Reverse Fade Haircut

10 Reverse Fade Haircut Ideas: A Traditional Look with a Twist

Thinking outside the box can result in revolutionary outcomes at times. If you’re familiar with renowned haircuts that are remarkably blossoming to this day, you’re probably aware of the fade haircut and just how suitable it is for the world of fashion in this day and age.

While the look offers multiple variations and brings to the table multiple pros for the representative, there are loads of minor variations that it contains which rarely receive any recognition whatsoever. One of the very many unsung heroes that the fade haircut has invented is called the reverse fade, which will be the main highlight of today’s article.

Within this article, you will acquire knowledge on the basics of the reverse fade, how it can be achieved and duplicated, as well as tips and tricks on how it can be showcased in the best possible manner. You will also find answers to the subconscious queries that you may have regarding this haircut, something that we hope will enhance the positivity of your experience when skimming through the article.

Why the Reverse Fade Is Becoming A Staple In The Hairdressing Industry

Reverse Fade Is Becoming Popular Nowadays

When we first found out about the existence of this look, it seemed as if it was a form of parody. However, we couldn’t have been more incorrect.

In fact, the reason why this look is so popular at the moment and will be popular years from now is because of the visuals it has. It is anything unlike the regular fade haircut, which contains a cleaner hair cutting process in order to maximise presentability. In contrast to that, a reverse fade contains hair that is thicker along the nape line and consists of a traditional fade in between the top and bottom section of one’s hair.

While the description seems rather off-putting, this is an excellent option for those that are free-thinkers and allow their imagination and creative thinking abilities to take control of their hair.

When assisted by an experienced hairdresser or stylist, this look can allow a person to add unimaginable designs to their hair. Whether it’s as simple as recreating a symbol for enhancing religious beliefs or a design for expressing individuality, a reverse fade will always understand the assignment as well as get the job done.

10 Fascinating Reverse Fade Hairstyles To Replicate This Year

While this fade can recreate just about any design and allow the wearer to rock it with nothing but pride, there aren’t too many variations present on the web. This could either be due to how underappreciated it is in the hair industry today despite the amount of flexibility it offers to a person.

Moving on, here are some of our favourite designs of the reverse fade that you too should check out this instant!

Duotone Faux hawk with a Reverse Fade

Duotone Faux Hawk With A Reverse Fade

A faux hawk is probably the most generous hairstyle of them all. It can pair with any design while maintaining its presentable visuals. It also allows the other half of the combination to stand out just as much.

For this hairdo, perhaps highlights will be extremely effective. Not only will the strands look extra healthy, but the look itself will have a density that will be sought after. This will definitely improve one’s social life by making their presence more impactful.

Moreover, to mirror this look, give yourself a blowout and make sure it doesn’t contain any form of hair product that is glossy or water based. Failing to do so will weigh the hair down and make the overall texture greasy.

Gelled Up Textured Curls with Reverse Fade

Gelled Up Textured Curls With Reverse Fade

As this haircut can be pulled off by any and every hair type, don’t be surprised with the entries that are mentioned on this list.

Moving on, curly hair can also benefit from this haircut. A reverse fade will allow even the most subtle curl to shine on one’s head. While the gelled trait will ensure the hold of the overall hairdo, it will also add tons of shine to the visuals behind the hairstyle itself.

Mohawk with Uneven Reverse Fade

Mohawk With Uneven Reverse Fade

Give your mohawk a unique presence and collaborate it with some uneven lines.  It will establish a win-win scenario for both your hair and your beard, as the disconnection will heavily enhance the contrast of both parties involved.

To create the look, you can incorporate the use of shapes for the lines, and a clipper with a two guard and a zero guard for the reverse fade. Add unique patterns through the use of razor blades in order to give it your own touch.

Jet Black Mohawk with Bald Reverse Fade

Jet Black Mohawk With Bald Reverse Fade

While designs perfectly showcase the versatility of this haircut, even classic hairstyles can excel around a reverse fade, such as the mohawk. When paired with a mohawk, the overall look will reek of elegance and have the perfect amount of edginess.

Furthermore, if your hair colour is already pretty dark, then you’re one of the lucky ones. A fade as disconnected as the reverse fade will add to the texture and volume of your hair, which in turn will make your hair more polished in terms of appearance. 

Patterned Reverse Fade For Coarse Hair

Petterned Reverse Fade For Coarse Hair

Those with thick hair will probably have the best experience possible if they get this haircut. As their strands are more resilient as opposed to the other hair types, they can easily install designs that are complex without compromising the quality of their hair.

Additionally, the texture of their hair will also enhance the visuals of the design, which will make their presence more significant at public gatherings.

Multicolor Reverse Fade For Afro Hair

Multicolor Reverse Fade For Afro Hair

Apart from being able to install different types of design, one can also incorporate a series of colours to showcase the better sides of a reverse fade haircut. The vibrant the colour, the better the impression. Even though you can choose neutral colours to enhance the thickness of your hair, choosing bright colours that complement your personality will also be just as effective.

Platinum Blonde Reverse Fade

Platinum Blonde Reverse Fade

If you already have bold colours to your arsenal, you should definitely give this look a go. It won’t be as easy to mimic the design this look contains, but you can always replace that by installing your visuals.

This look is mostly desirable because of how natural it looks overall. One of the reasons could definitely be the product free approach it contains, but the rest of them is directly related to the vibrant colour it has. So, if your hair is beach blonde, dirty blonde or even beige, make sure to give this look a chance.

Reverse Fade with a Cross Design

Reverse Fade With A Cross Design

Multiple variations of a cross on hair have surfaced on the web over the past year or two. While the inspiration and the reason behind its sudden rise to stardom has yet to be discovered, we believe the look offers the best of both worlds. It enhances the appearance of one’s hair while allowing them to strengthen their faith.

Moreover, appearance-wise, it is also minimalistic and bold at the same time, which definitely makes it suitable for special occasions.

Reverse Fade for Box Braids

Reverse Fade For Box Braids

Since box braids are already appealing in terms of visuals, perhaps a simple approach should be followed when incorporating a reverse fade. A reverse fade in this case should definitely play a supporting role as opposed to taking the lead.

Moreover, the disconnection between the braids, the fade, as well as the stubble should be top notch and precise. Therefore, make sure to pair your braids up with designs that are as simple as creating lines.

Messy Curtain Style Reverse Fade with Diagonal Lines

Messy Curtain Style Reverse Fade With Diagonal Lines

By now, you must be aware of the influence that curtain shaped hairstyles have had over the past few decades in the fashion industry. Collaborating it with a reverse fade will not only work wonders for the appeal it contains, but will also give it a distinct twist to its appearance. While it may result in some frowns, we wholeheartedly believe that one will generate a newfound amount of positivity by recreating this look.

Reverse Fade 101: How to Achieve The Look Instantly!

As opposed to a fade haircut, the reverse fade could be a bit more challenging to implement as well as recreate. Since it involves removing the mid section of the sides and the back, the help of a professional might seem more of a necessity than an option. However, once that has been dealt with, things become a bit easier as the rest doesn’t come with a handbook. The outcome of the overall hairdo can either be shaped through your creative imagination, or even accomplished through the help of a pre-existing design on the web.

Moreover, due to how complex it might be for beginners, we thought it’d be immensely useful to provide them with a walkthrough. We have successfully accomplished that task, as mentioned below are the simple instructions one may follow when getting the reverse fade haircut.

Remember the guards

Using clippers is the only way you can kick start the procedure. For the reverse fade, that will be installed in the middle of the sides and the back, use a zero guard. This will create the skin fade almost immediately, which will make the following steps easier.

Moreover, since a zero guard offers a skin fade, inconveniences such as botched results can easily be covered and replaced by the hairdressers through the implementation of different sized guards.

Shave towards the gradient

For an effective reverse fade, shave towards the gradient of the hair. This will result in a sharper fade, as the blades will directly make contact with the follicles of the hair, leaving zero room for baby hair strands. To achieve optimal results, ask your hairdresser to stretch the scalp using his finger tips when trimming the mid-section.

Create the blends with a two guard and three guard

After the reverse fade is successfully mirrored, give the top half and bottom portion of the area a blended fade. For a sharper fade, you may use a three guard. Doing so will give the look a sharper contrast and make the disconnection more apparent.

On the other hand, if you want the reverse fade to be less noticeable and prevent it from looking out of place, you may use a two guard for the sections around the reverse fade. It will not only look less noticeable, but also be a useful thing to do if the hairstyle is nothing but temporary.

Get creative with it

Perhaps the best part of the reverse fade is how much freedom it offers to the wearer, which shouldn’t be taken for granted. Make the most of that trait. Visualise something and bring it to life. Find images and designs that you feel will make your experience even better. If the hairdo is indeed temporary, have fun with it while there’s time.

On the other hand, if you can’t come up with anything, reach out to a friend of yours or have a discussion with your stylist. Since hairdressers often incorporate unique designs, we have no doubt that they’ll be able to come up with a unique design that caters to your personality, face shape, and physical appearance as well!

Use shapes for better measures

If your stylist is a novice, allow yourself some time before you give in, ‘cause there’s always a solution to everything. For instance, when recreating similar patterns and designs mentioned in the previous section, you may ask your barber to use shapes as guidelines. Ask them to place it right above or below the reverse fade, and right on it in some cases, so that the pattern looks presentable. While it’s not a necessity, using a free hand method might just result in the instalments of uneven designs and patterns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes, even when the most useful information is provided, the queries still stay. Replicating a hairstyle is as challenging as learning a new trick, which usually takes a while to perfect and to do it without any error. To take some of the worries off your plate, however, stated below are some common queries regarding the reverse fade haircut we have found and addressed constructively.

Question: Can I get a reverse fade at home?

Answer: Although pre-existing experience in the art of haircutting will generate a more positive outcome, one can definitely achieve the look at home, even if they are inexperienced in cutting hair. All they need is the right set of equipment. For example, a hair clipper with different sized guards, a handheld mirror, hair cutting shears, and a hair comb is the set of tools that one needs to create a look.

Question: How do I maintain a reverse fade?

Answer: Maintaining a reverse fade is as easy as it gets. In order to achieve the best results, all you need to do is get a maintenance haircut every 2 to 3 weeks so that the reverse fade stays fresh and the other sections develop a higher range of contrast.


All in all, even though we do believe in freedom of speech and the positive impact this hairstyle will have on an individual at parties, perhaps this variation should only be experimented with if you are either in your early teens or a part of the creative industry. Due to the excessive laid back impression the reverse fade holds, wearing it and incorporating the look while you are balancing a nine to five will not be the wisest choice to make. Sure, it does look extremely appealing and will definitely garner some compliments, but it won’t really help you out if you are trying to impress a client of yours.

Image Source: Pinterest,  Instagram

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