Peekaboo Braids: A-Z Guide with 15 Versatile Ideas

Let’s talk about braids first before we discuss Peekaboo braids hairstyles. The black community had been wearing braids as a kind of protective hairstyle for a long period. They have historically been employed as a means of presenting one’s identity, whether it be their status, religion, or their ethnicity.

Braids are still a very common hairstyle among black people today, from being chosen as an artistic and personal expression of identity to being used as a protective hairstyle to combat the harsh winter months. Box braids have consistently been the most preferred hairstyle.

When you use vivid colors on some of your braids to style them in a more fashionable way is known as the Peekaboo Braids. This has become a very popular trend in the recent period. You would love to know that your face shape as well as the size of the hair plays a very negligible role while getting a Peekaboo Braid.

Because when you color your braids with a bright or contrasting color, the colors get to catch the attention of the people first rather than your facial configuration. As you can get braidings to any size of curly hair from short to long, thus you can get peekaboo braids to rock on your hairstyle anytime too.

In this very article, we will be discovering what Peekaboo braids are, and furthermore, we will be exploring some stunning ideas regarding Peekaboo Braids. Moreover, we will help you with the braiding process of a peekaboo braid with step-by-step instructions. So, without any more delay, let’s know what a Peekaboo Braid is.

What is a Peekaboo Braid?

What is a Peekaboo Braids

The word Peekaboo seems to be a bit unusual, right? But did you know before reading this article what a Peekaboo Braid is? As the traditional braids evolved time by time, it got new essences within different places and moreover different communities.

As coloring your hair has been a long trend from the past decade, adding colors to your braids can’t be an exception. While braiding your hair, using colorful strands of braids underneath the other braidings is actually known as the Peekaboo braids.

This technique is used to stand out the colored braids among the other braids. Though the colors can be both bright as well as dim, using bright colors has been more popular as the color contrast gets more visible since most of the Afro-Textured hair is black or Dark Brown.

You might be wondering how you can achieve those Peekaboo colors on your braids. Don’t worry, we have it covered in the later sections. But to give you a simple idea, we would say that you can either use hair extensions that are synthetic and match your hair type for the colored braids or you can use your own hair to at first color them and after that you can turn them into braided hair.

After you have selected the colors that you are going to add to the braids, either it be a Box braid, Feed in braid, stitch braid or etc, you can surely style them as many different ways as per your concern. This Peekaboo braid hairstyle trend has already marked its place in the modern day hairstyle, you are free to play with the colors and your hair.

In the upcoming section, we will be discussing 15 unique ideas that you can employ on your hair to stand out from the crowd. Moreover, you will get an idea about how to play with the colors on your braids.

15 Unique Peekaboo Braid Hairstyles Ideas

The peekaboo hair color trend is currently one of the most well-liked hair color trends. Try these braids instead of coloring your hair into a permanent color if you don’t like it! Your style becomes a work of art thanks to the subtle splash of color hidden beneath the other braids! In the upcoming section, you will love to know that you are going to explore some classics as well as a bit of trendy modern Peekaboo Braiding ideas!

Halfway Brass & Bright Blonde Peekaboo

Halfway Brass And Bright Blonde Peekaboo

You can choose from a variety of peekaboo hairstyles in this article if you enjoy playing around with the hair and are constantly tempted to try out new looks. And this is the first of them. This Hairstyle is Beautiful and Outperforming at the same time. With the Box Braids colored with halfway Brass and Bright Blonde color, you are going to look professional in any casual setting.

And if you are done with this hairstyle and have locked it for your hair already, you can choose any color of your own before doing those long box braidings on your hair. You can also use transparent beads on the tips of the Blonde portion of the hair. After choosing a haircut, the styling depends on you.

Love-shaped Peekaboo Knotless Braids

Love shaped Peekaboo Knotless Braids

Creating different meaningful shapes like butterflies, stars and hearts, etc., with braids or cornrows has become a very popular trend in the hairstyling world. With the tools and other hair care products being updated rapidly, styling them with meanings is an obvious practice, as you can see in this photo. All her hair, as you can see, is braided into thin knotless box braids, and she loves it.

For putting this hairstyle on yours, ask someone who knows braiding to create simple and shiny thin box braids with your hair. Two of the thin braid lining at the side will combine together and create a heart-like shape that will eventually be colored Scarlet Red. You can create another braid line with the same color beside the heart, which will be laid on the opposite side and create a contrasting highlight among the other braidings.

Copper & Pink Peekaboo Ponytail

Coper and Pink Peekaboo Ponytail

If you are not yet satisfied with the styles you have already discovered and want a very simple but elegant look on your hairstyle, this is the one you might love. You can see a low ponytail has been employed here to get the delicacy you are looking for.

Ponytails had been so popular in this modern hairstyling era and coloring them with Copper Gold and Bright Pink wouldn’t be a bad idea. If you really loved this hairstyle, make sure that your hair has grown long like her.

After that, braid your hair with your preferred braiding technique and before making a ponytail, use synthetic-colored hair or use color on your hair accordingly. You can choose the colors from this photo or put the colors of your own.

Pink Jumbo Peekaboo Braiding with Curly Tips

Pink Jumbo Peekaboo Braiding with Curly Tips

Pink Peekaboo Braids seem to be the most chosen in the modern days, as you can see in this photo. Her hair is braided with the Jumbo braiding technique, and her four strands of pink Jumbo twists are really setting her apart from the traditional peekaboos. When you have long hair, braidings, and colors at the same time, you can actually play anything with your hair. Her curly tips, on the other hand, created a very sophisticated finish.

While creating a Jumbo Braid, your hair is divided into larger sections, as opposed to micro braids, which makes the braiding process go more quickly. Jumbo braids also use more braiding hair, giving each plait a thicker overall appearance. They offer a great platform for personal expression, take a moment away from tackling your own hairstyle, and save a little time.

Crimson-Parakeet Peekaboo Braids

Crimson Parakeet Peekaboo Braids

Peekaboo braids have become a very less known but widely demanding way of coloring your braids in the past decades. If you look at the above photo, you can see that Two colors had been used for this long-way peekaboo hairstyle which is such distinguishable colors. Crimson, a glittery shade of Red, and the Parakeet, a shade of Green, have been used at the back, respectively.

If you have long hair too and are going to choose it for your upcoming hairstyle, you should keep in mind that you have to book an appointment with your hairdresser as creating a Peekaboo Braid on your hair on your own is a very tough job and moreover time-consuming. But if you are really visiting a barber, it’s really going to look astounding!

Bright Red Peekaboo Braids with a Top Knot

Bright Red Peekaboo Braids with Top Knot

Do you have long curly hair and wondering what style might perfectly match your personality as well as your facial configuration? Do not worry. Actually, we are taking the time to choose the best for you. This knotless ninja-looking braiding with the Top Knot is going to help you. This hairstyle can be worn to any type of facial configuration, especially with a round or oval-shaped face.

And if you are really impressed with such a Bright Crimson red peekaboo with long knotless braids, visit a hair specialist who might help you. The idea is simple. Select a portion of your hair and then dye it with any color that might suit you. Up next, all your hair should be thinly braided with the knotless braiding technique and create a top bun along with the colored lining. Finally, you must create some curly endings at the tips.

Knotless Peekaboo Twists

Knotless Peekaboo Twists

It’s not always necessary to have long hair in order to customize your hair with peekaboo add-ons in wide knotless braids. Peekaboo braids are extremely versatile, but also you can even wear them at shoulder length, and they’ll still look lovely. Basically, not even the length of your hair can prevent you from wearing peekaboo braids!

And if you want to wear this one, ask your hairdresser to help you with several knotless braids, which are wide and Light Brown color over Maroon Knotless Braidings. Those Peekaboo twists are going to look stunning from the back.

Amazing Shiny Peekaboo Braids with Beads

Amazing Shiny Peekaboo Braids with Beads

Would you like to experiment with beaded peekaboo braids? See how stunning peekaboo curls with beads would look on you by giving them a try! At least, you are not gonna regret it.

Consider getting yourself some really cool peekaboo braids if you want to do something trendy with your hair! The peekaboo you see in this photo has been the most popular way of hairstyling with colored braids. Consequently, if you wish to join a new trend, this one with beads would best fit for you.

Small Knotless Braids

Small Knotless Braids

If you got tired of exploring long hairstyles and were waiting for some short hairstyling ideas for you, then this is it. These light brown textured small knotless braidings, along with pink peekaboo, are surely going to make you enjoy your hairstyle tour. Additionally, those colorless and colorful pink and red beads are going to help you stand out from the crowd.

You can also see her having a Half ponytail made with braided hair that takes less than a minute to spread at two sides. There are slight bright orange textures at the front over the forehead. This is a unique idea of creating a peekaboo braid hairstyle, and you can do it yourself too.

Peekaboo Stripes with Barbie Ponytail

Peekaboo Stripes with Barbie Ponytail

The Barbie ponytail does seem to be currently in style! In order to make the iconic style work in the year 2024, it was about time to update it. Fortunately, the look has been steadily gaining popularity, and we can now see it everywhere. And the Barbie Ponytail you are seeing is not a conventional one. This is known as Soft Loc Barbie Ponytail.

For this hairstyle, you should be an aesthetic and creative designer. Or at least your barber should, as you don’t get to see such kinds of techniques of coloring your braids and making exceptional hairstyles with a single color. With this flashy red and a barbie ponytail, you can bump up your new look in a pretty exceptional way.

Braided Peekaboo Double Bun

Braided Peekaboo Double Bun

Consider getting peekaboo braids but styling them with a double bun if you find that they’re too lengthy to maintain but still enjoy them. Yes, if you choose a dual-colored peekaboo braided hairstyle, the peekaboo shades will stand out just as effectively, and it’s going to look absolutely stunning.

Therefore, if you are having trouble deciding which hair color to use for your peekaboo braids, only choose a dim pink color and fashion the shade with a double high bun; this will allow both colors to show just as effectively. You Will Surely get some relief while protecting your long hair.

Three-Colored Peekaboo

Three Colored Peekaboo

The peekaboo hair color trend is currently one of the most well-liked hair color trends. Consider experimenting with these braids if you don’t like dying your hair a permanent color. Your style ultimately becomes a work of art thanks to the soft pop of color hidden underneath the other braids! And if the colors are casually designed over your braidings, who won’t love that?

You can already guess how complicatedly her hair is styled. But in reality, the recipe is so simple. Two types of twists are done here. First are the Box braids, and next is the finger twists. Both of them are spread haphazardly, and the Three colored strands pop up from the black colored hair laid at the back.

Colorful Peekaboo Braids Style

Colorful Peekaboo Braids Style

Have you not yet figured out your best hairstyle idea for a Peekaboo yet? Don’t worry. This might help you if you were thinking of lucrative and straight colorful braidings laid at the back. You can already discover in this photo that her hair is full of box braidings along with Three shiny colors. Blue, Purple, and Rose Pink are the colors used here for the Peekaboo braids, and you can choose your own glimmering colors.

To get this hairstyle, tell your barber to make Knotless Box Braids all along your hair and color them accordingly. All the hair will be laid at the back so that those colors get more contrasted and visible. Finally, you can see that no beads are used but you can use beads of different sizes and colors to add some spark. Designing your hair is always up to you after choosing the right hairstyle.

Jumbo Knotless Black & Neon Green

Jumbo Knotless Braids with Black and Neon Green

Peekaboo braids have got their own way of styling in a sense. If you are one of those who doesn’t love to dye the whole bunch of hair, then definitely you should opt out for a highlighting Balayage or a Peekaboo Braids. Among them, balayage is almost rare to be seen on Curly hair, and coloring the braidings are, on the other hand, marking its place to help your braids get another dimension.

And if you are going for a Peekaboo braid, this style would be amazing with this single Neon Green colored braidings at the back. Such kinds of braidings are also known as Jumbo Knotless Braids. For this hairstyle, you have to make two and two jumbo braids at the upper and the lower portion with 4-5 braids at each side, respectively, and you are good to go!

Blonde Peekaboo with Butterfly Locs

Blonde Peekaboo with Butterfly Locs

When wavy hair is braided with a crochet hook and then lightly wrapped to provide it a distressed or unraveling effect, butterfly locs are indeed a variation of faux locs. And the most intriguing part of a Butterfly loc is that it can last up to 2-3 months, protecting your hair, especially from specks of dust which has made it much more popular in recent times. And you can make a Peekaboo Braid hairstyle with these butterfly locs, as you see in the picture, and it can make your hair look more fascinating.

If you are really up to it and thinking of it, you need to consult with a hairstylist as soon as it is a little bit tough getting these butterfly locs all by yourself, along with those Cotton White Peekaboo braidings. These locs look gorgeous to anyone with long or mid-length hair wearing them, and we are pretty sure that you are going to look outstanding too.

How Can You Make Peekaboo Braids

If you found Peekaboo Braids interesting and want to jump up to a new hairstyle with such a delicate braiding idea, you have to first choose a color. You can pick any color you like, but we suggest going with something striking and vibrant. Find something that expresses your personality, or choose a color that is totally unsettling to you.

Once you’ve chosen your shade, you can begin braiding! Here is our step-by-step tutorial for correctly styling Peekaboo Braids, which can be styled in a variety of ways. Follow these steps:

First, separate your hair into two sections: one for the top and one for the bottom. Remove the top portion with a clip.

Divide a tiny piece of hair again from the bottom section into three equal pieces.

Starting with a small section of side hair, begin braiding the colored extension underneath the natural hair while holding it in place with no clips.

Take the rightmost strand and cross it to the middle to start braiding. After that, move the leftmost strand to the center. As you go, tuck this same colored hair extension in.

Till the braid is finished, keep repeating this pattern. When you’ve finished, fasten the braid with just a transparent elastic band.

To achieve the peekaboo effect, focus on the bottom part of your hair when repeating steps 2 through 5.

The topmost layer of hair should now be separated into two sections after being taken down.

Without using hair extensions, braid the remainder of your locks until you’re done! Last but not least, fasten all braids with transparent elastic bands and spray on a light-hold hairspray.


Peekaboo braided hairstyles are quite attractive; they can draw attention away from flaws in your appearance and draw attention to your striped colors and good facial features. While choosing a peekaboo hairstyle, you may face a lot of questions in your mind.

Thus, we have accumulated the best possible answers from our experts for the confusions that roam around people’s minds around the world while putting a Peekaboo Braid on their head.

Q: Which Color Complements Peekaboo Braids the Best?

A: Which Colors Work Best For Peekaboo Highlights? You have the option! Since this is your hair, you can do whatever you want with it. Therefore there are no stringent regulations. Consider using colors like red, vivid Red, bright pink, cyan, green, or yellow (unless you want it to pop, that is).

Q: How Enduring is Peekaboo Braids?

A: This amazing style can last between 4 and 8 weeks with proper maintenance. Wear loose hairstyles that really can pull upon that hair and break it if you want your braids to last longer.

Additionally, you should avoid sleeping with damp hair because it can mat and tangle your hair.

Q: Where Can You Get Peekaboo Braids?

A: A reputable salon is the greatest spot to get peekaboo braids. The finest hairdressing style and shade for you can be suggested by a qualified hairdresser, who can also apply for the extensions properly so that they last longer.

They can change your hair color before twisting it if the hair is suitable, and they can dye it before twisting it, but this process takes a long time and causes damage.


By this time, you should have enjoyed gathering enough knowledge regarding peekaboo braiding technique; at least, we can hope that! We adore this trend’s versatility and think it’s quite fun and stylish for your perfect 2024 summer. And we hope you will be sporting a Peekaboo Braid on your head as soon as you can.

Everyone has a choice, whether they want to go for a sophisticated look with a couple of extra colorful layers peeking out or go all out with vividly colored extensions. That’s all up to you.

So why do you still wait? Today, try peekaboo braids. Leave a comment if you have any experience or questions regarding a Peekaboo Braid.

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