Patrick Bateman Haircut

Patrick Bateman Haircut: The DIY Guide For This Classic Look

Patrick Bateman, our favorite Wall Street Psycho from the American Psycho movie, has one of the most quintessential looks in a professional setting. The hairdo Christian Bale wears in the movie is synonymous with the Wall Street Look from the 80s. It has come into trend again during the Covid-19 pandemic due to its simple but stylish look. 

Christian Bale’s Iconic look from this movie can be worn in any setting but it is best for a formal corporate atmosphere. It is pretty easy to achieve and you can grow out your hair quite easily by implementing this hairstyle. 

If you are interested in getting this hairstyle then you have come to the right place as I will discuss thoroughly how to get this haircut as well as the required products and which type of hair and face is best suited for this hairstyle. So stop worrying and dive right ahead!

What is The Patrick Bateman Haircut

What is The Patrick Bateman Haircut

The movie American Psycho is an adaptation of Brent Easton Ellis’ book of the same name which was published in 1991. For that reason, the hairstyle that we see Christian Bale sporting in the film is quite an old hairstyle which was quite common in the 80s but there are many people still wear this style in professional settings.

If I really want to be technical, the haircut Christian Bale portrays in the movie as Patrick Bateman is called the Square Haircut with Slick Back. It is a great haircut for growing out your hair. It was quite a common haircut among Wall Street executives so it is no surprise that this haircut was chosen for Patrick Bateman. 

Bale’s hair is cut all around at a specific length. For this reason, his hair is quite easy to set in the slick back hairstyle. You can do the slick back in other shaped hair as well but if you want Patrick Bateman’s hairstyle then you need to have the specific set of a square haircut.

How to Get The Patrick Bateman Haircut

It is quite understandable if you want to try out the Patrick Bateman haircut as it is a good haircut to grow out your hair. This hairstyle is quite easy to achieve and it is a go to hairstyle for corporates due to its clean look. 

Do not worry! I will describe in detail step by step how to get this haircut and style it like Patrick Bateman and the products that are needed to achieve it.

In order to get the Patrick Bateman hairstyle from the movie American Psycho, you need to get two steps right. Firstly you need to have your hair cut in a specific length and then you need to style your hair in the specific style that we saw in the movie. 

Required Tools and Products

If you are thinking about getting the hair done at home, you will need some tools and hair products that will help you get the hairstyle. You will need these tools:

  •  6.5 inch Professional Scissor
  • Thinning Shears
  • Hair Comb
  • Hair Brush
  • Hair Dryer

In terms of hair products, you will need:

  • Shampoo
  • Hair-conditioner
  • Hair Wax
  • Hair Pomade
  • Hair Spray Gel

First Step: The Haircut

You need to get a square haircut which will cut your hair in a specific length all around your head. The haircut is quite easy and you can cut it yourself. But I would recommend you cut your hair from a barber or call a friend, the choice is up to you.

Make sure that your friend has steady hands otherwise they might cut your hair wrong and ruin the style. If you follow the instructions that I give specifically then you will not have any problem getting your desired haircut.

It is quite useful to try this haircut on medium or long hair which can be easily cut and the specific hairstyle can be achieved. 

First of all,  You should wash your hair before cutting it. It will make your hair smooth and help the hairstylist to understand your natural hair texture. Then part your hair into sections like the front hair, the sides, the neckline and the crown. Each part needs to be cut in a specific length.

The front hair needs to have 6 fingers in length. After measuring, cut the rest of the hair. Keep in mind that you will need to keep measuring the length while cutting the hair. 

When you go towards the crown, you should reduce the length of your hair and cut it 4 fingers length. It will be helpful to style your hair later on.  

For the side hair measure 4 fingers length and cut the rest of the hair. This will give you the classic look which Patrick Bateman portrays. If you want a bit of a modern look, then I would suggest you to have 3 fingers length of hair on the sides. 

For the nape area, you will need to cut the hair and keep 3 fingers length of hair. Measure carefully and cut the hair with great attention to details. 

After you have cut off hair to a specific length, your work is halfway done. Then you will need to use a thinning shear in order to texturize your hair. It will help to remove the excessive hair if your hair is too thick. 

Use the thinning shears on your full hair and give it a great texture. It will give you the specific haircut that you need to get the Patrick Bateman Hairstyle.

Second Step: The Style

After getting the Square cut, you will need to style your hair in the Slick Back to perfect your Patrick Bateman hairdo. 

First, use a hair brush to brush your hair which will help to remove the stranded hair from your head. You can also use a hair dryer to blow the stranded hair away.

Then get a hair wax and apply it on your hair. Ultimately you will comb your hair backward but first, comb it sideways. It will help to highlight your hair texture. Use the hair dryer to completely dry your hair. It will give you the specific look you want.

The hair wax will temporarily set your hair to stylize it but after a couple of hours it will wear off. In order to set your hair for the whole day, you need to use hair pomade. It is better to use the hair wax first and then use the hair pomade later. 

Comb your hair backward and your hairstyle is almost done. Now if you see any strands of hair sticking out, use a hair spray to smooth it out and give your hair one last comb over.

Voila, your hairdo is done!

Is This Haircut For You?

Is Patrick Bateman Haircut for You

Many of you are interested in this Patrick Bateman haircut but are not sure if this hairstyle will suit you or not. I will be giving you every detail you need about which face type, hair type is suited for the aforementioned haircut.

Christian Bale has naturally wavy hair and his hairstyle in the American Psycho movie as Patrick Bateman also sports wavy hair. Therefore, it is obvious that this hairstyle works really great for type 2 or wavy hair. It can also work quite well if you have type 1 or straight hair.

This hairstyle is not suited much for naturally curly or kinky hair types. You will need to straighten your hair in order to achieve this style.

This hair design suits people who have a squared shape face the most. But it will also look quite good on people who have a round face as well. 

This hairstyle is best suited in a professional setting. This hairstyle has another name which is Wall Street Haircut because of its corporate vibe. If you do a corporate job and like to keep your hair at a medium length, this hairstyle is your go to hair design.

You can also wear this haircut in a casual manner, you will just have to not use the hair pomade and wear it loosely. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Many of you might have some questions regarding the Patrick Bateman haircut. I have tried to answer some of these questions to put your mind at ease.

Question: What is the name of Patrick Bateman’s haircut from the American Psycho?

Answer: The name of the haircut that Christian Bale has is called Squared Haircut which is a go to haircut for people who love to keep medium-length hair with a square-shaped face. He styles his hair in a Slick Back style which is a go to style in a corporate setting.

Question: Can I get Patrick Bateman Haircut with curly hair?

Answer: The answer is yes but there is a twist. If you try to get the Squared Slickback haircut on your curly hair, it will not look similar to the way Christian Bale’s hair looked like in the movie American Psycho as Patrick Bateman. You might need to use a hair straightener to straighten your hair before trying this style on your curly hair.

Question: Can I wear the Patrick Bateman Haircut in a casual setting?

Answer: Even though Patrick Bateman Haircut is mostly used in professional situations, that does not mean you can only have this haircut in a corporate setting. You can easily wear this hairstyle in an informal atmosphere as well. If you do not wear hair wax or pomade, this hair design will give you a great casual look that you can wear side-parted.

Question: Is The Patrick Bateman Haircut good for growing out hair?

Answer: Yes, this style is one of the better options for men who are trying to grow out their hair. Your hair will be set in a way which will help to keep your hair strands adjusted all day long. You can grow out your hair to a degree and keep a professional corporate look with this hairstyle.

Final Thoughts

The Classic look of Christian Bale from the movie American Psycho is undoubtedly a prominent look that is quite popular in the corporate setting. This Haircut is as Iconic as the Character of the wearer Patrick Bateman. 

You can easily get this look at home. It is quite simple and easy to achieve. This is a great hairstyle if you do a corporate job where you need to appear with a formal look and are thinking of growing out your hair.

Try out this simple but Exceptional hairstyle now for your quintessential wall street look!

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