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13 Classy Puerto Rican Haircut Ideas To Try Out In 2024

Puerto Rico is a place with many attractions. It comprises a culture that is extremely diverse and tends to be perceived in a positive light due to how wholesome and welcoming it is for tourists as well as residents.

Although Puerto Ricans rarely shy away from embracing their heritage when they’re given the option to pick between following current fashion trends against wearing cultural outfits, they’re usually on the same page when it comes to exploring different hairstyles. To be fair, if we were given the option to pick the Puerto Rican haircut over every other design, we would too!

The Puerto Rican haircut has been a staple in the North American country for quite some time now. Over the years, not only has the hairstyle become more renowned, but it also expanded in terms of design. Even though most variations comprise the same supporting component, the ways in which one can wear them are truly phenomenal!

Moving on, if you’re curious about what it looks like and how you can incorporate the look into your life, join us as we reveal to you anything and everything there is to learn about the Puerto Rican haircut!

What Does A Puerto Rican Haircut Look Like?

What Does Puerto Rican Haircut Look Like

If you’re all about versatility, the Puerto Rican haircut could be the perfect look to experiment with. It typically features the implementation of a burst fade or a taper fade, which is then paired up with various forms of hairstyles. More often than not, a Puerto Rican haircut also consists of a disconnection between the fade and the beard to enhance the thickness of the beard and sharpen the facial structure of the wearer.

It has the ability to pair well with messy, stress-free hairdos such as butch cuts, but also fits like a glove with variations that are known for their volume like a pompadour.

The Puerto Rican haircut is usually a fan favourite of those that adore adding texture and distinct features to their hair. Hairstyles such as the caesar, crop fade, and even fauxhawks are usually found on the heads of those that side with Puerto Rican haircuts.

13 Puerto Rican Hairstyles That Will Amp Up Your Appearance

Now that you’ve gathered enough information about what a Puerto Rican haircut looks like in terms of visuals, it’s finally time to check out all the hairstyles that the prominent look perfectly blends in with. From matching with classic looks to wearing flashy hairdos, here are the best hairstyles you can try out with the help of a Puerto Rican haircut!

Puerto Rican Caesar

Puerto Rican Caesar

The Puerto Rican Caesar looks just the same as a normal Caesar cut when you look at it from afar. However, when you examine the tiniest aspect, it seems more textured than a regular variation.

The texture is usually added with the help of a texturizing powder and then solidified using hair spray.

Appearance-wise, this haircut should definitely be taken into consideration if you’re preparing for a big casual gathering with friends, and should only be paired with an outfit that matches its wavelength!

Faux Hawk

Faux Hawk

A faux hawk can also be showcased elegantly with the assistance of a Puerto Rican haircut. It has the right amount of volume and texture to enhance anyone’s physical appearance.

Due to the pointy ends that a fauxhawk comprises, the look typically gives the wearing a flattening effect. This means that, when wearing a Puerto Rican faux hawk, you don’t have to constantly practise making a fish face to give your cheekbones some definition!

Puerto Rican Combover

Puerto Rican Combover

A look that pairs well with trendy clothing as well as formal attire could very well be a primary requirement for you, and if that’s the case, you definitely can’t go wrong by resorting to the Puerto Rican Combover.

This polished look has about everything; good looks, a firm hold, and a tidy appearance. A mid fade is often suitable for this combover, as the length on the sides can be used as framing strands once it’s long enough. However, that component can also be exchanged with a high skin fade if necessary.

The Crop Fade

The Crop Fade

A low-maintenance haircut always pleases everyone, and a Puerto Rican crop fade does just that!

In addition to being easy to maintain, this Crop fade stays put at all times. The texture of it is usually impeccable in contrast to the rest of the entries, and can often be enhanced with the installation of highlights or duotone colours.

To give this Puerto Rican haircut more density, you may resort to using hair mousse, or can even try applying hair clay to increase the fullness and keep the moisture locked in.

Puerto Rican Quiff

Puerto Rican Quiff

Another design that can work wonders for your hair and your self-confidence features a textured Puerto Rican quiff.

The best trait of this hairstyle is how natural it looks. Although the use of texturizing powder could be mandatory, the final outcome of the hairdo will look extremely laid back and subtle.

Since the ends need to look exceptionally put and healthy as well, asking your hairdresser to trim the edges off by a quarter of an inch should be enough to mirror that aspect without a hassle.

Puerto Rican Pompadour

Puerto Rican Pompadour

Classic looks such as pompadours are always welcomed with open arms when paired with a Puerto Rican haircut. In addition to highlighting the voluminous nature of the Pompadour, which is probably the main feature of the look; a Puerto Rican haircut also makes growing the hair more convenient.

Due to the excessive amount of volume and product needed to successfully mimic this look, a Puerto Rican pompadour might feel a bit heavy to wear. However, since it will also change the shape of your face for the better, dealing with the weight could be a small price to pay.

Butch Cut With Blends

Butch Cut With Blends

If you’re growing your hair out from a buzz cut, avoid the awkward phases by replacing your thick side burns and overgrown sides with the help of a Puerto Rican butch cut.

Although it often requires the implementation of products to be styled properly, this look is easily the best entry to wear if you want to try out multiple hairstyles at a time. It offers tons of density, and can be changed in terms of appearance in a matter of 2 minutes!

Puerto Rican Waves

Puerto Rican Waves

When we said that the Puerto Rican haircut was versatile and flexible, we weren’t kidding. Don’t believe us? Take a look at this entry and take a seat!

While the waves do need to be created using a durag, and come with a complex hair care routine, when paired with a Puerto Rican haircut, wearing them is easy and weightless.

Each component looks extremely sealed, and each wave looks as good as the next. If you’re searching for a look that is on the trend and playful, wearing Puerto Rican waves should definitely be sufficient.

Afro-Textured Hair

Afro Textured Hair

As many people in the North American country are born with afro-textured hair, the existence of this variant doesn’t come as a surprise. In fact, if you’re tired of growing your kinky hair, make things easier for yourself and your hair more manageable to maintain. Do so by obtaining this look!

Since the ends are usually chopped off a little during the procedure, each and every strand looks extremely healthy and enhanced with detail when the final hairstyle is revealed!

Puerto Rican Side-part

Puerto Rican Side Part

Since Puerto Rico is all about colours, a great way to celebrate their diverse and colourful culture could simply be obtained by changing the hues of your own Puerto Rican haircut!

While this look features a polished and glossy side part, the hairstyle can also be changed into an option that looks rather messy. It can even be changed into a faux hawk if the ideal product and right piece of equipment is used.

Tousled Haircut

Tousled Haircut

A look that not many can pull off but definitely contains all the positives that a hairstyle needs to have is the tousled Puerto Rican haircut!

Although it was initially worn by the Puerto Rican actor Renoly Santiago, the tousled hairstyle became an iconic look due to its density and its length. It also caters to those with curly and wavy hair, two hair types that are commonly found amongst Puerto Ricans.

Maintaining the density could be a challenging aspect if you go forward with this hairdo, but that can easily be prevented by using hair mousse.

Puerto Rican Mullet

Puerto Rican Mullet

Showcasing your wild side is always easy when you’re trying out a Puerto Rican haircut, es[ecially if you create this look!

This hairdo has volume for days. The look won’t just be an excellent way for you to showcase the progress of your mane, but also allow you to accessorise as much as possible.

To keep this look consistently sound, you should always get a burst fade or the kind of fade that goes with your face every 2 weeks. However, you can always refrain from it if you’re growing the sides out as well.

Traditional Buzz Cut

Traditional Buzz Cut

If you’re working around a schedule so tight that you can’t even make time for your hair, perhaps a buzz cut is all you need to solve that issue.

Looking good is hardly ever a challenge when rocking a Puerto Rican buzz cut, as it pairs well with everything. It has the ability to showcase a dapper outfit with ease, and also narrows down the structure of your face when incorporated with high blends.

Wearing a Puerto Rican buzz cut, but maintaining the look could require you to visit your hairdresser on the regular.

Frequently Asked Questions

Trying out a new haircut is always easy when you place your trust in us! In order to show appreciation for it, here’s a set of questions regarding Puerto Rican haircuts that will definitely make your experience with the new look as effortless as they come!

Q: Which hair type is the Puerto Rican haircut suitable for?

A: When it comes to getting a Puerto Rican haircut, you hardly ever have to worry about how fine or how coarse your hair is! In fact, you don’t have to stress about it at all, as this haircut caters to thin hair and also has what it takes to pair well with those that have a head full of thick hair!

Q: What kind of Puerto Rican haircut should I get if my face shape is round?

A: The sidekick of every Puerto Rican haircut is a fade haircut, which can be difficult to embrace if your face shape is round or oval. However, if you grow your hair out a bit and make the strands a bit longer, you can easily recreate one of the variants on the above-mentioned list. All you have to do is pair it with a taper fade to enhance your presence and amp up your facial features!


If you consider yourself to be indecisive when it comes to picking a hairstyle, make things easier for yourself. Side with the Puerto Rican haircut.

Alongside giving your current hairdo a cleaner and polished appearance, giving the Puerto Rican haircut a chance will also allow you to try out the best kind of hairstyles with ease. You can cut it short and wear it with a crop haircut, or can even rely on it during formal occasions by pairing it up with a classy pompadour. If the former options don’t seem to cater to your needs, you can always grow it all out and take inspiration from the tousled variant of the Puerto Rican haircut!

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