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Nick Jonas Hairstyles: 14 Voguish Looks Of The Youngest Jonas Brother

If you’re one of the earlier members of Gen Z, then you’re definitely aware of the massive influence that Disney child actors and musicians had throughout the early, mid and late 2000s. And if you can relate to the previous statement, you’re probably familiar with Nick Jonas.

For those wondering, Nick Jonas is an American musician, actor, and songwriter who started pursuing a professional career in music at 8 years old. He rose to stardom when he founded pop rock band The Jonas Brothers in 2005 along with his brothers Joe and Kevin, which added multiple nominations and accolades under its belt during that time.

In addition to being recognized for his talents behind a drum kit and his shredding skills with a guitar, Nick Jonas also became a teen heartthrob, due to his remarkably curly hair.

While the influence that he has in the music industry is a known fact by now, the amount of timeless hairstyles that he’s pulled off with the help of his bouncy curls is rather underappreciated, and could very well be replicated at the moment if the right moves are made. Therefore, if you’re eager to learn everything about Nick Jonas’ hairstyles before taking your pick, remember to stay put until you’re done with this write-up!

From Bed Head Waves To Sharp Buzz Cuts: 14 Exceptional Hairstyles Of Nick Jonas!

Nick Jonas is very much relevant to this day due to his high-profile love life, his marvellous career in music, and his developing career as an actor. However, an element about him that remains underappreciated to this day is his staggering head of curls!

While Nick Jonas initially became a national treasure because of the skills he possessed as a musician, he also amassed a massive fan base due to the series of curly hairstyles he wore during his early days. However, when his band broke things off in early 2010, just like Justin Timberlake and Zayn Malik, the youngest member of The Jonas Brothers shaved his head, and started experimenting with shorter hairdos from then on.

On top of pulling off a range of textured hairdos, Nick Jonas also mimicked certain buzz cuts to perfection. Be sure to check out the list below to learn about all of them!

Triple Zero Buzz Cut

Triple Zero Buzz Cut

The first haircut on the list is definitely one of the best looks that he’s ever pulled off, and consists of a triple zero buzz cut.

The look initially made its debut in 2012, shortly after Nick left the band to pursue a career in acting. The short length paired rather well with the structure of his face, and also made his facial hair look a bit darker than usual.

In addition to being easy to style, this triple zero buzz cut is also extremely low-maintenance, and can be the perfect look to try out under the unbearable heat of summer!

Military Buzz Cut

Military Buzz Cut

After using a trimmer throughout his head for the first time, it was evident how unrecognisable he was with his new hairdo. This not only left the fresh face in Hollywood upset at the time, but also made him want to go back to his curly hairdos.

However, shortly after Kingdom announced the release of season two, Nick reprised his role as Nate Kulina, which required him to buzz his hair all over again.

The actor wore this military cut for quite some time in 2014, but also went back to it last year due to its trendy visuals!

Uniform Buzz Cut With High Fade

Uniform Buzz Cut with High Fade

Another variant of the buzz cut that Nick Jonas showcased flawlessly is this uniform buzz cut containing a high fade with a thin razor decal.

While the actor obviously wore it due to its easy to maintain routine and masculine appeal, it could be the perfect look to experiment with if you’re looking for something edgy!

The disconnection between the fade and the buzz cut doesn’t just add more saturation to the buzz cut, but also allows sharp jawlines and defined cheekbones to stand out adequately.

Outgrown Crew Cut

Outgrown Crew Cut

When obtaining a buzz cut, it’s always better to prepare for and embrace the awkward stages instead of getting a maintenance cut, and Nick Jonas is the perfect representative of that movement!

This crew cut was an obvious choice for Nick Jonas at one point in time due to the texture of the hair and because of the simple routine it tends to come with. However, this fabulous crew cut can also be a great look you can experiment with if you’ve recently buzzed your hair, especially if you want to avoid your barber for a while!

Butch Cut With Low Taper

Butch Cut with Low Taper

Once Nick’s hair gained a bit of length, he started experimenting with variants of butch cuts to keep his awkward phases miles away.

For this variant, he paired his butch cut short length fringe with a low taper, which didn’t just give his hair and beard a nice clean up, but was also his go-to pick when he attended Met Gala 2022!

Additionally, if you’re seeking an option that will sharpen facial features, perhaps this look will be sufficient.

Short Textured Quiff

Short Textured Quiff

Since Nick has coarse, curly hair, once shortened, the strands tend to shrink a bit, but increase in density and texture.

In addition to making his hair look perfectly messy, this short textured quiff is long lasting. The quiff is usually created when the hair is damp, but should always be styled with water based hair pomade for obtaining the glossy appearance!

Slanted Faux Hawk With Mid Fade

Slanted Faux Hawk with Mid Fade

For red carpet events, it’s always better to opt for elegant and sophisticated looks over edgier options, and Nick Jonas understands that perfectly.

While curly hair might be difficult to manage once the lengths are relatively short, with a little bit of hair product and a comb, you too can rock this slanted faux hawk with a mid fade. Just be sure to comb against the grain to create an impressive amount of volume!

Grown Out Polished Flow Haircut

Grown Out Polished Flow Haircut

In recent years, on top of making big life choices, Nick also managed to fall in love with his curly hair once again.

While the variants he tries out these days aren’t as lengthy or as loud as they used to be, one of the more elite hairdos that he’s experimented with is this sleek flow cut.

To create this look, try dampening the hair beforehand. Use a comb to form the shape and clay pomade as a pre-styler to give the strands flexibility. Once the flow has been created with a lenient hold, use a water based hair product to showcase your new hairstyle with shine!

Bedhead Curls

Bedhead Curls

During his mid-teens, Nick Jonas had one of the best hairstyles and a remarkable hair game amongst A-list celebrities. The playful curls he had were pretty unruly at the time, but gave him enough flair, density, and texture to rock this bedhead look like none other!

While he did wear this relaxed look at an event, this messy look can perhaps fit in a better manner when worn during casual occasions.

Mid-length Wavy Flow Cut

Mid-length Wavy Flow Cut

Another grown out design that he showcased his curly mane with is this relaxed and wavy flow cut, which can even qualify as a bro flow.

Since the final visuals of a bro flow is shaped by the structure of one’s hairline, mirroring this look to the fullest could be challenging if your hairline doesn’t have a similar looking widow’s peak. However, to create the flexible movement and an exceptional amount of fullness, consider using hair mousse or a volumizing spray.

Spiky Textured Cut With Blended Fade

Spiky Textured Cut with Blended Fade

Judging from afar, Nick’s hair does seem quite thick, and does seem heavy enough to be unmanageable. However, we would be lying if we say that this spiky textured cut isn’t one of the best haircuts that he’s ever had.

To create the sheer amount of detail within the texture, we believe that thinning shears were used. The temple was then cleaned up with a blended fade, which made the structure on the top more prominent and sharp.

Additionally, the fade also narrowed down the shape of his face significantly, and can very well give your facial structure the same slimming effect.

The Side Part Pompadour

The Side Part Pompadour

Another timeless piece that Nick Jonas left for hair enthusiasts to replicate is this magnificent side part pompadour, which can fit like a glove with any outfit and circumstance.

Furthermore, due to its full and elevated structure, it can also be an exceptional option for you if you have a knack for volume-oriented options.

The best part about this look is that it can be mirrored by anyone regardless of their hair type. However, the creation process of it may vary.

For instance, if you have thin to fine hair, you might need to use sea salt spray, volumizing powder, or hair mousse to create the fullness before creating the side part pompadour.

On the contrary, if you have thick hair, the procedure might require you to dampen the hair beforehand, use sea salt spray if your hair is flat, and create the pompadour with a hair gel or a hair pomade with a glossy finish!

Gentleman’s Slick Back

Gentleman's Slick Back

A look that Nick tried out for a brief period of time to avoid the actual texture of his hair is this option right here, which consists of a smooth and greased up gentleman’s slick back.

A gentleman’s slick back is extremely versatile and can cater to any occasion. It contains an impressive amount of volume that can even give your face a slimming effect.

In addition to being a good hairdo for any and every event, the popularity behind this hairdo lies behind its easy creation process. The structure can be created as long as the hair contains enough length, and a compact comb is used.

Organised Comb Over With Skin Fade

Organised Comb Over with Skin Fade

Disconnected sides can work wonders for dense curly hair. Don’t believe us? Look at this haircut!

Nick Jonas debuted this naturally organised comb over for a magazine photoshoot in early 2020.

The bald or skin fade adds tons of body to the hair, giving the wearer a hefty amount of volume to work with. Due to the separation caused by the fade, components such as facial hair typically look enhanced.

Frequently Asked Questions

Taking into account how good all the Nick Jonas hairstyles are, you can very well replicate one of the many hairstyles that he’s pulled off throughout his career in an effortless manner as long as you play the right cards. However, before going through with that decision of yours, remember to skim through the following portion, which comprises a series of helpful questions and answers regarding Nick Jonas’ hairstyle!

Q: Why did Nick Jonas shave his head?

A: Since Nick Jonas always wore hairstyles that catered to his curls, the musician and actor turned heads in 2012 when he ditched his precious set of springy curls for a uniform buzz cut, shortly after he launched his solo career.

In an interview which has since been removed, the then-ex member of The Jonas Brothers revealed that his curls were too high maintenance and were getting in the way of his packed schedule. Additionally, he also had to shave his head for playing Nate Kulina on the 2014 television series Kingdom, which began filming in 2012.

Q: What type of hair does Nick Jonas have?

A: Nick Jonas has always had dark brown curly hair, which he wore on the regular as a teen and throughout his early 20s. However, he soon replaced his curls for more textured hairdos and low maintenance hairstyles such as a uniform buzz cut.

Final Words

All in all, in addition to having a successful career as a musician and a television actor, it’s safe to say that Nick Jonas is also pretty fortunate in the hair department due to his beautiful head of hair. His hair isn’t just sought-after due to its density and volume, but is also appreciated for its versatility; which allowed him to try out a series of hairstyles with ease!

Nick got his first breakthrough as a teen due to being one of the vocalists and the primary drummer of The Jonas Brothers in the mid 2000s. Shortly after launching his music career, Nick alongside his two other brothers also became teenage heartthrobs, especially due to their flamboyant appearance.

While Nick mostly rocked a head full of effortless waves when he first propelled to success, the baby-faced rockstar started having a knack for shorter hairdos as he grew older, and eventually ditched his shag curls for various masculine forms of the buzz cut when he left The Jonas Brothers in 2012. However after the brothers reunited to form The Jonas Brothers once again in 2020, he went back to his roots, and has been embracing his curls ever since.

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