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15 Brilliant Passion Braids Hairstyles To Sport In 2022

Passion braids are now attracting popularity for their complex and patterned look! A lot of the ladies call it an upgraded version of braids! As the world of hairstyling has never been able to rest in the hands of creative men and women, passion braids are a newly popular addition to the braids section.

Be that a vibrant color or alluring design, our passion braid styles offer you a guaranteed upgrade to your looks that radiate nothing but true beauty. Under the summer heat outside, you’ll find such styles to be extraordinary blessings in the form of sophistication.

So, take a good look at the concepts highlighted in our article to give your hair the most passionate treatment one could ever dream of!

Snatching Passion Braids Hairstyles To Better Your Day

Now, let’s take a look at some of the most alluring passion braids concepts you must try out this summer!

Sleek Long Braids With Styled Baby Hair

Sleek Long Braids With Styled Baby Hair

These long and super sleek passion braids will upgrade your hairstyle game to the highest point of your life!

Butterfly braids that are neither too fluffy, nor too neat will add a carefree vibe to the sleekness of the look. The roots must be smoothened properly and should not have any volume.

Style your baby hairs with wax and make your favorite patterns. This hairstyle will look good on every face shape, but if you are fortunate with your forehead, go for this hairstyle without any doubt!

Red And Brown Highlights With Accessories

Red And Brown Highlights With Accessories

This red and brown braids combo might seem a little too loud but that is all the more reason to embrace it!

Colorful mixes of black, brown, and bright red braids will make your hairstyle gripping. On top of it, you can try adding butterfly pins here and there to complement the passion braids even more!

You are free to mix your favorite colors to make the braids even more interesting.

So go for this blazing hairstyle as this will surely pique every attention on the street!

Blue And Blonde Butterflies

Blue And Blonde Butterflies

Going blue is a unique and tranquil way to jazz up your regular hairstyle! A mix of blue, blonde, and black is always appreciated!

Your locks will look more radiant in this combination of colors while giving off a cool and reposeful vibe. Bright royal blue with a beige blonde will bring a piece of the sea straight to your everyday fashion.

Opt for this breezy hairstyle and face every tiring day with the relaxing aura you carry with you!

Blue Gradient Bits

Blue Gradient Bits

These unique blue bits on passion braids will enhance your braids game right away!

With your regular black braids, add some blue extensions like little bits here and there. To add a splash of excitement, mix gradients to the blue bits.

Getting creative is an everlasting option when it comes to styling passion braids. These beautiful blue highlights on black braids prove the aptitude for imagination and customization!

So go for this dope hairstyle and make your everyday look even spicier and more exciting!

Purple And Black Bundled Roots

Purple And Black Bundled Roots

Mid-length braid hairstyles are a great option if you want to go for casual looks! These purple highlights in black will give you the easiest hairdo option for daily wear!

The roots are roped tightly into ponytail knots of around three inches before the braids feather out. it creates a sharp contrast of sleekness and the ruffled look of passion braids, making your hairstyle even more interesting.

So, try out this hairstyle for an easy-going, yet swag look with passion braids!

Black Roots With Neon Green Ends

Black Roots With Neon Green Ends

black and neon green never fails to bring that drip! This hairstyle will shine the most when you combine this superior mix of colors.

At first, eyeball the length of a braid into three parts. with black roots, start the first third of a braid with neon green extensions. Then make the second part black and then finally the ends with green again.

This will create the dopest contrast of colors and spazz up your passion braids! So impress everyone with this cool street-style look!

Neon Green Mapping Highlights

Neon Green Mapping Highlights

If only some highlighted streaks are too boring for you, then you are free to spice them up like this clever hairstyle!

Long black passion braids with some highlights like mapping dots on them will boost your looks in a creative way. The highlights will peek and pop from underneath the braids occasionally and make your look more interesting than ever!

On top of that, the spark of neon green will contrast the highlights even more. So go for this stealthy yet loud hairstyle and bring a complicated charm to your appearance!

Brown With Blonde Highlights

Brown With Blonde Highlights

This brown and blonde passion braid hairstyle will make you look like the fluffiest teddy plush! Mid-length brown braids with blonde highlights here and there are the perfect color combination for matching with a cute bear.

Make the braids as fuzzy as you can so that they resemble the softness of the wool. With the bear-brown shades and fleecy braids, your hairstyle will attract all the adorbs in the world! Wear this hairstyle to treat yourself with extra affection from everyone!

Three Levels Of Blonde Highlights With A Short Braid Bob

Three Levels Of Blonde Highlights With A Short Braid Bob

If you are a short-hair girl then this braided bob will be your perfect match for everyday wear!

Make your braids short to your preferred length and trim them to the same height just like a bob haircut. You can spice up the bob by mixing highlights of different shades like the combination of these three levels of blonde.

Make the braids fluffy to bring an extra cute effect. This stylish and chic hairstyle will definitely boost your IT-girl confidence!

Fiery Red Long Braids With Heart-Shaped Roots

Fiery Red Long Braids With Heart Shaped

If you want to treat yourself to a confident queen transformation, then fiery red long braids are second to none!

Simply choose your shade of red and add the braid extensions to your preference. You can make the roots heart-shaped like this creative design.

Section the hair in your desired shapes before you begin to attach the braids and you are all good to go!

So do not hesitate anymore and go impress everyone with your ingeniously detailed and exclusively gorgeous passion braids!

Short Platinum Bob

Short Platinum Bob

Bob haircuts will instantly give you a debonair appearance, whether a casual bob or a braided bob!

A short platinum braid bob is a perfect hairstyle for a modern environment. If you combine it with suitable outfits, you might even be able to rock your passion braids in professional situations. Neat and tidy braids in a short bob will give you a clean image even though braids can look funky most of the time.

So go for this hairstyle if being stylish is not your only concern!

Long Blonde Braids

Long Blonde Braids

Long blonde braids like this will be your perfect match if you are a boho enthusiast! Extended braids with slightly uneven ends that reach the knee will match you up for all the eccentric fits in your wardrobe.

Long braids of a single shade of blonde will brighten up your appearance and make you look majestically glowing. Bright blonde hair will either make a bold contrast to your skin or compliment your skin tone.

So, live your long-hair dream with this foolproof hairstyle and make everyone’s jaw drop!

Blonde Celestial Butterflies

Blonde Celestial Butterflies

This blonde celestial butterfly hairstyle is just as phenomenal as it looks! With medium extensions of white braids of medium thickness, you will look just like a celestial queen!

Attaching some brown and black braids in between the flawless white braids will add a touch of depth to the look. White butterfly accessories on top of them will seam up the ethereal vibe perfectly.

Your hair will give off such serene energy that even the hell will cool down in your area!

Unicorn Shades

Unicorn Shades

These cool unicorn-shaded extensions can be your next passion braids hairstyle! Jolly, pastel colors of the cutest pony will not only lift your features, but also the mood of others around you!

Choose your favorite shades from a unicorn or bubble gum palette. Shades of pink, purple, and light blues will match well for this vibe. Simply mix and match the extensions of your favorite colors and create a cute pony look.

If you wear this hairstyle, people will definitely be drawn to you and give you friendly cookie points!

Butterfly Wings

Butterfly Wings

Passion braids are also known as butterfly braids for how similar they look, but this hairstyle will bring butterfly wings to your hair without any fancy accessories!

While making the passion braids, simply crochet little bits and pieces of hair on both sides of the braids so that they look like wings sticking out. For this hairstyle, you need to make the braids tight enough to hold the wings properly. Loose braids might make the hairstyle look too messy.

So go for this flowery look and attract all the butterflies to make your day better!

How To Wash And Care For Passion Braids

Passion braids can become frizzy and messy over time if you are not careful while washing them. You can follow our recommended method to wash your braids so that they stay well for a longer period.

  • Prepare lukewarm water and fill a basin.
  • Add shampoo to the water.
  • Drown the braids and wait for a few minutes.
  • Rinse them gently and condition them.
  • Wash out the conditioner and pat the braids gently with a towel.
  • Let the braids dry in the air.

Keep in mind that your braids might become frizzy if you are not patient while washing them. Never rub your braids when they are damp. Condition them properly to keep them gorgeous for a long time!


In this section, we’ll answer some of the frequently asked questions regarding passion braids and hear some opinions from our experts on these matters.

Q: Do passion braids damage your hair?

Ans: The answer is no. Rather they can help protect your hair. Your hair might end up healthier than before after a long period of maintaining passion braids. Avoid tight hairstyles and tugging at the scalp to prevent hair damage over time.

Q: Are passion braids scratchy and uncomfortable?

Ans: It depends on the quality of your braid extensions. Wool extensions might feel itchy on your head while human hair braids usually do not produce any discomfort. You can try washing your wool braids with softening shampoo and wait a few days for the braids to loosen up a little after you get them.

Q: Will washing my passion braids ruin them?

Ans: Not if you are careful enough. While washing passion twists will not ruin them completely, it might cause frizziness over time. So, it is better to wash them as less as possible. Be extra careful and treat them gently while washing with shampoo.

Q: How often do you need to wash your passion braids?

Ans: It varies from person to person. Some feel the need to wash their braids once or twice every week, while some wash them once a month. It is recommended to wash once or twice every week in the beginning while gradually finding out what works the best for you.

Q: How long does it take to get passion braids at a salon?

Ans: Depending on your stylist and hair thickness, getting a passion braids hairstyle at the salon may take up to four to eight hours.

Q: How much does it cost to get a passion braids hairstyle?

Ans: Depending on your stylist and the number of braids you want on your hair, it can cost from $100-$200. While thicker braids will cost less and micro braids may cost more than $200.

If you try passion braids at home and decide to get extensions, it would be comparatively inexpensive. It can cost up to $50-$100.

Q: How long does passion braids last?

Ans: Passion braids can last up to four to eight weeks depending on how well they are maintained.

Q: How many packs of hair do I need for passion braids?

Ans: About six to seven packs of braiding hair will furnish an average volume. For more density, using up to ten packs of hair should be enough.

Q: Which braids are best for passion braids?

Ans: Freetress water wave hair has a wavy texture that is perfect for making passion braids. The curl in the hair goes well with the texture needed for passion braids.

Final Verdict

Braids are gradually becoming a popular hairstyling arena among the ladies as cultural representation is being widely celebrated. Passion braids are a relatively newer version of passion twists or other types of braids such as box braids. It is broadly accepted among fashionistas because of how extensively experimental it can be.

Getting a passion braids hairstyle is all the rage among free-spirited people. It shows in the way you wear these braids and the manner you carry yourself with these styles that reflect your inner personality.

So, if you’re one of the bold ones, wear passion braids to show off your adventurousness!

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