Number 3 Fade: The Prime Choice for Stylish Men

In the ever-changing fashion industry, few styles stay on top for an extended period. Amidst these temporary trends, faded hairstyles have created a solid position for themselves and will likely become irrelevant soon.

One of the reasons behind their relevance and consistency is their versatility. There are numerous types of fades depending on their position, technique, and length. Number 3 fade is a fade category depending on the length alongside number 0, number 1, and number 2.

Various extraordinary hairstyles can be implemented with number 3 fades suitable for different occasions. Some are suitable only for regular outings, while others will give you a professional look.

This article is a well of knowledge if you have a slight interest in the number three fade haircuts and want to try them out. Keep reading to find the ideal hairstyle based on your face shape, hair type, and personality.

What is a Number 3 Fade

Some of you might be confused about the number 3 fade and might be trying to understand what it is! Fear not; I am here to explain it to you.

In a number 3 fade, the hair on the sides and the back are trimmed with a number 3 guard of a clipper which is 3/8 inch or 10 millimeters. Later, that is blended with the top hair to create a seamless design perfect for slick backs or side-part hairstyles.

The technique got its name from this usage of the number 3 guard. Number 3 fade is an excellent option for wearing hairstyles on every occasion, whether it’s a professional setting or a casual outing with friends and family.

9 Number 3 Fade Styles To Implement

You can implement many hairstyles with a number 3 fade on the sides and the back, and describing all of them here will be a waste of time. Therefore, I am providing you with a list of 9 hair designs that are the best options to wear with this faded technique.

Taper Fade with Curly Top

Taper Fade with Curly Top

The first hairstyle I will discuss is a simple curly top with a taper fade hair design. There are numerous ways you can style your hair with number 3, but this one is undoubtedly a better option than many for men with curly hair. 

The front hair is kept longer and worn in a messy curly style, while the sides and the back are short. These parts are trimmed in the tapper fade technique with a number 3 hair clipper guard. The edges are shaped with a razor to give the style a clean look. You may not be able to wear this design in a professional space, but it is a fabulous style to get for sure.

Side Part with Mid Fade

Side Part with Mid Fade

Side part hairstyles are one of the best options to wear your hair if you want a fresh look with faded styles. You will get to choose unique ways to style your hair for different occasions. Look at the image, and you will realize what I am trying to preach.

The side and back hair are trimmed in a mid fade with the usage of a number 3 guard. Undoubtedly the front hair is kept longer and styled in a casual side part. If you want to look more professional, use hair pomade and wear this style in a side-part combover

Wavy Mullet with Burst Fade

Wavy Mullet with Burst Fade

We are blessed to have the re-emergence of mullets. Can you Imagine how dull the hairstyle industry would have been without it? Jokes aside, mullets are undoubtedly a trendy hairdo that many prefer for a distinctive look. Burst fade is a great option to wear your hair in a mullet style to look edgy.

The temple and space behind the ear are trimmed with a number 3 guard to create the burst fade, while the hair on the front and the back are kept longer to make this wavy mullet with a burst fade. You can wear this fantastic hairdo anywhere you want except in professional settings. This style is forbidden in every dress code.

Messy Curls with High Number 3 Fade

Messy Curls with High Fade

The hairstyle I am discussing right now is not as extravagant as the previous one, but it will look incredible nonetheless on men with curly hair. The top hair is kept at its natural curly state messily, while the sides and the back hair are trimmed with a number 3 guard, creating a high fade with messy curls.

If you are suffering from a slightly receding hairline, this style is an excellent confidence-boosting design for you. The messy curls will help to hide the receding line entirely. You cannot wear this style in a professional setting, but you can use hair pomade to tone down the curls and wear it as a slick-back style.

Front Fringes with Mid Fade

Front Fringes with Mid Fade

Here is another hair design that is unsuitable for corporate jobs but can be styled as a professional cut with little effort. In this design, the side and back hair are trimmed with the number 3 guard of a hair clipper and styled as a mid fade.

The front hair is kept longer and brushed forward to create long fringes at the front that goes past the eyebrows. The current style might be unacceptable as a corporate hairdo, but using hair pomade, it can easily be turned into a slick back or side part combover.

Slick Back with High Fade

Slick Back with High Fade

Slick back with fade hairstyle is considered the best hairdo for wearing in a professional space. Among the thousands of people working a corporate job, you will see half of them, at the very least, with this polished design. You can wear this style in other casual, informal gatherings without any problem.

The hair on the sides and the back are trimmed short using the number 3 clipper guard and turned into a high fade. The longer front hair is brushed backward using hair pomade to create the slick back look. I am very sorry to say this, but if you have curly or kinky hair, it will not look as pristine as it does with straight and wavy hair.

Mohawk with Shadow Fade

Mohawk with Shadow Fade

When it comes to edgy hairdos, there is no style close to a mohawk. There are different types of mohawks nowadays; some are as edgy as they used to be, while some have become a toned-down version of the original one. I will discuss a radical mohawk with a shadow fade in this instance.

The sides are cut in a shadow fade while the hair on the middle on the front and the back halves are spiked with hair pomade to create the mohawk. You already know this style will never be allowed in a professional space, but the fantastic look it will provide is worth it.

Man Bun with Disconnected Undercut

Man Bun with Disconnected Undercut

If you are a long hair enthusiast, the man bun hairstyle with an undercut is one of the ideal hairdos for you, without a doubt. The hairstyle is simple, and you can accomplish this hairdo with ease. The sides and the back are trimmed in a disconnected undercut with the number 3 guard of a clipper.

The front hair, which needs to be long, is gathered near the crown area and twisted into a top bun. The man bun is undeniably a great style, but it only suits straight and wavy hair types. You can try out the braided version of this style for curly or kinky hair.

Box Braids with Taper Fade

Box Braids with Taper Fade

The last hairstyle I am discussing is box braids with taper fade that is perfect for men with kinky hair, but people with other hair types can wear them effortlessly as well. The hair on the sides and the back are cut with the number 3 guard in the taper fade technique.

The hair on the front is parted into small box-like patterns and weaved into box braids using hair extensions in the knotless technique. The style is seamless and will last for a long period. They are better for kinky hair because of their protective nature. The only downside of this style is that it is considered an unprofessional hair design.


Many of you might have a lot of queries about the number 3 fade if you are thinking of getting this hair design for yourself. In this section, I will answer some of the frequently asked questions about this topic which should help you find some of the information you were searching for.

Question: How do I ask for a hairstyle with a number 3 fade?

Answer: Asking for a hairstyle is tedious for many people as they get confused about how to ask for it from their stylist. If you are looking for a number 3 on the sides and contemplating how to ask for it, I have got you covered.

First, ask for the hairstyle you desire to your stylist. After that, further instruct him to cut the sides and the back hair with the number 3 guard of a hair clipper and blend it with the top hair. Your stylist will understand and give you the specific hairstyle you requested.

Question: Which hairstyle is best with fade, especially number 3?

Answer: Numerous hairstyles out there look amazing with fades like the number 3. Choosing one of them as the best option is a challenging task that might give a subjective answer. I will still declare Slick back as the best option to sport your hair with the number three fade.

Question: Are fade number 3 hairstyles unprofessional?

Answer: Many people believe faded hairstyles are unprofessional and can not be worn for a corporate job. That information is not accurate. It all depends on the haircut the faded style is combined with. Combined with a slick back or side-part combover, it will be a perfect professional haircut.

Final Statement

Number 3 fade hairstyles are some of the most striking and alluring designs that give you a distinctive look. No matter which hairdo you have found the most suitable, it will look extraordinary. 

If you are a corporate job holder looking for a professional hairstyle, haircuts with the number 3 on the sides and the back are a good choice. You can get a slick back fade or side part combover and attend professional meetings with it effortlessly.

The hairstyles that are discussed here are trendy; suitable for any occasion. There are appropriate hairstyles for every face shape and hair type, so ensure you get the design that compliments your face shape, hair type, and personality. No matter how great one style might be, It will not improve your appearance if it does not suit you.

Which hairdo is your favorite among these styles? Tell us in the comment section!

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