21 Perfect Ponytail Hairstyles for Girls for Any Event (New Styles Added)

Well, the hairstyle is absolutely an add-on to a women’s beauty. In the race of hairstyles, ponytail always bagged the first position and it should be. As it is the easy, less time to make and stylish.
Bored of doing your typical pony every day?? Now it’s a time for a change. These drop-dead stunning ponytail hairstyles will make your day.

How to get a perfect, stylish and long-lasting ponytail Hairstyles?

Everyone must be curious to know the answer. Now it is the time to break your curiosity and make you stunned with this simple hack. Women with long hair have complained regarding their saggy pony, and women with short hairs complain that their ponytail is not looking long. I am going to give you the best solution for your problem. Follow the tips below both for long and short hair:-

  • Divide your hair into two sections; one is at the crown part and other at the back above the nap of your neck
  • Tease the upper part of hair and give a voluminous look at the crown and make a ponytail with the hairs in the first section
  • Now focus for the second part of the hair. Comb it properly and remove all the knots
  • Afterwards, tie all the lower part hair and make a ponytail. But this time you hide the second ponytail under the first one.

OMG!!! It’s amazing right. You can now get a perfect long ponytail with a hassle-free maintenance. Good Luck Girls.

ponytail hairstyles

1) Ponytail with a puff

Party?? Then try it and make others envy of your look. Just tease the roots and give a puff at the crown. Well, I must say this hairstyle is adaptable to almost all type of attire. Starting from a lehenga choli to jeans and top. Simply gorgeous!

Ponytail with a puff

2) Ponytail with One side French braid

Give your hair a new look with a side braid. Start with a section of hair from one side and go on with a french braid, incorporating with the ponytail. Tie the pony along with the strands of braided hair at a higher note. And you are done.

3) Side fringe ponytail

This is the cutest pony hairstyle of all. Hair fringe teases your face and when you manage it pulling back behind the ears really drive guys crazy for you. I must say the front bangs add an essence of feminity to your personality. Leave the pony with a messier look and set the pony with hairspray.


4) Ponytail with both side braid

Let it be a party or meeting; this hairstyle is sure to grab the attention. Well, section your hair symmetrically from the middle part of the crown. Then go for two french braids from the front part towards the backside. Finally, incorporate both the braid into a ponytail at a lower end. Now, it’s upto you to innovate your style further.

Ponytail with both side braid


5) Side ponytail

Want a retro essence to your style? Well, side pony gonna help you out. Yes, this simple, loose and messy ponytail gonna make your day wonderful. Go for this hairstyle for any casual occasion, and I swear the praise is all yours. Don’t forget to set your hair frequently as it is loosened.


6) Bubble Ponytail

This elegant hairstyle is bliss for those who have thin hair. This sophisticated hairstyle is not that difficult as you think. You can have this by tying a high pony and again tie the pony with 2-3 bands and loosen those gaps like a bubble. Make sure you have given an equal volume to each bubble. So, that it would look proper. Palled up with your friends at the party with a confident look.

7) Sweet Sleek Ponytail

Straight hair?? Sleek is the best option for you. Tie the pony on the higher end or a lower end for a perfect glamorous look. Well, don’t forget to set all the hairs by spraying some hairspray throughout hairs underneath. Don’t ever skip this step on a sleeker pony, or else the ponytail will ultimately come apart as the night goes on.

Sweet Sleek Ponytail


8. Macrame Braided Ponytail

I will give this ponytail hairstyles a big thumbs up. Well, the reason is It looks complicated but simple to do. The playful knotted effect of the braid is simply stupendous. It would give you an edgy look. You can get some best tutorials to recreate this hairstyle.


9. Curled ponytail

Well, the elegance lies with curly hair. So giving some curls to your ponytail is not a bad idea. Do a regular ponytail and provide some cute curls with a curler. Never forget to set your knots with a hairspray. Keep the ponytail loose to give a relaxed look to your ponytail.


10. Ponytail with wrapped Braid

Style has no limit and innovation has its own style. This unique hairstyle confuses others and gives a fake appearance of a hair tie. So you must be getting what I am saying. Yes, just go for a normal ponytail along with a thin braid with some section of hairs and tie it properly with a hair tie. Then wrap the same braid around the hair tie so as to give a feel of wrapped braid ponytail.


11. One side fishtail braid with pony

A ponytail is a staple for most of us. However, give some twist to your regular ponytail is not a bad idea. So do a fishtail braid on one side and finally incorporate the braid along with a long sexy ponytail. I promise this hairstyle will never go out of fashion.


12. Twisted Bubble ponytail

A blend of a twist and bubble will give an enchanting look to your hairstyle. Unable to figure out?? Here is the solution. Go for a simple ponytail and secure it with a hair tie. Then comb the pony properly and twist the hair at the upper part and secure it with an elastic. Repeat the same process along the length of your hair. And its over.

13. Twisted one side ponytail

This is one of the simplest and stylish hairstyles of all and can be done within seconds. Tie a loose ponytail on one side at a lower note and secure it with an elastic. After that just make a hole above the hair tie with the fingers and flip the ponytail through the hole and pull it back. Yes, absolutely perfectly done. You can be it in any casual occasion.


14. Criss-cross Ponytail

The name suggests the style. Yes, it is a simple yet sophisticated hairstyle which can be recreated within no time. This hairstyle is the best choice for a fashionista. Take some hairs from the front part and pull it towards the opposite side at the back and repeat the same for the other side. Accordingly, go on with lengthwise to get a perfect criss-cross. End up with a simple pony.

15. Low side ponytail with a hair bow

Give your hairstyle a look from standard to spectacular. A simple hair bow can take your hairstyle to the next level. The golden hue looks perfect for this hairstyle. Learn to make this hairstyle from hair tutorial. And give some curls to the ponytail to give a complete look to your hairstyle.

16. Twisted Ponytail

This hairstyle can be picked up for workplace and casual look too. However, this is a simplest and quick hairstyle which can be recreated fast. You need to separate the hair into two section then rolling both the sections and taking it towards the back. Covering the back side of the head, you can finally incorporate the hair altogether with a hair tie.

17.High Top Pony

This Hairstyle maintains a class and indispensable for a red carpet night. Recreating this glamorous hairstyle is also easy. Comb your hair properly removing all the knots. Collect all the hairs to the crown and tie it properly. Collect some strands of hair and wrap it around the hair tie to give a classy look. Set the hair properly with hairspray to make the hair frizz free


18. Half Up and Half Down ponytail

This hairstyle is completely a wedding stuff. Bride or bridesmaid, both can look stunning if they gonna to were this. This can also be the best bridesmaid hairstyle if you can add some hair accessories to it. Collect some hairs from both the side of your head with fingers and leave some hairs below. Then tie the collected hair on the top. Accessories could be an add-on.


19. French Twist Ponytail

Vintage party?? This is for you girl. This rock n roll twisted hairstyle is perfect for you. Section some hair from one side and comb it properly and leave the other part undone. Pin the first section of hair and roll the hair around the pin till it reaches the end. Finally secure the hair with the undone hair with an elastic.



20. Knotted Ponytail

Section your hair symmetrically into two parts. Hold the two section of your hair in both the hands. Then knot the hair tightly just above the nape of your neck and secure the pony with bobby pins. No hairstyle could be as simple as this. So office girls this is for you. Save time.

21. Dutch Mohawk ponytail

Name suggest the style. Yes, start with a Dutch Mohawk braid which gives a voluminous look at the crown. Then incorporate the dutch braid into a beautiful ponytail in a lower note. This Simple and sexy hairstyle suit almost all shape of the faces. However, it looks well with the thick hair.




Well, these are some of our ideas for a ponytail. However, the more creative you are, the more innovation you can do with your hair. Comment below with some of your new and innovated hairstyles. These above hairstyle is gonna stun your bae for sure. Feel the Love. Cheers!!!

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