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10 Adorable Picture Day Hairstyles That Will Win Your Heart!

One of the best things about being a young student is enjoying the fun activities at school to the fullest. Nothing can beat the happiness that encircles you at that age because you gather new experiences as you set sail to your future. And if we were asked what was one of our best memories from that time, picture day will definitely be at the top of the list.

It’s a rule of thumb to look nice and neat on your picture day because you don’t want to end up being sad about your yearbook picture at the end of the year. So even if you have left those golden days behind, buckle up because your daughter or niece may actually find your advice useful for a picture day!

As much as you need to focus on your attire, it’s necessary to choose the right hairstyle for your picture day. Everyone gets a yearbook, so you need to look your best on this day! This is why we have gathered a list of our favorite picture book hairstyles in this article.

But before jumping into those, let’s know some basic facts about picture day, and why it’s important to look good on that special day!

What is a Picture Day, and How Do You Celebrate it?

Picture Day And Celebration

Basically, picture day is the day of the year when you are photographed for your picture to be included in the yearbook or school ID. A professional photographer takes portraits of every individual student, and packages of these portraits can be bought by parents.

A picture day is all about looking your best for the picture that is to be taken by the photographer, and it’s an important day to look pretty. Apart from your perfect smile, your attire and hairstyle definitely need to be on their A-game, because picture day won’t come back again and again!

When every student receives a yearbook at the end of their school year, it’s a fun time finding out their own pictures and figuring out how they looked all those days ago on picture day! While you are looking at the photos of all the other students, they are also doing the same thing. So looking good on picture day is a must!

Moreover, a number of your classmates will remember you by the portrait taken on your picture day and included in your yearbook. So you want to be remembered as a person who knew how to be smart because that’s what we do here!

Even if you miss the special day due to any unavoidable reasons, no need to worry because generally a second day is issued for taking pictures of the students who were absent on the first day. Just make sure to be in your best style no matter which day you are attending.

So, it requires no further explanation that choosing the perfect hairstyle and attire for your picture day needs to be your top priority. And even if your days are long gone, just taking notes once in a while for your younger siblings or nieces won’t hurt, right?

Sweetest Picture Book Hairstyles to Rock the Day!

Now that you understand the importance of looking perfect on picture day, it’s time to gather all the essentials to make the day a success. As the portrait will basically show off the face and hair, you need to choose the best hairstyle for this day.

Wondering which hairstyle is going to work perfectly? Worry no more because we’ve got you covered! Ahead is a list of the best picture day hairstyles that are surely going to be loved by you and everyone around you!

So without wasting any more time, let’s jump into the good stuff already!

Waterfall Braid

Waterfall Braid

If simplicity and elegance both had to be expressed through one braided hairstyle, it would be the waterfall braids. These braids add a touch of style to any ordinary hair look, so it’s considered to be one of the most effortless and chic braided styles out there.

For your daughter’s yearbook picture, you can choose to do a simple waterfall braid on the sides with the perfect parting in the middle. Let the rest of her hair flow freely, and add a wavy touch to the length if you want to. The outcome will be as gorgeous as the one shown in this picture.

Braided Half-Bun

Braided Half Bun

It’s all about taking that extra step with your hair when it comes to picture day, so your creativity should know no limits! It’s mandatory to look adorably smart in the portrait, this is why a half-up style will always be a priority for little girls.

This time, try out this amazing half-bun hairstyle on your niece or daughter’s hair. For that braided part, you can choose any braiding style of your liking. Don’t forget to put a nice bow where the braid and the bun meet, as it will look super cute. Keep the length flowing like a princess, and your little one will be ready to rock the photo session!

With Colorful Beads

With Colorful Beads

You can choose to do amazing protective hairstyles on your little ones’ hair for their picture day, or simply take them to the salon to get those braids done. Just make sure to grab a pack of colorful beads on the way to give the braids a proper cheerful look!

The braids can be done in any style, starting from cornrows to box braids. You can pick colorful braided hair to add a dash of coolness to some of the braids. Lastly, the addition of those amazing beads and the slayed edges will make your kid look like royalty on her picture day!

Dutch Braid Ponytail

Dutch Braid Ponytail

If your little one is a fan of ponytails and doesn’t want to wear anything else on her picture day, then you can just upgrade her ponytail style by adding braids. And in that case, we are always big supporters of the dutch braids!

In this picture, the little girl has two adorable dutch braids done to perfection at the front. The braids meet at the back where a regular ponytail has been done out of the rest of her hair. To make things cuter, a pretty bow has been added to the ponytail. All in all, this is a hairstyle that will look great on the yearbook portrait!

Criss Cross Braids

Criss Cross Braids

Although most criss-cross hairstyles are done using rubber bands, you can make them out of your braids as well. So if your daughter’s picture day is approaching, give the criss-cross braids a proper practice, and try them out with a half-up style this time.

To portray the beauty of your criss-cross braids, you can choose to do double buns out of your daughter’s braided hair, and leave some of the ends hanging out from the buns. Make sure to do the partings neatly, and add colorful beads to the style. You can take this picture as your guide to make the styling session a success. Trust us, the outcome will amaze your baby!

Braided Pigtails

Braided Pigtails

With little girls, it’s all about adding cute accessories to the hairstyle in order to make it look fun and playful. So for the next picture day, try out a simple hairstyle like the braided pigtails on your daughter’s hair, and add a cute statement by using adorable accessories.

For example, these simple braided pigtails won’t take much of your time to be done. But to make them look extra beautiful, you can add simple bow hair clips at the ends of the braids, and your kid will be ready for the photo shoot!

Bubble Braids

Bubble Braids

Some of the braided hairstyles may seem a little bit difficult for you to do. In that case, you can always achieve a glamorous look just by opting for bubble braids. And trust us, your daughter will love to wear the bubbles on her picture day.

While a single bubble braid is just as gorgeous, you can try out the bubble braid pigtails on your little ones’ hair to add that playful vibe. Make sure to choose light-colored rubber bands if her natural hair is dark, as it will add a fun touch to the hairstyle.

Amazing Picture Day Hairstyles for Teens!

Although picture day hairstyles are most popular among young girls, you can try them out even when you are enjoying your proper teenage days. Because looking good on your yearbook portrait shouldn’t be restricted by your age!

Braided Bun

Braided Bun

One of the most stunning ways to wear your hair on a picture day is making a bun out of your hair if you are already wearing a protective braided hairstyle. It’s easy to do and looks super gorgeous, so give it a try this time.

You can choose blonde or brown braiding hair to add a bit of chicness to the look. Combine different braiding styles such as cornrows and dutch braids, and make sure to do a proper top bun like the one shown in this picture.

Side Braid

Side Braid

If you want to look elegant but don’t know how to do it without adding intricate styles to your hair, then we have a solution for you. Try the side braided style, and add a bit of twist. Believe it or not, you’re going to look super glamorous.

For those with naturally long hair, this hairstyle is going to win hearts for sure! Just make a twisted style on one side and turn it into a side braid down from the nape area. You can leave out strands from the sides to add a messy touch, and this hairstyle will look amazing in your yearbook!

Fancy Curls

Fancy Curls

Braids surely add that extravaganza to your picture book hairstyle, but if you want to keep things quite simple, then just straightening or curling your hair can do the job perfectly. Adding big and bold curls will also help keep things minimal yet chic.

If you have done balayage before, then this particular hair look will be the perfect option for you. Those curls look amazing, and we are in love with her hair color. This particular hairstyle is going to be one of the best picks for your picture day, so book your appointment asap!

Final Words

Your picture day will be one of the best memories you make during your school-going days, so try to make the best out of them by being on your A-game with your style. And if it’s all about your daughter or niece, try to give them an amazing hair look for brightening up their day.

It is recommended to wash your hair the night before your photo session to achieve a perfect styling experience, so keep that in mind before attending your picture day. Also, don’t forget to grab the cutesy accessories beforehand to add an extra touch of fun to the hairstyle.

That being said, make sure to take a look at the hairstyles we have mentioned above to make your picture day a proper success with style! And yes, keep staying trendy and fashionable until next time!

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