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NBA YoungBoy Dreads Hairstyles: 5 Sassy Styles To Try Out in 2022

NBA(Never Broke Again) YoungBoy is a popular celebrity that has made it to the charts at a very young age. Born in 1999, Kentrell DeSean Gaulden is an American rapper who released six independent mixtapes in the time period between 2015 to 2017.

Immediately after the release of his tracks, his followers brew up a storm about his rapping style. Some envied him while others turned into fans and his followers grew over time. He signed an agreement with Atlantic records later, and in January 2018, he released his single, “Outside Today” which hit the Billboard top 100.

YoungBoy was always stylish and it’s seemingly true that anyone who was born close to the 2000s is usually much trendier than the previous generations were. Most people have usually seen the rapper carry a range of appearances when it comes to all things related to hairstyles.

NBA Youngboy’s dreads (or dreadlocks) have become so highly popular that people all over the world have created videos, made blogs, and participated in forums that discuss how he cuts, manages, and flaunts his trendy hairstyles.

Going Back In Time: Why Is It Called ‘DreadLocks’?

Dreadlocks are rich in meaning. People started styling their hair into dreadlocks about 3800 years ago, as mentioned in Indian writings of the past. Their roots lie in Egypt and the emperors of an age-old era. Later on, when the Rasta movement took place in Jamaica, the term was coined ‘Dreadlocks’. The term ‘dread’ means horror and fear and this became symbolic of the style.

YoungBoy’s Hair Type and Dreads

YoungBoys Hair Type And Dreads

NBA Youngboy has coily and dense hair that is usually categorized as type 4C hair. Type 4 is usually used to refer to black, and coarse hair characterized by a tight, dense texture that has a natural lift. The highest on the list of type 4C, and this is the most coily and dense of all types. Youngboy mostly keeps semi-freeform dreads that have loose roots where each dread stands separate from the root to the tip.

When a lock of type 4C hair is expanded, it doesn’t fall downward unless it gets really long. Pulling this hair to its fullest, it multiplies in length. The tiny kinks and coils of this hair type allow for a significant shrinkage which is what gives this hair type so much volume.

How To Achieve YoungBoy’s Dreadlocks

To make dreadlocks perfectly suited to the needs of YoungBoy’s hairstyles, a type 4B or 4C hair is preferable. Your hair has to be around 3-4 inches for the semi-freeform dreadlocks to look good. Next, you could follow the steps outlined below if your hair is similar to the type YoungBoy has.

Step 1

The first step is to rub the hair with a sponge. This increases the blood flow to the scalp and also helps to twist it, which is the next step.

Step 2

The second step is to twist the hair, and you can either do this in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction, depending on your preference. You need to continue twisting in the direction that you started with as changing directions would lead to unraveling dreads.

Step 3

The third step is to part locks at the base. To carry most of NBA Youngboy’s hairstyles, it needs to be ensured that the individual locks stand apart from each other. This needs to be done with careful attention. To keep the locks that way, you will need to separate the locks at the base at least once a week.

Step 4

Moisturize. For the best dreadlocks, you will need to moisturize them. Wash your hair with sulfate-free shampoo and organic oil to improve the moisture content in your hair to keep it perfect for dreadlocks.

NBA YoungBoy’s Dreads That You Could Try Out

In all honesty, most people will tell you that they have usually seen NBA YoungBoy with dreads as a crucial part of the styles that he carried. When he just started off, he had very short hair, and eventually, as he grew older, he started carrying longer lengths than when he had just started out as a rapper/artist.

Check out these styles that you could try as well if your hair type is similar to YoungBoy’s, and you sync well with dreadlocks!

Here Are 5 Of The Most Popular NBA Youngboy Hairstyles

Check out these 5 haircuts that YoungBoy was mostly seen carrying. These styles are the major ones that people have seen on him. His hairstyles have changed over time, but not drastically as you will find. That somehow keeps things in balance and doesn’t shock people when a style is changed. Rather, they accept the change in the most welcoming manner.

Short Flat Top With Textured Fade

Short Flat Top With Textured Fade

For this style, the hair is neatly sculpted, kept a little short but not too much, and the top is kept satisfyingly tidy. The hair on top is cut uniformly in the same length into a shape that extends out of the head.

This hairstyle works well with all types of hair as long as it’s rough. However, it is supposed to look better with type 4B or 4C hair. You can also try it out if you prefer a neat look that works well wherever you go.

To get the best out of this hairstyle, you will have to use a looser, and flatter top that is textured as well. The textured fade is what creates the difference. The hair on top stands in noticeable contrast to the hair on the sides and the back. If you go to any barber and ask for a textured fade, they’ll know what to do but just make sure that the hair on top isn’t cut unless it’s really long, which is not suitable for this particular style that’s being mentioned.

Short Dreads With Lower Taper Fade

Short Dreads With Lower Taper Fade

The Taper Fade with dreads gained popularity in 2021 and comes in various styles. Some styles are easy to achieve while others need to be worked on a little. Even more complex styles require the help of stylists.

The dreads that can be used are semi-free form or freeform dreads. It’s a hip look but definitely needs some maintenance. A higher taper fade could also be used but a lower taper fade is the one that YoungBoy mostly shows off. The faded sides and dreadlocks offer an urban look highlighted by taper sides. If you’re looking for a cool style you can take anywhere, this one’s what you’re looking for.

To make sure you get the look perfectly, it’s best to take the hair on the temple region of the head and hold them using clippers. Next, the fade needs to be brought in using a trimmer. This could either go high or go low, depending on your choice. Finally, once the fades are done correctly, a slight trim could be made to the top if you want the style shown in the image. A semi-freeform would do better than a freeform.

Freeform Dreadlocks

Freeform Dreadlocks

In all honesty, this style is the easiest to pull off, and this one’s also Youngboy’s recent favorite. The locs are formed naturally and are not styled or manipulated. They form the way they please, hence the name. Once your hair grows to a suitable length, you can just let it be as it is but if you want semi-freeform, then that’s a different style.

For the freeform style, you need more maintenance. Washing the hair with a good quality nourishing shampoo that doesn’t leave any residue, is important. Next, the hair needs to be blow-dried, and remember NOT to use any conditioner. Using conditioner will make the hair smoother and completely go against the prerequisite for achieving freeform dreadlocks.

You can use a moisturizing oil before drying your hair. If you do that, make sure you wrap your hair in a microfiber towel so that extra moisture is absorbed without causing damage to the hair.

Top Knot And Taper Fade

Top Knot And Taper Fade

It’s not that YoungBoy was seen carrying this style a lot but there are pictures of him that say he likes this one too. He probably uses this when he’s not around the cameras and hanging out with family or friends instead. This style is meant for a more casual look that’s best for comfort.

To make the most out of this hairstyle, you need to ensure that your hair is long enough to be tied into a top knot. A lower taper fade is better for this hairstyle since that would give the top-knot more volume and a denser appearance.

Classic Dreadlocks Curtains

Classic Dreadlocks Curtains

This one’s a classic and rappers all over the world have been using this since the 90s. Some rappers were seen to carry this style even before that. YoungBoy pays tribute to the rappers before him by carrying this style. It’s a way of showing respect to the ones who were masters of the art and helped bring the genre to where it stands today.

To achieve this style, sectioning the hair is important. As the sections will be visible, they need to have enough room and separation from one another. You can use smaller sections or larger ones depending on your preferences. Getting this part right is crucial so take your time, and create clean, even sections.

Finally, smack a middle on the hair and let them fall on opposite sides as ‘curtains’. Now you know how the name came to be!

Final Words

NBA Youngboy is a talented artist which is why he made it to fame at such a young age. It’s actually because of his fame that his hairstyles gained so much popularity.

To make the most of NBA YoungBoy’s hairstyles, you need to make sure that you can do dreadlocks properly as this forms part of his style signature. For a shorter look, the first style that we mentioned should be fine, but a longer one needs a little work.

Carry these hairstyles in 2022, and you’ll immediately start getting good responses if you can do them right. Maybe you could start by growing your hair out and letting the freeform dreadlocks take their course!

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