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24 Dashing Mohawk Mullet Hairstyles For Men In 2024

Mullet haircuts have been rebirthing like a phoenix every decade since forever! Not to mention, the mohawk haircut has been roaming on the planet since ancient times. And now, this is the era when fashion enthusiasts combine the two haircuts to make thousands of variations of mohawk mullet.

Even if there are endless possibilities to this flashy blend of a haircut, it can be pretty difficult to choose one for yourself! But worry not for we are here just for that purpose! We have made a collection of the trendiest mohawk mullet hairstyle ideas for you to choose from. Have a look at the list, and go flashy!

Voguish Mohawk Mullet Hairstyles For Daredevil Men

In this section, we’ll take a look at some of the highly potential Mohawk Mullet hairstyles for men that can bring a radical upgrade to your look and turn all the heads wherever you go!

Side Shaved Mohawk Mullet

Side Shaved Mohawk Mullet

This side-shaved mohawk mullet can seem pretty basic, but it all depends on how dashingly you style it.

For this hairstyle, it would be best if you refrain from shaving the sides completely at the skin. Leave just a little bit of length to match the roughness with the mohawk mullet.

On the top, style the mohawk with a slightly messy, feathery texture, especially at the front. This neck-length mohawk mullet will inspire all the neighborhood boys to rock on with you!

Faded Design At The Sides

Faded Design At The Sides

This subtle and short mohawk mullet can be your solution if you are skeptical of going all in the right at the beginning!

The mullet is not too long at the back, and neither is the mohawk too distinguished. Perfectly balanced, as all things should be!

However, to make the subtlety not too boring, uncomplicated designs on the faded sides will give you a unique look. Not too uptight, not too snazzy – a perfect option for you if you have corporate concerns!

Colored Macaw-Tail Mohawk Mullet

Colored Macaw Tail Mohawk Mullet

Both mohawk and mullet have the potential of being one of the loudest haircuts, but this merged hairstyle tops them all!

A very distinguished mohawk with medium-length mullet just at the nape and shortly shaved hair at the sides is already a wild choice for a hairstyle.

Top that with dying the ends of the mullet with some shades of your choice. The brighter the shades the better.

With this hairstyle, you will successfully become the number one spark plug among everyone you know!

Extreme Emo Spikes

Extreme Emo Spikes

This extreme emo spike can seem a little too extra but when you feel like rocking your life, this will be the best choice of hairstyle!

Fades at the sides will accentuate the mohawk and a mullet on the shorter side will blend well with the overall spiky look.

Be sure to use some heavy-duty setting gel for the spikes so that they stay unaffected by gravity all day long!

Now go rock your youth with the boldest mohawk mullet hairstyle!

Mohawk Pomp With Faded Sides

Mohawk Pomp With Faded Sides

If you want to go a little sleek with your mohawk mullet, this is the best suit for you! A shiny, polished, and voluminous pomp at the front of the mohawk will contrast perfectly with clean fades at the sides.

A mullet of nape length would be the best match for this well-groomed look. The pomp will do fine on its own but if you wish, you can even add shaved designs on the fades for an added badass energy! Opt for this look if you want to show off your punk rock spirit!

Long Mullet With Feathered Mohawk

Long Mullet With Feathered Mohawn

This super feathery and textured hairstyle can be your best buddy if you want to dazzle the winter and the ladies!

A slightly long and thin mullet at the back will give you a warm appearance. On the contrary, thin and fuzzy spikes on the mohawk will complement the mullet with fine texture.

A smooth fade on the sides will accentuate the overall volume of the mohawk and give you the ultimate futuristic vibe. Everyone will assume you are straight out of a science fiction movie!

Long Braided Mohawk

Long Braided Mohawk

We definitely did not joke around when we said that a mohawk is an ancient haircut! This very long mohawk mullet hairstyle with braids will define you as one of the Vikings!

With sides shaved somewhat close to the skin, and a basic mohawk being allowed to grow as much as it can, this uncomplicated hairstyle can be your own unique style if you want to escape the routine styling part every day. Just a plain braid at the top, and you are good to go looking like a cool ancient warrior!

Dreadlock Top

Dreadlock Top

If you are into dreadlocks, just know that mohawks can be the perfect base for them! Whether your mohawk is short or long, simply attach dreadlock extensions of your preferred lengths.

The length at the back will make a mullet when you let them down. But then again, you can always make a bun at the top to make them a little more manageable.

Whatever way you wear this hairstyle, it will give you a carefree, manly appearance. So let go of your inner free-spiritedness with this cool mohawk dreadlock hairstyle!

Black Dreadlocks With White Sides

Black Dreadlocks With White Sides

This extremely unique mohawk mullet hairstyle will turn every head toward you for the very best reasons!

A mohawk mullet with black dreadlocks of medium length will give you tough boldness. Pair that with platinum white sides to add a touch of coolness and mystery to your appearance!

We recommend keeping the hair at the sides slightly longer than completely shaving them to the skin. That way the whiteness of the hair will be more radiant. Opt for this super quirky hairstyle to make yourself more charming than you already are!

Mint Bangs And Sides

Mint Bangs And Sides

This is yet another unusual hairstyle that is bound to collect gazes of praise! You can try any combination of colors that suit your persona but this chocolate and mint combo will certainly emit a refreshing vibe!

Dyed just at the front and the short, faded sides, the mint shade will contrast perfectly. A slightly long mullet that reaches just the end of the neck will turn the focus on the dyed parts of your hair.

If you are a natural brunet man who does not want to dye all of their hair at once, this is the perfect match for you!

Long Ferret-Tail Mullet

Long Ferret Tail Mullet

If you want to go bold and wild, this long ferret-tail mohawk mullet is just right for you! A long wavy mullet with a shaggy texture at the top will give you a wild, tribal vibe.

Make sure to make your mohawk as choppy and textured as you can so that it can create a feral aura around you! Trim the sides in a wavy, half-moon shape so it looks even more like the wilderness. You can try dying parts of your hair in raven tints for a slight mystic effect and you are ready to take over the forest!

Long Curly Mullet

Long Curly Mullet

If you have naturally wavy hair, then you might want to try looking like a mythological god!

With short hair at the top and long, curly strands like mullet, this hairstyle will define your features like a sculpted statue. The sides of the mohawk should be short, but long enough to hide the skin. That way the mohawk will look comparatively milder and add to the elegance of this hairstyle.

This super sophisticated curly mullet hairstyle will instantly make you look majestic!

Volume Curls

Volume Curls

This mohawk mullet hairstyle with messy curls can be the coolness you are searching for! With very shortly trimmed hair at both sides, the curls on the mohawk will bloom to be extra fuzzy.

You can go for a longer mullet if you wish, but with this type of curls, a short mullet will add a certain charm! For the best results, add some curl-defining products to your styling routine and pay a little more attention to the bangs.

Now walk along with the dashing aura you deserve to have!

Mohawk Mullet With Caesar Cut

Mohawk Mullet With Caesar Cut

This super debonair caesar-mohawk-mullet combination will make you look like an avant-garde model! It has a fine caesar cut to the front with micro bangs. Just a streak of a longer bang will add an interesting dimension to the caesar.

the mohawk and mullet can be styled in a fuzzy and feathery texture to contrast with the clean caesar. As for the sides, a number 1 fade with a divider line parallel to the bangs will accentuate the caesar just how you would want it to! So, opt for this hairstyle right now to get known as a fashionista!

Retro Curls

Retro Curls

Retro curls and mullets have always been a snazzy merge but adding a mohawk to that will upgrade your look with a tinge of modernity!

fuzzy curls groomed and shaped in a basic mohawk with a slight length of mullet at the end will instantly give you a fashionable appearance. Make sure to add some texturizing products for an added volume. almost shaved sides will go incredibly well with this look. Style the curls over the forehead to bring an overall balance to the hairstyle. Now go off looking like a chic model straight out of a fashion label!

Mohawk Mullet In Afro

Mohawk Mullet In Afro

If you have extremely curly hair and are an afro enthusiast, this is a must-try hairstyle for you!

Shave your afro at both sides in a fade haircut and connect it to your hairline. Allow your afro to extend at the back like a short mullet. Your curls will look neat and groomed because of the trimmed sides. A cleanly shaped temple will add a cherry on top.

This super hip hairstyle will build jazz to your regular afro and make you look fly!

White Afro Curls With Black Sides

White Afro Curls With Black Sides

This white afro mohawk muller is an interesting combination of all sorts of hairstyles! At the top, we have a mohawk that is made of platinum blonde afro curls. Short mullet at the back adds a very subtle shape to the hairstyle. Strikingly contrasting to the white mohawk, naturally dark hair at the sides will give a phenomenal image to your appearance. We recommend keeping the fades at the sides slightly long so that the contrast of colors can work well.

Go for this hairstyle to surprise everyone with your striking look!

Pink Mohawk Mullet With Divided Sides

Pink Mohawk Mullet With Divided Sides

This unusual hairstyle totally depends on how confidently you can wear it! A basic mohawk mullet will become incredibly interesting only with a touch of colors and fade designs.

The soft pink shade will add up to your inner punk spirit in an unexpectedly bright way! To distinct with that opulence, a harsh divider line on the fades will build a balance to your look. This eye-pleasing hairstyle will certainly receive praise for you if you choose to rock it!

Fuschia Curls

Fuschia Curls

A mohawk mullet easily holds the place of being the loudest of all hairstyles but only until a mohawk mullet with Fuschia comes in the ring!

Bright, beaming Fuschia will snap your hairstyle instantly without any other effort! Pair this shade with a basic curly mohawk mullet that ends at the neck, and you will have an effortless hairstyle in a flash! textured curly bangs at the front and sides shaved somewhat close to the skin will create a perfect equilibrium to your look. Style your hair with this super cool idea and make everyone fall for your boldness!

Split Dye Mohawk Mullet

Split Dye Mohawk Mullet

It is not a surprise that the split dye hairstyle trend has reached the mohawk mullet realm for all the best reasons!

Who knew that with caesar bangs at the front, split fades at the sides and textured spikes at the back this hairstyle had more room to snap! choose two complementary colors, like this metallic sky blue and light purple for a dazzling effect.

Try keeping the hair at the front smooth and neat so that your split style can be accentuated even more. This fabulous hairstyle will certainly make you known to every place you pass by!

Lined Bowl Cut With Mohawk Mullet

Lined Bowl Cut With Mohawk Mullet

Similar to a caesar mullet, this bowl-cut mohawk mullet will distinguish you from any crowd you encounter!

The mohawk is slightly mellowed because of the bowl cut at the sides but for this particular hairstyle, the bowl cut needs to be shorter than usual. That way it will give the impression of a mohawk as well depending on how you style it!

As for the mullet, simply keep it at medium length and you are all set to turn heads in your direction!

Mohawk Defined With Two-Step Dye

Mohawk Defined With Two Step Dye

If you want to try a mohawk haircut but are too skeptical about going too bold, this hairstyle can give you a trial option!

This super clever mohawk mullet is not even a mohawk in the first place! Rather simply an illusion of a mohawk because of the way the hair is dyed.

separate the parts that you plan your mohawk to be and dye them in a dark color. Dye the rest of your hair in any light hue and you will be amazed at how extraordinarily elusive hair styling can be!

Trimmed Mohawk With Dreadlock Mullet

Trimmed Mohawk With Dreadlock Mullet

This is a cheat code in the realm of mohawk mullet hairstyles! Short trims at the top, even shorter faded trim at the sides and long dreadlock extensions only at the back will create an ultra-modern hairstyle for you to wear.

However, we call it a cheat code because you can easily go back to your regular hairstyle just by taking the dreadlocks off!

Maybe try surprising everyone with your dapper dreadlocks one day and go back to the corporate self the next day just for an exciting change!

Black And Green Combo With Long Sideburns

Black And Green Combo With Long Sideburns

This super creative mohawk mullet will surely make you look like a pop star! Pitch black mohawk with subtly sleek pomp at the front will give you a classy demeanor.

While long mullet ends that have greens mixed in them will mutate all the wildness to elegance. The sides are even more interesting being green and having long sideburns. Even in the green, you are free to add designs with a darker shade.

If Elvis Presley lived in this era, he would definitely go for this hairstyle!


Our FAQ section attempts to answer some of the questions you’ve most commonly asked on the internet and offers clarification to certain confusions!

Q: What is mohawk mullet?

Ans: Mohawk is when the hair is grown in the middle of the head and is shaved close to the skin all around it. While a mullet is keeping the hair short at the front and top, and long at the back only. So when these two hairstyles are mutated together, it creates a mohawk mullet hairstyle.

Q: Are mullet and mohawk the same haircut?

Ans: Mullet and mohawk have some similarities like having shorter hair at the sides but they are entirely different hairstyles. While the key point in mullet is having a noticeably longer tail at the neck, the mohawk focuses mostly on the top middle section of the head. Oftentimes, the top section of a mohawk can have long hair as well, unlike a mullet that must have short hair at the crown for an accentuated tail.

Q: Is mohawk mullet unprofessional?

Ans: In a corporate sense, yes. But if you are a professional entertainer or an artist, you are free to define your own professionalism! Any hairstyle that contains textured styling, bright colors and bold designs that stand out is considered unprofessional in general. As mohawk mullet is a combination of all these, it falls into that category.

Q: How do I explain a mohawk mullet hairstyle to my barber?

Ans: The best way to explain a haircut would be through a picture. Show the image of your desired hairstyle to your stylist if you can. We have gathered the trendiest styles along with photos for you to show your stylist! So choose the perfect one for you and ease up at the salon!

Q: Which face shape suits a mohawk mullet the most?

Ans: Generally, a diamond-shaped face with a slightly boney structure is ideal for haircuts like mohawk mullet. Faces with a defined jawline and pointed chin are likely to pair well with this haircut as it leaves the sides of your face bare. But if you have confidence in your structure, you are free to rock this hairstyle!

Final Verdict

Mohawk mullet is the king of all hairstyles! It can be both historical and futuristic at the same time. This hairstyle has been surviving since the oldest of the times and needless to mention how many characters are seen wearing a mohawk mullet in cyberpunk, science fiction movies! So, without a doubt, go for this timeless hairstyle that is considered to be cool by men across the decades and even centuries!

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