Number 6 Haircut

Number 6 Haircut: 11 Styles to Get a Well-groomed Look

Compromising becomes a necessity whenever you are going for a new hairdo. You have to choose either a high-maintenance style for a striking appearance or an easy-to-accomplish design requiring little care but lacking the ability to enhance your features.

The solution to this dilemma can come from the number 6 haircuts!

Number 6 hairstyles are achieved by trimming the hair with the number 6 guard of a hair clipper which provides ¾ of an inch or 19 millimeters of hair. The side and back hair are often styled with a wide range of fades, providing distinctive looks suitable for most face shapes and hair types.

Keep scrolling, and you will find some extraordinary number 6 hair designs to experiment with. Whether you are looking for a clean and classy look or a modern, edgy appearance, number 6 haircuts can be a great choice to style your hair.

7 Sublime Number 6 Haircuts to Try

When you think of number 6 hairstyles, there are an unbelievable amount of hairdos for you to choose from. Of those numerous styles, I have selected these 7 hair designs, which are the best trendy options and will give you a well-groomed look.

Low Fade Caesar Cut

Low Fade Caesar Cut

The first hairstyle I am going to discuss here is a caesar cut with low fade. Caesar cut had had a presence in the western world since the Roman empire when it was the military hairstyle for Roman soldiers. The infamous Roman general Julius Caesar wore this style from which it got its name.

The hair on the sides and the back are styled in a low-skin fade and blended with the top strand. The natural curly strands are trimmed with a number 6 clipper guard and brushed forward to create the caesar cut. You can make this style dapper using a razor to shape the edges with a shaping template.

Mid-Fade Buzz Cut

Mid Fade Buzz Cut

When you visualize a number 6 hairstyle, the first haircut that will come to your mind is a buzz cut. Buzz cut with fades has become a go-to hairstyle for modern men who want a trendy hairstyle with low maintenance. The hairdo I am discussing here is an excellent example of a buzz-cut fade hair design.

The hair on the top is cut with the number 6 guard of a hair clipper, while the side and back hair are trimmed in the mid-fade style. The faded hair is blended with the top strands, and the edges around the sides are cleaned with a razor.

Crop Cut for Receding Hair

Crop Cut for Receding Hair

People with a receding hairline face a lot of trouble finding a hairstyle that will look good on them. Fortunately, there are some hairdos that focus on working around that lack of a good hairline and provide with a fabulous look to the wearer. The crop cut with bald fade I am talking about is a fine example.

The side and back hair are styled in the bald fade, where they are trimmed with no clipper guard and blended with the top hair. The top strand is cut with the number 6 guard and brushed forward, creating a great textured crop cut that hides the receding hairline.

Tapered Crew Cut

Tapered Crew Cut

There is one hairstyle that is undoubtedly as prominent as a buzz cut for short hair enthusiasts that has been in trend for hundreds of years. That is the tapered crew cut, which you can easily accomplish with the number 6 hair clipper guard and get a striking appearance.

The sides and the back are cut in a tapered cut with a lower guard. The top hair is trimmed with the number 6 clipper guard and brushed upward, which gives a sharp look. If you want a dapper look, I suggest you clean the edges around the sides with a razor and a shaping template.

High and Tight Haircut

High and Tight Haircut

High and tight haircuts have come under the limelight for their edgy look, and many short-hair enthusiasts are experimenting with this style to see if it suits them. The hairstyle I am discussing here is the edgiest version of this design, where the side and back hair are entirely shaved.

With the use of a number 6 clipper guard, the top hair is trimmed while maintaining the naturally curly texture. You must regularly shave the side and back hair to maintain this edgy appearance for an extended period. I will advise you to avoid getting this style if you are a corporate jobholder, as it will break the dress code.

Skin Fade Crop Cut

Skin Fade Crop Cut

Here is another crop-cut style you can implement, but this time, it is for men with dense, thick hair. The side and back hair are cut with a high skin fade and blended with the top hair. For the top side, the number 6 guard of a hair clipper is used to cut the hair and turned into a crop cut.

This great style will look good on any occasion and suits most hair types. I implore you to get this hairdo if you have sharp facial features like high cheekbones and a strong jawline. It will be an incredible confidence-boosting haircut for anyone and improve their appearance immensely.

Military Crew Cut

Military Crew Cut

Modern military haircuts are a very good choice to get for yourself if you are looking for a well-groomed uniformed appearance. Look at the hairdo in the image, and you will see a fabulous crew cut with shaved sides that look clean and polished.

Using the number 6 guard of a hair clipper, the top hair is trimmed short and turned into a crew cut. The hair on the sides and the back are shaved with a number 1 guard. This style is pretty good for receding hairline as well. You can rock this look for any occasion, whether a family gathering or a business meeting.

Influential Celebrities with Number 6 Haircuts

There are numerous celebrities who prefer short hairstyles, like Channing Tatum or Eminem. Amongst them, some go for a number 6 hairdo which gives a clean look and is one of the biggest reasons behind the popularity of this hair design. Here is a list of some of our favorite influential celebrities with the number 6 hairdos you can emulate.

Bradley Cooper’s Traditional Buzz Cut

Bradley Cooper's Traditional Buzz Cut

Bradley Cooper is known for experimenting a lot with his hair for different movie roles. Amidst these experimentations, he has worn some classic hairstyles that have made a splash in the fashion industry and made them a trend. The traditional buzz cut you are watching here exemplifies what I was talking about.

In the traditional buzz cut, the side and back hair are kept a bit shorter than the hair on the front, which is also the case here. The sides and the back are cut with the number 2 guard, while the hair on the top is longer. The number 6 guard of a clipper is used to cut the top hair and make the pristine look.

Travis Kelce’s Military Cut

Travis kelce's Military Cut

The tight end of Kansas City Chiefs Travis Kelce has made short hairstyles his signature look, and you will always see him wearing short hair designs. He would go for a uniform haircut that would give him a sharp look. The Hairdo I am discussing here is a military buzz cut with a number 2 fade.

For this style, the sides and the back hair are trimmed short and blended with the top hair using the number 2 clipper guard. The number 6 guard is used to cut the top strands, which look otherworldly with his widow’s peak. It is an excellent style to have that will not fade away.

Zayn Malik’s Crop Cut Skin Fade

Zayn Malik's Crop Cut Skin Fade

Pop icon Zayn Malik has worn various short hairstyles after departed from One Direction in 2015. For a time period, short hairstyles were a classic look for him, which influenced many of his young fans to try out short haircuts. The crop cut with skin fade you are watching is an excellent example of his well-groomed uniformed look.

The side and back hair are cut in a mid-skin fade and blended with the top hair. The number 6 guard of a hair clipper is used to trim the top hair and brush forward to create the crop cut. You can definitely try out this simple but polished hairstyle, and rest assured; you will look sleek for an extended period.

John Cena’s Butch Cut

John Cena's Butch Cut

This article would be incomplete if I didn’t talk about John Cena. He is a wrestling icon who has transitioned into Hollywood and made a successful career there. During his time in the WWE, he used to wear well-groomed short hairstyles ranging from an induction cut to a crew cut, which became his signature look.

The style you are watching in the image is a butch cut that he wore for the movie 12 Rounds, a cult classic for his fans. The hair is cut with the number 6 guard all around, giving this grown-out look to his hair. You can make this style look more polished by shaping the edges on the sides.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many of you must have numerous queries about the number 6 hairstyles, which will help you to decide on a design if you are still undecided. In this section, I will answer some frequently asked questions about this topic which might provide you with the information you were looking for.

Question: Which face shape is better suited for a number 6 hairstyle?

Answer: Number 6 hairstyles are the shorter ends of hairstyles which usually look good with sharp facial features like strong jawlines and high cheekbones. Square-shaped faces are considered by many to be the most suitable face shape for number 6 hair designs.

Question: Do all hair types look good with number 6 hairdos?

Answer: The Answer to this question is yes. There are unique, mesmerizing hairstyles with the number 6 clipper guard for every hair type. They are quite easy to accomplish and low maintenance, providing a well-groomed look.

Question: Which number 6 haircut is the best?

Answer: Choosing one hairstyle as the best is a controversial, subjective answer I do not want to provide. But if you want to know my preference, I will choose the crew cut as the best hairstyle to achieve with the number 6 clipper guard.

Concluding Statement

We have come to the concluding part of the article. If you are still here, you already know everything about the Number 6 hairstyle, including the celebrity designs you can mimic and implement.

The number 6 haircuts will give you a groomed look that is easy to accomplish and low maintenance. The styles I have discussed here are all trendy and fabulous to work with. Each of them has the capability to make you the focal point of any crowd.

There is a good chance you have already decided on a hairdo for yourself. No matter the case, make sure the style suits your face shape, hair type and personality. If it does not compliment your persona, it is better to avoid that design, no matter how astonishing it might be.

Which style are you going to try out? Tell us in the comment section!

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