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10 Must Try NLE Choppa Dreads Styles for Men in 2024

Bryson Lashun Potts, more commonly known by his stage name NLE Choppa, has been around for a few years now. It would not be a stretch to say that NLE Choppa dreads receive as much love and appreciation as his music.

It is not shocking, because this star from Memphis has had quite a journey with his dreads. Almost all of his hairstyles have drawn a lot of attention and gathered tons of praise.

Mentioning one incident would be enough to explain the love for his dreads. Choppa uploaded a picture of him with a bald cap, as he was paying a tribute to Tupac Shakur.

Many thought he had actually shaved off his dreads. They were really upset and furious that he is letting go of his dreads. The confusion was cleared when the video finally came out.

In this article, we’ll dive deep into his hairstyles, and give you the details about the best styles Choppa has to offer.

10 Fascinating NLE Choppa Dreads Styles for Men

NLE Choppa has tried out different things and has styled his dreads in many exciting ways over the years. We have the more-or-less chronological evolution of the NLE Choppa haircut in this list. Go through the list and you might find inspiration for your own dreads.

Semi-Freeform Dreads

Semi Freeform Dreads

Let’s start with one of NLE Choppa’s earliest hairstyles. When he first arrived on the scene, he had semi-freeform dreads. Its basic difference with freeform dreads is that you don’t need to maintain your dreadlocks all the way to your roots.

It is actually a smart choice for many reasons. NLE Choppa’s hair type is 4B or 4A, but 4B is more likely. This type of hair locs up pretty easily. That’s why going for semi-freeform dreads is a great option, because it requires very little manipulation.

Also, it accelerates the locking up process more than freeform dreads. He usually went for a high fade and patterned sides with his semi-freeform dreads.

Two Strand Twist Dreads

Two Stand Twist Dreads

After the initial stage of one’s dreads journey, men tend to look for a style that will help them in maintaining their dreads, and also give them a great look. NLE Choppa adopted two styles to achieve these goals.

The first one is two strand twist dreads. It is a really easy style to get, and pretty low maintenance as well. It’s an amazing style to go for when your dreads have a bit of length.

To attain this style, you have to divide your hair into multiple sections. Then, you just need to take two strands of hair and twist them together. You will need a twisting gel for this. Just finish one section, and then move on to the next. Continue until all your hair is twisted.

Bantu Knots

Bantu Knots

The other style NLE Choppa chose was Bantu knots. This is one of his most iconic hairstyles. In fact, many people think about his Bantu knots, when they think of NLE Choppa dreads.

Similar to the previous style, you have to divide your hair into multiple sections. Then you need to keep twisting your hair and turn them into a little ball. When you’re done twisting all your hair in the same way, you will have multiple tiny balls in your head.

To bring more focus on his knots, Choppa keeps crispy lined up hair. He also adds a high fade that goes skin deep. These create a neat style and highlight his Bantu knots in a captivating way.

Medusa Dreads

Medusa Dreads

Here we have another very popular NLE Choppa haircut. This style is the aftermath of having Bantu knots. This is what happens when you take out the knots.

We’re calling this style Medusa dreads, because his hair looks like the snakes that Greek mythological character Medusa had on her head. Basically, his hair looks noodled up when he removes the knots. This style caught everyone’s eyes, and rightly so.

It’s such a unique way to carry one’s dreads. However, it is likely that Choppa’s hair naturally does this. You might not have the exact same result when you take your Bantu knots out. So, you might have to bring this curled up vibe yourself.

Braided Dreads

Braided Dreads

When your dreads have a significant length and need more maintenance, a great decision would be braiding your dreads. That is exactly what NLE Choppa did as well.

It is really not a surprise, because most men go for braids at some point in their dreads journey. But, Choppa does look absolutely staggering with his braids. His usual style for carrying his braids is going for a middle partition.

There would be braided dreads falling from both sides of the partition. His braids would be pretty thick, and there would be 8-10 strands of braids in total. Also, he normally doesn’t go for neat box braids, and chooses more of a zig-zag shape.

Dreads in a Top Knot

Dreads In A Top Knot

This is one of the easiest ways of styling your dreads, that is also supremely impactful. Just put your dreads in a top knot, and you got a splendid NLE Choppa dreads style.

You can go for a tidy top knot, where you take all of your hair and tie them in a knot. This is the style that Choppa usually goes for. You can also try out a messier and more laid back variant, where you leave out some of the hair and they stick out of the knot.

Also, let’s discuss the difference between a man bun and a top knot. A top knot sits straight on top of your head. You’d tie a man bun a bit further back, around the crown area.

Barrel Roll Dreads

Barrel Roll Dreads

Barrel rolls are currently quite popular. The reason might be that many rappers and hip-hop stars have had spectacular barrel roll dreads in recent times. Lil Baby is one name that might come to your mind.

NLE Choppa has also given this style a try, although not too many times. We think he carries it well and looks pretty solid. Choppa goes for two barrel rolls. You can go for three or four if you want.

The process is a bit complicated, but the result makes the hassle completely worthwhile. You can check out this video to properly learn how to create this style.

Long Curly Dreads

Long Curly Dreads

This is the most current NLE Choppa haircut. His dreads are quite long now. They go beyond his ears, and almost till his chin. His dreads would be hitting his shoulders pretty soon.

He is rocking his long and curly dreads in a simple way. But, he is making it absolutely work for him. He just goes for a middle partition and ensures that there is a similar volume of hair on both sides of the partition.

Also, he has not stopped going for lined-up hair. It makes complete sense as well. Very few other celebrities have a hairline that is as neat and crisp as his.

Dyed Dreads

Dyed Dreads

Throughout his dreadlock journey, NLE Choppa has dyed his hair quite a few colors. The most iconic being the blue color. He always goes for a light shade of blue, and not a deep one like XXXTentacion.

He also has gone for pink, purple and silver. Sometimes he just bleached his hair, and that turned out to be a great look as well. But, he never dyed all his hair.

Choppa usually just dyed the tips. So, it looks more like a highlighted or a two-toned style. One reason his hairstyles look so vibrant is because of the colors he chooses.

Dreads in a Beanie

Dreads In A Beanie

This one is less about a specific haircut and more about an accessory. NLE Choppa has been wearing beanies quite frequently in the last few months.

His beanie works great because of the length of his dreads. His dreads go beyond his ears, and so just the perfect amount of his dreads are seen coming out from both sides.

Sometimes, he braids his dreads and then wears a beanie. But then only the tips are visible. We would recommend not doing that, and showing more length. Choppa has done the same style with a cap as well, but we prefer his beanies.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is a lot of buzz around NLE Choppa dreads. There are also many questions that are frequently asked about his hairstyle. So, we would answer some of those questions in this section.

How do you get NLE Choppa Dreads?

To get dreads like NLE Choppa, you have to start with freeform or semi-freeform dreads, so that your hair can lock up. Then, you need to regularly twist your hair, or go for Bantu knots. When you have some length, you can braid your hair, or go for other styles that help with maintaining your dreads. After some time, your dreads will have the same length as the NLE Choppa dreads.

What is the NLE Choppa haircut called?

NLE Choppa has had quite a few hairstyles in the last few years. He has had Bantu knots, two-strand twist dreads, braided dreads, barrel rolls, dyed dreads, and many more styles. So, you can’t call any style the definite NLE Choppa haircut. But, currently he has long curly dreads.

How to get a hairline like NLE Choppa?

The fact is accepted by almost everyone that NLE Choppa has the best hairline in the game. To get this hairline, you have to be very precise. He has a very neat, tidy, and crispy hairline. To completely follow him, you need to leave some space in the front. His dreads start from an upper area. We think it is really difficult to get a hairline like him at home, and you would probably need professional help.

What is NLE Choppa’s hair type?

We have already mentioned it, but let’s remind everyone again. NLE Choppa’s hair type is either 4A or 4B. We think there is a higher chance of it being 4B. Also, you can check out this article if you are a bit confused about the hair types of men.


You now know everything that you need to know about NLE Choppa’s journey with his dreads. We really hope it inspires you to go on a similar journey yourself.

Before we conclude, we have some final words for the ones who are just about to start their journey or are in the initial stages. You might not be able to try out some of the styles right now, and it is understandable to feel a bit impatient.

However, there is a reason why having dreads is called a journey. It takes some time due to the very nature of dreadlocks. What you should do is to enjoy every step and try whatever you can with what you have.

We believe that is the secret behind the fame of NLE Choppa dreads. He just kept experimenting and trying out new things with his dreads throughout the journey.

You can also follow this path and always have the X factor for your dreads.

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