Patrick Mahomes Haircut

Patrick Mahomes Haircut: Why Is It The Hottest Look In Sports History?

Whether it’s due to the skill set each player attains or the sport that they’re a part of, athletes have always been influential figures in the world of fashion. While it never stays the same and constantly keeps changing on a regular basis, the future and present of fashion is always decided through the taste in fashion that celebrities and athletes have.

Though a list of celebrities are regular members of that group, there’s another spectrum that only consists of sociable and extremely powerful athletes with an unparalleled status in the media. Among them lies Patrick Mahomes, NFL superstar and 2 time MVP who regularly goes all in for his team, Kansas City Chiefs, an organisation he has been with since the beginning of his professional career as a football player.

Patrick Mahomes started his career in 2017 when he was drafted by Kansas City Chiefs, a renowned and prestigious organisation with a rich history that has been present in the NFL since the 70s. The scouts were extremely impressed by Patrick Mahomes’ style of play, which consisted of a heightened sense of awareness, immense levels of intelligence, immeasurable amount of pace, agility, and resilience.

His athleticism has always been a trait that made him standout, and is one of the reasons why he is considered to be one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL today. Another record that backs the previous claim is the fact that he’s one of the only two in NFL history with 5000 passing yards and 50 touchdowns in a single season. While this season is proving to be a bit challenging for the 26 year old, he is still without a doubt one of the better talents that the NFL has invested in over the past decade or two with broken records that one can only dream of surpassing.

Apart from his flashy skills on the field, outside the sport, Patrick Mahomes is known for his unique taste in fashion. He doesn’t shy away from experimenting with his wardrobe and stepping out of his comfort zone, which has been evident over the years through the outfits and clothing items he’s worn since his rise to stardom. He is also known for his chic and up to the minute Herbert cut, which will be the agenda of this article.

This write-up will contain everything that one needs to know about Patrick Mahomes’ haircut. It will include the basic fundamentals one needs to be aware of as well as contain useful content, such as an easy guide on how one can recreate the look and wear it for everyday use.

A Closer Look Into Patrick Mahomes’ Mohawk

Closer look Into Patrick Mahomes Hair in Back And Front Side

While the ceiling for Patrick Mahomes’ is very high as an athlete, the SuperBowl winner hasn’t changed his hairdo in quite some time. What started off as a friendly bet with one of his teammates managed to grow on him and become a part of his identity.

Appearance-wise, the hairdo consists of a curly mohawk on top, followed by a mullet and a taper fade on the sides. Due to the versatility the look contains, it has multiple names such as a curly mohawk with a metro mullet.

The fade is consistent, but is often showcased in multiple ways. Patrick Mahomes usually gets a high taper fade, but has even worn a low blended fade over the course of his career. It’s a look that contains the perfect amount of style and sophistication, making it one of the better hairstyles to incorporate in one’s life. A reason why the Kansas City star’s haircut is always so appealing and consistent is because of the loyalty he has for his barber. DeJuan Bonds, a hair stylist based in Kansas City, Missouri, deserves a chunk of the credit Patrick Mahomes receives for his ridiculously trendy hairdo. He has been trimming his hair since 2017, and is so good at it that the NFL star even flew him out to Miami when he led his team to winning the SuperBowl in February, 2020.

Patrick Mahomes is triming hair with his barber


Patrick Mahomes Bowl Fade


Mohawk Coily Hair

With Headband

With Headband

Patrick Mahomes Inspired Haircut

Patrick Mahomes Inspired Haircut 1

Patrick Mahomes Inspired Haircut 2

Patrick Mahomes Inspired Haircut 3

Patrick Mahomes Inspired Haircut 4

Patrick Mahomes Inspired Haircut 5

A Step-by-step Tutorial on Recreating Patrick Mahomes’ Haircut

To recreate this haircut, one needs to have curly hair, which is favourable to those that have naturally wavy and curly strands, but can also be recreated by those with straight hair with the assistance of tools as useful as curling irons. While a trimmer with a zero guard is mandatory to recreate the look, you may also incorporate and use multiple guards to give the taper tighter visuals. Apart from that, you may also need texturizing powder, hair mousse, and hair clay in some cases to finish the look.

Moving on, now that a short brief of the hairdo has been mentioned in the previous paragraph, here is a word-for-word set of instructions that you must meet in order to get Patrick Mahomes’ haircut.

Step 1: Use a zero guard for the taper fade

Since Patrick Mahomes’ fade is shaved to the skin, one must use a hair trimmer with a zero guard for similar results. For a more defined skin fade, you may also use an electric shaver on the sides. The fade will also give the curly top a tighter appearance, and add to its visuals by making it look more thick, which can be favourable to those with loose and fine curls.

Step 2: Shave the corner of the sides as well 

This will not only give the hair a closer resemblance, but will also allow the mohawk to form at the back. You may ask the barber to use a zero guard if they’re experienced enough, but for a safer approach, you may also use a 2 guard to create the guideline and use a zero guard afterwards to shave off the remaining amount of hair near the corner.

Step 3: Get rid of ends that are unnecessary 

Since this hair caters those with natural hair, following a fixed guideline will not be as effective during the haircutting process. Ask your barber to gently pull the hair from every section that is present and to just get rid of the ends by less than a quarter of an inch. This will give more texture to the hair and decrease the amount of weight it carries as well, making it more manageable and easier to style as a result.

Step 4: Make sure the hair is shorter on top

While this hair can be rocked when hair is even, it will look significantly better if the hair is shorter in the front. The length doesn’t have to be as massive. Just ask the barber to decrease the length by half an inch for noticeable and effective results. Doing so will make it easier to control and will also be favourable in the future as it will decrease the amount of maintenance cuts required.

Step 5: Finish the look with the use of a set of reliable hair products 

Since an enhanced amount of curls will allow the wearer to have the best results, use texturizing powder to tighten the curls you have. You may also use a texturizing matt powder, hair mousse, or hair custard to achieve natural looking curls with a fair amount of volume. Make sure to use hair products that are on the lighter side as it will allow your hair to be more flexible to change, making it easier for you to experiment with the final look as much as you please.

Furthemore, avoid using products that contain shine and silicone, as it will make the appearance of your hair greasier and make it feel heavier than usual.

The Aftermath: How to Maintain Patrick Mahomes’ Hairstyle

Maintaining the mohawk is just as simple as creating the look itself. All you need to do is establish a hair care routine that involves regular conditioning and relatively less shampooing.

When investing in a shampoo, look for those that are clarifying shampoos or the ones that are free of sulphate, specifically SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulphate). Shampoos with that very ingredient might make the hair strands frizzy and make the scalp more prone to dryness, which might lead to shedding if not controlled immediately.

Additionally, use a conditioner that deeply nourishes the scalp as well as your hair at least 3 times a week. This will allow the ends to look better and healthier, while allowing the scalp to retain just the right amount of sebum. Prevent purchasing conditioners that contain silicone, as it will definitely weigh your hair down, making the styling process more challenging as a result.

For best results, you may also incorporate the use of a hair mask as well as texturizing powder. The hair mask will encourage longevity of the hairstyle by making the shaft more resilient, and should only be used once or twice a week. The texturizing powder, on the other hand, will make the styling process easier and will give the curls a matt-esque appearance with an ample amount of density.

Frequently Asked Questions

Making the lives of our readers easier is our biggest priority. While there are plenty of you who aren’t unaware of the tools and the information required to recreate the NFL superstar’s mohawk, there may be some of you who are new to experimenting with your hair. So, in order to help, mentioned below are some queries regarding Patrick Mahomes’ haircut that we have answered and addressed in a simple manner to ensure a better understanding of the look.

Question: What is Patrick Mahomes’ haircut called? 

The name of the haircut that Patrick Mahomes gets on a regular basis is called a curly mohawk. Due to the uncanny resemblance it has to a mullet, it is also known as a curly metro mullet, which has been a look that has been around for over a decade now.

Question: Will Patrick Mahomes ever change his hairstyle? 

While the answer to this has yet to be figured out, the NFL quarterback did mention how he will change his hair up after he enters his 40s, which will be during his last years in the association. While he doesn’t plan on removing the curly strands, he will definitely replace the taper fade with a more sophisticated option.

Question: Where does Patrick Mahomes go for his haircut? 

When he isn’t moving around for games, Patrick Mahomes visits the Overland Park barbershop in Kansas, that is owned by none other than DeJuan Bonds, who perfected the curly locs that Patrick Mahomes has.

Final Verdict

Overall, we hope you find this article useful and are able to perfect the curly mohawk of Patrick Mahomes through the assistance of the information we have provided. Remember to give it your own touch and make readjustments to the hair when needed. Come up with a hairdo that will cater your face shape, your physical appearance, and make you feel like yourself, ‘cause that’s what matters in the end. You may also express your laid back nature through your hairstyle by adding vibrant highlights.

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