14 Spectacular Nipsey Hussle Inspired Braids To Check Out Today

If you are in the mood for a powerful change in your fashion, then you should definitely consider changing your hairstyle. Getting a fierce-looking haircut will definitely give a boost to your dopamine and self-confidence.

To help you look for the perfect bold style, we are here today with Nipsey Hussle Braids. Even after his death, the sensational American rapper and the epitome of confidence are still reigning in the fashion area with his iconic hairstyle.

Today we are here with some know-how of getting the Nipsey Hussle braids at home and some protips and awe-inspiring braiding ideas. We have provided a few tips on the hairstyle’s maintenance and queries to help you decide on your style as well.

This hairstyle might take a test of your patience and braiding skills to make them look flawless. But if you go through this article you will realize how all the hassle is worth it for these Hussle braids.

How To Do Basic Nipsey Hussle Braid At Home

The basic Nipsey Hussle hairstyle is similar to California-styled cornrows but a little more intricate. For beginners, getting professional help is recommended. But if you have enough patience and time on your hand then you should definitely try it at home.

Let’s get into the steps that will help you with the braiding process.

  • Create clean four-part sectioning and start the braiding.
  • Start the braiding from the corner of your hairline on each sectioning. And continue the usual stitch braiding process.
  • Make sure to braid till the end and secure the ends.
  • Then simply take all the ends and create one single braid and tie it up to make a clean finish.

You can watch this video to have visual help.

Pro tips

In this part of the article, we are going to introduce you to some pro tips to make your braiding process easier.

  • Use leave-in moisturizer and blow dry your hair straight as a prep before braiding.
  • Use combs often to make your braids look clean.

Nipsey Hussle Braid-Inspired Hairstyles You Should Try

Nipsey Hussle braids bring out your inner edginess helping you look like a powerful character straight out of a movie. It’s a protective hairstyle that can be versatile according to your preference. No matter how you choose to wear them the braids will turn off majestic all the time. It’s appealing to people of all ages, genders, hair types, etc. So do not hesitate and look further into your styling options.

Let’s look at some of the Nipsey Hussle Braids that you can try out yourself.

Sleek With Braids

Sleek And Braids

This hairstyle is Nipsey Hussle’s most worn braid. It’s the basic Nipsey Hussle braid and if you get one people would recognize the style right away. The classiness of this style cannot be touched by any other ones.

Exude your sophistication and powerful aura with this hairstyle. It will grab everyone’s attention no matter where you go. It will look practical and visually appealing.

Everyone goes absolutely crazy over this easily maintained hairdo. You can shake up your usual style with this rapper-looking hairstyle. So don’t think twice before getting this knockout style and add an extra bit of flavor to your hair.

Pay a tribute to the legend by recreating his most iconic hairstyle.

Double Bun

Double Bun

Usually, the last part of the Nipsey Hussle Braids is made into one single braid. But in this case, they are turned into two separate buns. It makes the hairstyle super fun and youthful.

The cuteness of this hairdo is hard to ignore. It has an alluring juxtaposition of outstanding boldness and adorableness that looks good with any kind of outfit.

For a diverse and fun approach, you have to try out this hairstyle. This awe-inspiring hairstyle will make you appear like a bright and positive person.

So, what are you waiting for? Look dope and dazzlingly dynamic with this Nipsey Hussle Braid!

Casually Edgy

Casually Edgy

The unique badass vibe of this hairstyle hardly goes unnoticed by anyone. For this hairstyle, you just have to make your braids diagonal instead of the usual horizontal ones. And leave your ends loose to give your styling a little swing and create a more relaxed look.

In this hairstyle, all the hair is tightly braided so it’s quite low maintenance and great for work environments. Because you won’t have to keep removing hair from your face while you are busy.

Anyone can sport this fantastic hairstyle. So you don’t have to hesitate when choosing this one.

Flex your hairstyle and be charmingly edgy with this hairstyle today!

Double Trouble

Double Trouble

This hairstyle is like a jazzed-up version of pigtails. Only the front part of your hair is braided accentuating your hairline and face shape. This will look cool on shorter hair as well. So you can ooze your cool guy charm regardless of your hair length.

As the braids are in front of the face it does take away a lot of attention but will not overpower your actual handsome face. It is a clean and straightforward hairstyle but still makes everyone acknowledge your extraordinary fashion choices.

If you are an adventurous person, then stop your search for a new hairstyle. And be sure to try this one out!



Nipsey Hussle is celebrated for his use of accessories in hair. He uses all kinds of accessories from bucket hats to bandanas; everything that screams a rapper is worn with braids by this celebrity. And he looked impressively stunning in all of them. He made all of his fans fond of this kind of accessory regardless of their hairstyle.

This styling method leaves plenty of room for your unique touch. So depending on your intricate method and customization, you can have an even superior hairstyle. Your braids will look super fresh and impressive no matter what kind of styling option you decide to choose.

Most accessories are easy to use, create originality- best of all inexpensive. So go crazy with accessories for your hair.

Bold In Pigtails

Bold In Pigtails

Pigtails have never looked cooler and sleeker than they are represented in this hairstyle. You can look utterly dashing and sublime with this hairstyle.

This is the easiest style on the list. For this hairstyle, you would have to make the top part of your hair sleek as hell and turn the rest of your hair into braids. It gives off a little bohemian vibe. You can put on a boho or vintage outfit and slay your style as these types of outfits are now in trend. You can even do this on little kids and put flowers or bows to make them look absolutely adorable.

The sleekness of this hairstyle can kill! So get your hair done today!

Nipsey Hussle Braids Designed

Nipsey Hussle Braids Designed

Nipsey Hussle’s braids mainly create all the designs with four cornrows. The styling options might sound limited but not if you are creative enough.

For this hairstyle, the braids in the middle are joined with the corner ones creating a star-patterned design. And voila you have a beautiful design that will bring you your well-deserved attention. It will create a refreshing look.

This hairstyle is not for beginners. Get your stylist’s help and opinion while letting your imagination run free while choosing the designs.

Do not hesitate to add some pizzazz to your style and get your hair done today!

Fan Favorite

Fan Favorite

This hairstyle is basically for the die-hard fans to recreate. The cornrows are delicately made into the word “Nipsey” while making the ends into a small bun.

It will definitely elevate your position as a Nipsey Hussle fan. This funky and quirky hairstyle will look exquisite on anyone. You will not be the subtle presence in a room for sure.

It might not be the best hairstyle for an official event but it should undoubtedly be your go-to hairstyle for a hang-out. People would not be able to stop talking about your hair.

Tell the world about your favorite rock star with this hairstyle!

Add On

Add On

This is the perfect hairstyle to flaunt your distinctive fashion sense. You will stand out no matter where you go.

To create this hairstyle, you just have to keep adding on your smaller and side cornrows with the bigger ones. The more braids you add on the more decorative and magnificent your hairstyle would become. This sounds like a lot. But trust us it’s all worth it.

You can do this at home. But get someone like your skilled roommate to help you with the process or it might take too much of your time.

Drop everyone’s jaw with this stunning hairdo.

Tiny, Small, And Big

Tiny Small And Big

This era is all about looking fabulous with mix-matching. And this is the epitome of mix and match where you create a gorgeous amalgamation of small, tiny, and large braids to look like the emperor of the fashion world.

In this hairstyle, you have the main four braids like the basic Nipsey Hussle braid. But the twist is the difference in size. The corner ones are smaller in size. Moreover, you create tine cornrows at the end of your crown in the middle of the four main braids.

You are going to look awesome if you decide to get this one. So, slay every style there is and be phenomenal with this hairstyle.

Vertical And Horizontal

Vertical And Horizontal

This is another juxtaposition where you will add both vertical and horizontal braids to create a strikingly distinct look.

It will create the “wow” factor no matter what kind of attire you pair it up with. This amazing hairstyle will make you feel like a celebrity walking on a red carpet.

This glorious hairstyle will be able to show off your eccentric personality. And you are going to look devastatingly attractive.

Show up with your high-fashion attire to create a bewitching appearance. Don’t wait up on this style and get this hairstyle today. Be aesthetically and visually pleasing.

Waved Out

Waved Out

If you are looking for a drastic change in your hairstyle, then this should be your go-to as it presents beautiful artistry.

This dynamic hairstyle will make you feel empowered and confident. You won’t be able to take your eyes off of yourself with this one. The opportunity to be creative with this hairstyle is limitless. So mix and match the size of your braids and create more diverse waves.

The more complex the hairstyle the more time it will take. Take small breaks while creating this look to not get drained.

Grab everyone’s attention with the hairstyle’s intricacy!

Dead Straight

Dead Straight

This hairstyle is the closest to the basic Nipsey Hussle braid. The only difference is that the Nipsey Hussle ones go in a curved line and this one is dead straight. The straightness is the hairdo’s charm.

The absolutely straight sectioning looks appealing and quite satisfying to everyone. It will bring you praises from everyone for sure. Your tastefulness will be present in this hairdo.

This will give a classy elegant vibe as well. So, you can wear this on any occasion looking like the absolute king you are.

Get the cleanest and sleekest look with this hairdo!

Up Top

Up Top

With this hairstyle, you will look effortlessly. You are going to give off a chic and refined look yet edgy if you get this one.  You will definitely make a fierce fashion statement with this hairdo.

For this hairstyle, you just have to create a bun with all four of your cornrows, and you are done. But depending on your taste the styling can change and make you look like a star. You can add beads or rings and even color your hair blue or neon to add an extra touch of uniqueness.

Make everyone swoon with this hairstyle today!

Quick Tips On Nipsey Hussle Braid Maintenance

To keep this braid for a long time you have to make sure they are maintained properly. So, we are here with some quick tips to help you with this one:

  • Make sure your braids and scalp are moisturized properly. You can use oil or leave-in moisturizer for this process.
  • Protect your hair while sleeping to avoid frizziness.
  • Make sure your braids are properly dried out.
  • As the hair is tightly braided in this process, let your hair be free and breathe before creating new braids.

Frequently Asked Questions

Braiding your hair can be tough depending on what kind of braid you are doing. And these particular braiding hairstyles require much patience. So you would definitely want to know as much as you can about them before you spend your time and energy.

Hence, in this part of the article, we are here with some basic answers to frequently asked questions.

Question: How long do Nipsey Hussle Braids last?

Answer: These types of braiding can last up to 2 weeks. With a proper hair care routine, it can remain good as new for 4 to 8 weeks. But REMEMBER to make it last that long you have to spend that much time taking care of it. Your hair type and hair condition affects this time frame as well.

Question: Can I shower with these kinds of braids?

Answer: OF COURSE you can. But MAKE SURE to dry out your hair properly or else your scalp might become itchy. Water-clogged braids can cause damage and hair fall. Gently dry them out with a towel or your unused cotton T-shirt. For further information, you can watch this video as well.

Question: Which type of hair is best suited for Nipsey Hussle braids?

Answer: For Nipsey Hussle Braids, afro hair is the best. But even if you do not possess afro hair, you will not have to worry. Because hair extensions are always there for the rescue. Moreover, different textured hair will give off a different vibe. So you can go with your uniqueness as well. Because this hairstyle is all about being confident with your own look.

Final Verdict

Being a braiding style suited for long hair, this hairstyle looks fantastic on everyone regardless of their gender. If you don’t have long hair, then don’t panic and just get some extensions. It will always help you be in the spotlight while making a unique fashion statement.

Now if you decide to do it at home, then make sure to prep your hair before you get on with your braiding. However, for beginners with this kind of hairstyle, having professional help is recommended.

Remember bringing out your uniqueness is important when choosing a new hairstyle as well. So freely add on styling options to individualize your braids. Accentuate your personality and get a more standout look.

Now as you have reached the end, we are sure you have found at least one style best suited for your powerful and dramatic change. So get your braids done today!

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