Phil Foden Haircut

Phil Foden Haircut: A Sensational Footballer with Enviable Hair

An English footballer who plays for renowned club Manchester City, Phil Foden has caught the eyes of many since his professional debut. Known for his agile dribbling and quick footwork, the left-footed prodigy has taken over the world of football. His vision, unparalleled first touch, and passing skills are more than enough to make him one of the top young talents in the revolutionary sport in the present day.

In the span of 4 years, the English prodigy has secured multiple trophies as well as individual accolades to his belt. To be more specific, Phil Foden has won 3 Premier League Titles with Manchester City, and made a massive amount of contribution during each season to secure the title. He was also named the PFA Young Player of the Year as well as Premier League Young Player of the Season in 2020-2021 for putting on a show every time he represented The Citizens.

Outside the pitch, Phil Foden is known for his unique taste in fashion and his modern yet elegant hairstyle, which will be the main subject of this write-up.

In this article, we will be doing a deep dive into the hairstyles that the wonderkid from Stockport has worn and flawlessly pulled off during the course of his career as a footballer. We will also be providing tutorials and addressing questions related to Foden’s haircut. Make sure to hold on tight before you prepare to give this piece of writing a read.

What is Phil Foden’s Haircut Called?

 The polished and dense haircut of the skillful footballer is often called a crop cut. It may also be called short fringes with a lineup. It’s an excellent hairstyle that caters to everyone. It can shape up one’s face in a favorable way and can even make them look more intimidating. It is also a great hairstyle choice for all hair types, as it contains loads of density, which can be beneficial to those with fine and thin hair.

Furthermore, this haircut is one of the very few variations that goes well with edgy and bold hair colors. Light and vibrant shades like platinum blonde pair quite well with this haircut, which explains why Phil Foden frequently resorts to them.

6 Phil Foden Haircuts to Renew Your Hair Game

Since there are still plenty of days left before Spring comes to an end, perhaps a shorter haircut would be more favorable as opposed to longer ones in order to beat the heat. That’s where Phil Foden’s haircut comes in. The English superstar’s haircut isn’t just suitable for one season, but can be worn all year without any drawback or inconvenience.

Moving on, here are some variations you should most definitely check out if you’re in favor of Phil Foden’s simple yet up-to-date haircut that won’t go out of trend anytime soon.

The Paul Gascoigne

The Paul Gascoigne

This is probably the most impressive look that Phil Foden has worn to this day. It involves a caesar cut with a subtle line-up, which is further supported by a platinum blonde dye. Rumors say that the Manchester City forward achieved this hairstyle to simply pay homage to Paul Gascoigne and was recreating the look Gazza had during Euro 1996. Regardless, this is a versatile look that anyone can take up if their main aim is to spice up their life.

Crop cut with High Skin Fade

Crop Cut wih High Skin Fade

Tired of constantly looking after your long hair? Switch to this one, maybe? It attains all the ideal qualities that a good haircut should have. It looks polished, contains tons of density, and is very easy to recreate. While shades like platinum blonde will overpower any other color, you may also resort to neutral colors for a more intimidating impression.

Light Platinum Blonde Caesar Cut with Mid Fade

Light Platinum Blonde Caesar Cut With Mid Fade

Light colors age people backwards. The vibrant tones that they contain tend to make people look more youthful and healthy. They also work wonders for one’s hair, giving it a sheer amount of texture and neatness.

When recreating this look, you can also switch the mid fade a high skin fade if you feel the need to. Since bleaching hair isn’t the healthiest habit one can have, it is always better to bleach it as little as possible. Switching up the mid fade for a high fade will make things relatively easier for your hair cuticles and follicles in the long run.

Subtle Side Part with Blends

Subtle Side Part with Blends

When hair is short in terms of length, it is easier to create hairstyles that contain volume. This is because the shafts are healthier, which makes them seem thicker than usual.

This hairstyle doesn’t require much. All it needs is the use of a good hair brush that enhances volume. Blends are more favorable as opposed to a skin fade for this haircut, mainly since it looks more sophisticated, making it flexible enough for high-end events.

Modern Short Quiff with Decals

Modern Short Quiff With Decals

Replace your basic modern quiff by adding a mid fade with decals! Not only will you look more approachable at parties, but the hair will definitely enhance your confidence.

Moreover, it is very simple to recreate and easier to maintain. Since the length is somewhat short in front, it is extremely manageable and doesn’t require a lengthy styling routine for the most optimal performance.

Buzz Cut with Shape Up

Buzz Cut With Shape Up

This is probably Foden’s favorite hairdo, mainly since he’s been styling his hair this way for as long as we could remember. It is a great look, too, as it looks presentable, neat, and in place from afar. The simplicity behind this look also makes it a great partner to fancy attires as well as elegant outfits.

For best results, it is important that you get the line-up as well. It will get rid of the baby hair strands near the hairline, giving the area more thickness and a distinctive presence as a result. You can also add the decals to balance out the appearance of this look and spice it up a little.

How To Recreate Phil Foden’s Haircut Today!

 One of our aims is to make things as easy as possible for our readers. So, to further assist you with this haircut, we have prepared a set of instructions that you can follow before recreating Phil Foden’s iconic short fringes.

Chop the lengths off! 

Since the hair length requirement for this hair is extremely short, make sure to ask your hairdresser for a short trim before you consider yourself eligible to mimic the look. While it would be more effective to shorten each segment with care and proper observation, the stylist may also use a 6mm guard to unlock a shorter process.

Make sure to ask for a lineup or a shape-up 

To mirror the look perfectly, ask your barber to finish the look with a lineup. It’s a technique that is regularly incorporated for short haircuts, mainly since it gives the hairstyle a unique appearance and a more impactful presence.

Pick a hair color that suits you

You don’t have to recreate the exact look that Foden has. Make use of your creativity and prioritize your needs as well. Do so by picking a color that goes with your personality, face shape, and your physical appearance. While picking a vibrant color like beach blonde will definitely make the hair stand out, picking other colors will work just as much!

Frequently Asked Questions

We know how important hair is to everyone. A good haircut reeks of positivity, as it encourages us to be more honest to the world. It also boosts our confidence and inspires us to experiment more with hair.

Furthemore, since a priority of ours is to prevent the chances of receiving a botched haircut, below contains a few queries we have tackled and solved regarding Foden’s haircut that will surely help you if you’re looking to recreate one of his hairstyles soon.

Why is Phil Foden’s haircut so popular?

Apart from the easy-care routine it comes with, appearance wise, the hairstyle is extremely tidy, thorough, and straightforward.

Moreover, if you’re looking to shed some weight off your face, then you should definitely experiment with this haircut. The chopped off sideburns tend to make one’s facial structure more apparent, making their cheekbones and jawline sharper as a result.

Apart from that, it also pairs well with every color that exists and can enable one to look more masculine.

Why did Phil Foden bleach his hair?

When photos emerged of Phil Foden’s new haircut, people thought the youngster was paying homage to former professional English footballer, Paul Gascoigne, also known as Gazza. However, after creating quite the buzz, Phil Foden denied the claims, stating it was a “unique decision”.

Can I get Phil Foden’s haircut?

Another reason why the fanbase of this haircut keeps growing is due to how easy it is to pull off. It caters all hair types, mainly since it’s a look which requires zero to minimum effort and density. The only tricky segment about this hairdo is the part where the decals or the stripes come in.


Overall, the crop cut or the crop top has been in the game for quite some time now. It is extremely low maintenance and can be paired up with any outfit. It contains loads of texture and can make even the worst kind of hair type frizz free and healthy.

Furthermore, we hope this article helps you with finding inspiration and encourages you to wear this hairdo as your next one!

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