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13 Classy Pixie Braids Hairstyles that are Trending Right Now

Braids are not new in the realm of hairstyles, but black girls have successfully taken their braiding game to the next level. The days of our regular three-strand braids are not over yet, rather they have been remodeled as different forms of protective hairstyles that black girls love to wear from time to time.

There was a time when the regular box braids were all the rage. However, options are literally endless at present when it comes to protective hairstyles. From tribal braids to twisted ones, women love to try out different styles frequently. This is exactly why the smaller versions of these braids have gained popularity, as many women prefer the intricate look of those braids.

Apart from the micro braids, the pixie braids have become quite famous in recent years. They are not as small as the micro braids, but the tight nature and distinguished style of these braids make them a favored option to many ladies out there. As the braids are quite small and they maintain a tighter style, it may take a good amount of time to install them. But in the end, the outcome is going to make you fall in love with them.

What’s so Unique about Pixie Braids?

In the case of regular box braids and other forms of protective hairstyles with braids, we usually braid down the length and then cut off the excess part or seal the ends with hot water. But when it comes to pixie braids, BeautyAnswered.com says that the ends of the braids are burnt off and then they are given a bent look towards the face.

Apart from this unique part, pixie braids are not like your regular micro braids. They are not as small and they generally look great in a bob shape. You can easily achieve an intricate look with pixie braids, so these braids are a great option for that.

What are the Pros of Wearing Pixie Braids?

La Reine African Hair Braiding is a salon located in Knightdale, and they have mentioned some interesting facts about pixie braids on their website. Apart from the fact that these braids do not cause any problem to your natural hair, the mentions of the pros of having pixie braids installed really encouraged us to try out this hairstyle.

According to La Reine, pixie braids are low maintenance and they can be a great option for the warmer months. These braids are not too much expensive to do, so that makes them an available option for many women out there. Plus, the intricate style that comes with these braids will surely make you fall in love with them again and again!

How to Do Pixie Braids at Home?

If you have the time, confidence, and energy, you can definitely opt for doing pixie braids at home. However, ensure that your schedule is clear because a head full of pixie braids is going to need the proper time and dedication from you. Also, make sure that you keep all the necessary moisturizing products, oils, and hair pomade at hand because you are going to need them.

As we mentioned before, the braids are going to be small so section off your hair accordingly. For your braiding hair, we suggest choosing silky jumbo hair because they burn better compared to Kanekalon hair. Take a piece of your braiding hair and divide it into three sections for the braid. Then take all the three pieces at one point and adjust them with your piece of natural hair to start the braiding process.

Braid your piece of natural hair along with the braiding hair all the way down the length. Make sure that your braid itself remains perfectly tight as you braid down. Once you reach the end, grab your lighter and burn it where you want the length to end. Don’t be worried because you will be burning off your braiding hair only, not the natural hair.

Once you turn on the lighter and hold it for some moments while you give the hair a pull, the lower length will get detached from the rest of the braid. Now use your lighter again to seal the end properly and give it a little bit of roll. At this point, you need to make a pin curl starting from the end of your braid going upwards. You can take 3 to 4 braids together for this process, but make sure you’re not taking too many.

When the pin curl reaches all the way up, give it a little burn, and then release the braid. This process gives the end of your braid that ‘bending towards your face’ kinda look, which is a distinguishing feature of pixie braids.

Following the same process, do all the braids all over your head and give all of the ends that same kind of style. Once it’s all done, you will be left with the perfect pixie braids of your dreams!

13 Super Chic Pixie Braid Hairstyles for 2024

The process of getting your pixie braids done may be tiring, but the outcome is always going to be worth it. If you are bored of your regular medium-sized box braids and just want to try out something new this time, then pixie braids are definitely one of the first options that we are going to suggest. You are going to fall in love with the intricacy this style has to offer, so why not make the best out of it? Ahead are some of the best hairstyles that can be tried out with your pixie braids. So without wasting any moment, let’s check them out together!

Long Black

Long Black

Pixie braids can be worn just as they are because these braids are gorgeous on their own. The classic black braids are always our favorite when it comes to pixie braids, so you just need to choose the perfect black braiding hair and start doing your pixie braids asap.

You can take this picture as your guide to start your journey with pixie braids. These braids have a great length with a bent look towards the face. Nothing too fancy but still appreciable, that’s why we love this style so much!

Brown Highlights

Brown Highlights

If you want to add a subtle touch of highlights to your hair, then we suggest opting for black and brown braiding hair for your braids. While the black braids will work as the base color, you can use the brown braids to create those highlights.

This picture is a perfect example of pixie braids with brown highlights. Most of the braids are black, but there are random placements of brown pixie braids for that highlight effect. The ends are perfectly styled and this medium-length bob style is screaming cool-girl vibes!

Short Bob

Short Bob

For all the short hair lovers who struggle to find the perfect braided style for their hair, pixie braids are here to the rescue! You just need to determine how short you want your hair to be, and the perfect short bob will be ready in no time!

These pixie braids that have been done using black braiding hair are quite short in size, and the bob hair look is super cute to look at. We love how she has used the gold hair rings to adorn the ends, so overall, this is a style that we absolutely recommend.

Blonde and Burgundy

Blonde And Burgundy

Apart from the regular black braids, it’s always a good option to choose creative colors when it comes to your braiding hair. If you want to stick to the basic colors, then that’s alright as well. And everyone knows that when it comes to such colors, blonde and burgundy make it to the top of the list.

The next time you visit the salon, show this picture to your hairdresser if you want these exact pixie braids. While some braids are exclusively blonde and burgundy, some have been done using both of the braiding hairs in the same braid. This super cool hairstyle is perfect for a girls’ night out!

Black and Purple

Black And Purple

Incorporating two different colors in your braided style will only showcase your creativity. So while you’re at it, why not combine a regular color with something that is bold and dazzling? Yes, we are talking about our very own purple braiding hair.

For this style in the picture, you need to choose black and purple braiding hair. Combine the purple hair with your black hair in a creative way like this one, and give your hair a bob length for the perfect outcome. With nicely bent ends, these pixie braids are sure to rock any party!

Cute Pixie

Cute Pixie

Instagram has given rise to the trend of wearing creative hair clips made of rhinestones and pearls. These hair clips can be paired with any hairstyle, starting from fancy ponytails to braided styles. So this time, try wearing them with your super cute pixie braids.

The hairstyle in this picture consists of a pixie bob with perfect black braiding hair. The lady in the picture has adorned her braids with fancy gold hair rings, plus she has worn a cute hair clip at one side. The entire style is quite adorable and can be perfect for a picture for the ‘Gram.

Blonde Hair

Blonde Hair

Black women love to try out a blonde hair look every now and then, so there are many wigs as well as hair extensions available in different shades of blonde. If you want an upgrade from your regular hair color and style, then this time you can choose blonde braiding hair and go for the pixie braids.

The woman in this picture has naturally gray hair, and she has chosen the blonde braiding hair to step up her hair game. This proves that pixie braids are a great option for people of all ages. We love the bob-length hair and the vibe is totally great for summertime or a vacation at the beach.

With Bangs

With Bangs

Opting for protective braided hairstyles doesn’t mean you cannot rock your bangs. Rather it looks super cool when you add bangs to braided style because that vibe is totally different from your regular bangs. So this time, ask your hairdresser to keep those bangs all banging!

This short and fancy bob with the pixie braids has earned the perfect look because of the bangs style that has been added at the front. The ends of the braided bangs are perfectly sealed, and the rest of the braided ends are bent towards the face. What else do you need for the perfect pixie braids?

Asymmetrical Bob

Asymmetrical Bob

When it comes to pixie braids, the asymmetrical bob gets a different type of cool vibe because of how uniquely the hair is styled. The braids cover one of your eyes entirely, and the style looks exquisite with all the vibrant braids.

This is a classic example of an asymmetrical bob with pixie braids, and there’s not a single thing we do not appreciate about this style. The use of yellow braiding hair has taken this style to the next level. This combination of black and yellow in the hairstyle is giving us major gold vibes, so trying this out is a must!

Messy Updo

Messy Updo

Pixie braids are so versatile that you can even do an updo with your braids. The process is as easy as doing a regular messy updo with your hair, all you need to do is install the braids beforehand.

This simple yet messy updo done with pixie braids is totally matching our vibes because we always love a creative hairstyle. The black braids with random brown highlights look quite fancy. While some of the braids are kept separated and untied at the front, the rest of them on the back have been given the look of a messy updo. This style is elegant enough to be carried to a fancy or formal event without giving any second thoughts.

Short and Compact

Short And Compact

While your braids can be quite short and still rock the show, you can always get creative with the way you style them. We know that pixie braids look the best in a bob length, but you can also do them in an interesting way like the one shown in this picture.

As you can see, the braids are not flowing all the way down rather they are kinda curled up and laying in a formation similar to curly hair. The ends of the braids have that bent style of pixie braids, and the hair looks fuller because of the way the braids have been styled. All in all, these are the type of pixie braids that we totally love and approve of!

Pixie Cornrows

Pixie Cornrows

If being all creative is your vibe and you always love to add a bit of twist to your regular styles, then you can do your pixie braids in a cornrows style. It looks pretty neat and your hair will definitely thank you for choosing such an exclusive style.

For pixie cornrows, you can part your hair in different interesting ways like the ones in this picture. The random touch of brown braids in this style has created a highlight effect. Overall, this bob hairstyle is quite tidy and suitable for any occasion.

Blonde Money Piece

Blonde Money Piece

The money piece style has become quite popular because of how it gives you a face-framing effect. So this time, instead of going for a regular style with your pixie braids, you can add blonde money piece at the front along with your base color braids.

This picture shows what we are talking about. The bob hair with the perfect pixie braids looks super cool simply because of the blonde braids that have added the money piece effect. This is a cool hairstyle for girls’ night out as well as any fancy events that are upcoming.

Final Thoughts

Pixie braids are versatile, and they can be worn anywhere starting from your grocery shopping to super fancy parties. You just need to select the best possible hairstyle that will suit every occasion, and you will be good to go.

As your protective hairstyles need to be taken off after a certain amount of time, we recommend going for the pixie braids the next time. This will give your hair the chance to flaunt a new style, especially this time, a bob-shaped hair will be loved by you as well.

So take a good look at the styles we have mentioned above to give pixie braids a proper shot. Easy to do and inexpensive, these braids are going to become one of your favorites pretty soon!

Image Source: Pinterest,  Instagram

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