Reverse Mohawk Haircut: 14 Exciting Variants of this Eye Catching Hairstyle

If you are surprised by the fact that the reverse Mohawk has become a really popular hairstyle, then we definitely understand your shock. It is an extremely quirky and edgy hairstyle.

It definitely is not everyone’s cup of tea. That’s why the number of people who decide to adopt this style is pretty surprising, to say the least. That is the thing about hairstyle and fashion in general. You can never guess where the next trend will come from.

When you saw that Mr. Bean mistakenly gave that weird haircut to his young client, or when Marshall Eriksen shaved his hair right down the middle just before his marriage in How I Met Your Mother, you probably didn’t guess that this style would be popular in any way.

But, it is what it is. We have crafted this article so that you can learn more about this hairstyle and some of its exciting variants.

What is the Reverse Mohawk?

What Is The Reverse Mohawk

First thing first, let’s talk about what this style actually is. If you know what a Mohawk is, it would be pretty easy to explain. However, you don’t have to worry if you don’t.

A Mohawk is a style where you have long spiky hair from the front to the nape of your head. The sides are usually shaved off or at least shortened.

A reverse Mohawk is a style where you turn it all around. Now, you will be shortening or shaving your hair right through the middle from the front to the nape.

The hair on both sides of it is usually spiked. But, you can leave it as it is if you want. And, that is basically a reverse Mohawk.

So, it is actually a really easy-to-do style. You would just need an electric trimmer to get this style. If you want to shave your hair, then you would have to use a safety razor.

This style does not have a long legacy. It’s not like the reverse Mohawk has been popular for a long time. It has reached the mainstream pretty recently, but it has suddenly attracted a lot of people towards it.

14 Eccentric Reverse Mohawk Hairstyles for Your Consideration

The reverse Mohawk is not a limited hairstyle by any means. There are tons of styles to choose from. However, we have done the hard work for you. In this list, we will only present you the styles that deserve to be considered by you. All you have to do is choose the one you like the most.

Asymmetrical Reverse Mohawk

Asymmetrical Reverse Mohawk

The first style on this list is mainly about creating contrast. You have to shave or shorten your hair right in the middle. Make sure that there is an equal volume of hair on both sides.

Then, you have to go for a different style for each side. For example, you can try the comb over style on one side. Just use a comb or a brush and properly comb your hair to make it look neat and smooth.

For the other side, you can go for a messy and tousled style. You can use your fingers or even a hair product to create an unkempt look. Now, two different styles from both sides will complement each other.

The Devil Horns

The Devil Horns

At first look, this reverse Mohawk haircut might seem a bit too much. But, there are actually a good number of people who go for this style. Our guess is that if someone has decided to try out a reverse Mohawk style, subtlety is definitely not their goal.

It’s not about the middle region anymore, you have to almost shave off your entire head. You will only have a small amount of hair on both sides of your head.

Your hair also needs to be spiked up. They need to look like literal horns. It’s a really bold and edgy hairstyle, but you can adopt this style if catching everyone’s attention is your goal.

Mid-Parted Reverse Mohawk

Mid Parted Reverse Mohawk

You can go through this entire list of reverse Mohawk hairstyles, but you won’t find a safer style than this. You do not have to shave or shorten your hair for this one.

You just need to create a middle partition for this style. Then, you have to spike up your hair on both sides of the partition. You can also add a taper or a fade to this style if you want.

This still remains an exciting hairstyle without you facing any long-term consequences. So, if you are skeptical about shortening your hair right down the middle, this is the style for you.

Back Shaved with Side Patterns

Back Shaved With Side Patterns

This one is one of the wildest reverse Mohawk hairstyles out there. It definitely is not for everyone. If you are a person who does not care about what others say about your hairstyle and your appearance, and you just want to express yourself, this style is only for you.

For this style, you will only shave the middle area of the back of your head. At the front, you will have a long fringe that comes down to your chin.

On the sides, you have to add a pattern or a design of your choice. It could be simple stripes or something more complex and artsy.

Dyed Reverse Mohawk

Dyed Reverse Mohawk

All of you who love dying your hair, you all have found the perfect hairstyle. It is pretty common to go for colored hair when people decide to have the reverse Mohawk haircut.

The reason is that dyed hair looks absolutely amazing with this hairstyle. This style just works really well with almost any hair color. So, you are completely free to choose. It can be as subtle or as vibrant as you want.

It can be a color that is similar to your natural hair color. Or, you can just choose a bright neon color. Go for any color that you think will work well with your appearance and personality.

Two-Toned Reverse Mohawk

Two Toned Reverse Mohawk

We are not done talking about dying your hair. We now have another idea for you. This hairstyle can give you an even cooler look. We are referring to a two-toned style.

It basically means your hair will have two different colors. The common way of achieving that is only coloring a portion of your hair. That way, the dyed hair creates a contrast with your natural hair color.

However, your hair can be equally divided in a reverse Mohawk hairstyle. So, you can just choose a different color for each side. The only thing you have to be sure of is that the colors are complementing each other.

Winged Reverse Mohawk

Winged Reverse Mohawk

This might feel like a mad hairstyle at first. But, we promise you that there is a method to this madness. This winged style will definitely make you look fly. We’re sorry for that awful pun but it was hard to resist.

You will only shorten the middle area for this style. Then, you have to apply tons of hair products to give the hair on both sides a bit of flight.

While your hair is facing upwards on the sides, you will need two long fringes on the front. They need to fall down to your chin from both sides of your face.

Double Mohawks

Double Mohawk

We are using the basic philosophy of a usual Mohawk for this style. The twist is that we are creating two Mohawks on one head.

First, you will shave your hair right down the middle like a regular reverse Mohawk haircut. You then have to shave off your hair on the sides completely. So, there will only be two patches of hair on your head.

However, you will now see that both sides of each patch of hair are shaved. And, that is a Mohawk style. You have now realized why we are calling this style double Mohawks and also do give this exciting hairstyle a try.

Short Spiked Reverse Mohawk

Sport Spiked Reverse Mohawk

After going through some pretty extravagant reverse Mohawk hairstyles, let’s take a look at a simpler style. But, do remember that we are using the word “simple” in comparison with all the wild and bizarre styles on this list.

Shortening won’t do and you have to shave your hair for this one. What is more important is what you do with the hair on both sides.

Your hair needs to be a bit shorter for this style and you have to spike up your short hair. It is one of the easiest styles on this list, but it does have a great impact.

Top Shaved Mohawk

Top Shaved Mohawk

Are you tired of shaving or shortening your hair only in the middle portion? Then, this style will feel a lot fresher to you.

In this style, you would be shaving the back and the top part of your head. You will have to partially shave the sides as well. What about the rest of the hair?

The hair around the shaved top area will be spiked up. For the front hair, you can just go for a side-swept style. A lot is going on in this hairstyle, but all these elements come together and create a pretty captivating style.

Reverse Mohawk with Long Hair

Reverse Mohawk With Long Hair

We have not forgotten about the people with really long hair. You can try out the reverse Mohawk haircut as well. In your case, the style would be a little subtler.

One interesting style is to mark the area where you create a side partition. You can just shave off that area from the front to the nape.

The other way is of course going straight down the middle like the common reverse Mohawk style. We prefer the first style because it is definitely more unique.

Buzzed Reverse Mohawk

Buzzed Reverse Mohawk

Now, we are moving in the opposite direction. You have nothing to worry about if you are a fan of shorter hairstyles. We have a reverse Mohawk haircut for you as well.

Why go for a regular buzz cut again? Try out something different. Just shave your hair right through the middle. And, voila!

You now have a hairstyle that is far more exciting than a regular buzz cut. Do not miss out on this style if you already have a buzz cut.

Afro Reverse Mohawk

Afro Reverse Mohawk

We don’t want you to think that reverse Mohawk hairstyles are only for straight hair. If you have type 4 afro hair, you can still rock an awesome reverse Mohawk style.

It is better to have more length and volume for this style. That way, when you are shortening your hair in the middle, it is more visible and striking.

The longer afro hair around that area will make it stand out even more. You will then be drawing more attention to your amazing hairstyle.

Reverse Mohawk with Curly Hair

Reverse Mohawk With Curly Hair

Finally, let us not forget about all of you with type 3 curly hair. There are a few tweaks you need to make for your reverse Mohawk style.

Firstly, do not go for the spikes. The spikes do not work well with curly hair. You should rather show off your curls in this style.

You only have to do the usual shaving or shortening in the middle. Then, let the curly hair all around do its thing. It is definitely one of the most exciting hairstyles for curly hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a couple of questions about the reverse Mohawk that are frequently asked on the internet. In this section, we will answer a few of them.

What is the reverse Mohawk called?

This hairstyle is most commonly known as a Reverse Mohawk. However, it is sometimes called a “nohawk” or a “hawkmo” as well. But, not a lot of people use these names and most people probably won’t recognize if you refer to this style by using these names.

Is the reverse Mohawk unprofessional?

There is no prize for guessing the answer. If you are allowed to have this haircut in your workplace, then you have one of the most laid back jobs in the whole world. So, this hairstyle is definitely not appropriate for most professions.


We are very much aware that this hairstyle is not for everyone. We have already discussed in the previous section how everyone might not have the luxury to afford this hairstyle. It can definitely be an issue in your workplace.

However, if there are no such concerns and you have the freedom to choose, then it is just up to you. After going through this article, you pretty much are an expert on the reverse Mohawk and its variants.

If you are attracted to this eccentric style and want to give it a try, we say all the more power to you. Also, if you feel that this hairstyle is a bit much for you, we completely understand and there is no judgment from us.

Whatever you choose to do, do it with confidence and all your heart. Finally, we wish you all the very best for your next amazing hairstyle.

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