Roman Regins Haircut

Roman Reigns Haircut: The All-round Guide for His Hairstyles

Roman Reigns is currently one of the most popular WWE stars and almost every aspect of his life gets a huge amount of attention from his fans. One of the things that they are most interested in is the Roman Reigns haircut.

Since the day he entered the ring, his hairstyle has caught a lot of eyes. Over the years, people have loved and appreciated his hair more and more. It is not a surprise because he has a really captivating hairstyle that goes extremely well with his charismatic persona.

But, what exactly is his hairstyle? Also, how can you get this style for yourself? Do not worry because you have come to the right place.

We will answer these and all the other questions you have about the Roman Reigns haircut. Just stay with this article and you will learn everything you need to know about his hair.

What is the Roman Reigns Haircut?

Roman Reigns Cutting Hair With His Barber

Let’s break down what the Roman Reigns haircut actually is. He has not really changed his hairstyle in recent years. That’s understandable because why fix something that’s not broken?

Roman Reigns has long black hair. His hair is a bit wavy, which is probably due to his Samoan ancestry. If we had to guess, we’d say that he has type 2 hair.

He has a really simple but effective hairstyle. He just brushes back his hair and lets them freely fall on the back. He also likes to keep his hair a bit wet when he enters the ring. That makes his hair appear even wavier and more textured.

The hair on the sides is buzzed short. It’s almost like a fade, but not exactly a fade. This “almost fade” starts from the temple, goes above the ears, and finally drops down to his neckline.

His sides are not visible most of the time because of his long hair. You can only see the shortened sides when he has a man bun. And, he goes for the man pretty frequently.

This haircut doesn’t actually have any name. But, some of the fans have named this style after one of his most popular signature moves and they call it the “Samoan drop”.

How to Get the Roman Reigns Haircut?

Roman Reigns Haircut Guide

It is not that difficult to get the Roman Reigns haircut. If you are a bit dexterous and have given yourself a haircut before, then you have nothing to worry about. However, if that is not the case and this is your first time, we would suggest that you do not take any risk and visit a professional.

Otherwise, you just need to know the correct process. We have a step-by-step method for you that is really easy to follow. Just carefully follow these steps and you’ll get the hairstyle you want.

Step 1

The first thing you need to do is to make sure that your hair is long enough. Roman Reigns has really long hair that goes beyond his shoulders. You have to ensure that your hair is at least shoulder-length. If it’s shorter than that, then the style won’t work well. So, you have to let your hair grow if it’s too short.

Step 2

When your hair is long enough, then you need to gather all the tools. You would need an electric trimmer, a pair of scissors, a three-way mirror, an elastic rubber band, and a hair wax or gel. Collect all these and you’re ready to go.

Step 3  

You have to do one final thing before you can begin the haircut. Stand in front of the three-way mirror and imagine a line on the sides from where you’d trim your hair short. It would also be smart to tie your long hair with a hair band. That will give you a better visual and you’d be able to clearly see what you are doing.

Step 4

When you have imagined the line, actually create it with the side of the blade of your trimmer. This will keep everything very precise and you’d have a clear visual cue. Remember that the line needs to start from the temple, go over your ears, and then drop down to your neckline.

Step 5

Next, you need to attach the correct guard to your trimmer. Roman Reigns keeps his sides really short. So, you would have to use a #0.5 guard or a #1 guard. You can’t keep your hair longer than that. Also, Reigns’ hair does not gradually shorten and so you can use the same guard for all the hair.

Step 6

You need to start trimming after attaching the right guard. The important thing is to go slow and to take your time. You can easily make a mistake if you hasten. Be careful and do not go over the line because that would ruin the hairstyle. Slowly and gently trim all the hair below the line.

Step 7

Now that you have trimmed all your hair, you have to nicely blend everything. Make sure to keep your neckline neat and tidy. There should be a clear contrast between the shortened sides and the rest of the longer hair. That means you need to blend in a way so that the sides appear to be shortened bluntly and abruptly.

Step 8

You then have to clean up everything. You now need to take off the rubber band to style your long hair. Apply a hair wax or gel to have that signature wet look. You can just brush back your front hair and let the rest of the hair fall freely.

Now all that is left to do is for us to congratulate you. You have successfully given yourself the Roman Reigns haircut.

7 Variations of the Roman Reigns Haircut You Can Try Out

Even though Roman Reigns hasn’t changed the basics of his hairstyle over the years, he has made a few tweaks here and there. Go through these variants to find the way you want to style your Roman Reigns haircut.

Slick Back Long Waves

Slick Back Long Waves

This is the smoothest and slickest way of carrying the Roman Reigns haircut. You have to brush back your front hair for this style. The front hair should stick close to the scalp and you probably need the help of a hair product to achieve that.

The rest of the long wavy hair will just fall from both sides of your neck. The signature shortened hair on the sides will be present as well.

We probably don’t need to mention this for all the styles. Reigns never ditches the shaved or shortened sides and you’d find this element in all of the styles on this list.

Proper Man Bun

Proper Man Bun

This is the preferred style of Roman Reigns when he doesn’t let out his long hair and wants to keep things tidy. We just have to mention that nobody carries a man bun like Reigns.

This hairstyle usually attracts laid back men but looks immensely intense when Roman Reigns has one. He just brushes back all his hair and ties them all at the back.

To have a man bun like him, you need to turn it into a perfect ball-like shape. All your hair needs to be inside that ball and no hair should be sticking out of it.

Messy Long Waves

Messy Long Waves

This might look like a pretty relaxed look, but don’t get fooled by it. You actually need to work on your hair quite a bit to get this exact style. Firstly, you need to apply a lot of wax or gel.

Next, divide your hair into a couple of sections. Then, take the hairs from one section and stick them together to create one strand. The look is complete when you have multiple such wavy strands falling from different parts of your head.

Loose Bun

Loose Bun

This is a variation of the man bun style but you don’t need to turn all your hair into a ball for this one. You would still tie all your hair at the back.

However, this time a significant amount of your hair needs to be falling out of the bun. Visually it will look like a fusion between a bun and a ponytail.

Mid-Parted Waves

Mid Parted Waves

The Roman Reigns haircut is most of the time a swept back style. But, he has sometimes gone for the mid-parted style for his long wavy hair.

All you need to do is create a middle partition. Then, just make sure that there is an equal volume of hair falling down from both sides of the partition.

Slightly Side Part Waves

Slightly Side Part Waves

Speaking of partitions, Roman Reigns has tried out a side part style as well. The partition on one side actually doesn’t go all the way through and is only present at the front.

To attain this hairstyle, make the hair on the partition’s side fall behind your ears. Also, ensure that a few strands from the other side are falling on your face to complete the look.

The Ponytail

The Ponytail

Did you know that Roman Reigns had a ponytail at the very beginning? But, He never carried one in the ring. You can only see it outside the stage and in a few interviews.

This is one of the easiest and most practical styles for long hair. Just brush back all your hair and tie them at the back of your head with a rubber band to create the ponytail.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have already discussed what the Roman Reigns haircut is and how you can get one. There are plenty of other questions about his hair that are frequently asked on the internet. We’ll answer some of them in this section.

Why does Roman Reigns keep his hair wet?

It is not uncommon for wrestlers to have slightly wet hair on the ring. It happens mostly with wrestlers with long hair. It is usually done to make them appear more menacing and threatening. But, Roman Reigns has revealed in an interview that he just keeps his hair wet because he thinks it looks cool. He does not have any other particular reason.

How does Roman Reigns take care of his hair?

Roman Reigns has actually stated that he has a kind of relaxed hair maintenance routine. He doesn’t get too fussy about it. His routine is basically washing his hair a couple of times a week. He also keeps his hair tied when he is not in the ring. But, most important for him is using a conditioner.

What conditioner does Roman Reigns use?

Speaking of using a conditioner, let’s get to the specifics. Roman Reigns has publicly stated that he uses a Moroccan live-in conditioner. It is an argan oil based conditioner. He applies this conditioner almost every night.

Does Roman Reigns dye his hair?

No, he does not actually. He does not dye his hair black and that is just his natural hair color. He has not gone for another hair color and you won’t find a picture of Roman Reigns with blonde, brown, or any other hair color.

Is Roman Reigns allowed to get a haircut?

It might sound like a bizarre question, but it’s not baseless. A few days ago a list came in front of the public eyes that dictated which WWE stars are allowed to have a haircut before appearing before the camera. Roman Reigns’ name was on the list. So, yes he is allowed to have a haircut.


The Roman Reigns haircut really is an amazing hairstyle for long black hair. We would especially recommend this style to all men with wavy hair. It can give you a strong and stern appearance just like Reigns.

We have two final suggestions for you. The first one is to consider growing a beard. Roman Reigns’ facial hair plays a huge part in giving him this distinct look. It complements this hairstyle in a big way.

You can try out a French cut that Reigns had a few years ago. You can also go for the current thick beard he has. Whichever you choose, a beard will truly elevate your entire appearance.

The other suggestion is not to neglect the daily care and maintenance that your hair needs. Remember that longer hair means more responsibilities and so don’t take it lightly.

With these tips we conclude this article and hope that you’d rock the Roman Reigns haircut as soon as possible.

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