Mohawk vs Fohawk

Mohawk vs. Fohawk: Which One is for You?

Mohawk and Fohawk or Faux hawk are two of the trendiest hairstyles that can provide an edgy appearance. Many people can not differentiate between these two hair designs and face difficulty understanding which one will suit them more.

If you are facing the same dilemma, I have got you covered. In this article, I will discuss the differences between these two hairstyles so that you can realize which hairstyle is most suitable for you.

You might have other inquiries like the cost and maintenance of these haircuts, which will also be discussed here. Buckle up and enjoy this reading experience!

What is a Mohawk

Mohawk Haircut

A mohawk is an edgy radical hairstyle where the sides are completely shaved, and a thin line of hair is present in the middle of the head, which is spiked by the usage of hair wax or pomade. This thin line of hair will start from the front and go straight toward the nape area.

Mohawk hairstyles have a long history. They originated from the mohawk people, an indigenous North American tribe who spoke Iroquion. Their warriors used to shave the sides of their heads before going into battle.

It later became a popular hairstyle in the punk subculture and was used as a sign of non-conformity. It is still viewed as a radical hairdo that bold men wear to show their rebellious side.

Advantages of Mohawk

  • It has a lot of versatility for styling, like a short mohawk, mohawk mullet, or mohawk dreads.
  • It is a low-maintenance hairstyle.
  • It can be a unisex hairstyle for both men and women.
  • It is suitable for most hair types.
  • Disadvantages of Mohawk
  • It cannot be worn in a professional setting.
  • It does not suit every face shape.

3 Variations of Mohawk

Here are 3 variations of the mohawk that will help you better understand this hairstyle.

Mid Skin Fade Mohawk

Mid Skin Fade Mohawk

The first mohawk is a traditional mohawk worn with a mid-skin fade on the sides. The hair is almost nonexistent on the sides, making it a great hairstyle to look edgy.

The hair on the center is kept longer and spiked upward with hair pomade. This hairstyle is for straight and wavy textured hair, as these hair types are easier to erect.

Mohawk Dreads with Skin Fade

Mohawk Dreads with Skin Fade

Mohawk dreads are a newer variation of mohawks suited for people of African descent. The hair on the sides is cut with a skin fade. The kinky hair at the center is kept longer and twisted into dreads.

The dreads are then styled by lifting them upward using beeswax. It has garnered a lot of attention for its unique look and becoming a fan favorite.

Mohawk with Curls

Mohawk with Curls

The last one is a mohawk haircut for people with curly hair. The styling process is very similar to any other mohawks for the sides. The main difference between this haircut and other mohawks is that the middle hair is not spiked.

It is left in its natural curly state. The hairstyle looks less edgy than other mohawks for that reason.

What is a Fohawk

Fohawk Haircut

A fohawk which is also known as a faux hawk, originated as a subtle version of the mohawk hairstyle.  A faux hawk means “fake hawk,” and it got this name because of its similarities with the original mohawk, but it is a different style altogether.

The sides are not completely shaved in a fohawk; rather, they are usually cut with a taper fade or regular tapered cut. The hair in the middle is kept longer and spiked using hair wax or pomade.

Modern men prefer this hairdo because of its flexibility in style and the opportunity to tone down its edginess without much effort.

Advantages of Fohawk

  • It can be styled with a lot of versatility, like a faux hawk with a tail.
  • It can easily be toned down and worn in a professional space.
  • It is a low-maintenance hairstyle.
  • It is a unisex haircut that men and women can wear.
  • It suits almost every face shape.
  • Disadvantages of Fohawk
  • It does not suit every hair type, like thin or fine hair.
  • It might require a lot of hair products, which might create product buildup.

3 Variations of Fohawk

Here is a list of fohawk hairstyles that will help you to get a better understanding of this hair design.

Textured Fohawk with Taper

Textured Fohawk with Taper

Textured fohawk with a taper on the sides is a good example of how easy it is to tone down the edginess of a fohawk. The hair on the sides is not shaved; rather, they are cut with a taper, and the skin is not visible.

The front hair is gathered around the middle to create a textured spike using hair wax. It is a great hairdo that can be easily worn in a professional space.

Fohawk with Burst Fade

Fohawk with Burst Fade

The following fohawk is an edgier version of a fohawk where the hair on the sides is cut in a burst fade. The hair on the front and the back are spiked upward with wax.

This hair design is well-suited for men with a receding hairline. It is undoubtedly unsuitable for the office, but you can rock it in any casual gathering.

Curly Fohawk with Temp Fade

Curly Fohawk with Temp Fade

The last hairdo is suitable for curly-haired guys who want to try fohawk with their hair. It is a curly fohawk with temp fade on the sides. This hairstyle is one of the best ways to wear a fohawk, in my opinion.

Try out this one for any occasion. Most companies will not accept it as a formal hairstyle, but you can easily straighten it out and wear it at work.

Differences between Mohawk and Fohawk

Even though the fohawk emerged from the mohawk, there are a lot of differences between the two hairstyles. They are visually different from one another. Their hair length and styling process are quite different as well.


A mohawk and a fohawk look quite different from one another. The think spiked hair in the middle of a mohawk will give its wearer an edgy radical look that can not be toned down at all. There is a reason this hairstyle was used as a sign of non conformation and anti-social movements.

On the other hand, a fohawk is a lot less edgy and can easily be toned down and worn in a professional space. You can easily style your fohawk haircut in a different hairdo without much effort.

Styling Process

The styling process between a mohawk and a fohawk is quite different. To get a traditional mohawk, you must shave the sides completely. The hair in the middle will be gathered near the center in a thin line and spiked upward. The back hair is spiked as well. You will need to use hair pomade to make the spike shinier and permanent.

On the other hand, for a faux hawk, the hair on the sides is not shaved; rather, they are usually cut in a tapered fade or a regular tapered cut. The front hair is spiked upward but not as erect as a mohawk. Hair wax is better for styling a fohawk as it will be more toned down and less spiky.

Hair length

The length of a traditional mohawk is usually longer than a traditional fohawk. There are short mohawk hairstyles where the hair is cut short, but in a traditional mohawk, the hair in the middle is around 6 inches long. That hair is piked upward using hair pomade.

Fohawks usually have a shorter length of hair, and they look even shorter because of their mild spike instead of an erect one. The shorter your hair length is, the denser your fohawk will look after the styling is finished.

Which one is for You?

If you are in a dilemma about which hairstyle to choose between these two, I can help you with that. Both mohawk and fohawk are amazing hair designs that can give you a striking appearance. You should be careful about which hairdo you choose so you do not regret the result later.

The mohawk will give you an edgier look which is often considered a sign of non conformation and anti-social. This hairstyle is suitable for bold men who are not affected by scrutiny or are not required to look professional. You can not wear this hairstyle in a professional setting in any capacity.

On the other hand, the fohawk is a mild, subtle version of the mohawk. It is less edgy and can be toned down to be worn in a professional setting without worry. It will be a preferable hairstyle for people with a corporate job or dress code they must follow than a mohawk.


Many of you might still have a lot of questions about mohawk and fohawk. In this section of the article, I will discuss some frequently talked about questions about these hairdos, which should help you understand better.

Question: Which one costs more between mohawk and fohawk?

Answer: The cost of a haircut can vary based on the place you live in and the expertise of your hairstylist. Considering that, simple mohawk and fohawk cost similarly in most salons. If you add hair colors or intricate designs, your cost will increase.

Question: Which hairstyle is edgier between mohawk and fohawk?

Answer: Mohawk is edgier than a regular fohawk. Fohawk emerged as a less edgy, mild version of the mohawk, which you can wear on various occasions without worry. On the other hand, the mohawk was used as a sign of non-conformity and rebelliousness.

Question: Is a fohawk easier to maintain than a mohawk?

Answer: Maintaining a fohawk is way easier than a mohawk. A mohawk will need regular care and maintenance, like you will need to shave off your sides weekly. You will also need to spike your hair in the middle with pomade regularly.

Fohawk needs less maintenance and care. You will not need to redo your fade weekly as it is a more lenient hairstyle.

Concluding Statement

Both mohawk and fohawk are extremely popular hairstyles that are beloved by the young generation for their edgy look and vast styling choices. Before getting any of these haircuts, you need to make sure it suits your personality.

Mohawk is undoubtedly the edgier version that will suit men with bold personalities. If you are a mild-mannered guy, you may be unable to pull off this hairdo.

On the other hand, the fohawk gives a lot of versatility for styling your hair, and it is more adjustable for most men.

No matter which one you choose, be sure about it because a hairstyle is very important for your overall persona, which you cannot change at a whim. You will have to wait for a certain period before changing it again.

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