Pop Smoke Braids

Pop Smoke Braids: A Universally Timeless Look In The Modern Era

When taking into account legends and pioneers who peaked early and left the music industry in their prime, Pop Smoke can easily count as one of the frontrunners. The Brooklyn-based rapper wasn’t just known for his unique vocal cords that blended seamlessly with beats that were of high tempo, but also stood out for being a wordsmith and his ability to freestyle from scratch. Another piece that made him famous were his braids, otherwise known as Pop Smoke braids.

Before his tragic passing, Pop Smoke was known for his sense of style, which started with his braids. The hairdo not only allowed him to represent his heritage, but also enabled him to leave behind a look that became a global sensation days after his passing.

Mens zigzag pop smoke Braids


What are Pop Smoke Braids?

If you’re looking for a hairstyle that is versatile, supports all types of hair, and protects your hair from falling, Pop Smoke Braids ticks all these checkboxes.

Inspired by the late famous rapper Pop Smoke, this hairstyle has seen a wave of revival and modern-day adaptation in recent days.

Similar to Tribal Braids, it is also commonly known as Jumbo Feed-in Braids based on the hair style and braiding pattern.

The general principle of this hairstyle is to part your hair down the middle with a braid and create four braids on each side, forged by stitch-in knots.

Cornrows with straight, oval, or zig-zag designs, this hairstyle can be customized in many different ways.

You can add accessories or length of hair, change the volume of braids or add color – it’s all up to you.

Read our in-depth guide to learn all there is to know about this hairstyle, starting from the very basics to popular styling tips.

Popular Pop Smoke Braids That Fit Effortlessly In The World Of Current Fashion Trends!

While Pop Smoke only resorted to 4 feed-in braids more often than not, he also contributed by making the act of wearing braids a huge trend in the world of fashion amongst A-list celebrities. His signature piece is known for the thickness and resilience it obtains, while the rest offer tons of benefits as long as the designs are mimicked correctly.

From larger pieces to narrowly stitched layouts, here are all the variations that came to life thanks to Pop Smoke’s braids!

Pop Smoke Braids for Men

Pop Smoke Braids are highly popular in the men’s fashion industry. Have a look at these variations below to generate some ideas for your next hairstyle!

Short Pop Smoke Braids for Men
Short Pop Smoke Braid for Men


Growing natural hair can be a pain at first, especially if you’ve never done it before. Additionally, if this is your first time growing your natural locs, consider maintaining the hair with a short hairdo, like this two-twisted braids, initially formed by Pop Smoke.

The hairdo is perfect for beginners, with a creative process that can be stitched at home. Holding the braids is tons of wax, which extends the lifespan of the braids to 8 weeks on average. These Pop Smoke braids might fall flat if your natural hair is loose, so be sure to add a shape-up to rejuvenate your hairline with some density.

Snake Braids with Weave

Snake Braids With Weave

While braids are best when natural, one can also take help from artificial components to create Pop Smoke braids. And if you’re not aware of what we’re talking about, have a look at these snake braids, stitched with the help of a weave.

Wearing a weave may have been discriminated against back in the old days, but are appreciated at the moment because of the boost in confidence it gives to wearers. Creating Pop Smoke’s braids with a weave won’t leave a dent in your esteem, but rather save your natural pieces from the damage obtained through wearing protective hairstyles like braids, which can cause traction alopecia.

Clean-cut Pop Smoke Zig Zag Braids with Fade

Clean-cut Pop Smoke Zig Zag Braids with Fade

Nothing beats a zig zag pattern at the end of the day, preferably when your main aim is to wear Pop Smoke’s braids. The pattern at the base perfectly sets the braids up for success, generating loose yet healthy looking units in the mean time. Each unit is often lathered up with gel, which can also be exchanged for mousse for a low gloss, high hold effect.

Underneath these braids is a fade, which creates a disconnection that favors the hair and the facial structure. With the help of the fade, one can easily create an illusion in which their hair looks more full and provide their face with leaner features for best results.

Modern Pop Smoke Braids

Modern Pop Smoke Braids


To really do the trend of Pop Smoke braids some justice, you should either wear them with pride, or generate a design that reeks of flair. And if all else fails, you can even turn to these Pop Smoke braids to meet both of the previously mentioned requirements.

These modern-looking Pop Smoke braids can be rather difficult to stitch together through self-assistance, so always make sure to reach out to a stylist that specializes in creating braids. The highlight of this look is surely the curvy unit of braid that starts from the hairline, and covers the whole border of the scalp up until the crown.

Don’t be afraid to tighten the stitching system of these braids for more definition. You may also add beads at the base for a better outcome.

Fancy Pop Smoke Braids

Fancy Pop Smoke Braids


Picking your brain for a new look can be a great way to hop on the trend of wearing Pop Smoke’s braids, especially if you’d like to separate yourself from the rest. However, if you too suffer from a creator’s block every now and then, don’t add to your plate by trying too hard to snap out of that state of mind. Replicate this fancy set of Pop Smoke braids to give yourself something to look forward to.

The hardest element is the best part about these braids, situated at the base of this look. The pattern comprises a series of shapes that support knotless units of braids, which are sealed with wax and gel. To give the overall design a higher contrast, add a disconnection around the temple.

To further the modern adaptation, you can create little pairs of braids on the cornrows between the larger braids. This fancy hairstyle works better if you have medium-length hair, as it’ll create an eye-catching sharp contrast.

Long Pop Smoke Spiral Braids with Blends

Long Pop Smoke Spiral Braids with Blends

Rocking spiral braids can be the best way to show love for Pop Smoke, since the signature hairdo of the rapper comprised a spirally formed set of braids. The units can be formed with medium-length to short hair, but pairs best if the strands are outgrown and resemble the same traits as long hair.

This design is quite advanced in terms of appearance, comprising tons of shine and density overall. The units might feel too heavy at one point, however, causing tons of friction that can easily leave behind signs of damage. For best results, wear this long Pop Smoke braids for no more than a month.

Renowned Rappers Who Have Braids Like Pop Smoke

Pop Smoke definitely landed a spot in the hearts of fashion moguls with his crispy clean white suits and his iconic zig zag jumbo knotless braids, which will forever remain a prominent piece among trendsetters. However, what many don’t know is the comradery he shared with his peers in the music industry.

In fact, the bond he shared with his equals were so prominent, that many couldn’t help but wear braids similar to Pop Smoke. From Lil Yachty to ASAP Rocky, here are all the rappers who have braids as identically revolutionary as Pop Smoke’s braids!

Lil Yachty

Lil Yachty Braids Like Pop Smoke

The first artist on this list is Lil Yachty, whose braids are some of the best in terms of visuals. The artist not only wears his braids with a fade, but also drapes the knotless box braided pieces in an electric shade of red. To make things even more appealing, he often implements beads on each unit, just to make things significantly better when heading out for an event.

This braided look can be great for those into color. The stitching pattern is perfect for 4a hair, but can also cater to any kind of natural hair. To learn more about this design, don’t forget to read our guide on Lil Yachty’s braids!

ASAP Rocky

ASAP Rocky Braids

Another pioneer who is known for his music as well as his braids is ASAP Rocky, American rapper who was blessed enough to morph his hair into multiple braided designs. A staple in his lookbook is this set of knotless braids, comprising spirally stitched units with a narrow groundwork.

When push comes to shove, this hairdo pairs best with suits, tuxedos, and outfits that lean towards streetwear fashion. If you can’t get enough of these braids, reward yourself with our guide on ASAP Rocky’s braids to make your day even better!

Dave East

Dave East Pop Smoke Braids

A lot of rappers that make it big eventually compromise their interests for commercial success, which is frowned upon by many peers as well as fanatics. A lyricist turned musician who never changed his ways is surely Dave East, known for the way he connects with people through being a realist.

Dave East has surely become good enough to be compared to veterans like J. Cole. Outside the studio, however, it’s his unique cornrow braids that hog up all the attention. If you’re intrigued, have a go at it with the help of this material!

Travis Scott

Travis Scott Braids Like Pop Smoke

Travis Scott and his knack for dropping the best albums at the right time will always keep him relevant. Another thing that will keep him relevant until eternity are his knotless braids, which follow a descending order.

This look may be one of the many hairstyles that he’s worn, but it surely offers all the tools that allows it to win over those with natural hair and a knack for modern staples in fashion. The braids are most likely held together with gel, which can help when under unfavorable circumstances.

Big Sean

Big Sean Cornrow Stitch Braids

Big Sean is a prime example of how hard work always pays off. He may have started earlier than most in the music industry, but he’s also one of the very few artists who have made it to the top of the food chain.

While Big Sean’s abilities as a performer and artist definitely took his popularity on unprecedented levels, he also garnered a fanbase as a fashion tycoon, especially after he went from wearing a buzz cut to rocking a head full of feed-in braids!

Lil Baby

Lil Baby Dreaded Pop Smoke Braids

Lil Baby is definitely one of the hottest musicians in the game of rap right now, taking the lead with his high-tempo beats, down-to-Earth lyrics, among other things. When he’s not wowing fans by pouring his heart on his music, he is a talking topic among moguls in fashion, preferably for his braided dreads.

While the rapper is mostly prominent for his freeform dreads, he also wore twisted braided dreadlocks for a while, which instantly became a success, aging into a trendsetter over the subsequent weeks.

Pop Smoke Braids for Women

Pop Smoke Braids work with long, short, dense, curly – almost any type or a variety of hair. If this look appeals to you, we have an entire catalog of carefully chosen concepts that you can pull off any day.


Classic Pop Smoke Braids


This is the most classic you can get with Pop Smoke Braids. It contains four Braids on each side creating cornrows, and one vertical braid down the middle.

You can stylize your long, natural hair beautifully with this style. It’ll add depth to your personality.

This look can be used for both casual and professional purposes and a low-maintenance hairstyle that can gear up your look instantly.

Zig Zag

Zig Zag Pop Smoke Braids


This Zig Zag look deviates from the Classic one in terms of the hairlines. Instead of cornrows, this style creates a sharp Zig Zag pattern.

The edginess of this style is massively appealing to the people. Wear it, and see yourself standing out from the crowd like a famous Pop Star!

Stepped Layer

Stepped Layer


The Stepped-Layer Pop Smoke Braids style makes both horizontal and vertical hair separation lines shaped like boxes.

This paired with multiple layers of braids makes up for a fabulous and unique hairstyle that you must try out at least once, and see its magic work on people!


Criss Cross Pop Smoke

The Criss-Cross Pop Smoke Braids is an eye-catching braided hairstyle that lays its differences in the root of the hair strands.

Instead of separating the hair on each side of the head, this style chooses to create stitch braids in a criss-cross angular style.

This creates cone-shaped strand roots on either side making it asymmetrical and increasing the aesthetic value of your hairstyle.

With Extension

Extended Long Pop Smoked Braids


If you feel you are short of hair for Classic Pop Smoke Braids and don’t want to wait months for your hair to grow, you can get a hair extension and have your desired look straight away!


Bohemian Pop Smoke Braids


This hairstyle is a fusion between Pop Smoke Braids and Bohemian loose-ended natural hair. Tightly braided at the root, it lets the braids end after a few inches below.

Although this hairstyle makes you look fantastic, it, however, has a drawback. The loose portions of the hair will be more prone to damage than the rest, and this hairstyle will last fewer days than its other counterparts.

Oval Jumbo

Oval Jumbo


You can make your Pop Smoke Braids jumbo-sized if you have a high volume of hair. With the jumbo braids, you can shape the cornrows in an oval way, making it a significantly pleasing hairstyle to look at.

Layered Jumbo

Layered Jumbo

Jumbo Pop Smoke Braids can be made into multiple layers. Layering helps to allocate and organize your hair nicely without getting into each other’s way.

This is the hairstyle to be had if you want to decorate your long, dense natural hair into beautiful layers of jumbo braids.

Jumbo Modern

Jumbo Modern

You can add a modern touch to your Jumbo Pop Smoke Braids by adding highlights beforehand.

With a platinum highlight and loose ends, you can upgrade your looks and be a part of pop-cultural hair trends!

Elegant with Rings

Elegant with Rings

The Elegant Pop Smoke Braids is the way to style if you’re up for an event and steal the spotlight of the show.

It contains regular stitch-in braids on each side with smaller braids in-between. The braids progress with a gradual loss of thickness from the root to the tip.

You are encouraged to use ornaments like rings or chains on the braids. You may also wrap ribbons around your braids with a knot at the end to complete the look.

Modern Pop Smoke with a Tribal Touch

Modern Pop Smoke with Tribal Touch

The Modern Pop Smoke Braids fused with Tribal Braids resemble the Jumbo Braids in many different ways. But this modern fusion takes this hairstyle to a whole new level.

With varying volumes in the braids, you can wrap the narrow ones tightly over your head. For the thick ones, you can add a hair-knot at the root for the braids to add a bit of height.

These combined will add a new dimension to your looks and you can flaunt your stylish hair on any occasion!

Curly Side Part

Curly Side Part Pop Smoke Braids


The Curly Side Part for Pop Smoke Braids endorses a different approach from the traditional one. It parts the hair on one side instead of parting down the middle.

This way of parting paves way for the opportunity of diversifying this hairstyle. Because on one side, you let your braids loose but on the other, you’ll have to circle your braids back which creates a soothing pattern of braids.


Thin Long Braids


Pick a smaller amount of hair strands for each braid if you have long hair. Creating Pop Smoke Braids in this pattern will offer you this beautiful hairstyle with numerous thin and long braids climbing all the way down to your waist.

You could make this your everyday style or you could wear this on special occasions. This style will help you preserve your hair strands from strain and damage.


Thick Medium Braids


If you have medium-length hair, then you can pick a different approach than the long ones. Get a Classic Pop Smoke Braids hairstyle, but without any hair extension.

Once done, wrap a golden ribbon or chain around a couple of braids. This makes for an excellent style for ones who don’t want to extend their hair or wait for it to grow.


Uniform Pop Smoke Braids


This style is one of the most classic Jumbo Pop Smoke Braids styles. The uniformity of this style is something that stands out in terms of appeal.

With evenly distributed hair, make dense braids and let them all loose. You can go out and about leaving behind all concerns for your hair because they’ll look fabulous if you pick this style!


Colored Pop Smoke Braids


Coloring your hair is always a viable option for adding variation to your Pop Smoke Braids. Although you have to make sure that you don’t overdo it to the point of damaging your hair.

In terms of styling tips, you can go full blonde with Pop Smoke Braids, or you could color only halfway from the top like in the picture.

You could also color only a couple of braids on each side in the front to match the recent front-colored styles.

Or you could keep it subtle by adding blonde, platinum, or any colored highlights. There are many options to choose from – pick whichever speaks your heart best.

Modern Jumbo Side Part

Modern Jumbo Side Part


This Pop Smoke Braids hairstyle is a hybrid of all the best possible things out there and it probably goes beyond modern beauty values.

Firstly, it borrows the aesthetics from side part braids and creates a design with your parting hairlines.

Then, it tries a couple of braids around the nape to add a tribal touch to your hair.

And finally, a touch of highlights completes the look of your Postmodern Pop Smoke Braids hairstyle.

Mixed Parted

Mixed Parted Pop Smoke Braids


Just like the Criss-Cross Pop Smoke Braids, this hairstyle too follows the same philosophy. But this time, it doesn’t create sharp cones, instead, it makes boxed edges.

This is paired with the Bohemian loose-ended hair at the bottom. This can be an aesthetically pleasing hairstyle for a special occasion should you choose to try it out soon!


Accessorizing always helps enhance many of the hairstyles, and in the case of Pop Smoke Braids, it only craves experimentations which often result beautifully.

Here are a few accessories ideas you can try out with your Pop Smoke Braids:

Braid Rings

View More Hair Rings

Rings are always a great addition to braids, and when you have Pop Smoke, you shouldn’t miss out on the chance of wearing 8-10 rings on the middle, vertical braid.

Hair Beads

View More Hair Beads

Beads have always been the go-to accessory for braided hair. Pop Smoke Braids are no different, and you should most certainly try on different types of beads to add diversity to your style each day.

Crystal beads

View More Crystal Beads

Crystal beads often work better than regular beads as it doesn’t require any matching color to go with. You can put on any outfit and throw in some crystal beads with your Pop Smokes.

Crystal tinted beads

View More Crystal Tinted Beads

Crystal tinted beads work in sync with highlighted hair to uplift your existing gorgeous Pop Smoke Braids. This is a must-have party braid that is sure to snatch all the attention.

Which Hair Types Can Do It?

No matter if you have kinky/curly hair, or very thin hair, almost all the natural hair types can wear Pop Smoke Braids.

With regular hair density and texture, you can style and customize Pop Smoke Braids with ease. In extreme cases, however, you might have to take a few extra steps to make it work.

For example, if your hair is Type 4, you’ll have to pick fewer strands for each pack of hair. This will lead to having more braids than usual.

On the other hand, if your hair belongs to Type 1 or 2, you can then style exactly the way Pop Smoke did. For a more detailed idea, have a look at our Hair Type Table to see the variation in hair gradients.

Also, whether your hair is short or lighter in volume, you can add hair extensions and easily pull-off Pop Smoke Braids.

How Long Can Pop Smoke Braids Last?

Before answering this question, let’s address another one first: How long does it take to Pop Smoke Braids done? The answer varies, depending on the style, texture, and length of hair, but generally, that should take over 3 hours at a minimum.

So it certainly does require some patience to get these braids. And after such a lengthy and somewhat expensive session, you’d want your braids to last the longest time.

Usually, Pop Smoke Braids can last up to 4 to 6 weeks. It all depends on how you initially tie the braids and treat your hair afterward.

With appropriate care, your braids will last for 6 weeks nicely. And if you don’t follow proper caring procedures, it might last even less.

How Much Does Pop Smoke Braids Cost?

Creating braids is an intensive session that requires tons of time, patience, and expertise. That is why getting it done by hairstylists is never a cheap option.

The cost may vary based on your localization, the demand of your stylist, and your intended hairstyle. It should cost between $100-$300 but should cost more if you choose to get your hair dyed or extended.

For a more reasonable approach, we believe you can get it done at home by yourself or with a help of your friend. This should drastically reduce the cost and allow more room for experiments.

To learn how to get Pop Smoke Braids at home, take a quick look at our DIY guide below.

DIY Section: How to Get Pop Smoke Braids at Home?

As you’ve seen, getting Pop Smoke Braids done by a stylist can stress your budget out a little. So why not try doing it by yourself at home?

Down below is a four-step process of how to do Pop Smoke Braids at home. So buckle up, learn, and save yourself some money!

Step 1: Detangle

Detangling your hair before getting braids done is one of the most important steps. It helps your hair as well as this process in a number of ways.

Firstly, it prevents your hair from breaking. Natural curls are often hard to negotiate with and require the most delicate of interactions.

You can use this product during detangling to make it easier. It also adds softness to your hair strands which makes your braids last longer, and hair healthier.

If you want a smooth detangling process, you can apply Shea Moisture Leave-in Conditioner the night before. It gives breathing to your hair, softens, and helps retain natural strength.

It facilitates your hair strands for a smoother braiding process. Using softening products can reduce the chances of hair breakage.

Step 2: Style

In this step, you’ll enter the main styling process.

First, create two main groups of hair on each side of your head. Keep a central group with some hair strands for the central braid.

Take the central strand and tie a vertical braid over the hairline. Tie the end with a clip and pull it all the back of your head.

On each side, tie four stitch braids for a traditional look and clip them at the end. Use D:fi D:Struct Molding Creme to ease up the process.

Finally, when you’re done, you can decorate your Pop Smoke Braids based on your liking, with accessories like beads, chains, or rings.

Step 3: Care

This final step helps you maintain your braids and keep your hair healthy. So take a look at our Pop Smoke Caring Guide below to treat your hair better and make your braids last the longest time.

How to Take Care of Pop Smoke Braids?

To preserve your Pop Smoke Braids for a longer duration, you must follow some protocols. These will not only help your braids last longer but also maintain the natural strength of your hair.

As you know, Pop Smoke Braids are protective hairstyles, you should enable them even more for a better outcome.

For starters, you can wear a satin scarf or silk cap while going to sleep. This prevents the hair strands from losing character.

In terms of products, you may use leave-in conditioners before going to sleep. It helps your hair retain moisture and nourishment.

You can also try out LottaBody Wrap Me Foaming Mousse once a week for softening your hair. This keeps your hair natural and provides the necessary moisture which prevents hair breakage.

You can apply some SoftSheen-Carson shining gel on the curves before going outside. This’ll add a glimmer to your hair and make your hair look fresh!


This article’s sole purpose is to not just pay homage to Pop Smoke, but also glorify what he has left behind in addition to multiple albums, which would be Pop Smoke’s braids. Moreover, with enough effort, you too can replicate his braids, or settle for an alternative that only propelled to stardom because of Pop Smoke’s contributions to the fashion scene.

Prior to picking a look, take into account your hair type, even if it falls somewhere between 4a and 4c. You must also consider your face shape, as doing so will enable you to resort to a realistic option as opposed to entertaining hypothetical situations.

From large braided hairdos inspired by Pop Smoke to fancier designs, we believe we’ve mentioned everything that can help you find your next big hairstyle. However, if one isn’t enough, be sure to check out the materials on our website, Hairstylesfeed!

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