or taper the sides. If you opt for a fade, then you’ll be able to draw a couple of shaved lines that enhance the design. Leave the top hair intact on top and all the way back. Apply a pink and white color after random bleach that’ll mix them up sketchily. With all these done, you’ll end up with this unique & diverse look!

Curly Mohawk Over The Edge

Curly Mohawk Over The Edge

Don’t let your curly hair refrain you from trying out a Mohawk! Your hair doesn’t necessarily need to stand upright all the time to be placed into this category. With your long & curly hair, you can have it overgrown to be designed into this particular trend.

To be styled in this specific way, let your curls grow over the edges of the hairline. Taper the sides or shave them clean – it’s completely up to your preference. Keep the hair density higher down the middle, and add a tattoo right over one ear to up a notch of this look!

Sleek With Long Hair & Beard

Sleek With Long Hair And Beard

This fabulous hairstyle walks the fine line between classy and edgy with the way it’s going to make you look. Drawing from Mohawk’s basic idea, it too keeps longer hair on the middle portion of your head and shaves the sides cleanly.

Where it excels is the length of the top hair. Instead of keeping it spiked up with a hard gel, you’ll brush it gently over to one side covering up the shaved area. Throw a long beard into the mix to compliment your hair, and find yourself looking like the most dashing individual alive!

Pride Mohawk With Beard

Pride Mohawk With Beard

Why should you confine your pride only to one month and not celebrate for the rest of the eleven? Gloat your glory with your Mohawk haircut coloring it with all the pride colors! Start from red at the front till you reach the end on the other side covering all the major colors in the gradient!

This Mohawk however works with short hair on top. With shaved-off sides and spiked up at the crown all the way till the nape, it’s going to reflect your views clearly to the onlookers. Add a neatly edged beard to this look to make it look ecstatic!

Short & Curly

Short And Curly

If you feel keeping your curly hair long in order to make a dynamic hairstyle work is a challenging task, you can make it short into a Mohawk easily! With the skin faded sides, this technique should work perfectly to boost your styling potential.

Have your hair sections drawn with your trimmer on the sides towards the back. Once you’ve identified the fade regions, cut down the top hair to make them short so that your hair demands less maintenance afterward. When the fading is done, it’s going to land you as someone with a hot & happening hairstyle!

The Till Lindemann Mohawk

The Till Lindemann Mohawk

If you are into Rammstein music and a fan of Till Lindemann, then you’re in here for a treat! Lindemann had once advocated the Mohawk hairstyle during his concert, and you can easily draw ideas from him because he has pulled it off so neatly!

He had stuck to the basic edition of Mohawk by shaving off all the hair on the sides until the neck. Then, the middle portions were picked up and made into small sections to be spiked up. Once you try it on, it’s going to make you look like you’re wearing a traditional feather hat made out of your hair!

Unisex Pride Feather Style

Unisex Pride Feather Style

This is a unisex hairstyle in our list of Mohawks that you can gladly try out in the month of pride. Designed beautifully like feathers from a bird at the top & back of your head, this style has all the colors in the world to maximize your elation through the way you carry yourself!

For starters, get your sides & back skin faded to create a textured surface. On top of it, the middle patch of hair should be thick and divided into two sections. Each section is to be colored in random order so that there’s no symmetry between the two. Fold them inwards to prompt the effect of vibrant feathered wings!

Gigantic Bleached Mohawk

Ginantic Bleached Mohawk

Get your hairstyle back at the retro generation of the 70s and 80s! Paying homage to the original tribal style, this haircut takes everything to a very extreme level. You’ll probably require a few inches of clearance above your head when you enter somewhere without ruining your hair!

Scrap off all the side hair and keep only the central row considering you have long hair. Leaving an inch from the roof intact, apply bleach to the remainder of the portion. Use a hard gel to set your hair upright standing rigidly, and you’re ready to hit the roads with this radical style!

Colored Gradient Design

Colored Gradient Design

Take the colors of jubilation and throw them onto your hair to make yourself look exquisite – such is the motto of this particular hairstyle. Like our previous style, this one too is based on the foundation of the generic Mohawk style.

But it deviates from the original by applying a few colored gradients on the spiked portion. The root region should remain at the original color, and the following part can contain red, yellow, and green gradually, ending in the original color again. Such colors are the reflection of your inner joyous self through your staggering architecture!

Electric Blue On Top

Electric Blue On Top

Electrify your looks by adding this huge upgrade to your hairstyle with a magnificent Mohawk haircut! Whenever light may fall on your hair, the color will shine brightly to let everyone know that there’s a handsome hunk in the house!

It’s based on the same generic Mohawk foundation with shaved sides until the middle. With the long hair, you’ll need to bleach and color most of the part in an electric blue with the root portion in a purple accent. Use gel to keep them standing but it doesn’t need to be so rigid as the previous ones.

Pointy With Layered Bleach

Pointy With Layered Bleach

Make your head resemble a cockatoo with this iconic hairstyle that has the word ‘radical’ written all over it. Spread up to a few inches on the top, this diverse style can shake up the fashion industry by shattering through all the normative haircuts that everyone is familiar with.

Shave your sides and grow the middle patch of hair to a significant range. You’ll find popular footballers with such looks where they bleach the top half after making it pointy and the layers of colors promote the most captivating style!

Shades Of Black & Cyan

Shades Of Black And Cyan

This hairstyle is for the ones who find peace & comfort in colors like midnight blue. Your gothic side will receive a rapture once you style yourself with this variant of Mohawk haircut and make you feel contended as long as you keep wearing it.

Symmetry is the name of the game for this particular style. The middle spiked-up portions are to be bleached in three separate sections leaving portions of the same size intact in between. The bleached areas should be colored in cyan, and all the colored portions have to leave an inch untouched from the root.

Messy Mohawk

Messy Mohawk

If you think styling up with gel and keeping it standing upright is too much of a hassle for you, we’ve got you covered with one of the most casual styles on our list. This messy Mohawk is guaranteed to make you fall in love with the level of comfort it offers you.

The sides need to be treated in the same way and the top hair can vary from short to medium in length. Once there, use your hands to casually have the hair standing up but no need to apply any gel to freeze them in place. Grow a regular beard to add to the carefree effect!

Very Tiny On Top

Very Tiny On Top

With your very short hair you must be feeling left out of the Mohawk trend, but rest assured that this size of hair can participate in the trend too! If you have a square face, this look is going to make your sharp facial features stand out and have everyone realize how handsome you are!

Almost all the portion of your head is to be shaved off except for the little area of hair. Use gel to stand them up meeting into a common point at the top. A thin beard without a mustache should enhance the effect that this style has even further!

Buzzhawk Style

Buzzhawk Style

It’s time for us to look into this fusion hairstyle that merges the concepts of a buzz cut with a Mohawk to produce the most alluring design! This neat hairstyle should work on any occasion with the shortest possible hair!

Unlike the generic Mohawk style, you’ll keep a larger patch of hair down the middle. The sides can both be shaved or trimmed, it’s left at the mercy of your taste. Once there, you’re going to draw shaved lines at the meeting point of the top & sides, and that’s it!

Spiky Mohawk

Spiky Mohawk

This hairstyle is going to radiate the aura of a hedgehog because of the way your hair is going to be standing upright. It’s one of those looks that girls die for, yet it’s so uncommon that trying it on should make you the highlight of any occasion.

Over the shaved sides of a typical Mohawk, you’re going to apply some hair balm or gel on the middle sector. Keep the hair standing up in a way that all the hair can be identified almost individually. Wearing it like this would create the spiky effect that this style is renowned for!

Thin & Cool With Beard

Thin And Cool With Beard

It’s a top of the line hairstyle that most people wouldn’t even dare to try out because of the edginess it puts on display. But once you see how people react to this piercing hairstyle, you’d never feel the need to settle for anything else!

To get this style, you’ll need to shave the sides even further up so that the middle portion remains thinner than ever. With your medium hair, it’s time to apply some hard gel to spike all of your hair up. Maintain the symmetry all the way to the nape area and keep them cut at an even length!

Chocolate Bars Over Head

Chocolate Bars Over Head

The way our fashion industry is progressing, why leave your kid behind? Have him style into something unique like this edition of our Mohawk haircut. Putting it on should look like he has bars of chocolate decorated on top of his head!

It’s going to work better if he has brown hair. Grownups can try this look too as it goes past the borders of age. Do the regular Mohawk, the only difference would be in the top portion where you’ll create chunks of rigid hair with your gel so that they look like a block!

Casual With Designed Sides

Casual With Designed Fade

It’s another casual Mohawk style that cranks up the degree of style by adding designs on the sides. These designs can be metaphorical, symbolic, or simply something that represents any artifact from a genre of your preference!

This should work only with faded sides, because if you shave then there would be no hair left to draw the designs on. The style we’ve put on display borrows its concept from pop-cultural face filters that are found on prominent social media apps!

Blown To Spikes

Blown To Spikes

Until now you’ve seen all the spikes that used soft to hard gel to keep them standing upright, some of which sternly and some casually. We’ve even shown a couple that doesn’t require any gel, and this particular style belongs to that category of zero product style.

All you’ll need is a blow-dryer for your medium-length hair. After shaving down to a basic Mohawk haircut, use your hair dryer to blow your hair up into spikes from the top all the way to the back. Although it’s a zero-product hairstyle, you can still apply a heat protectant before blowing to ensure your hair’s safety!

Compact With A Line

Compact With A Line

This is one of the most compact variations of Mohawks you’ll find in a long time. It doesn’t demand you to grow your hair to a certain length as it can be achieved with short to medium-sized hair on any given day.

It’s different from most other Mohawks in the sense that the middle patch portion is wider than usual. The sides are faded down and not completely cleaned so that shaved designs can be made visible there. The top portion can be brushed up to stand tall with a pair of short and long lines completing this design!

Multi-colored Tips

Multi Colored Tips

It’s a hairstyle that’s going to make it look like you have sticky notes wrapped around the tips of your hair. A very uncommon style not just because it’s a Mohawk, but in general something so aesthetic is quite challenging to find in the fashion industry!

You’ll be getting a regular Mohawk side shaved neatly. With the top portion spiked upward, you’ll be taking the tips of your hair to have them bleached initially. Once done, pick colors like matte red and blue to paint the tips randomly!

Precise & Decentered

Precise And Decentered

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance look but at the same time break the hairstyling standards by some significant margin, then this style should float all your boats. The strikingly different aspect of this hairstyle is that the top patch of hair is not placed at the center, rather it’s tilted on one side.

It doesn’t require much attention because the top hair is very short & precise. It can be up to a length where your hair can barely be merged towards the center. Keep a stubble beard with neat edges to lift this look further up.

Long Beard With Short Mohawk

Long Beard With Short Mohawk

The list of convenient hairstyles stretches on with the inclusion of this minimal Mohawk haircut that sits on top of a gigantic beard. Your top hair should require little to no maintenance with this style, but your beard must be well-kept at that particular length.

It can be modular due to the length of the top hair. You can spike it up or you can lay it flat – it’s completely up to the vibe you’re feeling on that specific day. Your beard can be kept messy-looking with proper maintenance so that they don’t dry out easily.

Bright Pink Overloaded

Brisht Pink Overloaded

Embrace any color that may define who you are with this excruciatingly prepossessing rendition of Mohawk haircut! You’re going to turn all the heads whenever you enter a room, and everyone will fall in love with you seeing how confidently you carry yourself!

This style is built on the generic foundation of Mohawks with shaved sides and a spiked top with hard gel. Before standing it up rigidly though, you’ll have to dye your color to any bright & vibrant color! We have chosen pink here as the overloaded model so that you can clearly understand the ways you can overcome any stylistic barrier!

Green Waves With Designs

Green Waves With Designs

Select this eccentric and captivating hairstyle that makes people redefine the beauty standards for men! This enigmatic haircut is a hybrid of a few running trends that promises you the top spot on the most fashionable man podium!

With the sides shaved or trimmed down, as usual, keep the top patch of hair relatively short. Bleach them so that they can be dyed later on into a vibrant green and light green shade combination. If you want to push it more, you can use your shaver to draw designs on the sides with your hair that’ll emit a quirky aura!

Distinct Red & Green Sections

Distinct Red And Green Sections

It’s one of the neatest Mohawk styles that you may ever find in the popular trends of this particular haircut! Sections of red and green generate a rare hair effect which clearly shows your radical sense of aesthetics and your intentions of subverting the norms.

You’ll want to keep medium-sized hair in the middle portion of your head. The sides are to be shaved cleanly. Divide the hair into two sections, bleach them all and dye them individually red and greens separately. Draw a tattoo on your skull to maximize the styling potential!

Waves Of Blue-Green-Yellow

Waves Of Blue Green Yellow

Fluffy things are always adorable, and when it comes down to your hair being treated so gently, you’re certain to receive the warmest of admirations from people around you! Breaking the rigidly standing upright style of generic Mohawks, this one lets you float your hair up with just your brush, and swaying would only be a part of this style!

Your medium-sized hair is to be dyed in shades of blue, green, and yellow in short sections all across your head. These sections are to be brushed together to create a soft texture and to be let sit tight like the beautiful waves of the ocean!

Curly Vines Overflow

Curly Vines Overflow

Hairstyles can often be very diverse, but we can guarantee that you’ve never seen such a rare & unique Mohawk haircut under the curly type hair! Your long curls will overflow like wild vines covering your forehead and even your eyes, and on the other side, it’ll reach beyond your shoulder!

Allow your curly hair to grow long enough to begin the styling process. Shave the sides like a regular Mohawk cut and allow your curls to form. Up in front, your curls will have to be twisted together to form a long tail. Add some thick beard to increase the credibility of this look!

The David Beckham Mohawk

David Beckham Mohawk

Our last hairstyle idea from the Mohawk division is the one that David Beckham had tried out back in the day. Among his many creative hairstyles, this one stood out by a significant margin because it has the capability of enhancing your dashing looks with a very simple styling process!

You’ll only need some short-medium hair on top to start off with the design. Scrap off all the hair from the sides and spike your middle patch towards the middle making it into an A shape. If you want you can get a Beckham goatee with a stubble beard so that the messy look adds some texture to your face making you look more manly!

DIY Tutorial

In this section of the article, our experts have broken down the basic Mohawk haircut process in several steps so that you can apply them easily to yourself!

Step 1

Pick a Mohawk style that you’re going to try out. Assess whether the sides are faded or shaved so that you can proceed accordingly.

Step 2

Once selected, pick up your comb and isolate the middle section on top from the sides. Keeping the comb as your guide will help you distinctly separate the sections.

Step 3

Use your trimmer to completely remove the side hair. Follow the line to the nape area and maintain the symmetry. If your style has shaved sides, use your razor to clean the trimmer area completely.

Step 4

Finally, style the top hair the way you want to! You can color them, use gel to have them stand up, or just fluff them up – it’s totally at your disposal on how you want to get it done!

Now you know all the necessary steps to apply a Mohawk style on yourself! Follow this video tutorial for a visual understanding of the process.


Now we answer some of the commonly asked questions regarding the Mohawk haircut on the internet to offer you a broader perspective on this hairstyle!

Q: Are Mohawk haircuts offensive?

A: The short answer to this question is – no, Mohawks are not offensive. Although it’s not a common practice for people to carry around such hairstyles, they have never been formally condemned. Still, we’d ask you to check with your employer or authority before trying out one!

Q: How do I ask my barber for a mohawk?

A: You can either show your barber what you’re opting for or break down our DIY process to him step by step!

Q: Is the mohawk in style?

A: Definitely! Mohawk hairstyles are still worn by a lot of people worldwide and experimenting with different trends is giving birth to unique designs every day!

Q: Are mohawks high maintenance?

A: Mohawks are generally low-maintenance haircuts. However, if you pick one that requires gel or cleanly shaved sides, then you may want to set aside a few minutes each day to refine your look!

Q: How long does a mohawk last?

A: It completely depends on the style that you’ve picked. On average, it can last you 2-4 weeks easily!


Mohawk haircut is far from going out of fashion anytime soon and it’ll keep coming back to the fashion industry by fusing up with different popular trends. Thus, this style will be relevant to contemporary hairstylists and you can try them on without a second thought!

Our comprehensive article has guided you through the entire Mohawk process starting from its origin to the part where you’ve learned to do it yourself. We believe you’ve been able to pick out your next hairstyle from the list our experts have very carefully created to aid you in the process.

So we hope you all the very best in your journey to overthrow the norms with your radical & edgy hairstyle that’ll make you look intricately tasteful at the same time!

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