Mohawk Hairstyle For Women

40 Kick-Ass Mohawk Hairstyles For Women To Try Out This Year

Are you tired of your mundane, generic hairstyle? Do you want to add a touch of glamor and aesthetics to your style? The answer is Mohawk.

Mohawks have been around for a very long time, but no one paid attention to this hairstyle because of its nature. Initially, the mohawk style was to shave off your sides and have a stripe of hair running down the middle from your forehead to your back.

That is not the case anymore. The mohawk has evolved, and it opened up many branches for women to style and utilize this hairstyle.

Nowadays, you can wear a mohawk in any way you like. You do not necessarily need to shave off the sides unless you want to. You can create the mohawk look in alternative ways and come up with ideas that help you achieve this look without shaving your sides.

In this article, we will come across the various types of mohawks and how they have revolutionized over the past few years. The mohawk is now trending off the charts, and people are actually willing to give this look a proper chance. I know I would.

How To Do A Mohawk For Women?

Mohawks may seem difficult to achieve sometimes, but they are quite easy to style. We know the simplest way is to chop off the sides and let a strand of hair run through the middle. But it is not just as simple as that. You have to follow a few steps to get the perfect mohawk.

To get the OG mohawk hairstyle, follow the simple steps below:

Before you start, you will need a few pieces of equipment for your hairstyle. For the OG style, you will need a pair of scissors, some elastic bands, a hair clipper, and some old newspaper.

Step 1: Section your hair into three parts. The middle section is the hair that will make your mohawk, so carefully partition this section and secure it with an elastic band. The two other sections on either side of your head are the sections that will be shaved to create the mohawk look

Step 2: With the pair of scissors that you have, chop off the extra hair and then use the clipper to shave each side. Make sure that you do not shave too much. Both sides must be equal in width, or else your mohawk will look lopsided unless you unintentionally want it to look that way.

Step 3: Clean the shaved sides and trim your hair from the top and the back to make it look neat.

Step 4: Style your hair using hair wax, or make a pony or anything you want to do to set up your hair.

Now, with these simple steps, you can easily do the original mohawk hairstyle yourself. If you do not wish to get the original mohawk because it requires you to shave your sides, you can try out the fauxhawks. You do not have to shave your sides for the fauxhawks. All you have to do is just make your sides look sleek that mirrors the shaved sides.

40 Female Mohawk Hairstyle For All Hair Types

Mohawk Hairstyles For Women With Long Hair

Long hair is the best kind of hair because you can literally try any hairstyle on it. They are perfect for all hairstyles. You can never run out of hairstyles for long hair.

If you are in a hairstyle block and you don’t know what hairstyle to pick next for your hair, the mohawk could be a great choice.

The mohawk is trending, and it looks better than ever. You do not have to shave off your sides if that is something you are concerned about.

I have curated the best mohawk styles for long hair below. Have a look at these spectacular hairstyles and get inspiration for your next style.

Long Mohawk

Long Mohawk

The long mohawk is a trend that people have been following for a while now. It looks fabulous and is perfect for people who want to keep the length long.

This mohawk style allows you to maintain your hair length while keeping you in style. You can either shave your slides completely or use a half guard to get a little fuzzy look on the sides.

This edgy hairstyle is great for many occasions if you can pull it off. You have to understand that this is not your conventional boring hairstyle. People will notice you more often if you wear your hair in a mohawk.

If you think you can get all the attention and get past the judgmental looks, then this style is for you. You can go to a barber or a parlor and show them this hairstyle to get yours done like this one.

Lavender Mohawk

Lavender Mohawk

Mohawks are super chic and trendy by themselves. But there is always space for more improvement and creative addition. The lavender mohawk is such a great look. The mohawk and the lavender color together make the entire hairstyle level up a few notches. The color is smooth and subtle.

If you have ivory skin and want to try out a hair color that is not generic and suits you, you can try out this beautiful color.

It will make your face look brighter. Lavender is a happy color, and thus it will help exude positive energy from within.

I would suggest you at least try it out once. You may end up loving this hair color more than you initially imagined.

Slick back Hairstyles

Slick Back Hairstyles

The slick back hairstyle is my favorite amongst all the long hair female mohawk hairstyles. It is very cool and sexy. The lack of hair ties and clips makes this style even more amazing. This style could be great for a photo shoot.

If you work odd jobs or in a bar, this is a great style to wear. People will be intimidated by you and respect you at the same time.

The slick back is an atypical hairstyle that is perfect for oval faces. The shaved sides open up your face more and accentuate your jawline making it look sharper. If you are keen on portraying your facial features, this should be your go-to style.

Mohawk Ponytail

Mohawk Ponytail

The mohawk ponytail is a hairstyle for the maverick. It is a hot trend that people are trying hard to catch up to.

The best part about mohawks is that they keep changing very fast. Mohawks don’t get boring, and neither will you with this amazing style. The ponytail collects all your hair into one and helps to present your full features.

You can wear this beautiful hairstyle in any place you want. It depends on how well you manage to pull it off. If you are posh enough to handle the mohawk ponytail, just go for it and wear it anywhere you like.

Braided Mohawk

Braided Mohawk Ponytail


Mohawks are not just for making spikes. It can be styled however you want. This hairstyle has an eccentric look to it that people love so much. The mohawk is not everyone’s cup of tea. Whoever wears this style knows that they are always in the spotlight. People love commenting on this style and always ask questions.

The best thing about having a mohawk when you have long hair is that you can tie them however you want. You can cover up the shaved sides too if you want to blend in the crowd. The long hair gives you enough length to make braids or do any other hairstyle you want.

The best place to wear this hairstyle is in a club paired with a denim jacket, sported by a crop top and a pair of converse. You can add some shades you will, but your look is fire with this combo as it is.

Mohawk With An Undercut

Mohawk With An Undercut

We have come across various mohawk styles, but the mohawk with an undercut is a different one. It is sassy and classy. The undercut has chill vibes, and it shows how cool you are.

For this look, you do not have to shave off your sides. Use can just fade the sides or add slits to it, and at the back of your head, you can get the undercut.

The undercut can be of any shape and size. Not shaving the sides does not make any difference as long as the mohawk looks like it, and this one definitely looks like an absolutely gorgeous one.

French Braided Mohawk

French braided Mohawk

The French braided mohawk is created by braiding your hair in a french braid. It is a very elegant and neat mohawk style. This style helps mainly to keep your hair secured in place and allows you to do your chores without getting anything in the way.

This is also a great mohawk style if you are preparing to attend a wedding. You can french braid your mohawk hairstyle to make it look romantic, soft, and sultry.

You can pair your french braided mohawk with a white satin dress, with a slit on the side to show off your long legs and a pair of t-straps or kitten heels. You will look great at the wedding in this outfit and might also catch a few eyes batting your way.

Side-Parted Mohawk

Side Parted Mohawk

Side-parted mohawk might not seem like your everyday mohawk, but this is the 21st century, and everything is evolving, so is the mohawk. The mohawk is not just an emo hairstyle anymore.

This style has been played with and now has a lot more variety than there initially was. You wouldn’t think of going to a decent meeting or a proper function wearing this hairstyle because it was too loud.

Now, the mohawk is accepted everywhere, and you can style it in ways that will allow you to look proper for any setting.

The side-parted mohawk is one of those styles where you can just let down your hair and create a side part. This allows more dimension to your look. Your hair falls beautifully on one side of your face, allowing the other exposed side for people to swoon over.

This style goes best with any outfit, but it looks best with a silhouette dress and a pair of black pumps. If you like this style, then you can easily get it. You can either do it yourself or ask your best salon person to help you out with this. Either way, you’re gonna look great.

Pumped Up Mohawk

Pumped Up Mohawk

The pumped-up mohawk creates a volumized look overall. If you have a round face and you’re interested in getting a mohawk, then the pumped-up mohawk just might be the right look for you.

It will elongate your face and make it look petite and dainty. For this look, you should not totally shave off your sides, as more exposed skin on fuller faces make it look rounder. You should avoid this, and you should also refrain from shaving or fading large chunks from both sides of your head.

This is a great Coachella look, and you can also wear it to a lot more places. This mohawk look could be your biker-girl aesthetic and if you like the sound of that, wait till you pair it with a black leather jacket and a pair of Rayban Aviators.

Crafter’s Mohawk

Crafter's Mohawk

This particular mohawk is the most radical-looking out there. The crafter’s mohawk is a style that best goes with people who like to create. It is perfect for a ramp walk.

It is a look that artists can re-create. Crafter’s mohawk is named like this because achieving this hairstyle feels like crafting. You have to move forward with strategy and think further than what a single knot may produce.

This artistic hairstyle best suits when you are wearing a corset with a sheer tunic and with a pair of stilettos.

I am sure you are intrigued to try out this look just to see if you can do a little cat-walk all by yourself. If this piques your interest, then go ahead.

Female Mohawk Hairstyles For Medium Hair

Medium hair is famous for being notorious from time to time. This hair length is great for looks that do not look very good on long hair or short hair.

Regardless, this hair length is perfect for someone who is not willing to have short hair or long hair. This is a good moderation of hair.

It is easy to manage and look after, and you don’t have to worry about your hair wash day, unlike long hair.

Now, the medium hair length is great and all, but it can be quite quirky sometimes. There are also some pretty repetitive styles that the medium-length hair people wear a lot.

So, if you’re planning to break out of that stigma, you must try out the mohawk for medium-length hair, and make that happen as soon as possible.

It will not only bring a change to the way you style yourself but you will feel more confident and happier in general.

Let It Down

Let It Down Mohawk

This style is a mixture of letting your hair down and a mohawk. To create the mohawk, the middle section is braided and the rest of the hair is allowed to fall beautifully over your shoulder.

You can have shaved sides if you wish, but letting down the hair covers up part of it. This mohawk style is very feminine and looks splendid. If you are looking for a mohawk style that is appropriate for every occasion, you’re looking at it.

You can wear any sort of outfit with this one, and it’ll look fantastic. If you asked me for suggestions, I’d say wear a pair of shorts with a cute little T-shirt and a pair of Nike air force.

Faux Mohawk

Faux Mohawk

The faux mohawk is a rendition of the actual mohawk. You pull all your hair towards the middle and make it look like a mohawk, without shaving the sides or any sort of elimination of your hair.

The whole idea of this style is to make it look like a mohawk without actually going through the process of the mohawk.

This style works best with medium-length hair because you can equally distribute your hair in the middle and create the look without your hair bending in weird ways.

If you want a mohawk without having to get a haircut, then the faux mohawk is your best bet.

Pink And Blue

Pink And Blue Mohawk

The Mohawk hairstyle is not a very subtle style in the slightest, but if this not-so-subtle style seems to have gotten you bored, then you can choose to dye it out.

The pink and blue colors make a great pair, and adding both colors to your hairstyle will flare up your look.

This is a top-notch hairstyle, and there is no way you will go unnoticed in a crowd. If you are hoping to grab someone’s attention, let me tell you this, the pink and blue hair color will not fail you.

Mullet Style

Mullet Style Mohawk

Adding a mullet to the mohawk is like the amalgamation of two gems. These two fit together like peanut butter and jelly.

This genius idea has changed the way people look at these two hairstyles individually. The mullet style mohawk is like the goodness of two amazing styles meshed into one.

This is also a great option if you are confused between getting mullet or a mohawk. You can opt for this mind-blowing option that you will not regret.


Wavy Mohawk

Styling your mohawk in waves is a great way to show how versatile you can get with a mohawk. It is a great style and frames your face perfectly.

The waves pull away from the sight of the face to the way it looks. If you have fine lines and wrinkles, the wavy mohawk might just be what you need. This style helps to make you look younger and tactically hides away your imperfections.

If you think you can rock this style and pull it off like a queen in any situation, then what is making you wait to get your hair styled? You should not wait to get something you are a pro at.


Spiky Mohawk

The spiky mohawk is the general mohawk style. This is the origin of this style. People from death metal bands wore this style a lot initially. This style then became famous amongst the emo kids and punks.

Later, people added more adjustments to this style and made it comfortable enough for others to try it out too. If you are a fan of the OG mohawk, then the spiky hairstyle is definitely something that will interest you.

Inverse Mohawk

Inverse Mohawk

The inverse mohawk is your everyday mohawk, but instead you the hair pointing towards the back of your head, it is pointed towards your forehead.

All your hair beginning from the nape of your neck to your hairline is inclined towards the front. This crazy mohawk is an absolutely stunning hairstyle, and it is one of the coolest hairstyles out there.

If you want to up your hair game and get a total 360, then the inverse mohawk could be a redefining start.

Long Sideburn

Long Sideburn

The long sideburns are a great addition to the mohawk. They add a different look to this style. This is the 21st century, and people have seen almost everything.

Nothing is quite unique anymore. Everyone has tried out everything. So, adding the sideburn to the mohawk is a way to spice up this style and make it look a little different from all the other mohawk-wearing dudes and dudettes.

Fishtail Mohawk

Fishtail Mohawk

The fishtail mohawk is quite a luxurious hairstyle. This debonair hairstyle makes you look exquisite and cultured.

This sophisticated hairstyle exudes confidence. Wearing the fishtail mohawk will allow you to embark on a fashion journey that you might have deemed of.

The volume on the top and the skinny fishtail braid below is an amazing contrast. It complements the look and bounces off of each other beautifully.

If you want a decorous style, you should get the fishtail mohawk without a doubt.

Assorted Braid Faux Hawk

Assorted Braid Faux Hawk

The assorted braided faux hawk is pretty self-explanatory. The name itself says what the hairstyle is about.

The mohawk in this style is created using very beautiful braids. These braids are braided on the side of these people’s heads, and the rest of the hair in the middle is volumized to create the exact look.

Even though it is not the typical mohawk, it is a beautiful hairstyle, and everyone should at least appreciate the hard work and the effort that goes into creating something as beautiful as this.

Mohawk Hairstyles For Women With Short Hair

Who said you can’t rock a mohawk in short hair? Whoever came up with this notion needs to get their facts checked because they are anything but right.

Short hair is technically perfect for mohawks and other such styles. It takes the least amount of time to style short hair, and they elevate styles like the mohawk to top-notch.

Creating the mohawk style on short hair is very simple and easy to do. You can mix and match your styles and let your mohawk make you shine through the day.

The combination of short hair and the mohawk looks bomb, and it also makes you seem very confident. People might be intimidated by you at some point.

The short hair mohawk exudes elegance and demands your respect at any given point. So, don’t try to mess with someone who has short hair and a mohawk, because they are confident and unstoppable.


Pixie Mohawk

The pixie mohawk is the most common. This mohawk is very cute, trendy, chic, and worthy of all the gossip.

It is very easy to handle and requires a lot less time. The pixie mohawk is great and looks amazing with a lot of outfits.

You could either wear shorts or a dress with this if you would want. The pixie mohawk is an all-time favorite, and I think you should give it a try.


Mohawk Detailed

A detailed pixie is a clever way of making use of the shaved sides. Here you don’t totally shave off the sides. Instead of just shaving the sides off, you create patterns on your sides on the little fuzz that remains.

This is an exceptional way to portray your hairstyle. If you like the way this style is created, and you want to get this style for yourself, then just go to your barber and ask him to make patterns or detailed designs on your sides. If you want the exact same design, then show your barber this image for reference.

This style is as chic as it gets and is trending up the charts. The best way to wear this hairstyle is with a pair of skinny jeans and a muscle t-shirt. This gives you a free-spirited look and allows your swift mobility.

Dutch Braids

Dutch Braids Mohawk

French braiding and tightly securing your hair aren’t the only ways to create a mohawk look. There are other ways the mohawk can be styled.

The dutch braids are a clever way to style the mohawk. If your hair is not super short, you can dutch braid them. This mohawk is eccentric, and it is quite a beautiful rendition of the generic mohawk.

Females who want to style their mohawks a little differently can get their hands on the dutch braids. This hairstyle is a great look for parties and hangouts. It is also perfect if you have to travel for hours, or if you have a long road trip planned.


Green Colored Mohawk

Mohawks are an interesting hairstyle. It exudes rebellious energy. This hair is a way to show the world that you’re here to stay and you demand attention.

If you have a mohawk that you seem to have gotten bored of, then the best advice for you would be to dye your hair. The green mohawk is an excellent hair color choice. It is calm and clean. The green looks lovely against ivory skin.

If you have an olive skin tone, or if you’re a Latinx person, then the green color is a superb choice for your hair. It will look phenomenal against your skin tone. It will elevate and compliment your features and make your eyes pop because of the contrast it creates.

Faded Mohawk

Faded Mohawk

The faded mohawks are a wonderful way to portray your sides. For this particular style, you have to have short hair, and you should not shave your sides completely.

To achieve this distinctive style you have to make sure that your sides are faded in steps. This creates a layer of light to dark shades, allowing a clean look to this hairstyle. The faded sides make the mohawk look smooth because it creates an illusion of your hairstyle. It makes the top look voluminous and healthy.

If you like the faded mohawk, go to the nearest salon and ask the hairstylist to give you a nice fade on both sides. That is all this hairstyle requires, but make sure your hairdresser is an expert and knows what they are doing. If not, then it is quite easy to mess up your hairstyle.

Orange And Yellow

Orange And Yellow Mohawk

The orange and yellow mohawk is a majestic combination of colors. They look amazing together. It makes the hairstyle look like it arrived right out of the sky because of the sunset effects it has.

This color combination is bound to turn a few heads your way and make you the center of attraction anywhere you go. It is impossible to miss this color. People will compliment your hair and be willing to talk to you a lot more.

If you want a hairstyle that grabs everyone’s attention in the room, then you have the orange and yellow mohawk. You can go for this style without a doubt.


Curly Mohawk

Curly mohawks are amongst the sexiest mohawks out there. It is exquisite, and it deserves all the compliments.

If you have naturally curly hair, then this is a great style for you to try on. It will make you look glamorous but also as if you have a purpose.

This is an elegant hairstyle for a formal setting. You can pair up this hairstyle with a long white dress and a pair of stilettos. The complete look makes your aura magnificent, and you’ll look the best dressed in the room.

Platinum Blonde

Platinum Blonde

If you want a hairstyle that is a sure shot at setting you apart in a room full of people, then the platinum blonde mohawk is your number one choice.

Platinum hair is a quintessential hair color, and when you pair it up with the mohawk it becomes other-worldly.

IF you like what you see, then it will be best for you to find a good colorist because achieving the platinum blonde in one go is rather difficult. It may ruin your hair if you try it out on your own.

Ash Gray

Ash Gray Blonde

Mohawks are an amazing style for older women. These are extremely stylish, and they make you look super fun and exciting.

You can’t just expect all old people to sit around with Karen hairstyles. Some of them want to style their hair and have a little fun.

For older women, sporting a mohawk is quite newfangled but that does not mean it isn’t allowed. Wearing this badass hairstyle with their natural ash gray hair color makes them look more fun and outgoing.

This hairstyle will allow them to mix with the younger generation easily and give them something interesting to talk about.


Purple Mohawk

The purple mohawk is a beautiful way to wear your hair. This color is cool and calm, and it catches everyone’s eyes.

You cannot go wrong with purple. It is a great hair color and is perfect for all settings. It is not too loud or too boring. It has just the right amount of oomph to make you stand out.

If you like this style, then there is no reason for you to wait. Just go to your nearest salon and ask the hairstylist to help you achieve it. It will look great on you, irrespective of your skin tone.

Mohawk Hairstyles For Black Women

Black women usually have type 4 hair. This is the most common hair type in most African American people.

Type 4 hair varies from type 2 to 3 that we naturally have. This hair type is usually curly and thick. This sometimes makes it a bit difficult to style your hair but not impossible. With this hair type, you just have to add more steps to get your desired look.

One of the hairstyles that look best on type 4 hair is the mohawk. Black women in mohawk hair are the most badass looking women, and you know they can easily take you if a fight breaks out.

If you are interested in getting a mohawk for yourself, then look at this amazing list below that consists of the best mohawk hairstyles for black women.

Afro Hawk

Afro Hawk

The afro hawk is a mohawk hairstyle that is easily achievable on the afro hair. It is a great hairstyle that requires minimum effort to achieve, and it makes you look astounding.

If you have afro hair and you’re in search of a great hairstyle, then the afro hawk is a great mohawk look that you can go for. It will make you look flawless, but also show off your hair.

This hairstyle will go with any outfit and pair of shoes. All you have to do to look great every day is to just wear clothes that make up a good combination of colors.

Gray Curls

Gray Curls Mohawk Style

The gray curls are an amazing way to show off your mohawks. The combination of your natural hair with this color makes it look outstanding.

If you think that you can easily pull off this hairstyle, then you should go for it without a doubt. The gray mohawks against your chocolate skin are a tremendous combination. This color will compliment your skin tone and make you look extra stylish.

Bun Mohawk

Bun Mohawk

Mohawks are not only meant for you to keep your hair down or to pair up with pixies. Mohawks also pair up beautifully with long braided hair.

If your mohawk consists of long braids, then you can simply just make a bun out of it on your head. It will allow you to show off your mohawk.

This hairstyle is not quite popular amongst middle-aged women because it keeps all your hair out of the way and makes it a lot easier for you to do your everyday chores. If you like what you see, then you must get this style without a doubt.

Copper Orange

Copper Orange Mohawk

Black women with mohawks are not something new. They have been sporting this hairstyle since the beginning. No one rocks a mohawk like black women because they are sure of themselves, and they exude so much confidence.

If you are among one of these women who have had a mohawk for a while, then this is your sign to ruffle up your style. The mohawk is great, but it is time to spice it up a little by incorporating a sexy, sensuous color.

The copper orange is an amazing choice of color for this style. It is perfect in every way. It compliments dark skin shades and makes you glow. This is a perfect hairstyle for you if you need a change from your mundane hairstyle.

Long Braid

Long Braid Mohawk

Long braids are a great way to show off your mohawks. Black women tend to have very coarse and thick hair. To manage this hair, they usually braid them up and leave them for a few weeks unless it is time for a change.

Long braids with the mohawk are a phenomenal way to carry your hair. The mohawk is not only amazing to look at, but it also helps to take off some weight from your hair. It allows your scalp to relax a little due to the shaved sides.

If you want a hairstyle that is good to look at and serves you in other ways, then the long braid mohawk is a good choice to go for.

Black And Gold

Black And Gold

The incorporation of black and gold with the mohawk is a spectacular way to show off your hairstyle. It is a funky hairstyle that is not easy for everyone to pull off.

With this hairstyle, people will reckon you to be amongst the most stylish. It is not a conventional color choice for people.

If you can pull it off successfully, it means you have it in you to make any hairstyle look absolutely stunning.

Celebrities In Mohawk

Many celebrities have worn the mohawk and rocked this style. It is a famous hairstyle amongst them, and most of them seem to be quite happy with it.

They all look awesome and their fans are not falling behind on appreciating their mohawks. Below are a few celebrities who stood out in their mohawks:

Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose Mohawk Style

If we started counting all the hairstyles Ruby Rose has ever worn, we will lose track of our time. There isn’t any hairstyle this Australian actress hasn’t worn and rocked.

Ruby Rose has looked amazing in all the hairstyles she has ever worn, and it is the same for the mohawk too.

She has been spotted in a mohawk one too many times, and people are assuming that it may be her favorite hairstyle amongst all the others,


Pink Mohawk

Pink has been wearing a mohawk for the longest time, and she looks totally gorgeous. Pink is an American singer/songwriter and a spokesperson for gender-neutral and non-binary people.

She is breaking barriers and helping people to understand themselves better. Pink does not only rock the mohawk, but she also rocks at everything she does when it comes to doing it for her fans.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry

Katy Perry tried out the mohawk once and never went back. She looks amazing in the mohawk, and she carries it like a queen.

Katy has been appearing on screens in her mohawk for a while now, and no one is complaining because she pulls it off like a pro.

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson is an American actress, famous for her on-screen character Black Widow. She is amongst the most influential women in the world, and people look up to her. Whether it is for style, fashion, advocacy, or even being a good human in general.

Scarlett has appeared repeatedly in her beautiful mohawk on the red carpet, in interviews, and in a lot of other shows. People love her style and have always complimented her for the way she pulls off the mohawk.


The article has most of the information you would ever need regarding mohawks for women. It will answer most of your questions and help you figure out what style is most suitable for you, but if you want to know what other people frequently ask, then read below to know more:

Q1: Are mohawks for women a good idea?

Ans. Mohawks for women is an absolutely fabulous idea because this style is super cool and trendy. The mohawk hairstyles we have today are so much more than just prickly hair sticking out in the middle of your hair.

It has changed, and now there is a lot of love and art involved. They look much softer and prettier than the ones we had before, though there is still a huge fan base for the original mohawk hairstyle.

The new mohawks are great for women of any age, so there is no good reason to not get a mohawk if you like it enough.

Q2: What are the pros and cons of mohawks for women?

Ans. There are a few pros and cons to this. The answer to this question may surprise you. Just keep an open mind and read on.


The maintenance for this style is tardier than for long or short hair. For long or short hair you can get a trim in 6-8 weeks but for the mohawk, you need to get a trim every 2-3 weeks to keep it looking fresh.

The shaved sides start looking fuzzy and messy soon if not trimmed regularly. To shave the sides you can use a ½ guard or just shave it completely.


It saves you a lot of time in getting ready. You don’t have to waste too much time on styling and ironing your hair. You could just run your fingers through your hair, and it’ll look good.

You will be noticed more and get more attention for your look. It can be a con if you’re a wallflower or an introvert.

Q3: Can mohawks for women be done on all hair types?

Ans. Mohawks are probably one of the easiest styles that can be achieved on any hair type. From type 2 to type 4.  A mohawk ain’t letting you down. So, don’t wait up. Go for this style if this is what you want.


This article presents us with everything about mohawks for women. From what I have read, I think mohawks are amongst the easiest and funkiest styles out there. You are bound to get this style at some point if you are an artistic person or an emo person.

This hairstyle has no boundaries. People of any race, gender, ethnicity, etc can do it and rock their look like a rockstar.

Hairstyles like the mullet, mohawk, or any style that did not fit the box were highly frowned upon.

The society that we created is concealed in its own filth to the point where anything that seems slightly different, we want to harm or destroy. Without giving it a chance to be explained or taking a chance to understand it in the first place.

People who tried to express themselves using these hairstyles were not treated very well and were held off in many situations. It is time we accept the outlanders and allow them to teach us a thing or two. We might end up getting more amazing hairstyles like the Mohawk, which is a win-win situation for the “supposed” normals and the queers.

If you are slightly skeptical about getting the mohawk, let me encourage you and tell you that there is nothing to fear. Just rip off the bandaid and go for the style you have been waiting for oh so long. You will enjoy your new look and might as well end up loving it.

Image Source: Pinterest,  Instagram

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