Red box braids

51 Red Box Braids Hairstyles That You Can Do On Your Own

If we want healthy and shiny hair, then we must take care of our hair. Box braids came into existence mainly for this purpose. This protective style helps our natural hair to stay away from the jarring sun rays and the pollutants that are surrounding us.

These braids are called box braids as you have to make about eighty to a hundred sections, which are shaped like boxes or squares in order to obtain this style.

The box braids are very stylish but when you incorporate various shades of red into these braids, they look phenomenal.

Incorporating red opens up doors for you to try out every different shade of it. There are about ninety-nine shades of red from Scarlet to Rust, and you can start with any shade you like.

Red is a beautiful color that looks great on every skin tone. The fiery red tones against ivory skin bloom into perfection and the cool red tones like burgundy will remind you of sunsets against a darker complexion.

These braids are very popular amongst celebrities due to their stylish look and protective nature. You get to enjoy style and hair care at the same time. Celebrities like Rihanna, Beyoncé, and Paris Jackson seem to love these braids.

Different Types of Red Box Braids

You will never get bored of the red box braids because there are so many styles to choose from. If you think that you might get tired of red, then you can use other shades of it.

You can mix and match the tones of red or use a single shade on all the hairstyles, you can do with box braids. It is all up to you as long as you are comfortable in your style.

The red box braids are a great hairstyle, and there are a lot of variations that you can go for. Below are some of the most beautiful red box braid hairstyles that you can try out for yourself.

Red And Black

Red and black

The box braids look good as it is, and when you add color to this beautiful style, it sparks. The red and black is a classic combination, and almost everyone likes this color.

This is a great look for you if you don’t want the standard highlights or just don’t want to match everyone in general. It is a very easy style to achieve if you already have your hair in box braids. Here are some simple steps to make your hair from zero to hero.

Step 1: Mix the shade of red that you like.

Step 2: Wear an old t-shirt to avoid color from getting on your nice clothes.

Step 3: Must use gloves.

Step 4: Part your hair into two precise sections.

Step 5: Apply the red dye on one half and let it sit for about thirty minutes.

Step 6: If your hair is light then dye the other section black, if your hair is dark enough then let it be.

The red and black box braids are a great style. This makes you look exciting and fun, it also shows how creative you can get with your hair. If you really want this style, then you should get it. You don’t have to shy away from it.

Long Red

Long red

Long red box braids are a very beautiful version of red box braids. The longer your braids are the more elegant they look. There isn’t a fixed length for your hair that you can’t cross, so you can make your braids as long as you want or keep them as short as you want.

The long braids look very sophisticated and add a very sleek look to your style. The long braids look exceptionally posh when paired with a long wrapped dress and high heels.

You have to make sure that you wear high heels with this style if your braids are as long as Nicki Minaj had, this will allow you to show off your style in an elegant way and it will add a few extra inches on you. It is a win-win situation for you.

Bright Red

Bright Red

The bright red box braids serve such a feisty and fiery look. The crisp red gives off a great vibe. It portrays how confident you are in your own skin and even though you are wearing red, people know better than to think you are anything but fun.

This bright red suits all skin shades but it goes best if you have lighter skin. This shade of red allows the illusion of some color on your skin which helps you to look healthier and not pale.

Dark skin people on the other hand can also rock this beautiful red shade which makes you look exquisite. This is such a vibrant color that you’ll be able to brighten up anyone’s day when you show up with those amazing bright red box braids.

Dark Red

Dark Red

This shade of red is the most popular because it suits perfectly well with all skin tones. Most people’s concern before getting a hair color is whether or not it will look good on them against their skin tones. With this shade, you don’t have to think twice about it, because it will look great.

If you like this shade of red I would suggest you go for it. It is a very nice color and it looks great with any style and outfit.

You can style yourself in a nice pair of fitted pants and Doc Martens along with a plain white t-shirt for your daytime outings. You will be super comfortable and in style.

You can also mix and match your style up with any clothing item you want. You can use some stones and blings to dazzle your look and run around through the city with your friends looking cute.

Red And Blonde

Red and blonde

Who knew mixing red and blond would turn out to be this good? It is such an amazing look. The blonde adds a pop of color to the red hair and the red compliments the blonde equally well.

These colors go hand in hand when it comes to mixing two tones. You will be surprised by how great these two colors look.

If you think that achieving this look and getting the colors are expensive, then you are absolutely wrong, because it isn’t. You can very easily get this done at home.

You just have to do the bare minimum which is to order home the blonde and red dyes. Then just dye your hair at home by yourself and you’ll have these amazing red and blonde box braids in no time.

Medium Red

Medium red

We know the red box braids are great and they look stunning but now is your time to shine if you have medium length hair as these braids look extra good on this length.

Medium length hair is perfect for all hairstyles. You don’t have to bother about it being too long or too short and you can style your hair however you want because it looks amazing no matter what style you try.

If you want to try out the red box braids on your medium hair then you must go for it. This will look stunning on you irrespective of what skin shade and hair type you have.

Red Knotless

Red Knotless

Knotless braids are amazing but when you pair them up with red box braids they turn out to be the best kind. They are super sleek, stylish, modern and absolutely gorgeous.

You might have to go to a salon to get help from an expert but if you think you can do them by yourself at home, then you should not wait another passing moment to get it done.

These styles look great when paired with modern chic clothing. You can wear a big jacket and some bougie pair of sneakers that goes with your outfit and you’ll end up looking even more amazing.

Don’t forget to carry your shades and get your nails done, just in case you gotta head out to an unplanned event.

Red Ombre

Red Ombre

The red ombre box braids are such a delight to look at. They look so beautiful and perfectly blended in. There is no abrupt change of color in this hairstyle. You can see how beautifully the transition took place. The jet black very peacefully mixes into the pool of red and keeps getting brighter.

This ombre is a perfect example of how Ombres must look. You can take this image to your nearest salon and ask your hairstylist to dye your hair the exact same colors.

They might not find the accurate colors in the first place, but mixing and matching colors to find a shade that you want is not too bad either. You will look great, just trust me and start your work.

You have to trust the process and not get impatient for the end result. Because the more impatient you get, the worse the color might turn out to be. So, it’s best to wait for the result and I’m sure you’ll be surprised to see how nice it looks.

Red Bohemian

Red Bohemian

The red bohemian box braids are a great style for your box braids. They look very good together. The bohemian style has gotten very popular in recent years and people are doing this style more and more. We are coming up with various styles and ways to add the bohemian look into it.

It has such a jazzy/contemporary vibe to this look. It looks very sensuous and has an almost perfect messy look that you wouldn’t want to fix.

If you like this hairstyle then you can help yourself and do it on your own because it is very easy to do.

You really just need to make a ponytail with the rest of your hair, and if you don’t like that either, then there are some amazing hair stylists out there, waiting for you to get in touch with them, and get your hair done.



Burgundy is everyone’s color. It doesn’t matter whether your skin tone is too dark or too bright, you will look like an angel in the burgundy box braids no matter what.

There are different types of burgundy that you can try out to fit perfectly well with your skin tone if you really want that authentic appearance.

The burgundy shades that are cool will go with your complexion if it is anywhere between pinkish to ebony. The more warmer tones like copper look better against olive and brown skin tones.

This is a great hairstyle to try out and you won’t regret making this decision.

Jumbo Red

Jumbo Red

The jumbo box braids are well appreciated because they serve multiple purposes in one go. They protect your hair from environmental pollution and they look gorgeous.

These braids also add a lot of volume to your braids. Because these are jumbo braids, they tend to be super thick allowing more volume to your hair.

It also adds a lot of dimension to your face and makes your special features more prominent.

The jumbo red box braids are a hit amongst the celebrities, they seem to like it so much that they can’t even be stopped from wearing it to the award shows.

Most of them have a point to prove and a statement to make about Black History, as a lot of us are still unaware of the trials and tribulations of that gruesome era.

Red Box Braids with Beads

Red box braids with beads

Red box braids with beads are a way to adorn your box braids. They add a splash of cuteness to it. There are various types of beads in the market.

Clear beads, colorful, metal, etc. You can use any type of beads to decorate your hair and you won’t go wrong. The red box braids with beads are very playful and have a little grunge vibe to it.

Anyone you meet will be eager to know about your style and where you got it done from. They might even dare to go as far as touching your beads but you can’t let that happen, because no one is allowed to ruin them.

The beads are very easy to put on and take off. You can leave them on for as long as you want or you can take them off according to your convenience. This beaded hairstyle is quite popular amongst people of all ages and they seem to quite love the red box braids with beads.

If you want an interactive hairstyle then you can try out the red box braids with beads and I hope you end up loving it.

Red and Blue

Red and Blue

We have seen a lot of combinations of the red box braids, but amongst all these, the red and blue box braids are my favorite so far. The two colors compliment each other beautifully. They do not look bad at all when put together in a hairstyle.

When you come to think of two hair colors, how often would you think of red and blue together? We don’t really think of them together because we have been skeptical, thinking if these will look good or not, but I’m here to tell you that these two colors fit so well together that you’d think they were meant to be.

The red and blue box braids are a hit and there’s no going back from this style. If you want to try out something new without the risk of ruining your hair, then try out just two strands first. If you think the two colors look good together then go for the entire hair.

You might think that two primary colors together might not make the cut but they do and I have images for you.

Red and Brown

Red and Brown

The coalescence of red and brown together is so graceful. The red and brown colors are so different from each other yet so similar. Their combination makes up for a great work of art. Mixing these two colors blesses you with a beautiful visual for the eyes.

The red and brown box braids are so elegant and stylish. They are great for all events, and they look very pretty when paired up with a nice outfit and a pair of shoes.

This hairstyle will make you get noticed by the people and help you strike up a conversation about how you came up with this color and talk about the basics of it.

It is a good conversation starter and you will receive tons of congratulations from work and home for finally choosing a style that goes with you. If you think you can pull off this style and you can own it, then don’t be late and get to it right away.

Red and Pink

Red and Pink

We love this combination because it has both our favorite colors. Red and Pink! Isn’t that exciting? This is such a cool and cute combination of the two colors. The baby pink peeks out from behind the red dyed hair and elevates the style to its maximum level.

This style is perfect for a school kid and for their mother because you do not have to be young to change your hair color. You can change up your style at any age you want.

This hairstyle is perfect for a change. If you want to cover up your gray roots then why not try something different for once and try the red and pink box braids instead of your everyday black or blonde touch ups.

The red and pink box braids can be worn by anyone at any age. This will make you look younger, cuter and very friendly. The only drawback of having these colors together is that you might end up having a resting nice face and people might talk more to you because of it even when you’re not interested.

Red and Orange

Red and Orange

The red and orange box braids remind me instantly of the Sun, Jupiter and Fire. Just have a look at this beautiful color.

The orange dives into the ocean of red and blends in perfectly. It exudes power and authority.

This hairstyle is very bold and intrepid. The red and orange box braids make you look very confident and elegant at the same time.

These braids are a fashion statement. People are bound to notice you and may also pick up enough courage to come over and compliment your hair.

This is a unique style and is one of the best ways to stand out in a crowd. To pull off this style you need to have enough guts to be able to listen to people having negative opinions because not everyone will appreciate something so beautiful, after all, it depends on their perception and how they like it.

But if you’ve made up your mind and you really want to get this hairstyle, then without a doubt I think you must go for it.

Red Highlights

Red Highlights

Box braids with red highlights are great if you do not want to have a full head of hair that is totally red. The red highlights allow you to have your natural hair color with a few streaks of red.

These highlights look great on your hair with these beautiful box braids irrespective of the type of hair you have. It also allows you to have a perspective of how it would look if you chose to dye your entire hair red.

It is a great hairstyle and everyone seems to really enjoy their red hair. People are going for the red shades all over the world, rather than just going brunette or blonde. Times have changed and people have more access to the internet, hence everyone is learning about something or the other constantly.

People are learning new styles from the internet everyday and they want to experiment things. Nothing you discover will be a secret at this point in time, so it’s best you share it with the world and be acknowledged for something you started.

It could either be a scientific breakthrough or maybe just a new combination of hairstyles and colors just like the box braids with red highlights.

Short Red Box Braids

Short red box braids

We have the long red box braids and we saw the medium box braids. It is only fair that we also have the short red box braids. The short box braids are so sassy looking and so elegant at the same time, that you will fall in love with this hairstyle once you get it. It fits really well with short hair.

If you want a classy and posh hairstyle then the short red box braids should be on your priority list marked twice in RED! Because you’re gonna look amazing in this hairstyle.

There are so many versions for you to try out with your short hair. You can go for the angled bob, the long bob, the feather cut and so many other styles.

The short red box braid is a great choice for your hairstyle because it will perfectly frame your face and bring more dimension to it which makes your face look sharp and slim.

Red Crochet

Red crochet

Aren’t red crochet braids the most beautiful hairstyle you’ve laid your eyes on? They are so beautifully done that you wouldn’t want to miss a chance to have them on your hair.

The red crochet box braids are one of a kind and people have shown a lot of love to this hairstyle. It is a very fun, vibrant, exciting, and cool hairstyle where you can add teeny-tiny embellishments to add your personal touch to the style.

This hairstyle is perfect for any occasion, any event and any day. You will always look picture perfect with this hairstyle.

It is a great style in my opinion, and if you want to get this hair done then there is no reason for you to hold yourself back. Just go for it, I guarantee you that you will look perfect.

Goddess Red

Goddess red

There is a reason why these beautiful braids are called goddess red box braids. That’s because they are amazing to look at. They are longer and more luscious compared to other hairstyles. They are thicker than the others and create a lot of volume in the hair.

This hairstyle can be styled in multiple ways for multiple events. You can tie them up, let them down or do both at once. You can do a bun, add trinkets and so much more.

This is a great hairstyle for every occasion. If you are looking for a style that will make you look dressed up all the time then this is it.

Red Box Braids with Curly Ends

Red box braids with curly ends

The red box braids with curly ends are the reincarnation of Goddess braids. These braids are a delight for the eyes and look absolutely stunning.

The beautiful red shade with these exceptionally adorable box braids look flawless, and then we added the curly ends.

This style just leveled up and looks otherworldly because of this mini addition. This is by far the prettiest amalgamation of hairstyles and I don’t hear anyone complaining about it.

If you like what you see and you want to get the red box braids with curly ends then you should not waste another single second and hit up your stylist to come over and do your hair.

Red Yellow Green

Red Yellow Green

The braid boxes are about protection and diversity. These braids are very popular and are seen in many events, and the pride parade is not an exception.

The red yellow green box braids are well received and is amongst the favorite when you ask the queer folks. These braids are fun and colorful. It’s not just the color but the message that it spreads as well. It shows the world how strong and brave you are even after going through so many calamities.

If you want to get this hairstyle and let the world know how strong you are then you must get it immediately. Don’t worry about what people will say, because nothing matters as long as you like your style.

Double Bun

Double Bun

Double buns are fun and quirky. The red box braids give these buns a more natural look. They are playful and it suits everyone so, why not try it out, right?

The double buns are a favorite amongst the youngsters and they prefer this style when they go out to watch a basketball match or any other match. It is a nice and cute style which helps you handle your hair properly and look nice at the same time.

The double bun can be worn with any outfit and you can pair it up with any type of shoes you like and you will still look great. If you want a simple and cute style then you can go for the double bun.

Half-Up and Half-Down Braids

Half-Up And Half-Down Braids

The half-up and half-down braids are the best. This style allows you to tie up your hair and also allows you to let them loose. It is a great style with dual functionality. You get the best of both worlds from this style.

If you are usually confused about which hairstyle to choose for the day, then the half-up and half-down braids are perfect for you. They are quick and easy to achieve. They look great on everyone no matter what hair type you have.

This is a style that you must try out because along with its other features it will frame your face perfectly and let your face look much slimmer and more elegant.

Triangle Box Braids

Triangle Box Braids

Triangle box braids are another version of the red box braids. These braids are shaped in triangles instead of boxes and have a different perspective to it.

They are very cool and trendy. This hairstyle comes together to be very well adjusted and the symmetrical shapes make it look extra good. If you want to try out different types of box braids then you can try out the triangle box braids.



The waterfall red box braids are very serene looking. It has a very calm vibe to it. This hairstyle makes you look so gentle and down to earth, because of the way it is styled.

This hairstyle requires minimum effort and the outcome is fabulous. This looks super easy and simple but yet is quite exquisite. You cannot deny how amazing this hairstyle looks, especially because of the infusion of the red box braids.

If you are a person who doesn’t like to hustle for hairstyles and needs something that is easy and quick, then the waterfall hairstyle is perfect for you to keep going without taking a break for something as trivial as a hairstyle.

Red Box Braids with A Cap

Red Box Braids With A Cap

There are a lot of ways to style your red box braids, but wearing a cap is by far the most stylish and easiest way. It takes about a second to wear it and you have the casual/ semi informal look instantly.

If you’re a lazy bum and styling your hair seems like a dreadful task then this could be your go to style because literally all it requires is a cap.

You can also style it with a normal t-shirt, regular jeans,  and a pair of Nike Airs and you’re good to hit the streets.



Fringes almost always make every hairstyle look much prettier. It adds so much dimension to any hairstyle and allows more framing of the face.

The fringes look especially amazing with the red box braids and helps to bring out a different look that most people will appreciate.

This style is great and can be worn at any given event. You need not worry about whether or not this will match the occasion you are wearing it to, because it is a great style and you will love wearing it.

Slide-over Bun

Slide-over Bun

We’ve come across a fair share of buns to say the least, but we haven’t seen them all, and slide over bun is one of them.

The slide over bun is basically a bun that falls beautifully towards one side of your head and has a flatter look compared to the regular buns that we usually do.

These buns look similar to a beret and portray an illusion as if you are wearing one. Especially because you have your hair made up in the red box braids style, the slide-over bun becomes more textured allowing it to look much prettier. If you like the way this hairstyle looks, then you should go for it right away.

Big Bun

Big Bun

The red box braids can be transformed into a lot of hairstyles and the buns happen to be one of them. The buns are the easiest hair updo and probably the most comfortable as well if done properly.

The big bun is an example of the comfort hairstyle. They are very easily done and it requires little effort to do this on your own.

It looks great when the bun is made of the red box braids and it adds so much more height to you. You do not have to worry about being the shortest in the room. Your hair will compensate for you.

If you are looking for an easy and comfortable style that you can wear on a regular basis then this hairstyle is a great choice.

Half Red Half Blonde

Half Red Half Blonde

The half red half blonde style is a conversation starter. This red box braid hairstyle is so unique, that you might have never even seen it till date. This hairstyle is very different but very pleasing to look at.

The wearer of this hairstyle seems to have the confidence of a lioness because not everyone has the guts to make a color decision like this one. Irrespective of what hair type you have, this is a great choice.

It looks fabulous and people will be bound to look at you twice. If you want a hairstyle that is unique and daring then the half red half blonde hairstyle is for you to try.



The red box braids can be tied into pigtails and they look great in it. You might think that the red box braids itself is a complete hairstyle. Would it even be possible to style an already styled hair? But to burst your bubble I have to say that, it is very much possible to do so.

The pigtails are the ponytail’s twin cousins. It is a very cute version of the red box braids. They are so cute because they tie together all the hair in two ponytails and give your face symmetry. No matter how old you turn, there is no turning back from looking cute with this hairstyle. This is the whole vibe of the pigtails.

The pigtails are a great choice for you if you want the cutesy vibe or it will also fit in well for a themed bachelorette party. This will also be a good choice for a different look on the Harley-Quinn style if you’re into it. The goal here is to look good and feel confident in your own skin no matter what.

High Ponytail

High ponytail

The high ponytail is a very simple yet elegant style. When paired up with the red box braids, they look phenomenal. This style can be worn anywhere. You can wear it to a formal and casual meeting. This is perfect for clubbing and partying. This hairstyle suits all facial structures.

If you have a chubby face with double chins, then you can go for this style as it makes your face longer. The high ponytail, as the name suggests adds height to the top which comes in handy when you need to create this illusion.

This hairstyle will look gorgeous with a pair of sneakers and flared jeans. You can put on a crop top with a side bag. This is a casual/ street aesthetic that you can go for if you are into it. The key to choosing the perfect hairstyle is that you should know that you can carry the style,  the moment your eyes fall on it.

Angled Bob

Angled Bob

The angled bob is a very pretty hairstyle. The asymmetric proportions make this style look much more attractive and eye-catching.

The angled bob, made of the red box braids, is such an unique idea to come up with. I am sure we weren’t aware of how functional the braided angled bob would be but turns out it is pretty amazing, and more and more people are getting done.

If your style is modern chic mixed with a hint of urban style then this is for you. It is a good style and you will be happy with the end results of it.

Messy Red Box Braid

Messy red box braid

The messy red box braids are the most amazing looking braids. They are absolutely gorgeous and they make your hair look so playful and fluffy. The messiness of the style is what makes it much better.

It has a spring vibe to it and makes you look like a happy go lucky type of girl. The hair looks extra volumized and the texture of the messy style created looks amazing.

This hairstyle is a great option for an outing with friends, weekend parties, and late night drives through the city with the windows rolled down.

Shaved Side Bun

Shaved Side Bun

The shaved side buns are an amazing fusion of the red box braids and the bun. They look great with the sides shaved and it gives you a rockstar-like look. It has a proper grunge vibe.

All the braids are pulled together and nicely tied up in a bun while showing off the nicely shaved sides. These sides don’t necessarily have to be fully shaved, you can trim the sides using your electric trimmer and set it on 1 or 2 to get your task done. Below are a few steps on how to shave your sides at home.

Step 1: First you need to tie up the sections on your sides that you want to shave.

Step 2: Plug in your electric trimmer and set it to 0 if you want it totally shaved. Set it to 1 if you want it fuzzy and set it on 2 if you like more fuzzy.

Step 3: Go ahead and trim off the tied sections from your sides. You can either cut off the hair and then trim it or you can directly go from the trimmer.

Step 4: See how the sides look and retouch if necessary.

The 4 simple steps will help you achieve the style without any hassle at home. This is a great style for anyone who is going for a cool and intimidating look.



The criss-cross red box braids are not very popular right now, but it will gain its rightful popularity very soon because this is a great style and people are picking up on it.

The criss-cross braids on the crown creates an illusion of fuller hair and gives a dimension to your face. It allows the opposite person to keep their sight towards the top and the chin, which makes your face look longer and slimmer to others.

If you are looking for braids that will help your face look slimmer and oval then you can try on this style.

Red Floral

Red Floral

The red floral box braids are so beautiful. The flowers add such elegance to the red box braids that it can be worn to any event where you have to look a little fancy and stylish.

The red box braids, when paired up with white and blood red flowers, creates a beautiful contrast and combination of colors. These colors compliment each other and help to elevate the style to a higher notch.

If you want a beautiful earthy style that is also very fashionable and gives you a calming presence then the red floral box braids are the best choice.

Red and White Princess Leia Inspired

Red And White Princess Leia Inspired

These red and white box braids are inspired from the iconic Starwars character Princess Leia. There is a twist in this style. Instead of having the braided buns on the side, we have them on the front.

These buns look pretty cool and fascinating, especially with the incorporation of the amazing colors. This is such a bright and vibrant combination for a hairstyle.

If you think you need some colors in your life then the red and white box braids are perfect for you because with this style you get the amazing colors, you get the hairstyle and most of all you will be easy to spot in a crowd as you can easily be recognised.

Celebrities In Red Box Braids

Celebrities have been showing off their red box braids for a very long time. It is a great hairstyle and it also allows some celebrities to represent their culture.

The red box braids have been a sensational hairstyle since the celebrities kept appearing on television and magazines with this style.

They look great in the red box braids and they have inspired other people to get this hairstyle done. People of all ages and genders have been trying on these hairstyles ever since our celebrities have made them famous.


Beyonce Red braid

Beyonce aka Queen Yonce has been rocking red box braids since the Destiny’s Child era and people have not once disliked it. We all know that when the queen does it once it becomes a trend. Beyonce has been setting trends even before we knew it was a thing.


Solange red braids

Solange isn’t too far behind her sister. Being Beyonce’s sister can be quite stressful because of all the expectations people have for her as well but she made her place in the industry and even rocked an amazing red box braid in her music video.


Rihanna red box braids

Rihanna aka Riri has the fashion world in the palm of her hands, and we know she isn’t letting it go anytime soon. Rihanna has been seen rocking the red box braids on a few occasions and we know that this is a great style when the fashion icon herself does it multiple times.

Keke Palmer

Keke Palmer red braids

Keke Palmer has been very vocal about her braids and she is not one to shy away from her roots. She shows off her braids like those are her limbs.

Keke has been spotted in the red box braids in many events and award shows and the media were able to click a few pictures just like this one that now has become an inspiration for us to show our stylists.

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj red braids

How many times have you seen Nicki Minaj without the red box braids? She is seen in them a lot and this picture wasn’t going to be another missed opportunity for the paparazzi to take her pictures. She does it in style and there is no stopping NIcki Minaj.

Cardi B

Cardi B red braids

Cardi B is a straight up savage when it comes to her style. She loves a good show and wears whatever she wants. She wore the red box braid to this event and rocked her look just the way she rocks her raps.


Zendaya red box braids

Did Spider-man drop off MJ to this red carpet or what? Zendaya as MJ on screen or herself off screen is an absolute delight. She looks amazing in red box braids and this is just another example of her pulling off these braids like they were meant just for her.

Doja Cat

Doja Cat red box braids

No one can be as creative as Doja, when it comes to hairstyles. She took the red box braids to a different height and she is now enjoying looking at people trying to copy her style.


SZA red box braids

SZA debuted on screen with her natural hairstyle but she didn’t stop there. She later showed up on her music video in this beautiful red box braid and let me tell you how beautiful she looks. SZA pulled off this hairstyle like a queen.

Zoe Kravitz

Zoe Kravitz

Catwoman on the red carpet huh? We would’ve asked about Batman but it seems like we forgot about him, since Zoe is rocking the beautiful red box braid and looks flawlessly gorgeous.

Taraji P. Henson

Taraji P. Henson

Taraji P. Henson has been showing off her natural hair for a very long time now, but she recently resurfaced wearing this beautiful red box braid and has been the talk of the town ever since.

Naomi Osaka

Naomi Osaka red box braids

Naomi Osaka is a superstar. She lit the 2021 Olympics Torch sporting Red box braids and people just can’t have enough of her. Naomi has been spotted in braids quite a few times but lighting the Olympic Torch in the red box braids made an iconic statement to the world. What a moment to be proud of for her.

Maintaining Red Box Braids

It is important that you maintain your red box braids to keep them looking neat and good for a long time. If you do not take proper care of your braids then they will get shaggy and raggedy.

You also need to take good care of your scalp. It is essential to keep the scalp clean and moisturized. If you do not moisturize your scalp then it will get very itchy.

You must always try to follow a good hair routine at night before you go to bed for healthy and shiny hair.

Below are a few steps that you can follow to keep your hair healthy:

Step 1: Always moisturize your hair. Moisturizing your hair and scalp will help you prevent itchiness.

Step 2: Keep your scalp clean. Set wash days once a week.

Step 3: Find the right night care for your hair.

Step 4: Try not to restyle your hair a lot.

Step 5: Keep your hair the way you got it done.

Step 6: Do not leave the braids on for too long.

The way you maintain your hair will have a direct effect on your scalp and hair so be careful before using any random products. Make sure you search about the product that you’ll use and if necessary you should consult a physician to get the best results.


1. How long will the red box braid hairstyle stay?

Ans: The red box braids usually stay good looking for about six to eight weeks. But if you take good care it may last for as long as 3 months.

2. Are red box braids good for your hair?

Ans: Red box braids are good for African hair as it can be quite coarse, and you can not always comb them and style them. It is very difficult to do it regularly, hence the red box braids are good for them.

However, it can be quite damaging to Caucasian hair due to the amount of tension required to keep the braids in place.

3. How can my red box braids last longer?

Ans: Your red box braids will last longer if you take good care of your hair and scalp. Always moisturize your scalp and keep it clean to avoid itchiness.

You should also wear a silk cap before going to bed, to avoid friction between your hair and the pillow case. This way your braids will last longer and there will be no breakage due to it.

Final Verdict

The red braid box is a style that many people have worn to this day and many are joining the troops to claim their style. This style is not just any style inspired by random braids, it is a hairstyle that shows off a culture and provokes acceptance in places it has been denied.

The red box braids are a great style for anyone who wants to change up their style and get something that will make them look amazing.

With all the information about these braids in this article, you must have already decided what style will suit you best. If you have, then wait no more and hurry out to get your desired style done.

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