Ryan Reynolds Haircut

Ryan Reynolds Haircut: 16 Best Hairstyles of the Beloved Movie Star

Before we say anything about Ryan Reynolds haircut, let’s just acknowledge that very few actors are adored and loved by people all over the world.

This Canadian-born movie star is one of those few people. He has a huge fan base, and it’s no surprise that everything about his style, looks and appearances will get a significant amount of attention.

His hairstyles are no exception. His fans and followers keep a keen eye on his hairstyles. It is completely understandable because has come up with some bangers throughout his career.

We have crafted this article for all his fans, and for anyone who is just looking for a cool new hairstyle. We will not only discuss why you should try out his styles; we would also provide you with a detailed list of his best ones.

So, stay with this article to draw everyone’s attention with your next amazing hairstyle.

Why Should You Try a Ryan Reynolds Haircut?

You might be wondering why this guy’s hairstyles are so popular, and if they are suitable for you. Then let’s look at who his haircuts will suit the most.

Ryan is known for his simple but impactful hairstyles. That means he does not go for anything extravagant or too over the top. He keeps it simple and makes that work for him.

If you prefer those types of styles, you can definitely check out his ones. Also, his hairstyles are for literally everyone. You will find something for every occasion.

Whether you are going to a professional meeting, a fancy party, or a casual hangout, you will find a Ryan Reynolds haircut fit for that occasion.

Another important reason you should try out his styles is that they work. His styles have been tried and tested. Most of his hairstyles have gained praise from everyone.

We have gone through all of them and have found out the best of the best. Go to the next section to find out what they are.

16 Ryan Reynolds Hairstyles for Men Fitting Every Occasion

Even though Ryan Reynolds does not frequently change his hairstyle like many other celebrities, he has had some amazing ones over the years. We have handpicked 16 of his best hairstyles and made it easier for you to choose.

Side Swept Hair

Side Swept Hair

This is the most recognizable Ryan Reynolds haircut. If you search for a picture of him online, you would probably find him with this hairstyle. This is a simple style which works great for him, and can work for you as well.

You need average-length hair for this style. The hair on the top needs to be longer, and the sides will have to be much shorter. You then just have to create a side partition and make all the top hair fall on one side.

Ryan gives a bit of height to the hair just where it is about to move to the side. It goes a bit up and then falls on this side.

Relaxed Pompadour

Relaxed Pompadour

This is Ryan’s interesting take on the classic pompadour. He has come up with a rare style that is sophisticated, but will give you a relaxed vibe.

Firstly, his pompadour has less height, and looks flatter than usual. Also, pompadours have a tight and tidy nature. He rather goes for a messier look. Some of his hair is sticking out in different directions, and the hair is not properly slicked back.

It looks as if he created the pompadour in a hurry. But, it is actually an intentional choice. You can also go for this hairstyle if you want a classy yet chill appearance.

Taper Cut

Taper Cut

Ryan goes for a taper pretty frequently. Especially when he has shorter hair with a side part, he does not miss out on a taper. That is actually a smart choice, because a taper can liven up even a simple hairstyle like a side part.

If your hair length is currently similar, we highly recommend you a taper as well. Ryan usually goes for a high taper. That means the hair on the sides start becoming shorter way above the ear.

Check out this article if you are confused about the difference between a taper and a fade. Basically, you leave more hair on the sides, and do not expose skin in a taper.

Suave Fade

Suave Fade

As we have already mentioned the fade, let’s look at this style as well. Ryan Reynolds rarely chooses a fade. But whenever he is seen with one, he looks dapper.

The secret behind this is that he adds fade to the appropriate style, a style that a fade can compliment. You will find some examples in this list as well. Ryan almost never goes for a skin fade, and doesn’t reveal his skin too much.

It’s okay if you do not want to be that conservative, and prefer to be bolder with your style. You can choose a high fade, skin fade or drop fade for a more striking haircut. Fades are really popular now, and you can adapt it to any hair type or length.

Brush Up Style

Brush Up Style

This Ryan Reynolds haircut is a blast from the past. He carried this hairstyle for a while when he was younger. Ha had it around the time he was appearing in The Proposal and Green Lantern. Okay, you are right, let’s not mention Green Lantern.

Nonetheless, it is actually a great hairstyle. For this style your hair will be longest on the front, and the top. The hair on the sides and the back need to be shorter to create a contrast. Then, use a hair gel or cream and comb the front and top hair upwards.

It will basically look like spiked up hair. But, your hair needs to be tidier, and not as messy. Like Ryan, you can also make this style work more by being clean shaved.

Crew Cut

Crew Cut

Ryan does not get too short with his hairstyles. In that way, this one is an uncommon style for him. However, a crew cut is pretty common in general.

You will need short hair all around for this style. Only the hair at the top will have some length. The sides will have shorter contrasting hair. People usually go for a high fade with a crew cut.

This is the perfect style for those who want a short hairstyle, but still want some hair to work with. You can let the hair on the front fall on your forehead like a French crop, or go for a messy fringe style. This style guarantees maximum impact with short hair.

Semi Middle Part

Semi Middle Part

You will not find Ryan Reynolds with a middle partition haircut. He is a loyal side-part fan. So, this is probably the closest he will go to a mid-part style.

Basically, this style appears when he doesn’t create the side part on the edge, and brings it a bit closer to the middle. But, not straight in the middle. The partition will still be closer to one side.

Also, the partition does not go all the way through. It is just from the front to the midpoint of the top. He then simply brushes back the hair on both sides of the partition. It is actually an elegant style, and you can surely give it a try.

Short Quiff

Short Quiff

This one is a quirky Ryan Reynolds haircut. Here he is temporarily moving on from the side-parted styles to something different.

This is a basic quiff, but shorter. A quiff style is where you have shorter hair on the sides and the back. The longer hair at the front and the top is made to face upwards.

Ryan does not go as high as a usual quiff, and keeps the height shorter for a more sophisticated look. You can go higher if you want. You can also add a fade to this style to spice things up.

Comb Over

Comb Over

We know what you are thinking. How can this man make a simple comb over style so charming? Well, that’s Ryan Reynolds for you.

A comb over has always been a dependable option for men. This is a great hairstyle for those who spend most of their day in their workplace, and can’t have a flashy style.

This will be perfect for you, because even though it’s a simple and professional hairstyle, it will give you a smooth and refined look. That means your hairstyle will be catching a lot of eyes for all the right reasons.

High and Tight

High And Tight

This hairstyle became quite a hit when Ryan appeared with it in his most successful film yet, Deadpool. He plays Wade Wilson in the movie, who has this military-inspired high and tight haircut. Ryan then himself carried this style for a few months as well.

This is a very sharp and stern hairstyle. You have to get rid of all the hair at the back and the sides. You will only have hair on the top, and that too has to be buzzed really short.

Military personnel carry this style for practical reasons. It gives them advantages in training and in combat. If you want a confident and assured appearance, you can definitely go for this one.

Faux Hawk

Faux Hawk

This might be the boldest Ryan Reynolds haircut. It will probably remind you of the similar faux hawk David Beckham was carrying years ago.

You need to make sure the sides are really short for this one. That way you can bring all the focus on your spiked up long hair at the front.

This hairstyle is for the ones who are looking for a really edgy style. Also, many of you want a full on Mohawk, but think that it’s not convenient to have one. Well, a faux hawk is more modern and more manageable.

Slick Back Hair

Slick Back Hair

Here is Ryan Reynolds with classic slick back hair. All the reasons we gave you for trying out the comb over style, are accurate for this one as well. You can think of it as an alternative.

This is a really easy style to attain. All you need to do is to brush back all your hair. To bring that really slick look, you will probably need a hair product. You can use hair wax or a pomade.

Also, it is obvious that this style does not work if you have short hair. In fact, the more length and volume you have, the better it works.

Butch Cut

Butch Cut

We have a final short hairstyle for you. Even though Ryan has only gone for this style once or twice, this is still a killer look.

The butch cut has the same philosophy as a buzz or a crew cut. It means having really short hair. The difference is that you make the sides even shorter to create a contrast in a buzz cut or a crew cut.

You will not do that here. The length should be the same all around for a butch cut. So, it gives you a symmetrical look. However, Ryan does keep the front hair a tad bit longer.

Messy Spiked Top

Messy Spiked Up

Let’s look at another spiked Ryan Reynolds haircut from the past. This one’s for all you laid back and chill dudes out there.

Aesthetically this style looks somewhere between a brush up style and a spiky style. You would be basically using a hair product and spiking up your front hair like usual.

The difference is the messy vibe that Ryan is bringing. Nothing needs to be symmetrical and let the spikes go where they want to go. Also, make sure they’re not sharp spikes, and only just facing upwards.

Mid-Length Hair with Beard

Mid Length Hair With Beard

Ryan is not known for long hair or thick beard. But here the combination is definitely working for him, and he is looking as smooth as butter.

You can also try growing out your hair and beard. We’re not telling you to go all the way like Jason Momoa or even Joe Manganiello.

Just mid-length would do. Then you just need to brush back your hair or go for a side part, and tidy up your beard. Now, that’s a refined and polished look.

Sick Silver Hair

Sick Silver Hair

This one is more about color than style. Ryan Reynolds is not like one of those celebrities who tend to hide their gray or silver hair.

And, why should he? He looks absolutely amazing with his silver hair. You might also be in that stage in your life where gray hair is peeping out from everywhere.

We would suggest keeping the gray, and embracing the natural beauty that comes with it. You should at least try it once and you might find a treasure.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have learned about some of Ryan Reynolds’ most popular haircuts which are and will be adopted by many people. Let’s now see the answers to some frequently asked questions about Ryan’s hair and hairstyles.

Question: What is Ryan Reynolds haircut called?

It is a bit difficult to answer because he does not have one hairstyle. He has had many throughout the years. But, he has most frequently gone for a side part or side swept style. However, many people, when they ask about Ryan Reynolds’ hairstyle, are actually referring to the one he had in Deadpool. In that case, that hairstyle is called a “high and tight” haircut.

Question: Does Ryan Reynolds have thick hair?

He might not have the thickest hair, but his hair is pretty thick. His hair is also mostly straight with a tiny bit of waves. As for length, he usually does not grow out his hair too long. He likes to keep it short or moderate.

Question: Does Ryan Reynolds have hair loss?

This question comes up because Ryan Reynolds has talked about going through hair loss while shooting for the film Buried. But, that happened because he was shooting in a harsh claustrophobic setting. Also, that was temporary, and doesn’t happen now.

Question: Does Ryan Reynolds have gray hair?

Yes, he does sometimes. That is his natural gray hair, and he is not dying his hair to get that color. Unlike many celebrities and movie stars, Ryan actually embraces his gray hair and always looks dashing when he has it.

Final Thoughts

You have now become an expert on Ryan Reynolds’ haircuts. Before we end this article, we have some final tips and suggestions for you.

Though Ryan Reynolds has some amazing hairstyles, you do not have to follow them precisely. We gave you the list to spark your imagination.

You can always put your own twists on these styles, and come up with your own interpretation. You might also mix and match multiple styles to create a unique one.

Also, do not forget to take care of your hair, no matter which style you have chosen. If you are not regularly washing, cleaning, and moisturizing your hair, any haircut you have will be ruined eventually.

We hope you have been inspired to give Ryan Reynolds’ hairstyles a try. Let your imagination run free and take whatever style you have chosen to the next level.

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