21 Amazing Pompadour Haircut + Hairstyles 2022 + Video Tutorial

You will be shocked to know that Pompadour hairstyle is originally intended for women. Yes, the hairstyle is named so for Madame de Pompadour, the chief mistress of a French King Louis XV. However, the hairstyles get is popularity from famous American singer and actor Elvis Presley. Football star David Beckham also loves having pompadour hairstyle.

The style that everyone adores, and trust me the heart of every single person beat faster with the name of pompadour. I could say the trendiest hairstyle for guys to pull off. Pompadour hairstyles evolved with a lot of variations with its fade, texture, side-parted, volume etc.

What is a Pompadour?

Pompadour is a hairstyle theta defines short hairs at back and sides with elongated long hairs at the top. The uniqueness lies in the voluminous hair at the top which gradually recedes at the back and sides. After the cut, it’s your choice to groom your hair on your way with an innovation.

Well, Pompadour is basically of two types:

Classic Pompadour

A typical and popular hairstyles in the 1950’s and early 1960’s. Especially, classic pompadour bears short back hair as compared to sides.  Afterward, long hairs at the crown are upswept with a brilliant shiny look. A classic old-school look !!!

Modern Pompadour

As the name defines modern pompadour is something with extremely short or fade hair undercuts. I would say a pompadour is all equal in all the stages of fashion trends. The fact is that it has evolved a lot these days the shape and look of pompadour lie completely with the height of the pompadour and the type of undercut. The modern Pompadour somehow comes with faded, tapered or disconnected undercuts with varied pompadour sizes.


How to get a Pompadour of your choice ??

Wanna a classy and sexy hairstyle to impress girls? Well, first get a haircut according to the way you need. So, now you will be scrolling down the picture on google to get the best one for you. Am I right?? Yes, then bookmark this page and get all the stylish and sophisticated hairstyle at a click that will be discussed below.

Things you need:

  1. Brush or Comb
  2. Hair Dryer
  3. Clean Towel
  4. Styling Wax or Pomade
  5. Hair Spray

So let’s start with how to get the best pompadour haircut.

  • Ask your hairdresser to get a cut of your choice. However, make sure that there must be three inches of hair at the top for a perfect pompadour
  • Wash off the hair and conditioned it properly without any dirt, oil etc
  • Towel dry your hair gently. Blow dry your hair with a round brush and comb the hair towards the back. Repeat the process until you get your pomp
  • After that get some pea-sized pomade (a hair styling gel) and rub it till it gets warm. Then a apply the product all over the hair properly
  • Continue combing the hair till it gets smooth and ready to get the shape.
  • Now create a quiff and brush it gently. Give shape to the pomp with the other hand by pushing it forward and then combing it back. Repeat the process until you get a satisfying and perfect pompadour.
  • Choose accordingly the height of the pomp of your choice. After everything is done hairspray the pomp to maintain the shape as it in for long hours.
  • Appreciate your work and flaunt the style confidently

Or Watch this Video,

Well, guys need some dramatic pompadour hairstyles?? So here we go with the list… Uh!! Don’t forget to show these to your hairdresser for the next time you visit the salon.

1. Undercut Loose Pompadour

A modern pompadour always comes with faded undercuts and back. A perfect loose defined angled pomp with side faded cut gives a boost to your personality. The shorter hairs in the sides give a proper illusion of more height on the top. This is what a pompadour stands out of all the hairstyles of all time.

2. Blonde + Burgundy Textured Pompadour

Wanna something clean?? Guys, this one is for you. Slicked back dyed pompadour is absolutely looking so stunning. Well, you need a good volume of natural hair to give a perfection to these pompadour hairstyles. Pompadour is a haircut that girls always fall in love. Well, some traces of colors are never a bad option. Turn the heat on!!!

3. Side SkinFade Pompadour

Faded hair is something that is hitting the trend so high. Yes, the faded undercuts give a neat look to the haircut. Such side parting hairstyles look cool if the pompadour holds tight with a wet look.

4. So High with Temple cut

The extra long fringes stand so high at the crown with gradually shortening from all the sides. And the temple cut looks so amazing with the slick and straight hair brushed back. This pompadour hairstyle will take you to the new height of versatility. Sit back and get this hairstyle for the next special function and tell us the difference.

5. Tempting Textured Pompadour

The hotness is only because of this sexy pompadour. The slightly textured hued hair complements so well with this tall pompadour. Get a good texturizer to nailed this hairstyle in its best way. The specs and the banded watch accomplished the hairstyle in a best possible way.

6. Side Parted Slicked Pompadour

The disconnected undercut creates a buzz in this hairstyle. The slicked back hairstyle always comes with a polished and shiny version which adds a further tint of a retro style. Before recreating this hairstyle make sure that the hair is as smooth as possible. After that, you can use some pomade to style your hair in a neat way. Yeah, don’t forget about a well-trimmed beard that complements so well with this pompadour hairstyle.

7. High Fade Loose Pompadour

Well, the fading undercut mixing with the hair color gives away more hyped look to the pompadour hairstyle. Wear this haircut for a formal party with a shaven beard adds some spice.

8. A Gentle Pompadour

Need a gentleman look? So you guys fall into this category. A simple pompadour with short hairs on sides. A perfect haircut to justify your gentle look at an important meeting or interview. The elegance of the hairstyle would keep you look sober and stylish.

9. Curly Pompadour

This hairstyle weres a phenomenal look that that rock a messy pompadour. Messy and curls somehow give a casual touch to your personality. The best this about the hairstyle is that it is quick and easy to do hairstyle. Just you need some styling gel to give some shapes to the curls. Rock n Roll!

10. Disconnected Pompadour with Long Hair

The disconnected Pompadour is rather an inspirational hairstyle for men. You would look absolutely younger than your exact age. The elongated locks at the top moving forward give a sexy and subtle touch that take your style to the next level.

11. Faux Hawk pompadour

Style a pompadour into the shape of faux hawk is yet another talent to show in your hairstyle. The buzz of textured hair moving upward gives a boost to your style. If you wanna to keep the hairstyle gentle then ask your hairdresser to keep the sides short rather than faded. Flaunt your hairstyle confidently and I am sure girls will fall for you without a trial.

12. Short wavey Pompadour

If you really don’t need a perfect neat pompadour, you can experiment with the shape of the pomp. Here we have a pompadour a shape of a wave that is moved back in a perfect shape. The shaven sidecut gives a dramatic look.

13. Blonde Faded Pompadour

A faded hairstyle is a must to do haircut to accompany a perfect pompadour. The faded side and back as well is trimmed till it mixes with the skin. The hue of blonde and deep roots shows off the style in a very impactful way. Keep your clean and blonde pompadour stress-free with some hairspray.

14. Blow Back Matte Pompadour.

Well, this is much easy to recreate this hairstyle than any other traditional pompadour. Well, this hairstyle is the best to wear for a fashion-forward weekend. Opting for this exceptional hairstyle is never a wrong option for you. The swift pompadour with a matte black look is no doubt will gain you a lot of appreciation.

15. Side Parted Pompadour with Long Fringes

Some styles give you the confidence to showcase a standout look. Well. the thick partition of hair to one side with long fringes is a great choice for an enthusiastic person. The extremely shout side cuts complement so well with the long fringes. Rock on!!!

16. A Sporty Pompadour

There is no proper distinction between the top and the sides. However, it stands out as a magnificently stylish and sophisticated pompadour hairstyle. It depends on the person that how much ratio of length he wants to maintain between the pompadour and sides.

17. Short Pompadour Hairstyle

Guys who are always in a hurry should make this hairstyle a staple for them. The easiest hairstyle to was quick. Get a short faded haircut done from a barber. Then use some pomade to get a small pompadour at the top. Comb back or to sides. The choice is yours!!!

18. Proud Pompadour

The hair raised like a mighty mountain gives a defined masculine look and feel to your personality. the short side cuts and trimmed beard complement so well with the look. A suiting with a pair of shoe gonna rock in the simple yet stylish way.

19. Simply Tapered Pompadour Haircut

Well, long hair at the top will allow you to get so many styles by different experimentations with the shape. This tapered and texture look is a phenomenal hairstyle which can be worn for any special occasion. And take care to use a matte finish pomade for an even more sexy look.

20. Medium Pompadour with Tapered sidecut

Well, the most significant pompadour haircut from the list. The angle of the haircut makes it notable and keeps the pompadour hairstyles so clean. A medium height pompadour with tapered sidecut exhibit the true nature of a pompadour.

21. Hipster Pompadour Haircut

Ahan!!! The haircut where the bushy beard complements in such way that it makes the pompadour in a presentable form. It can be a type of short pompadour which is side parted comb-over hair look. The faded sidecut, the bushy beard, and the combover keep the hairstyle as a deadly fashion trend.

22. Messy Textured Pompadour

Well, I must say something messy gives you and sporty and stunning look for sure. Easy to do and stylish to look at. Just use both of your hands in giving the shape of some spike with pomade. Keep the side cuts slightly faded to get more focused on the pompadour. Get a funky earing to get noticed… Just a tip.

23. David Beckhams Pompadour

So, here comes much awaited David Beckham’s pompadour with low fade sides.

Guys the list of pompadour haircut shows the technique to recreate all the haircuts on you. Well, the choice is yours. All these phenomenal haircuts would look absolutely amazing on yours. Else the creativity is all yours, spice up your haircut with one of these haircuts and shares the picture with us. Cheers!!!

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