Rezo Cut vs Deva Cut

Rezo Cut Vs. Deva Cut: Differences Between These Two Curly Cuts

Although curly hairstyles were quite limited in the past and people would have to go for various protective styles, it has changed over the years. There are many wash-and-go curly haircuts that give a low-maintenance style and enhance the natural curls.

The Rezo cut and Deva cut are two examples of curly cuts that have gained popularity for providing a remarkable look to the wearer. Although there are a lot of similarities between these two, there are some core differences that make them distinct.

By knowing these dissimilarities, you can identify which one is more suitable for you and implement that style to get an astounding appearance for a certain period. Hop on and enjoy the reading experience. 

Rezo Cut: A Brief Intro

Rezo Cut

The Rezo cut was originally created by Nubia Suarez, an expert on curl hairstyles where an even curl length is maintained all around. The cut is especially favorable for making movement by liberating the curls from the root area.

This style is an exceptional choice for any hair type that has any pattern of curls starting from wavy hair to coily hair. The Rezo cut will look balanced when it’s worn in a natural curly state. If you are a long-hair enthusiast who loves to show hair length and volume, this cut is perfect for you.

The style is created on dry strands that help the stylist to see the natural curls and trim them accordingly. When the cut is finished, you will see evenly cut curls that showcase volume and length. Although this style is for curly hair, you can wear it after straightening your hair without any worries.

Deva Cut: A Brief Intro

Deva Cut

The Devachan Salon is considered the original creator of the Deva cut style which has become quite popular as a curly cut for women who like to wear their hair naturally. This hairstyle focuses on giving a face-framing style to the wearer by adding various types of layers and bangs.

The Deva cut focuses on volume like any other curly cut and is trimmed when the hair is dry. Usually, the hair gets a big chop while this haircut is being implemented as hair length is not the target of this design.

You can get this amazing style with any curly hair type but if you straighten your hair, you will see your hair getting an uneven look so it’s better to not straighten your hair. Getting this style will help you to rock your natural curls and increase volume but the length will be shorter.

Rezo Cut vs Deva Cut: The Differences That Make Them Unique

Although there are a lot of similarities between a Rezo cut and a Deva Cut, some core differences make them distinct. By knowing these differences, you can identify which of them is the style that will be better suited for you. These differences can be categorized based on origin, visuals, style, and maintenance.


Although both the Rezo cut and Deva cut originated in the USA, the original inventors of these hairstyles are different. The Rezo cut was created by Nubia Suarez, an exceptional hairstylist and curly hair expert. The Rezo cut mainly focuses on giving a long hairstyle for naturally curly hair that will provide evenly trimmed curls all around. The style’s main focus is hair length and volume.

Nubia Suarez Introduced Rezo Cut

The Deva cut was invented by the Devachan Salon which also mainly focused on naturally curly hair but there are some differences. It mainly focused on providing a face-framing style that will give hair volume but the length will be short.


The Rezo cut and Deva cut are visually quite different from one another. The Rezo cut will have a unique look where you will notice long natural curls that are evenly cut all around. The Rezo cut often has a triangular shape when the style is completed which preserves hair length and volume.

Deva Cut Focused on Face Framing Short Curl


The Deva cut will provide a well-rounded look compared to the Rezo cut where the hair is cut shorter and styled in a way that frames the face of the wearer. This style also uses layers so it can look uneven at times.


The Rezo cut is mainly focused on providing long natural curls. For that reason, one will need long natural curls before cutting the hair in this hair design. The hair is cut in an even length all around, providing an amazing curly style that can be worn with flare.

Rezo Long Curls

On the other hand, the Deva cut is a shorter hairstyle compared to the Rezo cut. The natural curls are often chopped to give it a face-framing style by adding various layers and bangs to the mix.


When it comes to styling the hair which is cut with Rezo Cut and Deva Cut, it can differ a lot. Although both of these haircuts are suited for natural curls, the Rezo cut can be worn by straightening one’s hair and it will still look amazing. Furthermore, Rezo cut gets evenly cut curls without adding any layers or bangs.

On the contrary, the Deva cut is only suited for natural curls and will not look good after straightening one’s hair. This cut is implemented by adding layers and bangs which will result in an uneven look if the hair is straightened. 


In terms of longevity, the Rezo cut has the edge over the Deva cut. Once you get a Rezo cut for your hair, you can be worry-free about your strands for 4-6 months. With minimal care, and trimming the split ends weekly, you can rock this style effortlessly.

The Deva cut contains various bangs and layers so that it can frame the wearer’s face. For that reason, you will need to get another cut after 3 months’ time. Otherwise, your style will get messed up and will not give you a crisp look.

Which One Is More Suitable For You?

Both Rezo cut and Deva cut are amazing hairstyles that can give you remarkable looks but one might be better suited for you than the other. To identify which one is the perfect choice, you need to weigh the benefits of both cuts and see which one is more inclined towards your hair.

If you are a fan of long hair that you often want to wear with natural curls as well as not being afraid to straighten them when needed, the Rezo cut might be a good choice for you. You will get a remarkable look from this style that will give you great style for your curly hair but can also be styled by straightening your hair, giving more versatility.

On the other hand, the Deva cut is more suited for natural curls which are way shorter in length compared to the Rezo cut. This style mainly focuses on face framing and adds various bangs and layers. It’s not a good idea to straighten a Deva cut as that will give an uneven length that is not desirable. So I will suggest a Deva cut only if you are interested in shorter natural curls with bangs and layers that will give a face-framing style.

Concluding Statement

Despite both Rezo cut and Deva cut being similar in many aspects, there are some core differences between these two styles that make them unique from one another. While both haircuts were invented for naturally curly hair, the Rezo cut focuses on long voluminous curls and the Deva cut focuses on giving a face-framing style.

The Rezo cut can also be worn after straightening one’s hair, the same can not be done with the Deva cut. For this reason, if you are more prone to straighten your hair occasionally, you must choose the Rezo cut every time between these two.

Both styles are phenomenal with the capability of making you stand out in the crowd, you just need to choose the one which compliments your facial features more. No matter which one you choose, you will be happy with the final result.

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