Permed Mullet

Permed Mullet: 17 Styles With An Exclusive Guide

Once so 80s and 90s craze mullets are back in fashion in a royal manner.

Ever wondered why they made a comeback? It’s a confidence booster for one. But there’s more to it. We are specifically going for the Permed Mullets.

Permed mullets are not just any hairstyle, it’s a lifestyle. Permed mullets (aka Perm Mullets) are one of the most popular variations in mullet hairstyles. A genuine grandiose variety.

In this article, we are going to begin our exploration with how mullets came to be. Then we are going to move into how you can grow a mullet and get your desired look. We are also going to present you with some of the best permed mullet styles that you can get.

This article is curated to be your one-stop destination for the magnificent permed mullets. We have covered everything.

Let’s dive into it!

Looking Into Permed Mullet

Mullets in general are a hairstyle where hair is left long at the back and cut short at sides and front. This is a true ageless and genderless hairstyle.

Permed mullets occupied the stage in the 1980s. “Perm” in permed mullets refers to “permanent waves”. Rockstars and fashionable individuals wore this flamboyant hairstyle. The perms added a great amount of texture to an already popular hairstyle of mullets!

American Hip-Hop band Beastie Boys popularized the term “mullet” through their song “Mullet Head” in the 90s. Although this style rocked the world mostly in the 80s and 90s, it is not that recent.

USA president Benjamin Franklin had a hairstyle that closely resembled modern mullet. Roman chariot warriors wore this style mostly for convenience. Short hair at the front while long at the back kept their hair in line with their helmets.

Prehistoric people kept their hair long at the back to keep the neck warm. But modern-day mullets are similar to what some Native American tribes wore for their spiritual significance.

Mullet is thus a style that has been worn for ages in some variations. In a way, it silently stood the test of time.

101 of Permed Mullets

Permed mullets can be done both at home and in a hairstyler. For your convenience, we are going to discuss how you can get a permed mullet at home easily.

This is a step-by-step guide for you to get your first permed mullets.

Growing Your Hair For Permed Mullet

For mullets, you mostly need to keep on growing your hair at the back. Depending on the growth, it will take you a few months for a lengthy permed mullet at the back.

The technique is to not cut your hair from behind your ears. Let it grow at the back and get the perky perms in no time!

List of Products Needed To Get Your Perms

To get your hair permed, you are going to need some products. Worry not, for we shall be helping you with what you need. We have procured a list of products for you that will be necessary for your smooth perm journey!

  • Hair Clarifier: You are going to need a hair clarifier to completely clean your hair. There cannot be any residue or oil in your hair when you are perming. We recommend a good hair clarifying shampoo like KENRA Clarifying Shampoo.
  • Perm Solution and Neutralizer: Perming your hair requires a good quality solution and neutralizer. It is easy to get confused about what to get. But we got your back! We are recommending Zotos Quantum Extra Body Acid Perm for a good result. It works on all types of hair.
  • End Paper: Good end papers will make your process easier. While doing the perming, they wrap around your hair’s end and make it smooth to conduct the rolling process. We recommend the excellent Diane End Wraps for you.
  • Perm Rods: Ranging from short to jumbo, perm rods come in different sizes and colors. Their colors carry the meaning of the size of hair they are appropriate for.  Depending on how long your hair is, you will need to get fitting perm rods.
    Perm Rod Size

The colors also tell you what kind of curl you will get from using that. We are recommending Perm Rod for Natural Hair where you can order the size you need.

  • Hair Clips: These are required to keep your hair stuck in place so that the hair you want to keep as it stays as it is. We suggest Framar Neon Hair Clips for a good experience.
  • Pintail Comb: A good pintail comb will help you separate your hair just the way you like. Get a Professional comb and keep the process smooth!
  • Old Towels: Keep some old towels with you. You will need at least two old towels before you start your perming process.
  • [Optional] Cotton Coils: Cotton coils will keep your hair separated from other parts and will save you from getting the perm solution all over. You can get a pack of those Beauty Cotton Coil for the easing of the process.

Alternatively, you can use old towels for this process.

  • [Optional] Plastic Hair Cap: After applying the solution, you will need to wear a plastic cap around your perm solution applied area. You can get a pack of Colortrak Professional Bouffant Processing Caps for a clean operation.

Alternatively, you can use a plastic bag to wrap around your hair. But we would suggest that you get plastic caps nonetheless.

  • [Optional] Gloves: Using gloves will make your process cleaner. You will be able to pick your hair properly and perm solutions won’t get into your hand. We recommend good quality Black Vinyl Disposable Gloves for you.

Steps to DIY at Home

We are going to explain the process of getting your permed mullet in parts. For your convenience, we have divided the whole process for getting your permed mullet into 5 easy steps. We have added an extra step at the beginning called the Preparation to help you carry out the process at home flawlessly.


Before beginning the perming process, you need to remove all the residue and oil from your hair. Use the clarifying shampoo and wash your hair. Perming the hair requires clean hair.

Take your time and wash your hair thoroughly. Remember not to use any conditioner. It will hinder the process and perm solutions will not work properly.

After the cleaning process, pat your hair dry with a towel. You don’t need to dry it completely.

Now put on your gloves and wrap a towel around your neck. This towel will protect your skin from spilled perm solutions.

Step 1: Sectioning

In this step, you will section the hair that you want to perm. Use a comb to separate your hair and put clips on the rest of your hair to keep it sectioned. Now comb down your hair properly.

Except for some variations, only the back hair is permed in permed mullets. If you have chosen one of those styles, make sure that you have separated your top hair from back hair. Then follow the process explained above.

Step 2: Wrapping

We are going to explain how to wrap your hair. This is a major step for ensuring a good perm.

Take a strand of hair from the section you want to perm. You may use the pintail comb’s handle to separate your strand perfectly.

Your strand’s size should be as wide as or slightly less than your perm rods. Depending on your hair length, it is recommended to use medium-sized perm rods for your permed mullet.

Now reach the end of your strand and fold an end wrap around the end of it.

Take a perm rod and place the end of your end-wrapped hair strand on it. Roll your perm rod to wrap your hair strand around it until you reach the scalp. Now close the perm rod.

Repeat this process until you have wrapped all your wanted hair around perm rods. Don’t get disheartened if shorter hairs are sticking out. Those will get blended after your perming process is done.

Last but not the least, wrap the cotton coil around your rolled hair. This will help keep the perm solution in place (discussed in the next step) and save you from itchiness.

Step 3: Applying The Perm solution

In this step, you are going to apply the perm solution around your rolled hair. You need to be patient in this step as the solution should be applied properly.

Take out the perm solution bottle from the box. Cut the tip of the bottle with a scissor. You may also use a thumbtack or pushpin to pierce the top.

Now apply the perm solution to your rolled hair. You should apply the solution one rod at a time. Softly squeeze the bottle close to the rods and use a circular motion to apply it.

It is recommended that you start on the top rod and work your way to the bottom.

After applying the perm solution, put a plastic cap around your hair. This is needed to get the perm done properly.

Now you are going to need to wait at least 15 minutes. After the time has passed, unroll one rod halfway to see if you are seeing a curve or bending on the hair strand. If not then wrap the strand back up. You are going to need to wait a few more minutes.

Check every 3-4 minutes to see if the hair is bending or looks curvy when you slightly unravel a rod. Once they look S-curvy, you are good to go to the next step.

Step 4: Rinsing And Applying Neutralizer

You are going to wash your wrapped hair and apply neutralizer in this step. DO NOT take the rods out yet.

Step into a shower or lean over a sink. Rinse your wrapped hair with water for 2-3 minutes. You need to rinse all the solutions from your hair. Afterward, lightly pat them dry with a towel, or just sit and let the air dry your hair. Make sure that you haven’t removed any rods.

You will notice that your cotton coil is wet. Remove it and put another cotton coil around your hair. Take out the neutralizer bottle from the pack and cut the tip off with a scissor. Now squeeze it onto your wrapped hair.

You have to follow the same technique as applying perm solutions. That is, squeeze the bottle on your hair in a circular motion.

Make sure that you start at the top rod and go to the bottom from there. Wait for 7-10 minutes after you are done applying the neutralizer.

After the time has passed, rinse your hair again in the same manner as discussed above for 2-3 minutes. Do not take your perm rods out just yet. After rinsing, let your hair dry.

Step 4: Removing The Perm Rods

In this step, you are going to carefully remove the perm rods from your hair. One rod at a time, gently remove the plug of the rod and unroll it.

DO NOT use force to remove the rod or you will damage both your hair and curls. One by one, remove the rods and let your hair sit.

Removing Perm Rods

Step 5: Maintaining Your Perm

In this step, we are going to discuss how to maintain your perm following your process.

After removing the rods, do not brush your hair for 10 days. You may only use your fingers softly to comb your hair for this duration. This is important to keep the curls as they are. You will also have to wait at least a few days before washing your hair.

For shampoo and conditioner, use something that will not damage your permed hair. We recommend Nexxus Shampoo & Conditioner Combo Pack for your permed mullet. These are perm friendly and will take good care of your hair.

You may wash your hair two times per week after your first wash. Be careful while washing your hair. Do not pull or apply any pressure on your curls.

If you want to get your permed mullet styled, we recommend that you wait 10 days. Doing it before this will destroy your perm.

17 Permed Mullet Hairstyles To Try Right Now

It is easy to get lost in picking up a style for your fabulous hair. We understand you and want to help in this regard.

As this is an exclusive guide, we have carefully selected the best permed mullet styles for you. These are the styles anyone can get regardless of their gender and age.

Looking enthusiastically funky is the primary goal here!

Regular Permed Mullet

Regular Permed Mullet

Mullets had a slogan, did you know? “Business in the front, party in the back!”. In traditional mullets, this was the case.

Regular Permed Mullet follows that energy. Business in the front is very neat, but the party in the back is added with more power because…. the back is permed!

If you want to go with the classic mullet with a perm, this is your pick. Rock it and boss it!

Side Parted Permed Mullet With Taper Fade

Side Parted Permed Mullet With Taper Fade

Side Parted Permed Mullet with a Taper Fade is one of the classic ones you can get.

We all love a side-parted haircut. Creating a combination of a side part and permed mullet takes a huge heart. We know that you got it!

Going with a classic never lets you down.

Spiky Front Permed Mullet

Spiky Front Permed Mullet

Spiky Front Permed Mullet is a bomb! The spike adds power to your mighty hair.

This is a regular permed mullet with a spiky variation. And guess what, the spikes will show your surroundings that you mean business.

The force is with this one for sure!

Messy Permed Mullet

Messy Permed Mullet

This particular hairstyle sends a message that your hair might look messy but those curls are to be aware of!

The natural look of messy hair is a lovely one that puts you anywhere. You never feel out of place yet make a clear announcement of yourself.

Getting a permed mullet for your messy delights is one thing you will never regret. Messy Permed Mullet always has your back!

Full Permed Mullet

Full Permed Mullet

Full Permed Mullet is a flavorful hairstyle that is a bit different from the regular permed mullet.

Regular Permed mullet usually has only your back hair permed. Full permed mullet, on the other hand, adds the charm of curls to all your hair.

The volume of curls blesses your head with an appeal that no one can ignore!

Spiked Top Permed Mullet With Line

Spiked Top Permed Mullet With Line

This style adds vigor to your excellent hair. The spiked top is all about raves while the permed mullet refreshes your look.

Meanwhile, the line does its job by adding another element to your style. Nothing says you are not one to be picked on louder than a straight line on your side!

The combo of spiky top, permed mullet, and the line ooze excitement on a high level. There is hardly anything better than that!

Permed Mullet With Two Lines

Permed Mullet with Two Lines

Permed Mullet with Two Lines looks to be a bit laid-back style at first. Once you have a deeper look, you get through the wall and feel a strong sensation.

The relaxed look of your slightly messy hair with the permed mullet at the back creates a distinct look in itself. Adding two lines to your faded side only attaches a strong character to it.

If you want to go with a look that reverberates a combination of chill and toughness then by all means this is the one you are looking for!

Permed Mullet With Three Lines

Permed Mullet with Three Lines

Feel like two lines were not enough? How about going with three lines then?

Each line adds more character to your style. If it felt like two lines were too subtle for you then you must go with this one.

Additionally, you can add more lines as you like. Never compromise with looking sharp!

Permed Top Permed Mullet

Permed Top Permed Mullet

Permed Top Permed Mullet is a tradition-bender for sure! We cannot recommend this one enough if you want to pronounce yourself strongly.

What makes it so special is that the regular permed mullet (also known as the traditional permed mullet) had especially the back hair permed. This top permed mullet reverses the style. It perms the top hair and keeps the back hair straight going down.

Party in the front and business in the back is going on for this one. Show your funky self with this one spectacular hairstyle!

Mohawk Permed Mullet

Mohawk Permed Mullet

Mohawk Permed Mullet is a head-turner. As a ballistic hairstyle, we certainly suggest this one for your fierce personality!

Mohawk in itself is a strong style. Blending it with permed mullet creates a bare-knuckle fusion. If you are feeling strong but want to show it in a relaxed manner, mohawk permed mullet has got your back.

This one hairstyle speaks for itself. Let it present you with a noticeable charm!

Permed Mullet With Fringe

Permed Mullet with Fringe

No business at all, this hairstyle has the party going all over your head!

Permed Mullet with Fringe variation is therefore a very interesting one. It only takes the partying part from the mullet’s core and declares it very loudly.

If you are looking to express your fun personality in the most effective of ways then this one is definitely a hit for you!

Pushed Back Permed Mullet

Pushed Back Permed Mullet

Pushed Back Permed Mullet is a great option for the ones who have a long mullet going at the back.

The pushed-back top hair gives an easygoing look while the permed back literally adds waves to your style. The touch of a classic hairstyle can also be felt in this variation.

Thinking of not going extreme but having the permed mullet? This is the one for you!

Messy Crop Permed Mullet

Messy Crop Permed Mullet

Your Messy Crop Permed Mullet is not just any other hairstyle. This is yet another combination of styles that sends a strong message. There is no getting confused!

For this one, getting big perms in the back really suits the messy crop at the top. You can experiment with different sized perms but our suggestion would be to get big waves for your mullet.

Taper Fade Permed Mullet

Taper Fade Permed Mullet

This Taper Fade Permed Mullet brings back the slogan of mullets. While you have the party going in the back with those delicious perms, the taper fades create good stability on top and at the front.

In our opinion, taper fade permed mullet is one of the most well-balanced permed mullets you can find. This variation is also close to the traditional one. The difference is just slightly bigger hair on top.

If you are searching for a style that looks clean, look no further! This one is the deal for you.

Slicked Back Permed Mullet

Slicked Back Permed Mullet

This hairstyle is dynamite if you have long hair. Slicked-back styles always look classy. Couple that with a perm at the back, you get a “slick” look that does not disappoint.

If you are a fan of the slick look, we recommend this one for you.

Short Permed Mullet

Short Permed Mullet

Short Permed Mullet is a fabulous one for those who don’t have long hair. This one keeps things simple for you.

Not everyone can grow their hair too long at the back. But it should not stop you from getting a permed mullet. You are not going to miss out on this euphoric hairstyle.

This is why we brought to you this excellent variation. Wear the permed mullet, whatever the case!

Long Permed Mullet

Long Permed Mullet

This Long Permed Mullet is a delicacy and is blessed with a voluminous look.

Medium-small curls all over your head going down the back and covering your neck is a sight to behold. Short hair on the sides adds the classic mullet feeling to it as well.

This style is for you if you are looking for an excellent perm on your long mullet. This elegant look catches everyone’s eyes, every single time.

Care Tips for Permed Mullets

We have shown you different styles for your permed mullets. Now, this is the part where we take you through the process of taking care of your delightful perms.

After getting the perms, at least wait 72 hours before washing your hair. Use shampoo after this waiting period is over. We recommend Nexxus Shampoo & Conditioner Combo Pack.

During these 72 hours, you can use a spray bottle to spray some water on your hair. Don’t overdo it though.

Do not shower your hair directly. It will relax your perms. Be careful with it.

We also recommend you to not get into a swimming pool during the first week after getting your mullets permed. The chemicals in the swimming pool water will change your hair and the perms may become undone.

Do not use any type of heating on your hair for the first 72 hours after getting your permed mullet. This again will undo your perms by at least 50-60%.

If you are looking to color your perms, wait at least 10 days for a good experience.

When going to sleep, wrap a silk scarf around your permed mullet. Try to avoid sleeping directly on your back for the first few days as the pressure may relax your perms.

Always use a good conditioner for your permed mullet. The curls easily get dry. For this reason, using a good chemical-friendly conditioner is necessary. We have recommended Nexxus Shampoo & Conditioner Combo Pack for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

We tried to explain everything by now. Nevertheless, we went ahead and answered some of the most asked questions regarding permed mullets for you in advance here.

Question: How long does the perm last in a permed mullet?

Answer: A perm will last 2-6 months depending on how it was done and how well you have taken care of it.

Question: What type of hair do I need to get a permed mullet?

Answer: While you can rock a mullet with whatever type of hair you have, getting perms does not require you to have any particular type of hair either. It is for everyone. Just make sure that your hair is long enough to wrap it around a perm rod at least twice.

Question: Can I dye my perm?

Answer: Yes, you can. But wait for just over a week before you dye it after you have gotten the perms. This will ensure that your perms last long.

Question: How much does getting the mullet permed cost?

Answer: Depending on your stylists and the quality of chemicals used, you may need to pay $40-$200 for your perm.

Question: Do I need to have lengthy hair for my permed mullet?

Answer: Mullets require you to grow your hair at the back for a few months. To maintain consistency, it would be excellent if you have long hair. If not, we have recommended some wonderful permed mullet styles for people with short hair. You can pick one from them and look astonishing!

Question: How long does it take to perm your mullet?

Answer: It may take 50 minutes to 3 hours to perm your mullet. It mainly depends on your stylist’s technique and your hair length.

Final Words

We have reached the end of our article. We crafted this article with only one view in our mind: to provide you with all the information you need to get your permed mullets.

Permed mullets are one distinguishable hairstyle that does not disappoint anyone. Anyone of any age and gender with any type of hair can get this style. In a sense, this is a hairstyle with no boundary.

Since you have reached this point, it means that you are thinking about getting a permed mullet. Based on all the things we have discussed, we can say that this hairstyle will serve you well irrespective of any factors.

In conclusion, we highly recommend this hairstyle because not only is this style very chic, it is modern and carries a strong vibe with it. The stylishness of permed mullets has a firm grip on everyone.

Wear it, own it, rock it!

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